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We’re the new ETHnostate.

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pol was never fun

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/pol/ has never been fun. Its one 105 pound white twig fighting another 105 pound twig over muh kikes.

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/pol/ memed a presidency into existence. 2016 was amazing. The board has changed, unfortunately.

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is pol even white?

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fuck off we're full

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/pol/ is such shit these days. /biz/ is my home and always will be. I started making atdft threads there to piss of the jan jans and /pol/maxis. Feel free to join me :)

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2016 was the worse because of the influx of you faggots that didn't lurk and completely changed the dynamic of the board. Everyone saying pol should be banned btw

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the /pol/ userbase is made up of more asians, hispanics, arabs, and women than any other board on this site

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This. Fuck off to /pol/ you niggers

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too much corona on /pol/ and too much interest in crypto at the moment, so I'm on /biz/ for the foreseeable future
normally a brit/pol/ resident

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just goes to show that racism is blind and knows no borders
we can all kill communists and live happily ever after no matter what colour we are

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This is correct. /pol/ was fun BEFORE 2016, especially 8pol.

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/pol/ is mostly mutts and southern Europeans with whiteness complexes

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/pol/ was fun when it was ironic /b/ tier shitposting. Now we have legit autists who believe in JQ, skullsizes, enthostates and simps for Trump. It has lost a lot of its charm and maybe I've grown out it too.

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correct 2016 was its peak while for biz 2017 was just the beginning

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I just hope /biz/ doesn’t get the Reddit influx /pol/ did

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fuck off my board polnigger.

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>no goyim the jq is merely /pol/ manbaby autism! look instead at our latest netflix series which features two men fucking each other in the ass for 20 episodes!
i’ve noticed there are a lot of obvious kikes lurking on this board. anyone else?

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>JQ isn't real, one of the most easily proved theories out there

Master jew here sneaking in truths with a lie to pass the lie.

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Who oldfag here?

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You’re trying way too hard jidf

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Me, Ive been here since 2019 and still not an newfag.

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watch the pro fan ity

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Quality of any board can be easily measured by OC output.
Case study/example: /fit/
2010 to 2013
>huge OC output
>actual useful tripfags
>among the best boards on 4chan
>influx of normies due to gym culture popularisation
>slowdown of OC creation
>first generals start forming
> Health & Fitness is now just Fitness
>pretty much no OC
>90% of board are deluded underage dyels
>10% are roided frauds
>nearly all threads are either generals, shitpost/baits or off-topic
>it's not even about fitness anymore
>no distinct board culture anymore
>just a mish mash of reddit, soc, r9k and porn

For what it's worth /biz/ at least still has a very distinct board culture, good OC output and probably some of the least amount of underage posters among other boards. The quality does fluctuate, but overall /biz/ is currently among the better boards.

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Yeah buts it’s mega cringe seeing autists wearing kekistani flags unironically and actually supporting stupid shit that was supposed to be memes.
But whatever as long as a Chinese internet currency farm makes me rich I don’t give a care

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that did ruin it

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worst thing about bull market is the /pol/ refugees. Same excuses were made by then the last time

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kys kike. Israel has no right to exist

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