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hows the job hunt going lads?

I recently got laid off as a graduate teaching assistant. My university is completely fucked thanks to covid. They're planning to end tenure for a good chunk of staff and just completely shift to online meme degrees for the next academic year and STILL charge $10-20k per semester for them.

I've been trying to tutor zoomers but since exams have all been cancelled or delayed till next year, work has mostly dried up for me. I really think 2020 is the year teachers and professors are kill. Normies are starting to realize they can get an education from sites like YouTube for free, and of much better quality. So once the lockdown is over, no one will want to pay for an education anymore...

>pic unrelated

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i was gonna reply to your thread but then you changed your pic related...

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College studentfag here, been filling out applications this week. Yesterday I applied as a pizza delivery driver.

I just hope I dont have to return as a 3rd shift warehouse worker this summer..

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this is some good info. thanks op. i expect rent prices in the city to drop now since a lot of students probably wont be back without the need to attend classes.

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I'm pissed I went to college so fuck you. It was a huge scam waste of money and time. 4 years of hardcore math when I should been learning to CAD/code. I'm applying to Amazon manager positions now.

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Exactly this. My school went zoom, live in an college town, and trying to convince my landlord to half my rent for the rest of 2020. If he agrees I may keep paying half

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I'm dropping out of university next week

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Try some shit companies like GE, Texas instruments, BA, ect. Look for places that shaft out tons of workers, they'll be picking up people soon.

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Dude just be a day trader its easiest shit ever

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>Just go cut grass and lay some bricks man

Day trading is a meme right ?

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Hahaha, that's what you get for being a leech that provides nothing to society. Time to start over with a real skill, like a REAL MAN.
Don't expect any help from your TYRANT, because you are a basedboy.

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pretty terribly even before covid. getting a masters cs degree and could only land a shitty qa job and haven't found a decent sw engineer position

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Trying to find an actuarial analyst position. I have passed 4 actuarial exams and I'm looking for recruiters at the moment. It's not looking so great but I'll keep at it.

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god it makes me so happy to know that colleges are getting fucked from this

like inject it into my VEINS I fucking love it

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What do you teach??? I need a tutor.

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Day trading isnt a meme. But it cant be the only trading. You should day trade, week trade, year trade, and decade trade.
Me too. Fuck those overpriced institutions.

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>Most jobs listed aren’t available just ghost offerings
>Entry level jobs With some retarded title like Customer associate professional which really just means cashier slave
>Depressing highway commute on tattered and materialistic American roadway with american scenery equally depressing
I don’t want a job

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fukken shite mate, temp agencies are all out of work. i'll try applying as a delivery driver after i move in about a week

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>Have a wife and kid
>Recently fired
>Had to move back in with my parents while I search for a new job
Most of you don't understand what hell is...
At least I have some savings and my parents are also kind enough to pay for most things.

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You’re doing the right thing. Everyone hated you.

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Politics is still happening, if you don't mind being a glorified telemarketer you can become a field organizer for any party in a swing state right now.

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after 100+ jobs with automated responses asssited suicide should be granted

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What's the pay like? At this point I'd rather get in with a company I know is going to survive than make $200 more per paycheck before they shut down or automate for good

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Apply for unemployment?

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Taking some time off my already easy job to get some Rona bux but my job is mine whenever I choose to go back as protected by law

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Caught in the paradox of "You need experience for this position" but also need a job to gain experience in the field.

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pizza delivery is a fun job anon, especially if you work at a busy restaurant

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Good luck anon, thank God for your parents and I hope you find a job soon. Stay safu

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Take it from me cunt, you don't want to be CADing shit for the rest of your fucking life. I'm here because I'm trying to get out of CAD and into infrastructure planning. FFS just follow the money, none of the meme stem shit. The salesman makes more than the guy who invented the thing they're selling. Architecture is fuck.

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Same for coding. It's a meme unless you're an autist, and not necessarily the functioning kind.

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>1 post by this id
What did they mean by this

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Get into security OP, business is going pretty good as everyone is looking for security guards.
Super easy job.

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I'm working from home as a software engineer. Shit is so slow and comfy that I spend the first half of the day day trading then do my actual job after lunch.

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I hate my job and don't want to go back. I've been working from home, but I've got to go back in Monday and Tuesday. I have a feeling my work from home time is over.

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