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>"He has most recently worked for Oracle Corp. as an adviser to Chief Executive Officer Safra Catz, a Trump ally."

>Oracle - Link integration Q3 2020

>Ian Keane speaks to the Chainlink community about the 4th industrial revolution, Wednesday

42 already hinted connections from Link to Trump to Q, not with some special insider knowledge, but because he just had the eyes to see it. It's right there in front of you.

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please kill yourself. im not joking.

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I'm so excited for you linkerinos

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i know, you're pajeet.

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Oh. An ex Oracle Employee. You mean the teo very indetifiable Oracle employees we know are the sole reason behind LINK integration who who do not work at the pentagon at all?

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>42 already hinted connections from Link to Trump to Q
He unironically thinks Trump posted on 4chan, lmao. Let that sink in.

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Imagine thinking Trump has never posted on 4chan.

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We already knew this.

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I know, but its especially relevant to today's news because of Ezra. Worth revisiting.

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inb4 'Trump is not from this timeline'

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What was his role in regards to Trump? For the sake of argument, why else would Q post just his name? Is there something else he is relevant towards in regards to all the intel documents coming about?

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He was a Defense Department official for a decade before Trump took office, and was assigned to the U.S. Southern Command from 2010 to 2014 where he worked on countering drug trafficking, money laundering and human trafficking networks.

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That and his close ties to Flynn, especially the way he more or less went down with him in the (((scandal))) and is returning with his exoneration, make a pretty strong case for him being a whitehat. What does it say about Oracle?

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Unironically wish you guys are right and it's all real.
Because if not, it's all just one massive psyop
Stage is set, lights are out:
Cabal[bad] vs anonymous hackers[good]

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Here he is, kek

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And sibos is cancelled

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That WHO password dump was 100% a psyop. It was done on some new chan website that literally went live the same day the passwords were dumped on it.

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Flynn’s wife is based
You can tell men like Flynn and Pence are God fearing family men loyal to their wives and families.
God Bless.

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I watched this documentary on Aquino. The dude is fucking weird. Apparently the State Department and Department of Defense psuedo merged together in the 80's and its how the military industrial complex started to really take off selling weapons to foreign entities.

Aquino was doing some fucked shit in terms of brainwashing people in to slaves more or less, I'll try to find the link.

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I watched this. I couldn't believe she mentioned the Weiner laptop and the rumours circulating that hardened detectives had to go vomit after seeing some of the files. Maybe its actually happening, although nothing ever happens. Lol

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So it's not completely right but pretty crazy that he predicted trump would name 9/11/2017 a special day

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Post #42 is here btw
Interdasting, pls post link

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Is it any wonder that so many of these vampire celebrities have been dropping like flies under gruesome circumstances since 2016? It’s gone exponential. It’s dangerous to be a (((celebrity))) these days.

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Post 42
What did bog mean by this?

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hes a fucking retard and no one of any importance

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fug you

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Yea you've got people like Kobe, and then there is the Trump Curse as well. I'm more interested in all thousands of CEOs that resigned their positions in 2019, although that could have been more about knowing the market was massively overvalued and not related towards child trafficking. Corona was such a nothing burger and a great excuse to correct the markets and unemploy millions without them getting angry. Many won't be getting their jobs back, just in time for LINK to automate back office work too. Lol

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>Is it any wonder that so many of these vampire celebrities have been dropping like flies under gruesome circumstances

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>I'm more interested in all thousands of CEOs that resigned their positions in 2019
If only you knew how bad things really are...

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>pic related

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fug you

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Rent free
Better take up those ESL courses to expand your vocabulary moshe

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Watchu say to be boi!?
Pick me up some dominos on the way back
I want my dominos boi!!

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>42 already hinted connections from Link to Trump to Q, not with some special insider knowledge, but because he just had the eyes to see it. It's right there in front of you.

>Q is supposed to work against the Satanic pedo cabal
>Q supports the mark of the beast project funded by MIT deep state and (((ari))) and (((sergey)))

If you are going to Larp at least do your research so your fiction can be believable

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>Many won't be getting their jobs back, just in time for LINK to automate back office work too.
All those make work subsidized jobs will never come back
I feel bad for zoomers in university right now
The graduating class of 2020 is going to be in absolute shambles

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fug you

hes been name fagging for so long he thinks he someone

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This is interesting too
>Second alleged suicide in Hesse (DE) ministry of finance

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“The exact circumstances remain unclear but the senior member of staff was found dead in his office“

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Remember when CZ and Justin Sun met with the Maltese car bombing politicians who murdered the panama papers reporters?

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this fucking schizo again

>> No.19022460

Damn I'm not familiar with that part of the story. What was the evidence they were the culprits?

Wtf are those weird covers on their cups? Afraid of having it exposed and get poisoned or something? Lmao

>> No.19022479

oh fuck me look at that.

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there are now retarded qboomers in Germany. yes that cult has a following there and other parts of the world now

not surprised to see glownigger #42 associating this glownigger project to the Q glowniggetry, they are part of the same clique after all

do notice however these glowniggers got more desperate the past few days, fake “insider threads” and shilling on overdrive

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I was watching the movie 21 When they went to pic related’s house it was #42.
My wife was like “was her house #42?”

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>Damn I'm not familiar with that part of the story. What was the evidence they were the culprits?
they all stepped down and are now being prosecuted from evidence that I assume includes messages, money, and other incriminating information

>this fucking schizo again
mfw I've had just about enough of you UN and IMF pedophile posters

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tribunals soon, comrade

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He goes to see his gf after getting beat up by the casino boss.

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I find it interesting that only 1 number is retired from all of major league baseball.
Do you think jackie robinson wanted to wear 42? I suspect it was given to him without much choice in the matter.

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I have been reading about pic related.
Pretty interesting guy. Especially the work he did with kids. Seems like a stand up guy.

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no idea regarding Jackie Robinson, I don't know enough about it to comment
however 1942 was an interesting year for a lot of reasons

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we're reaching levels of skitzo i unironically didnt know existed

>> No.19024661

thats vitalik

>> No.19024681

Gotdamit anon.

>> No.19024701

this is unironically baby stuff bro you're just getting started here

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Anon you have no idea how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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LINK is a hedge against the glowniggers winning

>> No.19024977

what am i looking at here?

>> No.19025028

Praise kek. Praise 42.

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cia plan on how to create an oracle from like the 80s i think lol chainlink is literally a glownigger project

>> No.19025122

You do understand that this is a well known concept that is certainly not innovative.

>> No.19025142

How fucked is humanity if chainlink succeeds?

>> No.19025295

If not mistaken, this patent belonged to Cornell's Town Crier, which is now owned by CL.
It's transparent and trustless, (((those))) who seek power will try to acquire as much link as possible. Remember what happened to 'templiers'?

>> No.19025312

The Knight's Templers still exist, hillbilly.

>> No.19025421

Hippies do too, but nobody cares about hippies and their 0 wealth.

>> No.19025499

Wrong. The "counter culture" was created by the CIA under project MKUltra. Hippies weren't real, Knight's Templars were and are.

>> No.19025602

So nobody tried to eliminate templars aka 'small group of people having large amount of wealth' in 13 century? Was it mkultra too?

>> No.19025884

you got the sauce on them Merovingian kangz bruh?

>> No.19026058

Who is this 42 you keep rambling about?

>> No.19026062

Templars got btfo because various royal families and countries owed them a lot of money. They got too powerful for their own good and with the help of the cuck pope at the time they were disbanded. Jacques de Molay burned at the stake. It was all just for show however, they didn't die, they went underground, shored up their remaining wealth, stayed hidden, re-emerged in the form of various secret societies.

>> No.19026083

read the thread fuckhead

>> No.19026113

Ah yes, because the CIA with its billions of dollars needs a bunch of poor NEETs to pump its bags. I like how you just also have a pic with a bunch of random cubes & astrological shit in it like that means anything to anyone not schizoid.

>> No.19026125

So how does one infer from the OP that Chainlink is being used by the Whitehouse?

>> No.19026126

It's some Q shit? Could all you retards fuck off >>>/x/?

>> No.19026158

He doesnt know

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they dragged him along as well
that's okay though, we all know Vitalik's spookjob father is the real brains behind the operation

>> No.19026219

I know its a bunch of namefags & larpers posting qshit, because they think every board is /x/ or /pol/. Later fags.

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Listen, t. don't care about history, it was overwritten by winning party starting from egyptian times, don't care about fking hatshepsut tranny drag queer or roman skirt lubebros eliminating based ashkenazi bible.
If these industrial lottery tickets will be worth something, there probably will emerge some powerful corporate wojak groups willing to stake more. Tickets are not good or bad, tickets don't make decisions, but actors do and usually bad actors cooperate better.
P.S. link is obviously so called 'seal of god'
and i just want biz frens to make it and be safe.

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42, is there such thing as a bad or evil number? I understand that in gematria there are numbers associated with death and Lucifer and w/e, but does that hold any water?

Like, maybe akin to hermetic laws, are the numbers just neutral? because A) ‘evil’ numbers balance out the good numbers, or B) each negative aspect of a number also has a positive aspect

Or are they all benign, because the supreme creator is benign, and the ‘evil’ ones are only bad because they’re misconstrued by the powers that be

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>deebly goncernd

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intention has a lot more to do with it
people often call Saturn evil but I suspect a lot of these things have been co-opted throughout history by those lusting for power and therefore have negative connotations associated with them that are due to mankind's capacity for evil and corruption and not necessarily intrinsic to the symbol

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These are nice numbers.

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File: 1.95 MB, 1076x922, 1563252562239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19026893

bernstein bears or berenstein bears?

>> No.19026921

Peace out brah.

>> No.19026960

Myabe we're supposed to cooperate, then.

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File: 498 KB, 1167x752, 0.42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 230 KB, 350x459, 4pol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Qcumbers and stinky linkies together finally to indict satanic pedos and redefine trust around the torus shaped earth. Soft confirmation of ufos from the navy and so much weird shit not even the secret masters know what's going on. Daily reminder the Chinese faked a virus with crisis actors so that the deep state could be cleaned up on their end as well as ours. Corona chan is being hidden within existing cases. 51 million people die on average every year but more are born and abortions are rendered nonessential so positive growth = angry Microsoft man.
Remember when baneposting irl desu

>> No.19027424

Btw gaymers have been preprogrammed to desire coinage regardless of the source. If you grew up playing Mario (a plumber wearing white gloves) and Ma-sonic the hedgehog you've just been mason'd. Remember to go to temple goyim

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wew checked

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File: 2.94 MB, 1123x1587, 4DHypercubeMages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Qcumbers are probably controlled opposition at best and another psyops at worse. Regardless, things are shifting our way fellow anons.

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What about jagged alliance 2?

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Don't know but the two branded masonic characters are a classic case of controlled opposition even leading to hatred between group (Nintendo and Sega)
Apply the same mechanism to everything and you now have more understanding of elite games and theory

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>qtards hold LINK now
This is a strong sell signal

>> No.19027656
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>pardon me while I advertise my fan club
I've been both qtard and a linkholder since 2017. I've always believed they were connected. I continue to see confirmations that they are.

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I love you, my friend.

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File: 324 KB, 1400x786, startaint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Correct. CIA niggers time travel and subvert in the dark.

>> No.19027797

Based 88's
Can't edit a 302 if it's on a blockchain

>> No.19027847
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And this, gents, is called 'enough internet for today'

>> No.19027869
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Stargates are real anon

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>> No.19028169

We're all in this together.

I'm not aware of anything extra. But he left under controversy, so maybe it's special that he's coming back right when Flynn comes back.
Maybe oracle and blockchain and Chainlink really help to save the republic with transparency and accountability.

You know how Q be doe. Future unlocks past and all that, so we're probably not done with that particular thread

>> No.19028198

I think it says oracle is based.
Nandolito is an anti pizza warrior,
And oracle blockchain with integrated Chainlink will be the US's answer to China's BSN

>> No.19028215

All Q+ dumps are potus trump. Q is army and etc. intel

>> No.19028255

They'll be able to catch jobs in the great public works projects if the 4th IReich

>> No.19028863
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