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>economy reopening
>death rate much lower than expected
>curve already past peak
>printers still running strong
Why would it drop now?

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What show is this

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Printer is closed actually

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Maybe the cut back while everything was mooning? No reason they can't just run it up again

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>>economy reopening
>>death rate much lower than expected
>>curve already past peak
>>printers still running strong

That is just a lot of meme narratives. Have fun in the next leg down.

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End of the fucking world. Actually a kino show.

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>main character looks like an edgy retard who shitposts on /pol/ and r/braincels

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>curve suddenly goes back up
>have to lock it down again
>this time for 2 months to make sure it's actually contained
>economy shits itself even worse
>democrats win WH and congress
>dems raise taxes, handouts, and regulations in the middle of a depression
>economy seriously shits itself
>socialism now in effect
>takes years to recover, if ever

this isn't like a 50/50 shot either. Investors don't expect the virus to keep going down after we reopen. They're not idiots.

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>>curve already past peak
>Texas is opening up again when their highest case count increase happened on Friday

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