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is chainlink about to dump or something? what i miss?

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YOU MUST buy the brilliant HEX token for monies and girls. Many monies and girls.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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consensus conference today, some other conference on the 12th. both have sergey as speaker. this retarded board thinks he's going to announce staking so the whales are probably shaking people out.

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how the fuck can he announce staking when threshold signatures and mixicles aren't even done yet that's retarded

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T sigs and Mixicles still wont prevent anything from being gamed. Yet Ari made MILLIONS ofd of each whitepaper.

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>because god forbid you can’t just announce all of those at once!

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you have no idea what I'm talking about do you
seems unlikely

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probably gonna triple in price, nbd

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>okay sergey
>one bullshit whitepaper; extra pi symbols for added complexity
>thats be $5 million dollars (of LINK tokens)
>dont worry, it comes with a free 10 guest speakers

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>seems unlikely
This is crypto, faggot, anything is possible

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And besides, sergey said tsig is coming out very soon in his recent talks

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good point

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You do not understand chainlink at all

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oh, i think i under LINK more than any of you

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>b-but if there was a perfect oracle
there doesn't have to be one single oracle and the individuals participating don't have to be perfect you fucking turbobrainlet

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What can you tell us about smart contracts?

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The distributed oracle solves the blockchain problem.

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seething XRPtard

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