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Yo, niggers. Have you ever tried to use scientific methods (signal processing math) to trade fucking link?

Most of other traders are complete degenerates who believe in Sergey and other memes, so betting them with even a simplified model would be a no-brainer.

Are there anyone smart enough to discuss these models?

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You cant short fundamental fren

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I see

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just buy high sell low

it's so easy to do on link because of how obviously manipulated its market cycle is

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meant to say buy low sell high* fuck

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some kind of gaussianizing transformation for price data combined with sentiment farming should work pretty well. i know of a couple methods to do this but i am literally too lazy and satisfied with being a loser to make it work.

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I was about to ask if u were braindead or not

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Prices are already the past. Future cannot be predicted based on past. On has to analyse books (bids and asks), volume and volatility.

Any other suggestions?

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Thats the /biz spirit anon. Thats why we all still here amirite?

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Yes, almost a half of trades on Binance are less that 15 tokens.

Lots of retards are here.

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