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does jaw surgery change your life?
my both jaw and chin are recessed giving me a weak cretin look. my speech is a little fucked up as well. My voice is dries pussies up. I imagine fixing my jaw would solve all these other problems?

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You can do that tongue exercise where you naturally rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth thereby increasing your jaw definition.

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dont fix your jaw fix your nose

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buy kleros sirs

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Dress up as a Klingon for halloween and youll get tons of pussy

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>does jaw surgery change your life?
Gee, I dunno.

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how tf did it un-jew his nose

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Often a jaw and nose job are done together for balance.

Pretty sure a fucked up nose and blocked airway is the reason the jaw gets recessed in the first place (face grows vertically to open the airway).

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a lot of jaw trouble can be fixed with straightened teeth

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women dont care about that

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>i have a gf

she's probably hideous as fuck. having just any gf doesn't make you superior to an incel. in fact i would rather die a virgin than fuck some ugly fat bitch

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Being an incel means you have standards. Most guys don't fuck hot girls. They lose their virginity to ugly bitches and that's all they fuck their entire lives.
being an incel is superior

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You can hide jaw with your beard, you cant hide that brow or nose. You’d like fine if you just lost weight and cut the hair srs

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Guess I'm a chad then

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I had double jaw surgery back in 2016, best decision of my life. Get it if you really have a medical issue.

For me, I had a hard time speaking without a funny lisp, hard time chewing kinda and my smile was fucked. Insurance covered the whole operation.

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wtf I have standards now

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your fucked up chin wasnt your fault, its a genetic defect due to all the fucked up chemicals in your food, preservatives ect...

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>pics 13 days apart
>zero marks
>zero swelling
Nice shoop.

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