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Now that the culling is underway, the dead cat has bounced, and the wealth transfer is imminent, we really ought to be considering what we're going to do with all this wealth. Oh, there will be lambos and bitches and all manner of hedonism; yet anon, I beseech you, some of this wealth must surely be allocated towards our rightful place among the stars.

ITT: We discuss first-steps towards legitimate spacefaring lifestyles.

>Time travel is not a thing.
>E=mc^2 is a legitimate engineering limitation.
>We have not yet overcome the Great Filter - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Filter
>All efforts must be focused on overcoming the Great Filter
>Project timelines must remain below 50 years

I for one, believe that orbital habitats offer a redundancy that can't be found anywhere else. In terms of construction mass, they're more efficient than planetary domes, because you're building on the inside of a giant tin can so you can use nearly the whole surface area. And, without the need to constantly burn your way out of a gravity well, trade is even cheaper than having an ocean port.

Regardless of what you might like to put out in the solar system, it'll take industry here in Earth orbit. And logistics beyond. What part of the solar economy will you invest in, anon?

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What if all anons take their suicide stacks and create an asteroid mining /biz/ness

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Capturing an astroid and towing it back to Earth orbit doesn't cost very much fuel. We're talking hundredths of the amount it takes to boost from a gravity well.

Another source of raw mass is the moon. It's made of the same stuff Earth is made of for the most part, it's right here so time isn't a big issue, and boosing from it's gravity well isn't all that expensive when you consider that Earth is right here to supply fuel for the first decade.

Anyway, I think that's going to be the first big fortune made among the stars. And the second, and third. Each person who nabs a specific element or useful molecule in the form of a 100 kiloton gold nugget, and drops it down our gravity well is going to swallow a commodity market whole.

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>how about this proposal: you fucking cattle die of space radiation while we sack your shit on Earth by letting niggers shit everywhere, sounds quite based and redpilled, doesn't it?

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Before this shit takes of we really need a moon base or a larger, more sustainable space station. This isn't happening before we've had WW3 though.

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There's a niche that'll be critical. EM shielding to protect a construction project, before its own shielding is finished.

I've heard proposals for plasma bubbles, but I'm unfamiliar with the engineering. (Ionizing a gas between sheets of glass? I have no idea.) However, in terms of finished projects, radiation isn't an issue. It won't penetrate the 30-50 feet of soil, or the metal support structure, on the outside of any county-sized habitat.

WWIII could easily be an extinction level event - the Great Filter playing out. It is specifically what we want to avoid.

A moon base is, from what I hear, the most cost-effective source of water (and thus fuel) within reasonable travel distance of Earth orbit. (Far less expensive than blasting it up from here.)

Who wants to open the Lunar Taco Bell? First Lunar brothel owner? (I believe the legal status of Luna is firmly in lazes-faire territory.)

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> Time Travel is a thing - you need to be travelling insanely quickly or insanely slowly (Quantum physics)
> E-mc^2 is incorrect as of Quantum Physics
> The great filter is motivation. Why explore space when you have everything you need on your planet. By the time you get the motivation your species lacks the time needed to master space travel. A few UFI (Unidentified Foreign Intelligence's) have mastered space travel but none appear to be interested in communicating with Earth - merely observing like one would when going to a Zoo.

You need Black Sky Thinking to overcome the great filter as you don't need to justify the idea of exploring space, you need to justify the idea of colonizing space and why it would offer something better than Earth.

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Describe "Black Sky Thinking?"

> E-mc^2 is incorrect as of Quantum Physics
Superluminal equations can be solves using maths recently discovered, so we're deliberately not talking about what is or is not theoretically possible, we're talking about what is immediately plausible given non-exotic engineering constraints and a 50 year timeline.

>The Great Filter is X
No theory or description of the Great Filter is necessary - we're talking about solving for it. Given the resources we have available to us after the Wealth Transfer, post singularity, what can we do to guarantee that at least *some* humans survive any given apocalyptic scenario?

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>you need to justify the idea of colonizing space and why it would offer something better than Earth.
For fun.

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You fags give me such hope for the future.

Knowing a bunch of high IQ low-mimicry edgelords will soon have billions of fuck you dollars and an economic system free'd from domineering rent seekers makes me smile so wide.

We're gonna make humanity great again.

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Not happening, faggots. Besides a sizeable link stack I own an even bigger stack of gold. I will start a space pirate fleet and shoot down any cunt that tries to dilute the supply of my stack. And there are no laws in space, so you better get you anus ready for the interplanetary slavery.

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And how do you plan to alter the trajectory of the incoming gold supply once you've murdered the person who went to fetch it? Killing them doesn't help your cause.

based apollo xD
Have you ever considered the implications of a humanoid robot factory in orbit that sells VR spacewalks for tourism and construction? Space-uber for labor :3

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Pretty sure kinetic weapons can alter the trajectory of the asteroids pretty well. Worst case just knock it off the orbit over a densely populated area, after an asteroid kills a hundred thousand people the whole thing will be banned pretty quickly.

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Legitimate advice: A filter for great technological advancement is due to companies never wanting to risk investment into speculative research, they just wan't to keep status quo of easy gains, put some of your profits into philanthropic research, Im particularly interested in funding advancements in mycology, psychedelic, and underground archetecture which we will inevitably need in the next few years with the rise in temperature. Good luck everyone! Our autistic asses is just what the world needs in creating the paradigm shift the world needs to survive dicing odds with the great filter

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Exactly the point. "Space piracy" requires a much greater investment in your ability to exert energy quickly on-site (i.e. capture rather than simply destroy) than it takes to just go get your own rock. So it won't happen often. There's just no incentive. So the anon above is just an idiot.

The Great Filter has nothing to do with technology advancement. It's corollary to the Fermi Paradox: 'why are we alone in the universe?' There are a bunch of potential answers to the Fermi paradox, from "we live in a simulation and the sky is just a parallax map," to "we're a giant exhibit in a galactic zoo." But one thing to point out is that from what we can observe about biological life is that the ingredients for it are absolutely everywhere and if it could evolve here it can evolve somewhere else. The implication of this fact is that it already has evolved billions of times over, forming billions of civilizations, and every single one of them went extinct, dark, or somewhere else... without a single individual from any of them ever once finding a way to colonize something else. And if we assume that all these billions of civilizations bit the dust, it's easy to assume that we will too. After all, we've never created a signal that can be detected from another star system. Not yet at least.

On the flip-side, anyone who would like to solve the Great Filter can do so by doing nothing more than slapping a giant battery on a space probe with a loud as fuck antenna and just start screaming a pattern. If even one person in the literal entire universe does that just one time, the Great Filter argument will be void.

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I’m the same guy, just jumped IPs. I meant I will drop the fucking asteroid in a city to get the space mining banned. You can’t really ban piracy in space.

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All this future talk here. Who here in SPCE?

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