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Do your part


Post Screen shots of a well written Crypto complaint and your Ethereum Address for 5$

The complaint must be genuine and factual. Do not submit a giant text block of word salad or I will not pay out. You must cite your claims to outside sources.

2$ bonus for every Chainlink SEC complaint.

Will be here for 4 hours or until 100$ of payouts has been reached.

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Take it for free because I'm a janny


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I don't need any money OP
I just sent them this, I think it meets the standard for promises of high returns
fucking scamel cocksuckers

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never even heard of that one. I will check it out

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Part 1

I would like to submit a tip involving the Chainlink Cryptocurrency

Key points are as follows

1: They falsely present the Token as far more valued then it is. This is because the market cap is represented as being over 1 billion. The reality is the majority of these tokens are held by a small number of individuals for the purpose of wash trading. Cashing out significant amounts of these tokens is also unlikely since market makers keep the order books very thin. This is evident by a recent investor who lost a significant amount of money attempting to swap this token ( see link below)


2: Sergey Nazarov has a history of "Exit scamming" on Cryptocurrencie projects. His project before Chainlink was NXT token. NXT token showed signs of clear market manipulation similar to chainlink. Sergey Nazarov has also mislead investors by placing a large amount of the token that were supposed to remain locked into a high interest crypto currency investment firm Celsius Network. Celsius Network will gain intrest on the chainlink deposited through market making and wash trading. These funds are to be managed by Jessica Khater of Celsius Network who is notable for her pornograpgy (girls do porn episode 204). Sergey Nazarov benefits directly from the intrest generated in a more valuable cryptocurrency Ethereum.


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Part 2

3: Sergey Nazarov has directly mislead investors by using a red Lamborghini he acquired from the NXT exit scam. He re-wrapped the Lamborghini with chainlink marketing and used to to mislead investors on a online message board 4Chan. This Lamborghini was used to mislead people into thinking that the person who owned it has acquired the car through ownership in chainlink. At no time did Sergey Nazarov indicate that the Lamborghiniwas actually his or his fathers throughout this fraudulent marketing process.


4: Sergey Nazarov operated a fraudulent ICO because he intended to move all money overseas to the Cayman islands. He operates within California.

Cayman islands shell corporation:
Strathvale House, 90 North Church Street, George Town, KY1-1102, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

California Office:
50 California Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA, 94111

ICO filings within USA:

I take this issue very seriously. Sergey Nazarov has been subverting new users of Blockchain technology through his online marketing campaign in mass.

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Dude we are literally in the same building. I am not paying you.

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bump for OP

not sure this will have any effect, since SEC is run by glowniggers as well

the important part is to call out this glownigger operation since it’s obviously “chained” or “linked” to Microsoft, Smart Cities, Smart Contracts and other orwellian niggetry


the fascinating part is how they co-opted the incels here with promises of huge returns to push the Mark of the Beast. they swallowed it all up in typical insectoid fashion and shilled it to their family and friends, all for the shekels

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Good luck fighting the system

Sergei is insider figure cucking on big Donnies long rod every night

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Kys, christshit.

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what is ‘seal of god’?
how is it different from ‘mark of the beast’?
dyor, godspeed

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Lol I am not into Jesus but that patent is the real deal.

Bill Gates is fucking nuts. We should all keep a close eye on all this contract tracing nonsense as well. I have noticed some of the best zero knowledge programmers i know in crypto are working on contact tracing now.

Where there is some there is fire.

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where there is smoke there is fire*

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Christcuckoldry is fake.

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Bro Christ cucks are not always 100% wrong stop thinking in binary. You can get some good info from people like Alex Jones if you recognize 90% of what he says is word salad.

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>never heard of Jibrel
>SECfags are literally brand new to /biz/
that explains why you're rehashing a 2018 meme. you dont even know you are because you're so new.

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>all for the shekels
Why are you on /biz/? for the camaraderie?

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>$2 bonus

do people where you live actually do things for $7?

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>2018 meme
Even though OP is a newfag, I sense the cult in you, the link cult.

you are aware the link has broken aml/cfc/series funding regs, right?
the reality is you're probably a '17+ fag, so your opinion is worthless

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It takes like 10 minutes anon that's better then minimum wage

If 4chan could keep its shit contained instead of spamming it all over the internet I would not be here. Chainlink meme actually wasted days of my time researching it. It's a obvious scam but it won't go away!!!!!!

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>$1000 EOY
Fraudulent investment scheme, such as a Ponzi scheme or the promise of high-yield returns
>500k and 750k dumps
Manipulation of a security

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So file a report and post the screenshot. We are all in this together

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you sound super upset. good luck with your SEC reports lmao

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>that's better then minimum wage
do people do things for minimum wage where you live?

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best of luck for when someone issues a civil case. You have no idea what your hodling retard.
Cult tard confirmed

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California lol yes 99% of these cucks are not even worth minimum wage

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Have a bump friend.godspeed

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Chainlink smells so bad I now know why they call it stinky linkies

How is it even legal to have a office in California and do business in California but incorporate in the Cayman islands?

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>How is it even legal to have a office in California and do business in California but incorporate in the Cayman islands?
its not, they're breaking CFC (Controlled Foreign corporation) regs.

Mum & pop business would the the same it it was so easy, not just for tax reason but litigation.


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Does it really bother you this much that you missed out buying in 2017? Dont worry you still have time

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>not into jesus
>christ cuck
you dont have to be into sun cults or any other cult to absorb the information encoded in certain texts

the fascinating part is how they co-opt the instectoids here to push this “orwellian” agenda, all of them cheering and meme-ing along the way like cattle

>the new “financial elite”
being rewarded by their glownigging masters for pushing the Mark of the Beast and next thing you know they are the new “financial elite”

you have to laugh

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I heard rumors of an army of out of work people being trained as contract tracers. Also heard rumors of Google Android and IOS working on a forced update to turn all phones into contact tracing systems.

Germany and some others are employing some of the best Zero Knowledge researchers in Crypto to make a actually trust worthy system. The researchers have been blue balled by Google and IOS however because both refuse to allow the trustworthy app's passive access to bluetooth.

There is certainly an Agenda give governments exclusive control over contact tracing. I do believe most of the blue states will enact mandatory testing and use contact tracing as a excuse to rope in unwilling bystanders.

Be aware the people who do this are into Eugenics not satanic nonsense. If they are putting 666 on things it is just to mess with people who believe in such things.

If you continue to spread this information while focusing on the 666 stuff you are literally doing their job for them by making the whole topic seem like tin foil hat nonsense.

I myself have plans in place to avoid these events while profiting from them. Ethereum in particular is a good hold.

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This is brigading

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I do not give a fuck

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Let them spam the SEC with autistic drivel. It's hilarious.

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What's the problem exactly char? Salty you're too late? Or just after the attention?

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thats just putting it mildly, its much much worse

thats all fine and dandy that you plan to profit from this, but these people arent just buying and holding, they are pushing this here, on twitter and to their friends and families. this is organized glowniggery masked behind memes, smart this and that, all while being partnered with big alphabet corps

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Which building is that OP? Why would you be in the same building as him?

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>Hates making money
What are you even doing on /biz/ you utter schizo? >>>/x/ where you belong. Not everything is a glownigger operation ffs. Why would people trying to make money be so surprising to you?

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Can someone give me a paste bin or anything i should reply to all tweets containing #LINK with

I plan on replying to all chainlink developers and all linkies on twitter with this profile..

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