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Lost .7btc trading. Have .52 left....
I'll probably never touch this .52 and start trading with new money during the bullrun...

it will never go to 5k levels again, will it... I should have taken out a loan then, shouldn't have I?

I fucked up, didn't I? I should have worked full time this year, shouldn't have I?

I fucked up :(. This was my last chance to escape the rat race.

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How old are you?

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25. Most of my money went to school and expenses.
I was unemployed for a year with a useless degree looking for a job while btc was 3k. It was fucking 3k for that whole year I couldnt find a god damn job fucking damn it.

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>it will never go to 5k levels again, will it.
of course it will, wtf are you talking about...

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Also was too depressed to go work full time again since my life went to shit. Justed as fuck

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Shut the fuck up, newbie. Literally the only god damn way it touches that is if it crashes again but it has been decoupling with stocks so if stocks crash again (they will), it wont guarantee btc to dump again

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Could have probably have about 5 btc at a minimum. 1 to trade with and 4 to hold for dear life...


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just kill yourself

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HAHA loser

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You first, faggot

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Listen, veteran.
Here's how everyone ever makes money on btc
1. buy low
2. tell all the npc-s to hodl hodl hodl because "muh infinite future", hopefuly theres enough of morons to actually listen to it
3. chads sell at a high,dumping down teh price
4. go to step 1.

Thats the whole game. I have zero idea what game you think you're playing, but you need to wisen up or youll always be stuck holding the bags, while those that told you to hold them laugh their ass at you.

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Its not too late. You can still buy rpl

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False, psuedo intellect larper. Halving hype is real. Even billionaires are buying.

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ok buddy. Hodl, and youre getting that Lambo. we moon. $100 000 by August.

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50k for me :(. Let's see how the bull market guys with trading... (I'll be using just a week's paycheck to start off from scratch and will long if the 10k wall breaks
(market does the opposite as me so this is probably a sell signal).

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There is no (((last chance))). That's what the kikes want you to think. There will always be ways to control your own fate.

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Clearly doesn’t trade.
You can make more simply injecting liquidity into low cap coins and maybe profit by market making with small margins (0.5%) with high volume trades.

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>down 0.7 bitcoin from 1.22
yeah man that 10k worth of bitcoin was totally your ticket to financial freedom and you blew it :(((
if you saved up enough to buy that amount, just keep saving & investing in crypto + index funds. you were never gonna make it enough on a single coin lmao so no point beating yourself up.

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just be yourself

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What are you talking about, retard? I never said 10k was the top. What the fuck is with all the newfags that dont know shit about btc and it's history?

When normies like this faggot are in, it means incoming fomo. Fuck

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you replied to the wrong retard, retard. either that or you didnt understand what i'm saying.
ill repeat:
>down 0.7 bitcoin from 1.22
even if OP had kept his 1.2 bitcoins and bitcoin moons to 200k thats barely enough to consider yourself having "made it"

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Think about it this way. 100k eoy/1mil end of 4 yrs.
That's the potential. That could be a down payment for a home for passive income and money to start a business of your own.

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Maybe if retarded, but again you can make a down payment for a home for passive income and also start a businesses such as wholesaling online

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The tether printer is going brrrrrr hahahahahaha to the tune of 100m a day now. Trying to bet on the online craps game at Bitmex is pointless unless you understand, accept, and use that to your advantage.

But no, you're the guy that knows the game is rigged towards the house, but bets against the house anyway.

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all in on ESH

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>lost .7 BTC trading like a fag
that's a cheap lesson.
swallow the battery acid, learn from it, and keep accoomulating.
if you lost more money trading than you would have from hodling, then hodling is the winning strategy for you.

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Take .25 convert to eth & flip shittokens on uniswapex.io
Even a shithead like you can figure it out & be taking gains.
Don't be greedy, if it goes up to an ath sell don't hold out for a square number or 3 more dollars.
Don't try to hodl through a low - if it dips more than 6% let it go.
You got this anon, cash out to usdc & send back to coinbase & set a limit buy at whatever you think btc will crash to before the pump. I say at least 6k could be $3k
The big chunk miners want to price everyone else out & will crash the price like a motherfucker at any time now.

You got this faggot

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Bitcoin will still go to 100k from here. It should stay around 10kish for the next year and a half. Just grind it out, take loans do whatever it takes to get as much Bitcoin as possible for the next bull run.

I know I couldn't really make multi millions sitting on several Bitcoin, you need at least 20-30 to be making it, which is out of the question for me. Invest in an altcoin you believe in instead.

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>BTC1m 2025
>op is happy that his 1 BTC has mooned to 1m
>meanwhile everyone else who understands investing and saving up actual considerable sums of money is up 5-10m
>the 1% is still the same people, just the goalposts have shifted a little to include some internet autists

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It happens, don't over-trade or revenge trade or you will lose even more money.
Get your shit together, fren. The good thing about this market is that is very easy to lose money, but with the right market conditions is also very easy to make money.

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>Bitcoin will still go to 100k from here.
>take loans do whatever it takes
please dont do this. you'll be one of those guys that overleverages himself & is forced to sell in economic hardship (like the coronavirus selloff). save up 6 months emergency find first then invest the excess.
>Invest in an altcoin you believe in instead.
dont do this lmao

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There will be another huge dump in the nexy year. It´s very certain. Just build up your fiat, and wait to enter at the right time. The crypto market is overvalued and we will have to have a big purge to kill off some chit. Don´t forget that bitcoin will not break all time high in the middle of the worst economic crisis ever. It won´t go higher than 12k probably. Build fiat and get it ready

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That he shouldn't take any risk he can't afford to take is implied.

Alts are where the real money is at. What's better than holding Bitcoin? Holding something that makes you even more Bitcoin. So long as the project you invest in is legit (Granted 99% of alts are crap) you should be able to multiply your Bitcoin holdings, which is worth the risk. Anybody who has less than 100k to invest and has no interest in making anything less than millions in the next bullrun should be in a decent altcoin which can catch some of the gains after Bitcoin inevitably crashes back down from 100k.

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>That he shouldn't take any risk he can't afford to take is implied.
>take loans do whatever it takes to get as much Bitcoin as possible
these things are mutually exclusive
>Alts are where the real money is at
yeah if you sell the exact top before it gets dumped and youre left holding the bag.
>So long as the project you invest in is legit
spoiler alert theyre all shitcoins

>It´s very certain
if you're that sure you can see the future then short it on leverage.
DCA beats timing the market every time.

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it just had its crash with stonks, that was it man... there will be more, but going to be a wait and 5k... ehhhh... I'll have buys at 6k, Im not that fucking greedy to miss a moon mission over 1000$

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Shitcoins that can make you 5x-50x Bitcoin.

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Shhh anon it will be okay just buy stacks of KAPP.
You can thank me in July we are going to make it.

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Nigger. Stop larping about magical gains you yourself dont even have

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Ya... just gonna swallow the hodler meme.

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Ya, that's why I wont play the game until there is actual demand and all you have to do is press the long button

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>Stop larping about magical gains you yourself dont even have
lmao if it's hard for you to imagine having 5-10 bitcoins when BTC was at 4k in Feburary 2019 then i think that says more about you

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1. lmao at you not posting your millions. Larping bitch
2. 4k in 2019 for like what, a week? I didnt buy then even though I should have. That wasnt a "normal" level for btc

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Wait, that wasnt even 2019. It was early 2020.
As for 2019 as a whole, dont fucking remember once where it went that low. Maybe I should look at the chart to check, but it must have been before I was dcaing. 2017-2018 it was low as shit but I was still in school and I also couldnt find shit for employment. At that time, I was also an alt person and was looking at chainlink. I think it was 20 cents when I wanted to buy. Either way, I get ass fucked and missed discounts

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I really, really don't care

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>he doesn't care

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>the cme gap

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