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9400 rejected. i see you've stopped buying.

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I don't think we're making it out of this one unscathed brother

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posthalving pump lmao

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zoom in

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keep coping

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>No one told him about the miner capitulation

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You have missed it, Bobo.

The JP fucking Morgan is now banking Cuckbase and Gemeni.

BTC trading is now a mainstream normies timepass.

It is unironically over.

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> 1 billion in 14 days bobo

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>Banks are backing it now
>BTC trading is now a mainstream normies timepass.
That's what they said during spring 2018

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This basically means the beginning of collapse of Tether ponzi.

And the upcoming crash of Tether will be spectacular.

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yes it will be

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you're damn right i stopped buying

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shorting in a bull market

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Head and shoulders

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> tether ponzi can only colapse if holder decide to cash out
> they will do so only if the price stop pumping
> tether is used to pump the price
this is the perfect scam, it has zero reason to stop

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>bull market
heh get fucked kid

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the big guys, like JPMorgan want to be Tether themselves.

just this.

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The purple and red movee lines are about to cross. Get your 100x shorts ready bobo. I’m all buckled up. Yeah!

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It will happen. Check these sick trips

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>That's what they said during spring 2018

Buying at 20k utterly traumatized this board. The only thing they learned is that number go down. The stupidly obvious lesson they should have learned is not to buy an asset after it's been going parabolic for over a year and after two years they still haven't figured out how they fucked up.

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now the next lesson they'll learn is not to short a historically volatile asset after it's been depressed for over a year.

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this thread is pure bobo cope

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I shorted at 9100, liquidation at 9600. Give it to me straight: Will I lose all my money?

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this useless shit has pumped non stop for 3 months now. Wtf, I refuse to buy at this high price. The whales are not gonna sucker me in

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>been depressed for over a year
what does it even mean lmao

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no, it actually stopped a few days ago

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its been pumping for at least a year. second half of 2019 and 2020 has been the 'pump' following the 2018 depression. It was extremely underwhelming and the bull retards still havent realized that was it LOL

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Better close it

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Oh soo rekt

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Get rekt bobos

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whatThe FUCK

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SSHhhhhsshhhhh just fucking DIE Bobo...

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