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just make a guess in minutes, no stories required, dont talk about this bitch

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Should a had her put that timestamp over her ugly face instead of her tight little ass

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thats one ugly dude

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speak for yourself

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Miners are mining largely based on speculation, so I don't think hash rate will drop substantially just because the reward is going to be cut in half

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kys my man

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Built for bbc

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Stop posting this degenerate mentally ill man.

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Her statements about tardtokens transform her into a solid 8/10. This is profound. Would marry.

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Who's this

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Clearly the body of /fit and the face of /biz

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where does biz find crackwhores like this?

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Who is this

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it aims for 10mins
But is actually about 9mins20 rn

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thank you, why is everyone talking about the thot. it means the hashrate increased a bit more since the last adjustment.

but my question is, whats your guess AFTER the halvening.

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some(the only) biz thot

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Actual female?

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yes. she's russian or something

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could be a sell signal

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someone posts this dumb slut's pornhub profile again?

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You’re one ugly dude

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Looks at the pathetic thighs and ass, dead give away of female.

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a low IQ girl who was shilling shitcoins and got super rekt. she has a pornhub channel, i dont have the link

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Depends on when the re-targeting is
Would rather just stick with UND once mainnet launches. PoW will die hopefully.

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some autidtic whore slav with mental issues that keeps coming to biz to get berated and humiliated so she can get off on it. I'm not even kidding, she jerks off to autists and pajeets calling her a waste.

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gonna need the link my man
just so i don't visit it in future

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Given how she trolls incels so hard on /biz/, and still really fuckable at 40 without a bunch of makeup and fake shit on her body, seems like solid wife material. 9/10 would marry

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she's not 40 she's in her twenties. she doesn't troll anybody, her porn vids are super retarded

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She ate poop

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>someone which

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>porn vids
sauce me up my man

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didn't realise how much of a degen coomer i was until now
give me the sauce

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Maybe we are the real alphas because we are not simps and we put women in their rightful place. Cool.

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Not really a big deal. Like 40% of the world's population eats poop.

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>She's not 40
Look at her though?

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This. So pitiful this thot.

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Cope. Her threads have hundreds of replies quick, all the same resentful incel bullshit remarks. She feeds off of you like a succubus, it's pretty sexy.

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Thats a man

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that cunt was long and shilling holochain all the way down. i told her she would lose money with that shitcoin and told me it was about to moon. complete dumb bitch.
also imagine thinking having some replies in a 4chan thread = winning at life. i remember her stupid vid when she spanks herself in the forest. holy shit it was pathetic.

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Seems like she likes being humiliated. She probably wanted to lose that money

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Assuming the market crabs it should be 20 minutes. Assuming we dump it should be more

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She scrubbed her accounts. All of it was solo.

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She ate it like a candy bar though. I was aroused and disgusted at the same time.

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Oh that's kind of gross. Most people would use cutlery.

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just seeing the nudes of this mentally ill man made me almost vomit. i'd probably gouge my eyes out with a fork if i saw that.

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dude in the pic doesn't even realize that he doesn't pass. such is the case for most of these mentally handicapped individuals. he truly is repulsive, though. maybe he'll become one of the 40%. gross.

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Why have I never seen her before? Jannie deleting threads?

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Wife materia

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gross it would disgusting if you were to post a link to that video here

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Can you dolts lay off the woman bashing for 5 minutes. Could you even resist the temptation? It's criminal how offensive ya'll are towards females.

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Gay simp thread. Sargon just made a video about this it's gotten so bad.

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Why do dumbfuck twitterfags put the apostrophe after the a? It makes no sense.

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The grammar is more offensive than the message tbqh. How much did you pay """"""her""""""" pajeet?

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Kys simp faggot. You're a simp for YouTubers

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You have shitty english skills too.

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