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Xrp is a shitcoin no banks gonna use this thing lol

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pleb filtered

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the digital dollar will be built on Ethereum, and XRP will serve no function - even if Ripple itself runs all the banks.

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The whole premise of this scam relies on stable price and infinite liquidity. It's not gonna happen

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>built on ETH
lol. ETH is getting by fucking btfo Tezos and Cardano. ETH's team is cucking to chainlink while Vitalik resents it. 2.0 release date keeps getting delayed. I have 0 hope for that russian shitcoin.
pleb filtered

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xrp ruined my life

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Hi anon, how did xrp ruin your life?

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when all is said and done no Bank or avenue for liquidity will hold xrp for longer than the time it takes for their transaction to settle. MG is telling you exactly how it is. I take asset "A" send through XRPL --> convert to xrp --> settle in asset "B." I'd like to hear your take on atomic swaps.

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if you don't known why they are selling then you don't deserve xrp

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>Eth: Worth over $200
>Tezos: not even worth $3
>Cardano: not even worth 10 cents

>Eth: has promising dapps such as Chainlink and BAT running on the network
>Tezos: has nothing
>Cardano: has nothing

cope more faggot. ETH is the future

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im pro XRP, but youre misinterpreting it. Brad had to pay MoneyGram to setup ODL (this was the 11.5 m contra expense). It was payed via XRP

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exactly this. it will be sold perpetually. the value is never going to be at a significant level. the only people who say it will have lots of value are deluded poor people who want their get rich quick and have for whatever reason chosen XRP, the absolute worst choice

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ETH has nothing over Cardano and Tezos except seniority status
>muh price
yes, buy high sell low, truly a great strategy (ps, i think alk three are shit)
Ethereum Alliance and their PoS consesus developers are all pro chainlink, but the actual head, Vitalik, is fudding and bashing LINK at every turn and refuses to work with it. How is this a good sign? Is a company schism between its code monkeys and their CEO good?
>inb4 "Yes" meme
also, 2.0 wont be out til 2025. The fucking thing keeps getting delayed

You mETH heads need to realize ETH and every coin after is nuCrypto shit. Bitcoin and Ripple are the OGs and the only ones that matter. Here is one of your mETH heads getting btfo

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he got so rich he doesnt know what else to do anymore

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Xrp is only bought by plebs that don't understand marketcap, think xrp is "cheap", haven't done any research and dont understand xrp and ripple are 2 different entities.

I will buy a bag at .06 cents and ride the exit scam pump.

589 kek. Only retards buy this garbage.

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>filtered by the marketcap meme
Low IQ fudster detected. XRP is a commodity like Gold you moron. Its not a security like stocks or most erc20 tokens. The marketcap does not have a limit, it is like gold which has a 9 trillion marketcap

get filtered, pleb

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swear to fucking god /biz/ is so dense when it comes to XRP
>Xrp is only bought by plebs that don't understand marketcap, think xrp is "cheap", haven't done any research and dont understand xrp and ripple are 2 different entities
honestly mate do some fucking research yourself

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I sold at .45 cents one of the best decisions of my life

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I knew I made the right decision when I heard norm retards talking about it in a cafe like straight up mouth breathers "its duh currency of duh future"

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the only man I can think of that combat this was a japanese man famous for something he did in marine biology. people in Europe developed a sense of being made of glass because they had nothing to do. This wealth-veggie state is more common than people realize, and they're all hurdling toward it with this UBI-communist-talk

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The premise of the scam is that interbank transfers price is a product of the cost and not merely what the market will bare

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Nothing against you if you want to bet on another coin buts it’s so mind boggling how fudders in these threads don’t even get the basic use case for xrp.

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It's because they want to speculate on price and not do actual research. There is literally only one blockchain that qualifies US governmental standards right now and they do not offer a token.

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>too stupid to understand moneygram and how they work
>too smoothbrain to understand why they would sell
Ok OP, You sure showed us. Moneygram is literally using it but its ok no one is using it.

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he didn't pay moneygram retard, he bought moneygram stock. Ripple owns a small part of moneygram, moneygram was a failing company before ripple.

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He still had to pay 11.5 million, that was recorded as a contra expense. A contra expense is basically installation fees covered by a third party. Thats where MoneyGram selling their XRP comes into play; they received an addition 11.5 million worth of XRP to set up ODL. The actual stock buying by Brad was bought with real money.

This is not talking about ODL where XRP is bought and sold to convert currencies. OP's pic was the contra expense cover

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>don't understand marketcap

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the point of xrp is that it has it is fast tranaction times, moneygram's goal is to provide cheap payments for customers, they need to sell xrp for this to happen.

The more XRP Ripple sells the more it becomes Decentralized.

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>Tezos and Cardano.
empty chains
all adoption is on ethereum, cope

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Do ETH and other coins have Codius?

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Nobody knows what is going to happen after the halving and anyone that says they do is a faggot

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Just gotta hope we see an improvement on our end, right anon?

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I have 5k XRP. I think it's a great baby's first crypto, and it's incredibly convenient to use compared to basically everything else. normies will pump this shit during the next big bitcoin bull run and I honestly believe it'll test ATH.

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>fast tranaction times
not entirely. If TPS was the deciding point, banks would just use DGB and NANO (although, XRP is more DDOS resistant).
What makes XRP valuable is its liquidity. That is why something like XLM will fail; the supply is too small for good liquidity. No other coins will be able to convert currencies as fast as XRP on exchanges because their liquidity sucks balls and or dont have a good enough TPS.

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what will happen is China will have more control over the bitcoin network as it becomes more centralized.

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I'm sitting in 4.1k right now. But I get paid this Thursday so it may just be a bit more by then.

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Except a bank in Thailand is already using Ripple. Google SCB Easy

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You’re a fool. Ethereum and Hyperledger are the chosen enterprise settlement layers. This was evidenced by Microsoft and Ernst & Young building the Baseline Protocol on the ETH chain. Look at the members of the EEA and now look at who is backing Tezos. ETH has already effectively solved its scaling issues via layer 2 solutions such as Arbitrum, you know, the project led by the former Chief Technology Officer to the White House, Ed Felten. You literally have Microsoft and EY telling the world, “We built this protocol and we are going to use it to onboard other enterprises to the ETH blockchain”, and you’re choosing to ignore it. Ultimately I don’t care who wins the settlement layer race, all my money is behind the middleware they are all reliant on.

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>is a link shill
>comes into an XRP thread
>to defend ETH
wow, you might be the biggest retard in the entire thread
XRP has just as many, if not more government connections than ETH and ive posted them many times on /biz/ for months but of course no one cared. What is your point? Am i supposed to be impressed?

Ripple and Bitcoin are the OG's. Vitalik buterin TRIED TO INTERNSHIP at Ripple back in the day. Everything after Ripple and Bitcoin are useless copycat shits.

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>overhype the article
LMAOOOOOO. hey retard, did you know that shitcoin Fantom coin is already being used by governments too? Look how far theyve gotten.

post something thats actually impressive.

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>effectively solved
yet, they keep delaying 2.0 back by 5 years all the time?
hey, if ETH and Vitalik are so great, why the fuck did they have to outsource their Consensus team to fucking Casper?

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good lord
xrp is literally a fucking scam
i can't believe there are people on /biz/ in 2020 who actually own xrp.. LOL

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>middleware reliant on
KEK. A middleware has an even bigger chance of being replaced than a settlement layer. no one wants to use the Link token. It was absolutely hilarious seeing how much linkies were freaking out over Compound's open oracle 2 weeks ago. It was basically the end of the world and all linkies had left to do was cling to those twitter posts by coinbase that they only made so people wouldnt stop buying link.

no one likes your token. no one wants to go through link's shit token collateral system. They just want to handle oracles without tokens like with compound. Open Oracle is just the beginning; i guarantee there is going to be even bigger and more institution backed token oracle solutions coming out that will replace Link within the next 5 years.
And you want to know why? Chainlinks tech was never impressive. The fucking collateral system in the whitepaper is a gross oversimplification for how to get this magical god protocol to work. So is the white paper for town crier (which was written by college students) and mixicles.

Meanwhile, XRP has been around since Satoshi days, and absolutely no one has been able to replace it. XRP will stand the test of time, ETH and LINK will not, because they are not OG's; they are russian copycats, as Vitalik tried to internship at Ripple

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All I did was prove to you that enterprises chose ETH as their settlement layer, and you couldn’t refute it with fact. Based on your emotional outburst I would guess your little bit of money is invested elsewhere. Godspeed to you anon, you are going to need it.

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Can I ask you something anon? What is it like perpetually losing money month after month on a dying coin. What does it feel like? Describe it in graphic detail for us all.

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Nice cherry picking.

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eth was first, that's the only reason.

Enterprise doesn't like eth because they can't be tied to a product, they have to be allowed freedom to change anytime they want.
Codius allows this, eth does not.

Ripple is building the platform to allow enterprise and other companies to move to codius by building a bridge between eth and XRP.


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>"We sell XRP as soon as we receive it"
That's LITERALLY the point of it you absolute fucking mongoloid. Its ON-DEMAND-LIQUIDITY.
XRP fudders are the dumbest fucks. Put your pajeetSIM back in your phone you stupid faggot.

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>buy high, sell low
If i told you plebs how much fucking money i have you'd call me a larp.
XRP is an interesting crowd. Its either full of millionaires who dont give a fuck about the price (me) or its poor people.

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XRP is literally a scam to enrich its founders. It is currently heavily overpriced and should be worth around 1 cent. even at these levels, it deserves to drop far more

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care to explain your reasoning?

>> No.18875728

literally the only thing ripple has going for it is that it was an early project so it will keep getting injected with marketshare money as it goes up people will make money with it until the exitscam but anyone who held past 2017 missed out on 10+ bitcoins

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youre going to see an unholy pump in XRP that will make the whole market sob and question how could they not go all in when all the signs were clear

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You literally have to have shit for brains if you think the only coin that is talked about in the whitehouse is going to exit scam.

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lol. xrp is going to zero because Ripple will get Enron'd. Their entire company is a fraud.

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the virgin XRP holder vs the chad XVG dumper

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still haven't provided a single reason.

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>>18875751 ripple at 3 dollars @ 660B total market was insanely overvalued
that something you would expect at 2.5T in a healthy altcoin cycle wwith BTC @40k BTC 3.4k ETH anyone who held lost out massively in sats for basically a 7x lmao

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funny how people keep throwing around Enron and Theranos to crypto casually everywhere, yet i dont think anyone knows the actual history behind those companies.

if anything, Chainlink is Theranos of crypto
>has an impossible idea (decentralized oracles) (the edison box)
>gets a shit load of money to make that idea reality (100 million from ico) (900 million from private investors)
>backed by the biggest of the big institutions without even a complete product (SWIFT) (Henry Kissenger)
>the CEO of these projects arnt even knowledgeable in the field, yet they have a smart indian assistant who does all the work (Sergey and Ari Juels) (Holmes and her indian bf)
>compromises their project just to rush it out to consumers (LINK being integrated in Oracle and Google cloud with no collateral system and staking) (Edison box in Walgreens)

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theranos wasn't a scam, it was literally created by the deepstate, the founder was just a retard and couldn't manage.

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The point of XRP is to bridge the currencies not to be built on.

Market Makers will, Also in order to make a lot of high value transactions you will need a high priced XRP.

Not actually a single argument about why XRP is "garbage".


Why do people like you still exist?

Most cryptos in the top 20 in 2013 no longer exist or are relevant.

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>Nothing but absolute bullshit

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Fuck you faggot

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Enjoy those xrp bags you dense motherfucker. I had 2k ripple back when they were $3, do you even own 2k ripple at .21? Lol

>> No.18876426

have questions? need info?
here's a 20 minute video explaining XRP in great detail.


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so what? that's not a refutation of my point being an early project that established itself is largely why many of them are still successful being at the top of the list gives it an advantage its guaranteed to get a larger piece of the market cap just by virtue of its position... litecoin must be an amazing project then right?

>> No.18876437

>I had 2k ripple back when they were $3
Oh ok so you're a retard who FOMO'd in instead of investing based on fundamentals. That's your fault not XRP's.

>> No.18876450

My point was that XRP isn't only successful because it was one of the first.

>> No.18876501

bro who invests on fundamentals?
the only thing that matters is sentiment and responsible whales the most successful traders of all time invested in XVG and PIXV not ripple lmfao

>> No.18876596

If you want to consistently make good investments then you want to invest into something that solves a problem and that people will actually use. Buying in because it's pumping is fucking stupid.

>> No.18876626

I'm sure as fuck not buying back into into ripple at .20 cents for at most a 15x in a good altcoin cycle years from now in all seriousness I would bet more on a $180 dollar chainlink or an 11k BCH than a 20 dollar ripple in a 2.5T total marketcap

>> No.18876650

I've been on /biz/ for 3+ years and xrp has been the laughingstock of this board that whole time. I'm amazed there are actually pro-XRP people on here now. LOL.

>> No.18876684

Link I understand, although I'm willing to bet you don't have a clue about what it does. BCH has no use case.
I'm fully aware of this. I'm collecting screenshots.

>> No.18876702

>I've been on /biz/ for 3+ years
Literally a fucking noob.

>> No.18876726

Fact: XRP is a joke in the crypto world. No one takes it seriously and 99% of bagholders are cab drivers and mcdonalds employees who think it will make them rich. It's a tard coin scam

>> No.18876738

some dilbert thinking a use case matters
its all speculation and sentiment what do you not understand

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You see this? did you hang yourself yet? or are you crying every day since you posted this?

>> No.18876865

"Why do people like you still exist?"

nigga your pathetic scam shitcoin has been in a constant downward trend for 2 years straight, down 90%. No one wants XRP. The real question is how the fuck people like you exist.

>> No.18876874

because we aren't stupid like you. to sell low and buy high.

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we are the XRP army !!! you fucken jude white neeeeegrrroooooooooooooo we are smart !!!

>> No.18876921

this guy just said investing in the two most profitable cryptos of all time was stupid and thinks a price is based on a use case some people just aren't going to make it

>> No.18876956

unless you bought at 5 cents or less you are stupid lol

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This scam is dying. Ripple only sold 1.75MM XRP in 3 whole fuckin months. Nobody would even buy this shit at a huge discount.


only retail retards left

>> No.18877074

If you just throw a dart on a board you are stupid. If goes well for you then you're lucky.

>> No.18877081

who cares what it did years ago. anyone who bought at half a cent and didnt sell at $2+ is an idiot. There are a ton of complete shitcoins that did 1000x not just xrp.

>> No.18877097

So first the FUD was that Ripple were selling XRP. Now the FUD is that after Ripple have said they would greatly reduce sales, the sales have been greatly reduced.

>> No.18877153

buying ripple now is like buying XVG at 2.5 cents or PIVX at 1dollar the most youre going to get is like a 10x why are you shilling for early investors who are getting 350x for every dollar it goes up lmao stop being a cuck

>> No.18877193

>Doesn't understand the FUD
let me try to use small words to explain this.
When anons say >Ripple is dumping on you
They are, they have 20 years of dumping to come, also the ripple employees fall under this umbrella as they are 'derisking'

With all this sell pressure smart money stays away & won't even buy at a huge discount from market. Ripple didn't even pay for its XRP.

Hope you can understand this simple concept, I don't think I could make the explanation any simpler.

>> No.18877205

I mean 20 dollar ripple could happen I guess I dont think its likely if ripple hits 20 dollars dozens or hundreds of other projects are going to be insanely over valued too like in 2017 i would feel bad for telling people to put there money it now but maybe if I had a friend in ripple at a loss I would tell them to probably wait for another altcoin cycle to drop their bags on someone else

>> No.18877235

That value that Ripple adds to XRP far outweights any kind of selling pressure that comes from selling <$1 million over 3 months. BTC miners sell $16 million a day. The selling pressure is insignificant.

>> No.18877248

>The selling pressure is insignificant.

>> No.18877272

Holy fuck you're predictable. Actually read the stats. Ripple is barely selling anything. Everything they sold last quarter was OTC and not programmatic sales.

>> No.18877304

>only looking at ripple
Holy fuck you're predictable

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zero doubt

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Xrp is the biggest scam in crypto. Sell all your xrp asap while there is still time left.

>> No.18877604

if the crypto market goes bull like 2016-2018 then xrp will certainly go up, but other coins will go up far more, yes. there is no reason to own XRSHIT

>> No.18877806

thing is your shitcoin is going to zero while xrp soars.

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>Vitalik, is fudding and bashing LINK at every turn and refuses to work with it.
Vitalik can refuse all he wants, ETH is still working with Chainlink.
With "working with" being an understatement, pic related.

>> No.18877885

Reminder, XRP is a LINK project through R3 Corda.

>> No.18878818

>linkies still lying about r3 integration
find me any official document or article saying LINK is being used in R3 Corda. Podcasts dont count. Find me a written document.

go on, do it faggot

>> No.18878840

>Vitalik can refuse all he wants
yes. thats a horrible sign you fucking retard. How powerless do you think Vitalik is? Vitalik has more control in ETH than Elon Musk has in SpaceX. Also, that tweet came out during the time Casper was building the consensus layer for ETH so we dont know if those faggots had anything to do with it since theyre pro shitlink

>> No.18878873

yw6PwWir you like loosing money?

>> No.18878896

You guys are aware that XLM was created by Ripple's founder to be better, newer and improved substitute for it right?
If you're still holding XRP you're a certified moron.
A smart person like me holds mostly BTC and ETH, and maybe a small amounts of shitcoins for potential pumpies.

>> No.18878957

looool. XLM is literally a get rich scheme by Jed. Do you realize how much of a fucking kike Jed is? He tried to do a whole facebook lottery campaign to boost XRP when he worked for Ripple because he didnt give a shit about bank integration and the actual tech. XLM's low supply makes it horrible for its main use because it will never be as liquid as XRP. If you cant see how, youre a brainlet not worth helping anyway

>> No.18878987

Vitalik's only area of direct impact is ETH, and ETH calls Chainlink its "resident oracle authority".

Not that hard to cope with.

>> No.18879593

Hyperledger - interledger -quilt

Microsoft interledger
Ey ripple

Oh dont forget R3 cordachain ;)

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Why should the United fucking states of America FED built anything currencywise on something which is coded by some mongol in his basement and not code themselves a better Cryptocurrency? tell me anon please, i try to understand you shills

>> No.18879668

>ETH is getting by fucking btfo Tezos and Cardano. ETH's team is cucking to chainlink while Vitalik resents it. 2.0 release date keeps getting delayed. I have 0 hope for that russian shitcoin.
I refuse to believe anyone is genuinely this retarded

>> No.18879730

xlm is shit, its the deepstate coin aswell that they want to mark everyone with a chip.
Stellar Lumen means Bright star, which is Venus, the morning star. Lucifer Morningstar.

XLM is absolute dog shit with no liquidity.

>> No.18879773

R3 Corda does not work with chainlink at all. Find one documented article that says corda uses LINK in writing. You cant and you never will. Dont care how many straws you grasp for; find one. Just ONE statement from R3 saying Corda uses LINK. go ahead

>> No.18879780

...why why just why are you like this. Every time I read schizo posting it's from an xrp holder. Just kill me

>> No.18879782

>The United States Government including the Trump administration will use a russian cryptocurrency that can't scale instead of one based in the United States Ripple
Ok fag.

>> No.18879805

>im too stupid to understand things so i'll just call everything i don't understand as schizo posting

>> No.18879806

Why are you in denial there is a schism going on with ETH? Vitalik has gone on and on about how chainlink is a piece of shit, while his underlings endorse it. Are you seriously trying to say this isnt a schism? What, the ETH team are just going to go
>nah, fuck you boss. We control ETH now, and you have no say whatsoever

i mean the cope is unbearable.

>> No.18879817

Vitalik can sperge all he wants, ETH calls Chainlink its "resident oracle authority".

>> No.18879865

>Evaluates the quality of an asset based on interpreting its logo and name according to biblical references
>Not schizo posting
>Being this fucking oblivious

>> No.18879867

eth can't handle oracles so it needs chainlink. though i hear vitalik is working on eth 2.0 because eth is a shitcoin that even vitalik says is shit.

>> No.18879868

Are you in denial this is an internal schism? How the fuck is it a good sign for a company when THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY wants to go in a complete opposite direction of his employees. How the fuck is that a good sign at all? You think there are no conflicts internally with ETH at all?

>> No.18879900

>vitalik is working on eth 2.0
ETH is working on ETH 2.0

And Casper is the dev team that did PoS for ETH 2.0, and they partnered with Link a few days ago.

>Are you in denial this is an internal schism?
ETH is moving forward with Link, Vitalik didn't change that.

>> No.18879905

Tell me how ETH is technically better than Tezos or Cardano. Go ahead, show me lines of coding that proves ETH is objectively better than Tezos or Cardano.
You cant. Because all ETH has is seniority status and nothing else

Heres a question; Why is anyone invested in tezos or cardano at all? They all have multi billion dollar market caps. If ETH is obviously better than either than them, how are they not 0 ?

>> No.18879948

So youre saying Vitalik will have no final say in ETH at all? Thats a horrible company when the head of it can make no decisions whatsover. That would be like if Amazon wanted to partner with pornhub and Jeff Bezos said "no", but they went ahead and partnered with pornhub anyway just cause
Its always a horrible sign when the head has no say whatsoever because that means the head must quit very soon.

>> No.18880069

Naah i showed the ithiriueom head what enterprises are going to chose
And its clearly not etheriuom

>> No.18880074

See pic in >>18877842

EEA/EMINENT is the enterprise-facing side of ETH.
And ETH is integrating Chainlink into this, calling Chainlink the "resident oracle authority".

>> No.18880151

Why do you keep dodging the question. I dont care if ETH uses chainlink or not, just answer the question

HOW IS IT A GOOD SIGN WHEN THE COMPANY GOES IN THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHAT THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY WANTS TO DO? How is this a good sign for ETH at all? Vitalik doesnt want to use chainlink, but theyre team are telling vitalik to fuck off theyre using LINK anyway. VITALIK LITERALLY HAS NO POWER OVER HIS TEAM.


>> No.18880190

>Why do you keep dodging the question.
There's no question to dodge.

ETH is integrating Chainlink into its enterprise-facing side, calling it the "resident oracle authority".
Vitalik fudding Chainlink didn't change this.

Vitalik never explicitly said "don't use Chainlink", the fuck are you talking about.

>> No.18880234

Vitalik clearly doesnt want to use Chainlink. Hes never written one pro-chainlink statement once. Hes praised Kleros, Umaprotocol, and Augur, but never chainlink. Its clear as night and day, that if Vitalik has any choice whatsoever, he would never use chainlink

Yet, the team that he is supposedly the head of basically said
>nah, fuck you Vitalik
>I dont care you created ETH and are my boss
>were using this project you hate, because we have more power


>> No.18880246

‘Why would you mention Toyota’ yeesh at least dyor

>> No.18880277

>Hes never written one pro-chainlink statement once.
Says you.
He literally called Chainlink the Toyota of oracles; i.e. the biggest car brand that revolutionized carmaking.

>you created ETH and are my boss
Why are you making Vitalik into something he never was?
ETH always had a ton of prominent devs.

>> No.18880323

Vitalik called chainlink centralized less than a month ago ffs. And that toyota statement was made before LINK's mainnet was released. Vitalik is not pro chainlink at all, yet the team basically said
>fuck off Boss
>You have no control over your own project at all
>were in control now
Vitalik also said Chainlink is centralized and when someone asked him about a decentralized oracle solution, he shilled fucking uma protocol LOL. That toyota tweet came out BEFORE LINK EVEN MAINNET. That was before the whole world could see LINK would never write a technical paper for their original whitepaper at all.

Again, how is a good sign for a company, when the team says
>fuck you head, boss, ceo
>i dont care if you dont want to do this, were doing this anyway

Vitalik has absolutely 0 control over his own project and you think this is a good thing for ETH? top kek
>tons of other prominent developers

>> No.18880338

>word salad

>> No.18880342

except the revolution is codius and was littelry the 1st even before eth.

>> No.18880378

>Vitalik also said Chainlink is centralized
He said its "security model" is "too centralized for his taste".
He's talking about the current state of mainnet, which is obviously not the finished product, and tons of security measures (TEE, mixicles, ...) are being developed.

>haha ETH doesn't have tons of other prominent developers

Time for you to start coping with the fact that ETH calls Chainlink the "resident oracle authority" of its enterprise-facing side.

>> No.18880380


>> No.18880500

No because smart contracts are already working and built in. They dont need to add them. Btw, when is codius going live? Still no smart contracts I can use xrp with.

>> No.18880504

kek. its hilarious how linkies cant admit there is no internal conflict at all with ETH. Vitalik hates chainlink, if you cant get that from all the times Vitalik has shut sergey down on video or all the anti-link writings hes made, i dont know what else to say other than cope.

>Muh TEEs, Muh Mixicles
I gauranteed you have no idea how any of those things work and just repeating chainlink talking points. Mixicles are literally just a non technical whitepaper that has the same flaws as the original chainlink white paper.

Vitalik is not a retard (when it comes to coding). Linkies bring up mixicles, tees, towncrier to him all the time AND HE STILL MAKES IT CLEAR AS DAYLIGHT Chainlink is centralized.

Yet, the eth team basically said
>fuck off vitalik, you have no say whatsoever, were using chainlink
and you think this is good for ETH

>hes talking about the current state
except he never once used the term "current state" at all in that reddit post

>there are other prominent developers for ETH over Vitalik

>> No.18880545

Not reading all your cope.

ETH calls Chainlink the "resident oracle authority" of its enterprise-facing side. Deal with it.

>> No.18880565

And Vitalik still fuds chainlink to this day when ETH team is pro chainlink. Yet, there is no internal conflict?


>> No.18880567

Codius was put on hold because no one was using smart contracts at the time, this gave ETH the ability to steal first.

Codius is now being reworked into codius 2.0

>> No.18880625

It really hurts you that ETH is integrating Chainlink, doesn't it?

>> No.18880650

i dont give a shit what ETH does or does not do. All im saying, all i ever wanted to state is:
its a bad sign when the CEO of the company wants to go in a completely different direction than what the team does.

>does not want to use LINK
ETH team
>wants to use LINK

and you think this is good. please keep coping

>> No.18880676

>i dont give a shit what ETH does or does not do.

also you:
>>18880650 >>18880565 >>18880504 >>18880323 >>18880234 >>18880151

>> No.18880694

yes, i literally say in
>I dont care if ETH uses chainlink or not, just answer the question

you literally proved my point. LMAO

>> No.18880703

Keep posting.
Really drives home how little you care.

>> No.18880714

keep dodging the question how its a good sign how the team for a company goes in the complete opposite direction for what the head wants to do. Really shows the cope

>> No.18880759


>> No.18880764

I never said it's a "good sign", schizo.

>> No.18880785

then you proved my point. thats all i wanted to hear, LOL

>> No.18880808
File: 334 KB, 1232x1908, Link and r3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ps. R3 Corda uses XRP and not LINK.

>> No.18880815

Which is?
That you care so much about ETH and Chainlink that you can't help posting furiously about them for 14 hours?

>> No.18880876


Why would they hold XRP forever retard? Does Chevron hold millions of barrels of gasoline? No faggot, they sell it immediately.

>> No.18880996
File: 91 KB, 1120x630, Types-of-Ad-Hominem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18881021

>refute your point that you don't care

>> No.18881123
File: 106 KB, 960x720, Appeal+to+Ridicule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18881140

>I don't care

also you:
>14 hours of posts itt

>> No.18881180

>16 posts by this ID

are you OK?

>> No.18881247

>asking the guy with 17 posts over 4 hours
>not asking the guy with 26 posts over 14 hours

>> No.18881385





all the link/eth retards should look at the mirror and say to themselves that they got scammed by eastern european copycat coins.

yes, yes ripple is a scam, go buy your russian phD projects. hahahahahahahahahahah

t. 20k XRP

>> No.18881617

Buy ARPA, desu.

>> No.18881664

unironically this. I bring this up constantly when people mention ETH and LINK government integration. I think its only foreigners who make that assumption. America in no way ever wants russian technology integrated in the government at all. Not even People born in russia moved to the US can be trusted.

XRP is American made and with shit like codius the potential use is limitless

>> No.18881705


imagine being so fucking retarded that you believe united states will use russian-code.

this is where eth and link incels get served bad. they may delusionally believe that west will use eastern code. that will never happen. its like comparing lada to corvette.

>> No.18881749


>> No.18881963

>Founded 2011
>Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S

You see he started a legitimate company in a proper country after years of hard work. Where are Chainlinks offices again?

>> No.18882916

Swapped 2k XRP for XTZ

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