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Bump, this is insane.
Get in here marines.

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are u guys just advertising for this youtuber?

whats the timestamp

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I linked where it starts. Just watch the video

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>less than 3 months
the prophecy is being fulfilled

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staking has been three months away since the alpha go node release

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thanks frens



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so this scam is finally going to die once retards realize it's not a dpos where you stake and get inflation 'income'?
it's just going to be collateral for nodes which guess what - already have all link they need and more.

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Fuck this fucking guy

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He is Pajeet's favorite bearded lady.

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>staking lives
>chainlink is 25 cents

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Tyler is out of his league in this video. the reason the pivotal looks like that is because the velocity is set to 1 due to most of the progress being on bugs and not features. If more features were being completed the velocity would automatically increase and these tasks wouldnt be slated for July. Basically because of this there is no good way to tell a timeline on when these tasks will be complete.

t. OG linkmarine that used to stalk the pivotal every day for mainnet

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Sounds like bullshit

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This. I want to help but it's too late for them. Godspeed.

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This and also i assume there will be testnet staking prior to mainnet

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Should I buy 1k links

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It is too late at this point

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>1 billion ERC20 tokens
>650 million of the 1 billion ERC20 tokens held by team
>90 North Church Street George Town, KY1-1102, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
>50 California Street Suite 1500 San Francisco, CA 94111

>muh staking will solve all of this

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It's never too late to get your Potty Training Certificate.

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blessed bread

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>1 बिलियन ERC20 टोकन
>टीम द्वारा आयोजित 1 बिलियन ERC20 टोकन के 650 मिलियन
> 90 नॉर्थ चर्च स्ट्रीट जॉर्ज टाउन, KY1-1102, ग्रैंड केमैन, केमैन आइलैंड्स
>50 कैलिफोर्निया स्ट्रीट सूट 1500 सैन फ्रांसिस्को, सीए 94111

>muh staking इस सब को हल करेगा

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How many linkies minimum do you need to steak?

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So no response? Keep buying their bags linkie.

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Ssteaggg yuhhmmmyy:DDD

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that is one high level China toilet

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yeh basically on the right street here. OG link marine here also. Staking is ready but they wont release it until there is adequate demand on the network for more nodes. While the network traffic can be handled by the current nodes if they released staking now it would tank, because none of the neet nodes would get any requests. It might be hard to understand if your a brainlet. Either way it will be a year or so.. or however long it takes for big players to start putting requests through. i guarantee before u see oracle, amazon, microsoft, or google related requests staking will be live.
when staking goes live we will moon fucking hard. But the world has not caught up to smart contracts yet. So it wont be any time soon.

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WTF Sirgay really betrayed us all?!? We were supposed to be all in this together!

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>tfw to stupid to code

i have three ideas fro daps right now thats not defi

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Your ideas might fall a bit flat if you're illiterate

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>he world has not caught up to smart contracts yet

i have three ideas for a use cause you mook

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Can you tell me how one would profit from making a dApp which is Smartcontracts?
Unironically asking here.
Because making a token for every fucking shit propaply is not the solution, or is it?

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there are limitless ideas for smart contracts you room temperature IQ brainlet. They will control the derivatives market. What the fuck has actually happened to biz? jesus fucking wept.

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jsut do what link pool and every other dapp is doing by take 0.3%
go back nufag

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Like 0,3% of the costs from the Smartcontract?

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>staking live
>3.7 coffee standard stablecoin

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How much LINK do I need for steaking?

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>$0 of value in transactions to collateralize


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Imagine actually buying this shitcoin at this point. There is no more value to get out of this other than swinging

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Is there a minimum amount to stake?

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1000 link
that is why its called the suicide stack

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so retarded, even if the contracts are finished, doesnt mean they'll go live, needs multiple audits, and strategizing on the release etc meaning a big conf to announce and get partners ready etc

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im trying to get people to use it here. I wanna see how many times i post it before the plebs pick it up

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So many brainlets in here. That contract has nothing to do with staking and there were multiple coordinator contracts scheduled before

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Is that true? I'll be able to steak? Based.

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No its that isn't true at all its just called a suicide stack because the minimum amount to have to not off yourself when it pumps 500x within the next 18 months.

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Does the task target date mean the date of development completion or does it also include testing and auditing, which could alone take months?

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I'm new to biz and all I see are chain link, and xtz spammers. I bought xtz and it ain't doing jack shit, faggots. Fuck me for listening to this malarkey

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Paneer, I don't think you understand. I didn't read the comment you submitted, and I am never ever going to be convinced to put my LINK capital into a different store of value. $1000 LINK? Not selling. $1000000 LINK? Not selling. Climate change caused by the energy requirements of proof-of-work shitcoins destroys the global economy? Not selling. The elites lock everyone away into a virtual reality and harvest us for organs? Not selling. An advanced alien race plunges the planet into chaos by releasing a neurotoxin that turns everyone into furries? Not selling. The universe collapses into a timeless primordial soup? Not. Fucking. Selling.

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It's pretty low level actually

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makes me think you're some sort of feral tree nigger that's received in the mail 50's era television shows on dvd and is learning to speak English from the three stooges. i don't like it.

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That escalated quickly you mook

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>oversold on every timeframe
Ohhh sweetieeee

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80 (eighty) % (percent)

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You’re learning the hard way. LINK has been shilled hardcore for 3 years here. You ain’t making no profits off that shit when the OGs bought in at 20-50 cents and you’re buying at $3+. Now isn’t a good time to buy either anyway. Both will pump some, will dump just as hard. You’re not getting rich off either of those shittokens.

Don’t fall for the shill garbage here Anon, it will make your life hell.

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based hodler

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show us your bags, otherwise this is FUD

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>otherwise this is FUD
Stating OG LINK holders bought in at 20 cents while noobs fall for the shill trap and buy at $3+ is FUD? It’s just common sense nulinkers are buying OG bags, whale bags, and the devs teams multiple dumps.

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explain to me how to do this.. is it just holding link? do you need a certain amount?

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this! Everybody who buys at these prices is retarded

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i bought 250 something link for 50 dollars in eth a long time ago, can i do anything with it? otherwise im buying big macs with it

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Kek staking will not be released during a pandemic. Idiots

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We all know the virus is a hoax

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Meanwhile ARPA is just staking

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this fucking nulinkers buying our bags fucking kek

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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Keep posting in these threads obsessively to the point of mental illness schizo boy

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Full of shit is what you are.

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Been watching the tracker daily since it exists. The timeline is not accurate and never was. Some other Infos to the tracker:
1) there is a second public tracker called chain link scratchpad, where they used to dump a load of tasks into. It looks like it's not really used anymore.
2) there are two or three private trackers. Chainlink internal, core and explorer. I don't think chainlink internal is being used anymore. If you look at the project history you can sometimes see tasks moving from/to this other trackers. Also some links in github pull requests go to a pivotal tracker item that throws a 404, which indicates that it's an item on a private tracker.
3)there is a way to see some analytics on the tracker:just click under the (public) text in the top left corner and you'll get there

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If you dive into Arbitrum it's more likely that staking might come there first.

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>derivatives q3 2019
>were gonna make it, like, next month
>staking q4 2019
>staking q1 2020
>swift is confirmed again really for realsies cereal this time
It's nice and all but I'm weary. I have 50k and just want to make it already. Instead we crab 3.6 to 3.9 and steaks nowhere in sight aside from some pajeet hype shill vlog announcing it for the 69th time. I don't even need much, 90k/yr and I'm making as much my job and can quit without a second thought. Just need 5% and $36 stinkies. We at least have another 10x coming, right? I feel like I've put my laugh on pause for the last 4 years, just eat, sleep, overtime, and buying more shitcoins. I consolidated everything to get my stack where it is but it's still not enough. I truly believe in link deep down. The question is if the rest of the world can. Plenty of examples where society just as inferior alternative. The sad truth is tech and what a product can do is worthless, it's all a marketing game. Either the nondisclosures shit is solid or we're just not getting anywhere outside of purely intellectual think tanks and thought experiments like big queer E and defi slideshows with free drinks.

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Please do not post these cringe crypto youtube masters what the fuck is wrong with you people

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you're not og if you're still in link

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you’re not og if you post gay scammers

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>july 20th is my birthday

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Based meds avoider

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Same. December 5th for me.

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Sounds like it's waiting for a drop because he's a swing link twat

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Can cuckbase steak?
Where to steak.

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can somebody please explain to me how exactly Sergey "bretrayed us"?? you guys really are childish sometimes

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Jonny rims horses
Thomas has a fat finger
Sergey betrayed us

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OP is a faggot, that youtuber is a faggot, whoever is saying thanks to OP is another faggot.
The pivotal is scheduled automatically and when certain tasks are not completed in a week they are delayed a few weeks according to the development pace and number of tasks accepted withing the last 14 days.

tl:dr; Nobody knows when Chainlink staking is going live

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do you even pivotal bro

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every event relevant to chainlink up until the year 2030 has already been priced in you absolute retards. i'd say the first major price movement will be somewhere in 2032

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BSN global launch is scheduled for july 25th

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Do you remember derivatives, insurance, and shipping were supposed to all be done in 2019?

Are there companies using that now?

I assume one of the fintech startups that uses link is doing derivatives and I thought etherisc is using link, so that covers insurance.

But what about shipping?

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High iq post

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> a global shift should’ve happened within a year of mainnet

K bro
Even if staking per link gives you a 6% return, that’s fantastic even if link is worth even 10$

>> No.18821859

coindesk article. actually it's june 25th

>> No.18822076

>there will be testnet staking prior to mainnet
This. They will have a test net first just like they did for mainnet. May only be 30 days but still will announce that first.

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ESL pajeet

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