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Collecting dividends with friends edition

>Highlighted links
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjgwjKiSXWo [Embed] (good listen)

https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/report/global_oil.php (look at that V, lol)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWuyrlXI7nA [Embed]

>Maritime/tanker/oil news
http://www.crweber.com/ (no https)

>Oil futures

>Companies (not exhaustive or recommendations, alphabetical)

>Past earnings reports (alphabetical)
ASC: EST EPS $0.14, actual $0.20.
DHT: EST EPS $0.54, actual is $0.44 (divvy of $0.35).
EURN: EST EPS $0.86, actual $1.05 (divvy of $1.10).
INSW: EST EPS $1.45, actual $1.49.
NNA: EST EPS $0.00, actual $0.94.
OSG: EST EPS N/A (Q4, 2019 was $0.12)., actual $0.28.
STNG: EST EPS $0.49, actual $0.82.

> Earnings report(s) expected today
None. If I’m wrong, enlighten me.

> Upcoming earnings reports calendar
NAT on 5/18, not specified
SFL on 5/19, pre-market
TNK on 5/21, pre-market
FRO on 5/29, pre-market
TNP on 6/4, pre-market

>Another important date
May 19th, 2020 (you know why)

Previous thread: >>18959311

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Joggers tongue my anus

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Why do y'all retards pretend that the stock price won't go down by the dividend amount on the ex divided date?

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Thread theme:


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because thats not how it works

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How are we feeling boys? Is our only hope still divvies? If tankers actually moon after earnings and such around mid June, what’s your selling price for DHT, FRO, NAT, STNG, EURN, etc?

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Because dividend haters like you are fucking retarded

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Take the time to do some cursory research - big banks and institutionals are buying up lots of tanker stock, when the rest of the herd figure that out we'll see a decent rise. If we don't, we're in the only game in town that will be paying strong divvies during the downturn.

Pretty good for the above reasons.
>FRO - $12 would be comfy and attainable
>EURN - i'm in Euro stock, 12-13 would do me nicely
>TNP - $5
>INSW - no fucking idea, i'll take what I can get

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>FRO $12

That would be really comfy. Here’s to wishful thinking

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This analysis by Goehring & Rozenwajg is really interesting I'd like to hear OilAnons thoughts. They're saying that right after the oil storage fills in May, we're going to have a violent re balancing and then a global shortage. However they're implying that global demand picks up to 100 mm b/d by the end of the year which is a little bit far fetched imo.

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Fatty NATty dumpety doo
I've got a perfect puzzle for you
Fatty NATty dumpety dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me

Who do you blame when your stock takes a hit?
When markets dump worse than a Pajeet's shit?
Blaming yourself is a lie and a shame
You know exactly who's to blame

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Count how many times they casually mention that there is no way to know how much oil each country is producing.


Everybody is going to try to cheat to get ahead and it's going to get worse.

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How does anyone even know if they stop producing?

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Not OilAnon, but skimmed the article. The scary thing I picked up on was a possible permanent 20% reduction in US oil output from shutting in of end-of-life wells, that aren't economical to re-open. combine that with a depression/recession and ongoing oil price war, OPEC could be top dog in the oil world for a decade or more.
The high energy prices will also inhibit the economic recovery. Not only will people not have jobs but they won't be able to afford the $3-$4/gal gas either.
Stuff that may or may not happen:
> Oil production shut ins would cripple US energy independence. This means a bailout for US energy is a matter of when, and not if (assuming congress gets their act together). Keeping energy prices down would speed recovery as the next phase of the economic issues hit.
> Hyperinflation may become a problem because of the amount of money needed to save the currently crippled economy. They're predicting $10,000+ USD gold (boomers will celebrate in the streets).
> Extended Stimulus / UBI Lite will probably happen in most western countries if it hasn't already. A short golden era before one of real hardship and austerity. They may avoid the later with some sort of financial system reset / moving to a new currency system.
All of this is a few years out however- in the short term, oil prices will still be very low and tankers are going to moon. It does reinforce the idea of rolling tankers into energy after they take off, though.
Good news for us, bad news for people long oil.

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These stocks have been going down for 20 years and as we have established getting a 2.5% dividend doesn't help when your shares go down 20%

Y'all is dubm

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They don't pay you enough do they Brandon?

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Please be clinically retarded in the psychiatric ward, not here, brandon.

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I think $FRO has finally found a bottom, $10 calls a month out are looking pretty good right now.

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You don't understand how dividends work if you think the stock price doesn't immediately drop by the same amount

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>we're in the only game in town that will be paying strong divvies during the downturn.

Can you tell me more about this? Is there strong upward pressure during recessions for companies paying good dividend?

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Is there any reason why these stocks will go up even temporarily other than your constant shilling to newbs? Because all I see is people claiming they are losing everything

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Ayyyy Brandon’s working weekends!

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C'mon give me one good reason to risk my money on what looks like a dog

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What I want to know is, does he do it for FREE?

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oy brandonposter is back boys

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It's not true there are plenty of stocks with dividends that won't be cut (unlike these dogs )so let's see if the shill answers you

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Classically, good divvy stocks are: utilities, energy (aka oil), REITs, banks, and food royalty funds. Notice a pattern? They virtually all cut their divvies to nothing or close to that. Those few that haven't could do so at any time. Meanwhile tankers are tripling their divvies because of their ridiculous returns in this climate.

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Five shills calling me someone they are obsessed with who I don't even know who that is because they can't explain why tankers continue to decline

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None of this is true, where's the proof ?

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Dividends are paid when companies make profit - with the lockdown, as well as depressed consumer confidence/spending we'll see for some time a lot of companies will either fold or be forced to take cost cutting measures. Dividends will be a luxury (we're already seeing that now with some big blue chips). Despite the memetry, tankers are one of the few industries that are making huge profits as a result of the current situation.

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Because they're making lots of money... it's really as simple as that. As other companies are cutting/removing their divvies, tankers are reporting their earnings soon and they're going to be big.

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We're not trying to win you or any noobs over retard, we share tanker and oil news here and speculate on the price of tankers. Yea surprise surprise all 10 regulars in TSG thinks the aggregate of information remains bullish on tankers.

To be straight with you, it's gotten tiring having to tread through the same first order bear arguments every single TSG, and we don't see why we should anymore. If you're honest and not an anti-shill go read previous threads and at least catch up to where the arguments are at at the very least you lazy nigger.

What's the likelihood of attracting investors from just the high dividend payments alone, when and if our markets start bleeding out over the course of 12 months? How do you think the best tanker stocks will perform in the event of a market rollover like february?

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Huge profits and dividends but the stock price goes down hugely. Good strategy buy high sell low

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I'd encourage you to have a root about some of your chosen stocks on this site, gives a good idea of which hedges/institutionals are buying up which tankers. I think what's motivating them are the divvies, as least until Q2.

If the market rolls over the tankers are going down too, but if you're caught holding tankers with big divvies, you'll increase your shares very quickly if they're dirt cheap.

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Tanker dividends are being cut because of the worldwide depression

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It should go without saying, stop replying to Brandon

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>stock goes down hugely
>buy high sell low

Are you retarded or something?

>> No.18976272

Just to be clear, you're right to be apprehensive and you should do your own research; tankers are risky. I myself am willing to take on that risk, you should ensure you are too before doing anything.

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do you even fact check yourself before spouting off your bullshit?

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You're really hopeless Brandon.

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Conditions for tankers keep getting worse and they are down bigly since you bought. No one wants your loser stocks that only go down . Sorry not sorry

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Y'all can't defend why you are buying these bankrupt companies

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Thanks Brandon! I really like your thoughtful opinion and evidence based critical thinking. I'm going to go fuck my mom and sell all my shares in tankers. Bye!

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What's the best tanker stock let's see it's doing?

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Thanks anon. yea I was just replying in case it's someone legitimately curious, but it's annoying as shit when they pose the same arguments every thread and we've already priced in that risk in our own accessments.

I've been doing research past week non-stop for past week on tanker and oil, and it's definitely a bet, but IMO the upside potential vs risk is very skewed so I've bought in at the lows, and made some plays off of last weeks spike and dump pattern. Im in the green now, but the day to day doesn't matter as much as news from next 2 weeks.

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Check op faggot brandon

>> No.18976407

You obviously don't understand that share price != intrinsic value. Warren Buffet would look a word with you.

>> No.18976470

So y'all don't even own these dogs? No wonder you are clueless about the financials

>> No.18976507

Y'all embarrassed to say which of these turds you own?

>> No.18976515

No problem. Glad to hear you're in the green; I was slightly gung-ho and bought a little higher than I should have, after averaging down i'm down 1.5% or so. Thankfully we only have to wait a couple of weeks to see if we were right to play this game - feeling relaxed, and a little excited if i'm honest.

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Is it too late to buy tanker stocks? I only have about 5k saved up and was thinking about going all in with my trumpbux on tankers. Is that foolish or do the potential benefits outweigh the risks? I'm hoping for oil to go negative again or drop significantly soon.

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Very interesting read.

>Euronav conservatively estimates that another 14 million barrels per day will go into storage this month and a further 2 million barrels per day in June. If those estimates prove true, “you could see twice as many VLCCs and twice as many Suezmaxes being taken before the end of June, which would have a positive impact for the ships that are still trading because there’s still a lot of demand for transporting oil and the spot market should reflect the diminishing supply of the world fleet,” said De Stoop.

“We think floating storage could peak sometime in June, but remember, those [charter] contracts are for six months,” he continued. As Gallagher put it, “If this finishes in the middle of June, it’s not like all the [stored] barrels will be redistributed in the third week of June. Shipping doesn’t work that way.”

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our shit is going up and your shit is going down. why would i bother defending my buys to you? it goes nowhere

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Has OP thought about making a discord? I do like these threads but it would be cool to have some identification on the experts. Also, we store and share data easily.

>inb4 4chan anonymous it's best part shut up plebbit fag blah blah blah

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>he thinks I bought the top

Nah my DCA is in the 7s. I hate spoon feeding dumb faggots like you, but I'll see you at the end of May after earnings report and the bounce back to the upper bollinger band happens around 11$ or higher.

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>De Stoop explained that the eventual unwinding of storage will begin with the consumer of refined products. “When there is a recovery in consumer demand, let’s not forget that there are quite a lot of products stored,” he added.

When the gasoline, diesel and jet fuel stored on land and at sea is drawn down, refinery demand for crude inputs would increase. “And when they need more crude oil, they will first process what they have in storage … and we believe the first oil will be grabbed from land storage near the [refining] facilities … before they touch what is onboard vessels,” he said.

When there finally is demand to unload crude from floating storage, there are two scenarios: the quick drawdown and the slow drawdown. “Many commentators believe the inventory drawdown will be rapid and therefore the impact on shipping will come much quicker, but we find this difficult to envisage,” said Gallagher.

“What is likely to happen is a slow draw,” argued De Stoop, noting that “the last time we had a contango [in 2015-16], it took 12 months for the ships taken on storage to come fully back into the trading fleet.

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if this wasn't profitable why would we be making threads? brandon needs to find another hobby than anti shilling for jews.

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50 posts in this "general" and not a single poster except me understands dividends

>A Note on Dividend “Capture”

It is standard practice for a stock’s price to decrease on the ex-dividend date by an amount roughly equal to the dividend paid. This reflects the decrease in the company’s assets resulting from the declaration of the dividend, and prevents people from “gaming” the dividend system. The company does not take any explicit action to adjust its stock price; in an efficient market, buyers and sellers will automatically price this in.

One investing strategy, called “dividend capture,” refers to an attempt to collect the dividend and immediately sell the stock. In a strong bull market, where stock prices are consistently climbing, this strategy can work very well. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to time and can actually result in the investor losing money more often than not. To be clear, it is not a strategy we advocate

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Tankers are going down when the market is rising. How much have you lost?

>> No.18976638

It's never too late to lose money but you could have lost more a month ago

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>> No.18976660

still in the green faggot. I bought long before these generals got started

>> No.18976665

Not optimum timing but not too late, no - oil futures (which went negative last month you'll remember) roll over a week on Wed, so if you want to jump in then do it before then.

Great article, and hello newsanon. It's starting to look like tankers are going to see hideously good earnings for the full year, not just a couple of quarters.

>> No.18976669

If I just now found out about tanker stock, am I too late to make safe money? Will Monday be a good time to buy?

>> No.18976676

Whose this Brandon that you fantasize about? Did you buy his shitty tanker stocks and lose your weed money's

>> No.18976679

Just wait and see. I think they're still somewhat cheap.

>> No.18976705

Riding it up and riding back down, sell when you are down 50% good stratergy

>> No.18976724

Yep buy Monday to the moon and cry for the rest of the week and cry here

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Take the opportunity between now and then to understand the risks before you do, lest you lose money and blame us. Check out the links in the OP - they're a good place to start.

>> No.18976746

67 posts, no info no research just shills saying buy and giving no reasons

>> No.18976752

Tankers are pretty cheap right now, do your own research but now is definitely a good time for a long hold.

>> No.18976761

>I don't understand why I invested so read these dead links that you won't understand anyway

>> No.18976851

I wouldn't say it's too late. The dividend dates for them are still a little away and we haven't seen any considerable rise in their stocks as of yet. Check out the earnings reports of the major companies like DHT, EURN, STNG, NNA, etc to see for yourself how strong each is doing.

>> No.18976861

Imagine spending all your free time trying to discourage people from buying tanker stock. Trying this hard, thread after thread, doing something different each time including posting dozens of images of dog cock.
The worst part is I don't even think he's some Fidelity intern. I think he does it for free.

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>still brandonposting

Oh Brandon... We all understand how dividends work but no one wants to argue with you because you're being retarded. I'm going to bite just for a second.

>This chart from Jeffries analyst explains how most tankers are trading 20-40% below NAV.

Stockholder equity is obviously going to be decreased during a dividend, but who cares? They're going to start trading from 60% to 100% of their NAV soon. Historically speaking, they should be trading at 100% NAV anyways, so when the book value reaches an equilibrium the share price won't drop. That's why we don't give a fuck. Please go back to watching le epic normie stock investor youtube videos 1000%+ return in 69 seconds. We don't want you here.

>> No.18976880

>23 posts
Jesus man it's clear to anyone but an absolute brainlet you have an agenda. All you're doing at this point is bumping the thread.

Facts all these tankers announced fat divvies. The profits will extend into at least q3. If oil storage becomes an issue which many commentators say it will means rates will be elevated for at least the rest of the year. The argument oh no the stock price went down just means these new nigs aren't late yet

>> No.18976888

>23 posts
Goldman sachs shills go home, we get it

>> No.18976894

You don't understand how dividends work

>> No.18976908

Why can't yall explain why tankers stocks are undervalued instead of calling me Brandon


>> No.18976926

> copy pastes paragraph from first link on google
> boomer detected
Some of these tanker stocks are trading under NAV, which makes your dividend argument even less relevant. It doesn't matter what you post at this point, The tanks are full, people can't take delivery, and people are selling rental oil storage on the fucking Bloomberg terminal... what part of "oil glut" being good for tankers is so hard to understand? It's a matter of WHEN, not IF reality catches up with the market, and when it does we might see negative WTI again. Don't even get me started on 2nd and 3rd order effects for where this economy is going, just keep holding onto your V-shaped recovery narrative and buy index funds.
You of all people should know past performance does not indicate future results. Like for real I'm not sure if you're here to give value or just feel better about yourself..

>> No.18976942

So what's your favorite tanker and why is it worth buying? And don't use the debunked dividend argument

>> No.18976959

Lol just go find other people to bother.

>> No.18976980

Y'all probably post on ptg too they shill for trump but don't know why you shill for shitstocks and you don't know why

>> No.18977004

Trump has been cockblocking us for a month, Brando.

>> No.18977018

I'm trying to decide whether to invest but considering y'all are sitting on 50% losses and do t know why you bought....

>> No.18977022

Eurn has a great divvie argument. You buy monday you'll get 2 bucks in divvies per share before july.

I like eurn/fro/stng. Market rates for lr2s have no got down. They remain 5x the level of a year ago.

>> No.18977063

The stock price goes down $2 so where is the profit? Dividend capture is a kindergarten tier strategy


>> No.18977099

I'm trying to build an equal-weighted tankerchad index to do some memeline analysis. So far I got


Who should I add / remove?

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>Not understanding dividends this hard
Dividends are your friend.

That really is the thing at the end of the day, isn't it? This is the only play during the time of crisis, downturn, panic, etc. that actually will hold strong if we plummet to the center of the earth again. No other sector will be alright, we have yet to see how tech has truly fared during lockdown in Q2 so I feel it is too hasty to assume they would be fine if lockdown v2 happens.

Not oil anon, but this article is very interesting. Honestly I have no idea if they are right or how the market would look like if they were, this is such a bizarro world scenario that I find it confusing.

>blackrock buys 8 million shares of NAT on May 1st

I am sorry, come again? This dwarfs the investments they made in other tankers, what the actual fuck. Anti-NAT anons, explain this why the biggest investment fund in the world just dropped the biggest wad possible on this shit tanker. Is it actually good now?

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File: 9 KB, 275x183, saudioil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you never want to go all in if you're a smart investor. nonetheless, from my dd I think it's a good bet who's upside potential outweighs the risks significantly. Not for the feint of heart, as we've seen some fucky price action that might shake you out at a loss. Storage is filling again though and the bullishness of oil investors is making me see green. Look up previous TSG archives if you're serious and read all the articles and watch the vids and read all Oilanon posts. I'm not going to do your homework for you but here's a start:

I hope it starts to help you anons make a calculated and reasonable choice. Best regards.

>> No.18977145

Post results.

>> No.18977188

Only at a brief glance
>TNK instead of TK. It's their dedicated tankers company
>Add NNA, it's Navios' tanker
>Remove SALT, they are bulkers, not tankers.
>add sfl

>> No.18977238

Any way to add EURN's euro stock separately or would that fuck things up?

My thoughts exactly - the price volatility is much less concerning when you frame it on those terms.

I'm seeing the likes of blackrock and vanguard pop up everywhere, it's a good feeling.

>> No.18977261
File: 232 KB, 560x300, gon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18977285

NAT is a good stock if it's not trading above 4$. That's literally it. Their management isn't good but other then that they have great financial health but their fleet is small. One of the reasons may be the increased demand in Suezmaxs, considering that's all they have.

>see here https://www.freightwaves.com/news/floating-storage-is-far-from-dead-in-the-water

>> No.18977294

Wheres the loss? Q2 is gonna be even better. Q3 likely good as well. Theres many opportunities to sell even if outlook worsens and gauranteed dividends ensures these stocks need to absolutely crater to not make some return

>> No.18977299

Vanguard and blackrock own index funds and ETFs they own shares of everything, how new are you

>> No.18977333
File: 321 KB, 500x500, 8WUR0aMK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18977384

You don't understand how dividends work

>> No.18977390
File: 132 KB, 1080x1080, taste.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checked and keked

>> No.18977393

Alright then fuck right off retard I'm done with you.

>> No.18977399

A Note on Dividend “Capture”

It is standard practice for a stock’s price to decrease on the ex-dividend date by an amount roughly equal to the dividend paid. This reflects the decrease in the company’s assets resulting from the declaration of the dividend, and prevents people from “gaming” the dividend system. The company does not take any explicit action to adjust its stock price; in an efficient market, buyers and sellers will automatically price this in.

One investing strategy, called “dividend capture,” refers to an attempt to collect the dividend and immediately sell the stock. In a strong bull market, where stock prices are consistently climbing, this strategy can work very well. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to time and can actually result in the investor losing money more often than not. To be clear, it is not a strategy we advocate

>> No.18977414

How much have you lost on these turds?

>> No.18977417

Branny are you okay
Will you shitpost about tankers today?
Dog cocks in the window
The mods banned you, a crescendo

>> No.18977425
File: 263 KB, 960x376, jugm0dsi7lx41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See pic

>> No.18977432

Some tankers are trading below NAV, in an efficient market this shouldn't exist. Occam's Razor: Maybe you're just wrong?

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>mfw when i found out brandon is literally retarded and his only argument is copy paste the first link on google

>> No.18977506

I tried to explain this to him here: >>18976863

but I don't think he can read. I think we need to stop talking to Brandon.

>> No.18977571

>Some tankers are trading below NAV, in an efficient market this shouldn't exist.

You should study accounting if you want to know why you are wrong

>> No.18977591

And you and your fellow bagholders don't understand dividends hence you list 59% on your tanker gambling

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File: 61 KB, 812x1024, special wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>"Tankers are very much not good. Their dividend has decreased! They are bad! They have done bad = they will forever do bad! FUCK TANKERS"

>"mmm YumME wWArm dOggy cock milky omMmMmmmm"

>> No.18977643

>Share price is obviously going to be decreased during a dividend, but who cares?

So much for your muh dividend argument. Y'all have no reason to own these losers except you believed some other clueless shill

>> No.18977668

Newfag shills don't understand ids

>> No.18977671
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>> No.18977679

>37 posts by this ID

>> No.18977705

>1 post by this ID

>> No.18977717

>You should go study accounting if you want to know why you are wrong

>You should go study Ventriloquism if you want to know why you are wrong.

Don't just tell us to go study a topic, explain your thinking. You are literally doing the same thing you're accusing us of.

>> No.18977730
File: 12 KB, 225x225, jewishpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just realised Brandon's been here for 4 hours, at a rate of 1post/ 6min since thread creation without posting a single argument. even footfag doesn't have that dedication


>> No.18977740


>> No.18977755

Y'all can't even understand dividends something that could be learned in an hour

>> No.18977762

leave animefootfag alone, he's a gentle soul

>> No.18977777

Who is Brandon? Do you mean Buffet and forget the spelling?

>> No.18977778

i don't think he can read

>> No.18977803

How much have you lost on your tanker lottery tickets?

>> No.18977807
File: 25 KB, 600x600, pepelaugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the most I've laughed in days. Thank you.

>> No.18977809
File: 10 KB, 250x246, yui is done.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>39 posts by this ID

>> No.18977816


>> No.18977821

Nice!!!!? Proof that you think I'm Warren Buffet

>> No.18977854

130 posts and y'all haven't listed one reason to buy tanker stocks


>> No.18977859

4 dollars

>> No.18977866
File: 181 KB, 460x558, 1585984786024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wasted trips
I told you retard I'm in the green

what the fuck is this faggot even doing here

>> No.18977880
File: 194 KB, 1058x1500, 1587410908922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those companies are everywhere, and more. The big boys all are betting on the tanker play too, that's the thing. If we are wrong, the biggest financial institutions in the world are also wrong. I am not willing to bet against them due to some retailer fears.

Except these firms like Blackrock bought more at 6 dollars and are holding. They thought it prudent to invest harder, so something is up with that. I agree as a tanker company it isn't as good, but now that I am seeing the sheer amount of investment over EURN I am unsure if I want to swap over to EURN anymore. Much lighter investment firm activity with them. Though idk. I got to think about it. EURN is doing fantastic, and that divvy. I gotta think about it, maybe I can just proportion out and own some of both. My main focus is still FRO and DHT above all others anyways.

lmao, checked and keked.

Mean. I just am watching out for people and want them to make a profit so shill tankers. I don't mean to be annoying with autism about shares and stuff.

Thanks friend.

>> No.18977904

I'm doing my due diligence getting info from the experts here but it turns out you don't understand dividends or have a single reason to buy these stocks. Even Brandon is laughing at you

>> No.18977919

You don't understand that passive index funds own stocks?

>> No.18977946

I have to admit, $NAT has huge retard strength. I wouldn't be surprised if for some unknown reason it surpassed us all. I actually had 7 6/19 calls and sold them at peak for a quick 1.3k profit (woo new gaming computer!), so that's why I'm avoiding jumping back in.

>> No.18977981

44 posts shitting up a thread he's allegedly not involved in

>> No.18978028


>> No.18978035

I'm looking for reasons to buy these tanker stocks but since y'all bought them because of Cramer and Brandon fan clubs I guess you don't know

>> No.18978082

Retailers will fall into line and FOMO before too long.

>Russell Investments Group bought almost 3 million shares TNP shares on Wed

>> No.18978103
File: 111 KB, 750x1308, reasons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check picture for reasons.

Where'd you get that screen cap? If you're a bloomberg boy, can you pull up spot rates and time charter rates for tankers? Thanks.

>> No.18978146
File: 110 KB, 599x816, 1585119413877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you not understand that buying an ETF or Index fund lists as buying the ETF or Index fund by these companies and buying individual stocks lists as buying individual stocks? If these shares came from an ETF or Index fund, it would not list as buying these individual shares, that is not how market tracking works. Furthermore, if these firms were to be buying ETF's and Index Funds holding tankers, that is a pretty big sign right there that they support the entire industry so even if you were correct (which you weren't) I am unsure as to what your point is as that still supports the case for tankers, in fact it is better as it means they want a hand in all of them.

Kek, Brandon. But that is essentially my thoughts. EURN is undoubtedly the better company, but it is being slept on more while NAT has more attention and retard doubling-down than any other tanker. Very nice call play, I wouldn't blame you for feeling like you got your due profits there from NAT. But markets aren't entirely rational, and this retard strength has me reconsidering the idea of selling it for another tanker. Momentum is a thing, and it might have more momentum going forward. NAT investment right now is less to do with fundamentals and more to do with guessing if the market will treat it kinder than others or not.

Holy moly, what a buy. Perhaps maybe there just isn't losing no matter what is chosen. That is huge. Meanwhile Blackrock while buying NAT has already been holding onto a ton of shares, just more than any other tanker. Hmm. I gotta think, I have until Monday to decide what to do anyways assuming we don't go to the stratosphere immediately for some reason. I 100% agree on retailers FOMO'ing in though, I just think it won't happen until after future rollovers for oil. Really no matter what we are all winners, I just wanna maximize profits at this point. My worries are gone.

>> No.18978157

good find. TNP is my largest holding. Equipment assets/marketcap is at a great ratio

>> No.18978158



>> No.18978249

Tnp has been steadily going down for 5 years

>> No.18978266

Not an argument. Why would a passive index fund hold something that "wasn't worth buying", in your own words?
> Why buy tankers
World oil tanks are full. This means renting floating storage until demand returns, which could be anywhere from end of summer to years out depending on whom you talk to. Tanker spot rates are sky high, companies will make in ONE QUARTER what they make in a single year. Combine that with a super-cycle of sorts that tankers have, and the possibility of ongoing low demand / oil glut; they may make bank for some time to come. Oh, and if we get negative oil hits again, you can double those spot rate all time highs you saw.
I'd like some actual arguments beyond the 1st google result of why improving company fundamentals, across an ENTIRE SECTOR is somehow bearish. Analysts have most of the tanker sector marked as a "buy" at this point, and you can see institutional money starting to move in.



>> No.18978275

then don't buy

>> No.18978287


Short answer YES!

>> No.18978292
File: 212 KB, 1029x921, tankerchad_index1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok here is version 1.0 of the equal-weighted BIZ™ TSG13 "Tankerchad" Index. Pic is the 90-day 1-hr chart.

On to the memelines. Possible head and shoulders, head being 4/28, worst case, bobos might take us down another 15% through next week. On the mumu side, you could argue that the trend is still up since the 3/18 low. Current momentum is up, RSI was oversold at the recent 120 low. If we can get back to 140 by Wednesday next week we should be solid.

You can copy paste into TOS or other platforms:


>> No.18978294

You're probably right RE futures, but there's going to be increasing interest throughout the week as well leading up to it - a lot of people will be scared to miss out on buying before that rollover.

Based. I'm holding equal weight across my tankers but little tenacious TNP is a real favourite of mine. Would pick up some more but I want exposure to FRO next week, only big hitter I lack.

>> No.18978305

You dont understand dividends or index funds, completely clueless

>> No.18978328

Knowledgeable investors are shorting these stocks when you sell then it will be time to cover

>> No.18978356

Not an argument. Again- Why should you NOT buy tankers?

>> No.18978358

if crude tanker rates go down, and storage on water continues to rise, didn't you just prove that these rates are sustainable? Congrats, you played yourself.

>> No.18978360

Interesting, everyone here is now sitting on a loss as tanker rates are crashing >>18978158

>> No.18978361

Brilliant work anon

>> No.18978400
File: 1 KB, 125x64, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/Brandonposting/ data coming in: 50 posts over 5 hours; yea I'm thinking anti-shill. time to buy big next week.

WSB, sorry

What are your exit strategies?

For short term I can see FOMO in from retail after storage news and june expires happen mid-late may. Get a nice pump, and potentially jump back in afterwards if we see a decline like in April if you want to ride it out till Q2. But I'm worried about having any stocks beside precious metals in the next quarters due to possibility of market rollover.

Nice work boss.

>> No.18978401

Tanker rates are crashing dividends will be cut no reason to hold these for at least three years as oil demand wont recover

>> No.18978432

Muh storage is yesterday's news it's no longer needed that's why tanker rates are crashing along with tanker stock prices

>> No.18978439

Not bad anon. We also have higher lows, showing that selling pressure is easing. Head and shoulders is possible, but also could be drawing a flag... I suspect whatever oil does in the next week or two will decide this play.

>> No.18978445

I think a discord would be too much. This thread tends to be a slow moving one with a couple dozen loyal posters. This allows for the dissemination and rumination of info. But, I am currently condensing parts of the OP to include more information. That being said, I'm still trying to filter it so it doesn't become a smorgasbord of links.

>> No.18978471

Do yall really buy stocks when cramer pumps them and then post thousands of anime pictures while calling good investors brandon?as you lose your investments

>> No.18978496

Dissemination of information? Haha yall dont even understand dividends or balance sheets or index funds much less acknowledge that tanker rates are crashing

>> No.18978527
File: 241 KB, 600x450, IMG_0499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>55 posts by this ID

>> No.18978545


Lmao yall should stop Brandon posting unless you like losing money

>> No.18978549

Something along those lines but its a moving target - wait and see is the only real answer for now. Exiting with a profit after the ex-divvy date would be peak comfy.

>> No.18978568
File: 3.03 MB, 3236x4639, 1585929715234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this feeling Brandon is unironically the biggest holder of tankers here despite his shilling.

Perhaps. I would like it if there is, especially if NAT goes up as it is the only one I am willing to sell shares of to pick up shares of others. TNP is attractive to me too now. Perhaps Selling 450 NAT if it goes up unfairly well to have 250 EURN and 100 TNP, having 500 FRO, 500 DHT, 250 EURN, 100 TNP, and 50 NAT as an awesome lineup and share distribution. Who knows though.

This is a work of art, very excellent job anon. Now if only I could read it in a non-elementary way. The sheer fact we are not above the start of the year means this is all major, major major discount still.

I am just gonna exit when I think the bull run is over due to market conditions and news. I am not going to play the sell and re-enter game, it will be selling just when I think it is right and taking profits. Willing to hold through troughs for the sake of divvies.

I like our thread here, no need for discord. I find the small poster size and slowness comfy af, I really like it. Discord would be too fast and officialized, plus identification, not as comfy. Right now this is like a small lobby with a few people going in and out, resting, making coffe, lounging, etc. a warm fire as we remain comfy with a storm raging outside, I like the feel.

>> No.18978620


Investors are dumping and yall retards are holding the bag. Lmao

>> No.18978622
File: 195 KB, 1031x917, xlememe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yesterday we talked about how XLE breaking above the pennant would mean oil is bullish for the next week. Hard to believe because its already overbought. I really think it will bounce off at 40 before Wednesday, but if not, that will confirm clown market and will be bad for us.

Ideally we see a complete reversal in XLE.

>> No.18978628
File: 989 KB, 720x960, duck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just be careful not to upset your comfy ratios, I have to settle for goblin-tier aesthetics

>> No.18978641

>Tanker rates are crashing
By "crashing" we're only at 4-5x normal instead of 10x normal, with LR2 rates still at 5-10x normal. Clean product tankers are still very much at elevated spot rates. This doesn't price in a future contango situation either; Goldman Sachs thinks we're past the storage glut, but all of the numbers I keep seeing show a worsening problem (did you even click the link I gave?), and a false rally in oil right now.

> no reason to hold these for at least three years as oil demand wont recover
An oddly specific number. Just because you normally hold for 3 years isn't really relevant to other people here, who run the gamut from long term holds to speculation. Most of the tanker play is through Q3 at best. If it's not for you that's perfectly fine, but 55 posts says you probably weren't here for info...

>> No.18978643

Why should anyone listen to you when you dont even understand dividends?

>> No.18978677

holy shit man are you still here? Unironically starting to believe you work for Fidelity as some kind of COINTELPRO and wondering who will play you in The Big Port theatrical adaptation.

>> No.18978729


>They're not buying it David, I'm not sure how much more /brandon/posting I can do.
>Don't worry Brandon, we've got enough retail shares already. You can stop tomorrow.

You are literally posting bullish articles. Diamond Shipping doesn't manage their own fleets. Stop posting propaganda, brandon

I plan on exiting after divvy on Q3, but so much can change. The situation is too volatile to have any surefire plays right now. Just going to keep consooming information until I've figured out a play. I will also probably be writing way OTM covered calls for like $100 bucks a month, depending on my risk tolerance.

Awesome work Anon, I'm going to do some crayon drawings and I'll post it later if I find anything interesting. Very cool.

>> No.18978787
File: 837 KB, 1014x720, 1585075996799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>old news that we already went through and bought the dip
>dividend argument refuted a thousand times and in general being a retarded investor
Why can't we just be friends at this point? No one here is selling no matter what you say, and we are all perfectly informed to the point where you can only repeat refuted points now. The real question at this point is are you being legitimately paid, or do you just have puts and are praying we are wrong? Either way it isn't too late to join our club, you too can make profits by typing FRO or DHT and other similar stocks in your ticker and pressing buy on Monday. We won't hold grudges.

Honestly, I am more concerned with my aesthetics than companies almost so I am being very careful with it. Thank you friend, and I hope maybe you can pretty things up for yourself once divvies roll in.

Checked and keked again.

>> No.18978813

>its good to lose money on shipping stocks because reasons

>> No.18978819

Check out this high volume institutional activity on STNG


Honestly looked solid to me from the get go but I got talked out of it due to their high leverage.

Well looks to me that their little gamble is gonna pay off. They have a MASSIVE fleet with a sole focus on oil

>> No.18978863

Even though you dont understand dividends or any other financial or investment concept I'm learning fascinating things about the psyche of suckers so thank you

>> No.18978879
File: 6 KB, 251x201, BEARISHONOIL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oddly enough Brandon is shilling us extra hard today by bumping this thread up consistently and by being an obvious anti-shill. Should be a lot slower on Weekends.

agree, I'm making decisions as the infocomes up. we'll all keep updated together

Bullish AF did you even read it

>the Big Port
lmao I'm glad that stuck

if you haven't seen it yet

>> No.18978911

Brandon, could I have your phone number or discord so I can rub my dick in your face when I make massive gains? How does that sound?


>> No.18978948

>big investors are buying causing a 20% decline in the price woo hook to the moon

A little information to a moron is a dangerous thing pal

>> No.18978952
File: 203 KB, 1031x923, xtnmeme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We also talked about XTN. Transports are a good forecast of oil. If it tanks, oil will likely tank, which is good for us.

You could make both cases for XTN right now.

For the bobos this is a continuation wedge pattern from the March crash, RSI already tipping overbought, and they're not even halfway to the upper resistance. This reinforces their case:
>Muh unemployment is at record highs!
>Second Wave!
>"We will see a further crash the likes of which we never seen" t. Goldman Sachs
>OH NO Warren Buffet sold all his airlines stocks!
>There is no demand for oil!
Closing below $48 on Tuesday is bobos wet dream right now, bad for oil producers, and good for us. Bouncing off $50 before Tuesday is also good for us (forming double top, big reversal potential).

You have to consider the mumu side too. For them the March panic sell off was a one-and-done deal, and we are now in a smooth 7-week long upward trend.
>Virus was a hoax!
>Don't fight the Fed!
>Endless green dildos!
Mumus are looking for XTN to break above 51 by Wednesday. If they close the week out above $50, we have to give it to them, and hold our bags for a bit longer.

>> No.18978976

I'm a boomer I have real friends not some tranny discord group. Anywho how much have you lost on tankers?

>> No.18978995
File: 29 KB, 600x337, captain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good idea.


>> No.18978997

If you don't sell, you don't lose, hombrero

>> No.18979012

Talking like a retard isnt stock analysis. Tanker rates are crashing and stocks are valued on future earnings which will be losses

>> No.18979038

<When you lose you dont lose

Seething cope as you kids are wont to say

>> No.18979078

Thanks I'll have a look. I was basing my evaluations on equipment assets and fleet size. I even calculated the volume of capacity for the fleets. Found that TK and STNG had the largest fleets but TK had lower debt in comparison. In addition TK only partially owns their fleet so in raw size STNG won out. Originally I was gonna only buy STNG and TNP but I got talked out of it because STNG had relatively high leverage. Well, from the time I purchased STNG would've had a 75% gain while TK only ran up a 50% gain. TNP ran up a 68% from time of purchase, course I haven't sold yet because we are not done with this glut by a mile.

Ultimately TNP has a very attractive equipment asset/marketcap. TK has an ultra attractive equipment asset/marketcap but they also fuck with natty gas. STNG had an okay equipment asset/marketcap but they also have a massive fleet, highest capacity I've taken a look at.

In any case, a large chunk of their liabilities are gonna get paid off after this is over with. Haven't looked into divvies on STNG tho. TK and TNP pay semi annual divvies so I'm expecting a big one on TNP but not sure on TK due to its divested equipment assets.

>> No.18979084
File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1548806298585.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have another nickel, friend.

>Not taking advantage of a 20% price drop that institutions think will go up clearly
Even if you don't believe in a moon that is a good investment.

>> No.18979096

You are like the jewish equivalent to those thralls vampires keep around as slaves, never able to ascend to being a true financial bloodsucker so they just have you in the basement shitposting on 4chan

>> No.18979097

here's your (you) you little girl. now fuck off

>> No.18979113
File: 36 KB, 800x600, 1587433012457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18979122

STNG has pretty week divvies. About .1 per share I believe.

>> No.18979127
File: 77 KB, 529x328, image002-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tanker rates are now lower than January yall are in complete denial on these turds

>> No.18979128

Based Squeeze bro. I felt like I was blindly trading before I learned how great this indicator is.

>> No.18979136

its better for STNG to deleverage

>> No.18979141

There's no way we don't see a downward spiral if we break through 70 on the RSI. Just look at the past, it doesn't take a genius to see that. Maybe I'm overly optimistic but everybody-including the jews-know that this is a clown market. Mumus r fuk, tanker al the way!

>> No.18979204


Seconded; I want to send him a vid of me jacking off on a stack of benjamins with a sea shanty playing in the background . Actually I'll just send it to Goldman I'm sure he'll receive it.

>> No.18979433

You kids should learn how to invest and make money rather than fantasizing about jerking off to your grandpa, anywho my research is almost done these are clearly not investable not that you can tank the market when you sell your five shares. Get it? Tank the market? Lmao

>> No.18979520
File: 776 KB, 330x234, hello fellow humans.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to know is why an old man has a folder full of dog dicks - or is just another ploy Brandon, so we no longer think you're a shitty little intern? 66 fucking posts, get a life.

>> No.18979550
File: 104 KB, 1222x393, photo_2020-05-09_14-45-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Update figures,
Potential profits from buying April 03, when I started

TNP: 90% gain at ATH, 4.76/2.5
TK: 76% gain at ATH 4.88/2.75
STNG: 88% gain at ATH, 28.2/15

Pic related is when I started running comparisons on the assets around end of march/early april

>> No.18979571

Shouldn't you be outside talking to girls instead of plotting against old men who are trying to educate you about investing?

>> No.18979597
File: 219 KB, 1200x800, say that again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18979614

Normally I wouldn't be giving my work away for free but I'm in on this play as much as i'm willing to allocate to it. So if any of this helps you out, you're welcome. Figured pulled from Q4

>> No.18979620
File: 10 KB, 210x240, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I have that spreadsheet?

I want to make a cap-weighted index to compare with >>18978292
Copying market-cap from excel is way easier than looking them up individually.

>> No.18979706
File: 27 KB, 728x410, hmc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's showing his hand lol. We know it's you Brandon, that you keep referring to yourself as an old man and boomer is astroturf 101. shut the fuck up retard you can't even astroturf or antishill correctly


>> No.18979843

Who is this Brandon yall fantasize about? Is he the original shill who sold you on these turd stocks or is he just a Chad you lust over but cant have. Anywho yall have obsessed over brandon more than you researched these losers

>> No.18979873


Hahaha yall retards arent smart enough to even be dumb money

>> No.18979953

Oh my god this is so fucking useful. Did you automate this or is it handtyped? I might have to make my own one of these for Q1 & Q2.

Cramer: $NAT has the largest tanker fleet in the world!

literally the third smallest fleet in the sector. lmao.

Thanks again anon

>> No.18979986

Its not even the right type of fleet too. They dont have any VLCC right?

>> No.18980035

Yeah they suck, they are being carried by hype alone. I wasted a day trade buying into them because I was stupid and then sold out after like an hour of research.
They will probably still profit on hype alone.

>> No.18980089

Like the fleets are FRO,DHT, and EURN that have the most VLCCs but I thought most of their fleets were already contracted out for yearly contracts and aren't available for spot pricing.

>> No.18980141

It looks like a lot of tankers are still waiting to unload their cargo which they were supposed to do in march and april because there's no land storage left. If that's the case this should let those companies lucky enough to be in this situation reap maximum benefits from the current situation. Is there any further information about who's not been able to complete delivery yet?

>> No.18980177

I wouldn't know I held a few tankers and then cashed out before they crashed. I am debating whether or not to get back in because even though logically the oil companies should tank when we hit full capacity of storage in a few weeks the market isn't rational.

I wouldn't be surprised if it pumps up and hard these oil companies and tankers tank.

>> No.18980219

How could full storage possibly cause oil prices to spike lol

>> No.18980235

Yes as has been posted in this thread a dozen times rates are crashing proving you are soooooo dumd

>> No.18980263

Not the prices but the companies would somehow pump up.

>> No.18980264

Just like he said, because the market is not rational. Oil is a golden opportunity if timed right and nobody seems to be looking at tankers, hence they may go all in into oil prematurely in expectation of grand results later, tanking tankers and pumping oil skyhigh.

>> No.18980276

perhaps he's thinking retards "buy the dip - V shape recovery naow!"

>> No.18980354

Investors looked at tankers and just said no because we want to make money. Why do you prefer to lose money? Are you lazy or just naive?

>> No.18980371

Retail is not in charge of physical oil. Prices will not go up when storage is gone.

>> No.18980398

They put you on this detail full-time, Brandon?

You convinced them you could make a difference if they hired you on, eh? Good for you.

You'll be allowed to stop scrubbing toilets for good any day now, brother.

>> No.18980450

According to plenty of analysts, they literally are.

>> No.18980475

Retail takes delivery?
Don't be a Brandon, man.
Or are you Dustin?
Did they put another intern on this objective?

>> No.18980479
File: 3 KB, 135x250, TANKERSPAYINGMYMORTGAGETYHEDGIES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great listen on the Tanker and oil environment right now. Highly encourage you to listen even if youre just browsing. Topic timestamps available in link.


He's literally been here for 7 hours anti-shilling. Nothing makes me more bullish; a normal investor would fuck off an hour in and look for other sectors. A troll would fuck off after 3. Someone getting paid? after his shift LMAO. Thanks for the money hedgies

>> No.18980507

The problem with Tankers is that it's temporary gains. After this surplus problem is gone, now what? After all this said and done, I'm sure most tankers will have great balance sheets, but then will slowly drop as the oil market returns to normal. Expect to only make profits when buying the dip...and from dividends.

>> No.18980540

Congrats on being almost as retarded as the resident schizo bro.

>> No.18980573

Are you fucking retarded? Tell me exactly where you would store 1000 barrels of crude oil. Retail doesn't take deliveries. Maybe your crazy uncle but that's about it.

>> No.18980577

There are 3.5 sources of profit here.
1- tanker stock appreciation.
2- dividends while waiting for the above.
3- shorting/buying puts on tankers awaiting reversal (exactly as you say, it is temporary and it will go down to normal).
3.5- Using the gainz to pivot into oil. This is a half-point because it's not technically a tanker play but it's related. As you said, tankers going down correlates with oil going up. No reason you can't play both at the same time.

>> No.18980594

OK inbred

>> No.18980620

>thinking about going all in with my trumpbux on tankers

Imagine using your patriot dollars to bet against America. Go ahead and go all in on tankers, I hope you lose it all.

>> No.18980621

Retail or institutions are not in tankers for long (yr+) holds. It is a hedge play against oil. The exit point is the real question. Q2, Q3, or Q4. Dividends are likely guaranteed for the more solid performers through Q4 but the stock itself might depreciate to counter that.

>> No.18980631

Your bullish on tanker stocks because I explained why they will continue to go down until you sell

>> No.18980651

Tanker rates are already lower than January there is no reason to buy stocks with decreasing earnings. Tankertards will not understand this

>> No.18980694

What? No seriously explain to me your logic. Where would John Doe store 1k+ barrels of oil? How would he get it from Cushing, Oklahoma to his house in the suburbs of New York?

>> No.18980697

1. Tanker stocks are going down
2.dividends are meaningless
4. You lost your entire investment

>> No.18980711


>> No.18980831

Lol did you read the article?

>> No.18980857

I can't see it, what does it say

>> No.18980873
File: 100 KB, 347x245, 1582316118664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumb money refers to retail investors, which we knew that they were the ones that caused the stocks to dump, because smart money is piling in temporarily.

>> No.18980981
File: 160 KB, 1667x728, the big port.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He's posting bearish headlines without reading the articles. Done this multiple times with bullish articles this thread lol.

>> No.18980984

It says tankers are over for at least five years they have nothing going for them and many of the ships will be repossessed and sold for scrap metal fuelling the next upcycle in 2027

>> No.18981014

Explain to me how low daily rates are bullish

>> No.18981027

oops didn't realize the article was posted by the kike

>> No.18981064

Do you take advice/follow the lead from winners (jews) or losers (biz tanktards)?

C'mon brag how much you lost on these turds

>> No.18981083

Maybe yall should stop posting anime pedo shit and try to come up with one reason to buy these loser stocks?

>> No.18981134

That's... not what it says at all. I read the article by J Myntzner and it's literally bullish.

>> No.18981223
File: 292 KB, 1080x779, 1585926006746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>79 posts
this dude must be paid by the post. Is that 7.9 shekels now?

>> No.18981227

Imagine seething so hard you waste your saturday on tsg to anti shill

>> No.18981242

I wish I got paid to shitpost here. I could use that money to buy more tankers.

>> No.18981259
File: 25 KB, 411x419, 1588463216958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too. He's a little over 1/4 of the way to one share of FRO.

>> No.18981273

Bullish for bankruptcy advisors

>> No.18981291
File: 145 KB, 764x1000, 1586469300775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, thank you for giving it though this is fantastic layout. Fuck NAT hype I guess, it is seriously not that good in the slightest. Making me question their earnings future in comparison to everything and total financial report, might be smart to get off while it goes up before its earnings, one of the last report, comes out in order to pick up sweet EURN.


Kek. This really is stunning, I doubt he is trolling anymore, too much time. I could buy TNP with his posting.

>> No.18981299

Why would you brag about wanting to lose more money?

Shares of FRO are worthless

>> No.18981334

79 posts attacking one old geezer who has made millions in the stock market
0 posts explaining why tanker stocks might go up in value

>> No.18981381

Post one good reason to buy tanklets and the horror will end

>> No.18981390

For real, this guy has been at it since 10 AM. He's an old boomer who believes entirely in 70s investing techniques, thinks stocks drop EXACTLY by their dividend amount every time, won't argue his position except "Durr everyone dumb tankers dumb I are smart!", cant read beyond a headline / first post on google, ignores any logic with math backing it up, and otherwise thinks they're the smartest person in the room.
He'll argue this until he's blue in the face, wake up tomorrow, flip his position to pro-tanker then smugly think he thought it up all on his own.

Early-onset dementia is a hell of a thing.

>> No.18981393

Wait a minute EURN has 1.10 divvy and stock price of 10.46, while you shilled me DHT hard as fuck with 0.35 divvy and stock price of 6.50

You thieving niggers.

>> No.18981414
File: 784 KB, 899x899, merchant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>8.2 shekels

>> No.18981416

What type of millionare spends his time shitposting in a thread with a bunch of /biz/tards? You could literally be on a yacht fucking 20 year old hookers and you're arguing with people who post anime feet pics? Do you realize how pathetic that sounds? What do you expect out of this? All of us immediately sell our shares? Why do you care if we lose all our money anyways? What is your ultimate goal?

>> No.18981419

EURN is 0.81, where are you seeing 1.1?

>> No.18981425

imagine being in a room with at least 34 other people who think you're a complete arsebandit

>> No.18981442

they're paying end of year and Q1 divvy together, collectively 1.10

>> No.18981445

Dude there's plenty of math backing up tankers being a good short-mid play, given a continuing oil contango and lack of demand. No shit there's risk. No shit you don't want to hold it for 3 years. Why don't you go look up the tanker stocks on a bloomberg terminal, because you're not going to believe anything people post here.

>> No.18981453

fuck you and your full color vision

>> No.18981484


>> No.18981489

I can't remember EURN's divvy but the idea is this
>DHT: Cheap to get in and will profit, so this is the safe choice
>EURN: More expensive to buy in, can hold longer and profit more because it's more stable
DHT is a faster play while EURN is better for future leveraging.

>> No.18981530
File: 589 KB, 515x640, image0 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nat is a total disaster!

>> No.18981543
File: 16 KB, 640x659, 1570662401832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm actually have deuteranopia and can only vaguely see the happy merchant

>> No.18981607
File: 263 KB, 400x594, 1581404794546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold up. If I buy in now, do I get the end of last year's divvy with Q1 still even though I only held it long enough for Q1? If so I might just slap into that for the hilariously quick buck and hold because that is like a special little premium package saying "Buy me, hold me, tenderly!"

Honestly, seeing EURN now, it is basically sitting where it has been at its worse since its inception, and by what I hear it is the most financially stable of them all. Is EURN unironically a potential long term hold, or nah, sell it like the rest at peak bull run? Thankfully divvies are still a bit away, and people are probably meanwhile obsessing over all the oil ex-dividend dates next week to dump them yet. So we got a bit of time for dividends to be the enticement.

>> No.18981614

Brandon's goal is to get hired on full-time by Blackrock but he's got to compete his internship.

That means scrubbing toilets and trolling /biz/.

And training his replacement, Dustin.

>> No.18981624

Why is noone talking about NM here, they're a great company. Have like 4k stocks and they are stable as fuck.

>> No.18981628

>He's an old boomer

Yall need to be smarter. for 7 hours i was asking questions about tankers and yall was calling me brandon because you love him or something. Wasted opportunity I learned from this and yall didn't. The voice of reason wisdom from your dad that you never had. Sad

>> No.18981637

No divvy afaik

>> No.18981647

>I've been here for 7 hours and hundreds of posts, I'm smart and cool


>> No.18981657

I don't know. I have a small stake in EURN because I heard good things and decided to just grab some to diversify. I'm going to play it by ear. On the surface it looks like the one you could hold long term if you wanted to go that route but I think that you would want to sell out of it eventually anyway just to have more leverage into bull oil because it's going to go up eventually.

>> No.18981668

Why would I want to touch a hooker I'm trying to make $$$$ to gift to the ADL and splc. Its fascinating to watch people brag about losing money . People incapable of learning because of greed

>> No.18981674

Not a boomer. This kid has been in every thread and was spamming dog dicks the other day.

He's been assigned to /biz/ and there is no question about it.

From the lack of quality you can tell he has next to no oversight as well.

Truly a dream job, if he can complete his internship and get Dustin ready to take his place.

>> No.18981682

Yep collect your 50 cents as your shares lose $2

>> No.18981695

Why are rates lower than January while you think they are all time highs

>> No.18981706

Yep - page 5. Thank anon later:

>> No.18981725

You dont even understand dividends. In fact none of you do

>> No.18981736

NNA are their tankers. NM are their bulkers.

>> No.18981774

I think he's got this one on a copy pasta document.

>> No.18981786

NNA has .30 for dividends and their stocks are about $5

>> No.18981791

Why do you even care about us investing in tankers so much to post 100 times in a single thread?

Just fuck off.

>> No.18981799

Shifts ending soon any questions or do you bagholders prefer to remain stupid


>> No.18981818

This is possibly the best pick out there but noone is talking about it.

DHT was shilled so hard its insane.

>> No.18981823

Why are you angry that I'm asking questions and posting facts about the tanker scam? Did I ruin your tranny discord shill party

>> No.18981836

please leave the thread and never come back.

>t. envoy of tankerbros unanimous

>> No.18981841

Tell me where to put my money instead. I'll sell first thing Monday. You convinced me. I'm off this ship.
Both are solid. Navios is in general a massive fleet so it's a good investment. I just don't think they have much name recognition. I have nna, nm, and nmm personally

>> No.18981850

Is nna going down less than the rest?

>> No.18981880

Unlike tankers, gold miners up up 130% in the last year but you do you and lose your $80 in savings

>> No.18981881
File: 358 KB, 443x448, 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did research and I am confident specific oil tanker stock will pay! You can talk all the "slack-jaw" bullshit you can....... You are gonna lose your ass you dumbshit!

>> No.18981882
File: 75 KB, 482x427, brandon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18981907

Dont know I only own NM, a friend is a mechanic and I have insider info. Not great info but I have some.

Apparently the best greek tanker is the ones owned by some guy named Aggelikousis, but I cant find his company Maran Gas on any market.

Also please leave the thread, I 'm asking kindly.

>> No.18981911
File: 6 KB, 241x209, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post put positions or gtfo

>> No.18981916
File: 6 KB, 253x199, goncern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18981918

Tankers stopped declining Thursday. DHT pulled up but NAT lost a little more. If the 400% increasing in yoy earnings isn’t enough for you nothing will be. Feel free to long oil. I’m hedged in that way to protect from my heavy tanker load but I have faith that by July they’ll be floating in craters on the moon.

>> No.18981971
File: 977 KB, 720x706, 1582136105194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well shit. More liquidity, less debt, constructed more VLCC's, far and ahead of any regulations that can be put further on the market, quarterly dividend outlook, that sheer explosive growth, stability during these years of downturn, paying 2 divvies this time around. I admit I looked at more of the pure data than reading the report before, but this is great. They were but a fledgling that couldn't take advantage of 2016, and they weren't around for the last super massive contango. Perhaps bigger firms haven't picked up on them because they are the new kid and just coming into their own, perhaps they are going to buy the crap out of it now if they produce again Q2. They have grown into a giant like some of the others, but since they were new and appeared during the years of downturn nobody looks at them or picks them up, very low market cap, unfairly low. This might be a case of "new challenger before they are officially recognized" and will explode and maintain higher once time goes by. Very interesting, I want to own them for this time period now, and they are so damn stable that even if tanker plays are a miss I won't lose much at all on them. But...is it potentially an even longer term buy than the rest I wonder? They seem stable and ahead of the competition, call me crazy but I am seriously wondering and want more data as time goes on to see if they can remain in a good position after all of this.

You accidentally put one of my posts in there, it makes me sad. I am not a Brandon. We just got the same color.

>> No.18981994

>I have insider info. Not great info but I have some.
What info is that?

>> No.18982001

My take on Bulkers like NM and Salt is that they won't kick off more until the economy picks back up. But maybe coal and steel transport will pick up faster and earlier.

>> No.18982006
File: 629 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20200509-165159_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow there are two people smart enough to not own these losers

>> No.18982027

Lookey another retard who thinks stocks are valued based on the past

>> No.18982046
File: 49 KB, 672x492, 1456274927876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>9.4 shekels
I guess you switched machines? I've never shitposted hard enough to see this

>> No.18982052


>> No.18982060

>Tankers stopped declining Thursday
kek the decline has only just begun

>> No.18982063

Whose ships are good and whose are not. Who pays somalian pirates always and who stalls. Who hires the best mechanics and the state of their engines and who doesnt. Who keeps repairs and maintenance and who doesnt give a fuck.

Apparently the chinks do a really fucking bad job at shipping, their ships are shit and they dont maintain them so they get fucked up. Also he told me some stories that would give greenpeace activists a aneurysm, about the chinks, the ammount of shit they dump onto the sea is insane.

>> No.18982071

1 old geezer shuts down 35 tanker trannies geez all you had to do was give me 1 good reason to buy

>> No.18982072
File: 3.23 MB, 445x247, 1586196063166.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy mother fucking shill of a newfag, dear god you really ARE a shill, way to out yourself. You are on two different browsers you fucking idiot resulting in two different sets of (you)'s, they all have the same ID. We have ID tags here per thread, holy fuck what a newfag shill I can't believe you just outed yourself like that you absolute retard.

Sorry Fidelity, Goldman Sach, Blackrock, or whoever hired him, he sucks at his job and outed himself. Should get fired.

>> No.18982086

>two people
>one id
Doesn't check out

>> No.18982102

Well don't just stand there. Tell us what you know

>> No.18982110

Why are you so angry that I'm doing due diligence on tanker stocks before I buy? Is it because they are all worthless penny stocks destined for bankruptcy?

>> No.18982113

Also going out at night when at port in South America because you are bored is a 50/50 chance of survival, all the Greek sailors that are in the business for 10+ years have at least one bastard kid somewhere they dont even know it exists.

>> No.18982115

When the next contract goes negative again we’ll see how far down the hole we go.

>> No.18982117
File: 120 KB, 655x600, 1588618353830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even fucking worse if the two people thing is true since that would mean they are two shills on different machines but the same network. At least I am giving the benefit of the doubt that he was just trying to not appear alone, but if he isn't alone and just admitted he is on the same network with someone else here both shilling against tankers then that is the most glorious fuck up I have seen live.

>> No.18982128

Well I already told you this guy Aggelikousis has the best ships and stuff but I cant find any market to buy shares.

>> No.18982137

Why are tanker rates at an all time low?

>> No.18982140

I always suspected the Chinese maritime industry was shady as fuck because that's just how Chinese run their industries. Maybe I should pick up a handful of NM shares anyway in case this COVID nonsense hurts China and raises some other boats.

>> No.18982150

theyre never going negative again in our lifetime

>> No.18982158

Yes please dont buy tanker stocks ever they are all shit and worthless.

There I said what you wanted to hear, now please leave and never come back.

>> No.18982160
File: 74 KB, 674x674, 1586196072051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just stop, you literally just threw away the remaining 1% or less credibility you actually had. Absolutely glorious way to show you are shilling and just got on 4chan for the first time in your life.

>> No.18982168

If only you had used your investigation skills on tanker stocks you wouldn't have lost that $112 you stole from your mom

>> No.18982175

Maybe they have a team working in shifts. Shift change about 3 hours ago.
That doesn't help me then. Benefit me!

>> No.18982182

NAT has a 52 week low of 1.14 current price is 5.12

DHT has a 52 week low of 4.77 and is currently 6.62.

You said you did your research and you’ve missed two already. If you spent as much time doing actual research rather than posting 100 times in a single thread you’d of bought in already.

>> No.18982183

No I will stick around yall are the perfect contrary indicator, ask your principal what that means

>> No.18982205

Also sounds sound maran gas doesn't deal with tankers but more lngs and lpgs.

>> No.18982212

Ok schizo why would they pay to shill against these stocks when they go down everyday by themselves

>> No.18982214

I don’t know about that but I’m fine either way. I hold both oil and tankers.

>> No.18982215

None of the other kids liked you when you were growing up, and I dont like you either Brandon you fuck.

You can stay but use a trip so we know who you are then.

>> No.18982230

Did you buy at $1,25 ? No you bought at $12

>> No.18982236

If he posted actual DD instead of half sentence replies, even if it was a bearish outlook, he'd have gotten a lot better discussion here than "I'm older than you, tankers are bad because reasons, none of you understand dividends". I don't even hate the guy, but this isn't how to win hearts or minds. It is how you get paid per post though, if that's what is really going on.
How about USA loses 20% of it's oil production capacity forever because 20% of US oil production comes from marginal wells, which are too expensive to reactivate once shut-in, and demand recovers. More oil from Saud means more need for tankers at higher rates, simple as. There's your long term bullish argument.
Many tanker companies are not publicly traded.

>> No.18982242

How many posts do you have in the thread again?

>> No.18982251
File: 26 KB, 400x363, z THEY DONT THINK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Reading through the quarterly report did not bring to light any glaring concerns. True to form, management has tried to maintain a capital structure to benefit shareholders and has positioned the fleet through additional time charters with the long-term outlook in mind. Finally, the board of directors has declared another generous dividend to further prove the company is looking out for the interest of shareholders.

While there are some serious systemic risks to consider with the global economy, energy sector, and crude oil shipping segment, for the short term, DHT is well-positioned. Overall, my outlook is fundamentally bullish for the next quarter. However, time will tell if the market agrees or not.

>> No.18982253

In a time of universal defeat the sheeple hate the truthteller

>> No.18982256
File: 211 KB, 805x945, 1586961180784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even denying anything and gives weak insults based on finding out about him
This is absolutely wonderful, oh god you made my day. This is the single most bullish thing I can possibly imagine for tankers, we have an actual confirmed shill here, probably 2 working together. Buy it all everyone, throw everything you got because institutions are literally paying people now to try and stop us lmfao

Probably! They probably outsourced to a couple of pajeets who don't know wtf they are doing, not even an intern.

Throw everything you got into tankers boys, this is the biggest greenlight you will ever get.

>> No.18982260

My NAT average is 5.20

>> No.18982282

Yall cant even give 1 good reason to buy this shit

>> No.18982285

Make a comfy screencap, should be posted in every thread

>> No.18982311

Make sure to include today's prices so I can laugh at yall all the way to bankruptcy

>> No.18982313

I'm done Brandon. I can back up my position with math, all you have is 103 posts. 1/3rd of a perfectly good thread ruined.

>> No.18982319
File: 800 KB, 540x405, 1585952099150.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will probably see what I can do, but I am cooking right now and gotta leave soon. If someone else does it in the meanwhile I won't complain, otherwise it will come when it comes. What a great day.

>> No.18982364

kek i was getting called brandon yesterday and now you are, this tanker schizo is off the rails

>> No.18982370

Yet you don't understand how dividends work. Sad

>> No.18982371

>Today I will do my duty and inform those 4chan people they will lose their money

If you are so sure we are all wrong why dont you short tanker stock then. Explain that.

>> No.18982386

Next /TSG/ should be titled Fuck off Brandon Edition

>> No.18982392

working on it

>> No.18982398

Who is this legendary brandon? Sounds like a chad

>> No.18982414

Short answer is no their only evidence for storage hitting causing immediate violent cuts is a neural network. If you know how neural networks work then you know that it can't predict something like this at least not with useful inputs to draw patterns from to map onto this scenario. None such inputs exist, therefore it guess is as good as yours or mine. You would have similar possibly better luck asking some econ nerds to geek out over this as a thought experiment as you would using a neural network built to predict the generalized oil markets ebbs and flows in production vs demand. Their total confidence in this is unwarranted considering what they have to prove their proposition.
But then these are business guys, they probably have no fucking clue how neural networks work so just assumed well the computer has something here right?
To be fair neural networks can notice patterns humans won't and even can't notice but given the nature of this event being outside the scope of this network its too out of its data set to predict accurately without a) extra assumptions added for this specific scenario(in which case prediction is as good as the assumptions) b) data of relevance and use being added(none exists) for the system to draw patterns from and to check its hypothesis against.

>> No.18982424

they need to feel like it’s only one person that thinks bagholding tankers is a bad idea to validate their positions

>> No.18982470

NEW >>18982422

>> No.18982478

What is this post even, what the fuck.

Haha this is great.

>> No.18982524

Excuse me, come again oil anon? What is going on here? Neural networks?

>> No.18982662

Unironically they sold out the orthodox in NYC to the nigs. Unironically they have done more in the past five years to worsen antisemitism then they've done to fight it in their entire history.
Its one thing to have community solidarity and in-group preference fine, everyone has it. But you are clearly and deliberately obfuscating yours. Fuck you and your fake Jewish identity.
The ADL(despite its historic mission being to defend Jews) doesn't give a shit about Jews and Judiaism and if you support it neither do you.
So fuck you and fuck your leftist bullshit, I hope you get lynched by your pet niggers for your trouble. And hey if you do maybe the ADL might finally care about "antisemitism" again(wouldn't that be nice)?
How new are you, your IP is the same on both browsers it shows up on your end as though you are two people and you think you come off as clever.
On our end they all show up as the same person because you are a fucking tard.

The Goehring & Rozenwajg analysis is based on a neural network.
I've had a long day and so apologies for the incoherence. Basically feeling confident on such a proposition as is being proposed(that supply cut will be immediate and violent) using only a neural network given the priors here is unwarranted at best.

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