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He's been working on a decentralized p2p trading and lending platform. He just integrated chainlink yesterday.

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john whutt?

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Report to the SEC here

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biz dosent deserve these crumbs, nice find op

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EY lmao

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Ty anon. This is huge

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Literally Who?

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SEC is a shitcoin. They will bend the knee.

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I think we’re in for an exciting week. This excites me, I’m excited.

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Not a bad resume: http://www.shutt.in/resume/

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I'm excited for you

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oh man i am so excited for you marines

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literally nobody knows who EY even is. who gives a fuck when DAG has the literal air force

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air force is a shitcoin they will bend the knee

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Wow it’s literally just a side project. The delusion of linkies never surprise me anymore

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this is most likely the case

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Literally nothing, goys

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Or maybe it's not just a side project afterall.

Thanks for the pic. Baseline protocol will include financial services. Interesting.

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>Alwin Ernst and Arthur Young
literally just another two man team LMAO

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>He just integrated chainlink yesterday.
What in the fuck.

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Yea EY integration with chainlink. Let’s just use some random devs public github lmao that’s not how things work

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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Go through your posts in this thread. You sound like a 14 year old kid on the spectrum

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And you sound like you belong in S.A.L.T.

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No linker is mad

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Any more screenshots or links?

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good find anon
I knew there was a reason I still came to this shit pot

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you want someone to come to your house and baby powder your butt crack too?

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Eyyyy lmao how is this child senior for the eeyyys???

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John Shutt the fuck up LMAO

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>absolutely seething

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>Senior Blockchain Solutions Architect
Junior Blockchain Solutions Wooden Basket Weaver and Rice Farmer

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I’ve exited and entered

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>guy looks like a recent grad
>senior solution architect
lol sure thing kid

I would say when management consultants take an interest in your project that would be a bearish signal. Even if your project has its merits, they will be making whatever ludicrous claims they can, like using blockchain to cure cancer or whatever to try to win big contracts for their consultants to milk for years, tarnishing your project in the process (like they'll give a shit).

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they give you all sorts of fancy titles at the big 4 straight out of university, it is to make you look better to clients and so they can bump your charge out rate up. I got assistant manager at one after 2 years, still didn't have a fucking clue what I was doing

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Based. Good job.

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sell signal

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corporations love giving out titles in general. it's much more cost effective than giving out raises. you even get a lot of suckers that will now work extra for free because you gave them a new title, the corpcucks.

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John Shutt. It. Down.

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Thanks OP, nice find.

The amount of absolute seethe and cope coming from nolinkers seems to be getting way worse nowadays. Why is that? All the FUD used to be link marines with 10k stacks just arguing the technicals to scare away newfags... now, the FUD is just autistic screeching. Is it simply that they are mad they are now priced out? Can you imagine being a nolinker and coming to biz in 2022 when LINK is double to triple figures and seeing what you missed out on? Either you’d an hero or have to double down on the cope “token not needed” and other basic FUD....

How can I profit from nolinker cope?

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Seriously, look at this. Is this what being a nolinker actually feels like? You know there’s still time to buy in, guys.

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