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Is another market crash coming up?

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for stocks maybe

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yes sell everything

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we're still in the same one

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Fucking hope so

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There's no reason it should be going up in the first place.
FEDS desperately trying to pump it.

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Are you retarded? Crypto market will follow as well in such case.

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Yes. Tomorrow will be fun. I'm getting drunk as fuck while watching the world burn. Good luck to you all tho, hope you will make it bros

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Are you fucking with me or have you already sold your shit?

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Saturday tomorrow bud the world can’t burn on a weekend. Unfortunately

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I sold half of my energy and oil stocks yesterday, seems like it was just in time

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Likely, I just read a news article mentioning the buffet some or other, a measure warren buffett uses to gauge the stock market. You take the quarterly gdp of the country and divide it by the total market cap of the stock market, or the other way around, I can't remember.
Apparently it's at its highest levels ever indicating the stock market is overvauled. It was also high just before the dot com crash and the 2008 financial crisis.

It's probably why warren buffett is sitting on his ass with $130 billion and not buying anything yet, he knows it's going to crash further. I don't care if it crashes I just hope it doesn't take the crypto market with it.

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>I just hope it doesn't take the crypto market with it.

It will. There's a reason Buffett doesn't give a shit about crypto, it's just an electronic form of fiat. It's worthless. Nobody is going to buy your Internet playmoney when they can barely afford to eat and it won't even be accessible if the electricity turns off.

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When do you think it will happen?

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entered the stock market about a month ago. 60% of my savings is in stocks now. other 40% cash. im looking for long term gainz.

i basically broke even after today. should i sell monday and re-enter or just buy more on the next big dip?

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Fuck I hope so. Let's get this shorts party started (finally).

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I hope so, the past 2 days I've lost all my gambling money and I want them back

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:) yup, I’m so glad i get to do a hard reset when they drop

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This is the move dump it all and buy land

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I need to find me a pimp cat like that

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is this real??? how does he do that!?

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Fuck it. I just sold half of my stack.

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Who knows. All I can tell you is that one of my best long term divvy holds, Dominion Energy, is down almost 7% after hours and I’m not exactly sure why.

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holy shit is that real?

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>FEDS desperately trying to pump it
betting against the fed and their infinite money

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What about your cryptocurrency?

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zero point energy disclosure which will take down energy corporations and do the exact opposite for BTC.

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Whoa is this real?

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I can sell you one, but it’s not cheap.

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Probably a small one. The market is gonna be acting like a drunken sailor on a binge for a while.

but it's not gonna be "OMG HAPPENING THE END TIMES ARE HERE" that the autists and poos are chimping out over.

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That nigga sold DAL around the current bottom. Would like to hear his reasoning

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515 shares into SPXS at 10.93, I certainly hope so.

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This can't be real right?

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Yes, you should buy as it falls.
People like to think the us economy is overpropped, posting pictures of foreign cities. They never post the towns supporting these cities though. The microeconomies supporting us cities are much more robust than foreign cities. You look at those foreign towns and it's literally a group of retards playing with sticks in the mud. Ever wonder why us cities have less population, same in europe? The people are also in towns, supporting the financial centers. They don't just mash everyone into a squalor filled shithole with donor built skylines and scream 'we wuz superpowerz nao' at the top of their lungs.

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The real dump comes this month, look at charts of the last 3 depressions.

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Not if the printer keeps going brrrr.


If the printer does go brrrr, crypto will go up, not down.

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They did it in a really stupid way too, it’d make so much more sense to pump it from the bottom.

Unless what they were really trying to do is make a window of opportunity for some big players to get a net short position.

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In that case say hello to a new bottom every 2 weeks for at least a year.

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this is my rarest bobo

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I sold Qep at 88 cents. I bought 300 shares at 56 cents ;). I also dumped Schlumberger and haliburton

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I was hoping it went brrr this week so my calls go up
Fuck it going puts next week

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Sell in may, go away. I know you anons are goodgoys. Sell everything as soon as you can (gold, crypto, stocks), just stay in dollars don’t even try to time this. DCA into gold miners just when it looks like it’s bottomed out don’t buy GLD there’s no way they have enough physical gold to back their paper, the climb from the bottom will be fueled almost entirely by the fed and the doomer boomers like buffet and it’ll create absurd inflation. Buy a couple of guns, don’t bother with physical metals, just buy a couple of grand of the fake stuff from China, it might be as good as the real one if shit goes really bad. Try to bail to another country if you can, war with China will surely follow. Don’t go south, Mexico will be even worse.

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Sell gold?

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Give me 2 (two) good reasons not to short everything for the next month.

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There’ll be a huge demand for dollars, and gold will go back a few weeks in price.

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BTC will probably be a great asset AFTER the collapse, during the dump every single asset will fall to the almighty dollar.
You might want to hedge with yuans just to be Jews about it.

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They did it this way so they could buy fucking everything and have you call them daddy. The country, if not the world, completely belongs to the Fed now. The buyer, lender, and owner of last resort

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Who says the last one is over?

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Based Cheat-o, we are owning China!

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It’s like you don’t remember crypto was on its way to zero and they had to unplug bitmex lol good times

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what if they turn the 5g off and unplug the router

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Blockchain will survive everything short of a planet sized EMP. In that case scenario I wouldn’t bet on humankind continued survival anyways.

>> No.18815232

Actually it might survive even that if we’re smart about faraday cages.

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I sold all of my stocks this week.

Going to sit in Cash for a while. I think we retest lows before August.

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what? Are you retarded. Of course not, V-shaped recovery. Don't fight the FED

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Did they really teach their cat how to dance?

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I bought DAL at $25
Am I fucked?

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Fed is bluffing, it makes no sense to pump prices near ATH. Just like defaulting on Chinese treasuries we can’t actually follow through with it.
It’s just trash talk.

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the amount of autistic retardation in this thread is honestly the reason why you should almost always short /biz

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The irony of this post

>> No.18815454

you clearly missed the irony in my previous 2 posts.

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I dunno man, gotten some pretty sweet picks thanks to /smg/.

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Printing trillions of funny money is better to own than an inflation currency. /Biz 101

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The fed stopped pumping this week.
Next week will be red.

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It felt so weird to wake up to red futures

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Market cap to gdp. It was 150 % before the crash. Its now at 130%. Next quarter, the gdp is expected to tank by like 30% making this metric shoot up to about 200%. The ratio is suppose to be around 60-90% in a healthy market. What this means is everything is overvalued, and people are dumping their money into junk stock that won't return a profit in the long run. The only smart positions are all short positions, meaning everyone is just waiting to sell. When it crashes again, it will fall fast and hard. It still has a long way to go down. We are not at the bottom. The Fed stopped pumping this week, and that was the only reason the market pumped last month. Next week will be red.

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stock fall = crypto falls

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I bought Shell and XOM today, they already trading at low levels and are one the strongest and stable companies in their respective economies. XOM didn't even break below 60 during the 2008 crash. How low can they still go from another crash?

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Yes. Start buying mortgage notes from local banks for 20% on the dollar. All you do is evict the tenant, and then sell the house. Or flip the note to local investors for a 2X. Banks won't even have the manpower to clean up their balance sheets so they will have a fire sale on these notes.

Guaranteed money if you are patient/find people to flip your notes to. These will be mortgages that haven't been paid in months but you basically own the deed on the house.

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if this >>18814968 true. than yes big crash is coming

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Gov't bans Bitcoin.

>> No.18817324


Gold also crashes with the stock market. So what is the safe haven? Dollars? Was Harry Dent right?

>> No.18817344

/biz/ says its gonna crash so im longing

>> No.18817357

How do I approach a bank to ask for Mortgage notes?

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yea. look at 2008/2009. second wave of USD moon might come soon. but if you 're already in dollars you have to margin trade them against something else to really get the gains.
that's the play arthur hayes and that raoul pal guy are making too... they seem pretty bright

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Is this real?

>> No.18817477

That or hyperinflation.

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I think that eventually the Fed will turn. They will pull out. They will let the system die, completely. In the following week or two afterwards, they will roll out the new world. Everyone with a birth certificate and social security number will register an account directly with the Fed. You will receive an instantaneous airdrop of Fedcoins. Also, any dollars previously in your third-party bank accounts or in physical possession must be traded for the new money at a ratio of two to one. Although, I doubt any old money that was in your collapsed bank will even be available. Welcome to the New World Order.

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Scholarly, sir

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i do not believe crypto will follow like it did in march. it will be more resilient

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Me 2 plz
Today I had to feed the children AC for dinner.

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Source: my ass

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Mathlet detected
>Apparently it's at its highest levels ever indicating the stock market is overvauled.
If a high level means overvalued you do market cap / gdp, as this shows the number of years (or quarters here) the country would need to earn the total actual worth of all of its traded companies
>pls nobody call it the buffet some, its just the countrys P/E ffs

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Clueless. Whether or not you guys have strong hands (most of you don't) retail crypto investors are gonna get shaken out of the market again, and this will keep happening until all the weak hands are gotten rid of. BTC can go to 1m one day, but not anytime soon. There's too many boomers alive, and too many speculators.

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when the auto loans and student loans on the fed sheet don't get paid back because of unemployment

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short term? yea, you might even see it halve
long term? nah, you will see a great return, maybe even double

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Yes I got distracted this week and failed to sell the top.
Hoped to get rid of Airbus, Exxon, Shell

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The country is JUST opening back up and reports about the virus having lower mortality rate than we thought are coming into light.

Why would another crash happen?

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That’s when you go all in on XMR

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I had 150 oz of silver and a bit of gold but I lost it in a fishing mishap. Think I should buy 50 more oz of silver? I’ve been holding off on crypto because while I see blockchain as being the future of monetary operations in the future, I just don’t see any cryptocurrencies out today that I believe in other than monero to some extent.

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i cant think of a reason on why this market should stay constant, or even rise in value. like, its ridiculous, the economy is on halt, the us experiences the biggest total unemployment and the biggest percentage unemployment ever, everyone and their mom is overleveraged in some way, the whole economy runs on consumer debt which wont get paid back now, etc.
we should be at 15k, this is bigger than the past 2 crisis combined

>> No.18819400

That's a man.

>> No.18819413

>hurr durr don’t fight da fraudulent reserve
You’re not very smart, are you?

>> No.18819608

has warren buffet bought the bottom yet?

>> No.18819763

have you forgotten how ludicrously bullish everyone was when the FED were in full brrr mode? that hasn't gone away, people still think the market will keep artificially going up.

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he's got enough money to gamble on that the "bottom" comes later and not regret it when he's wrong.
even himself keeps repeating over and over again in every interview that nobody can predict the market, not even he.
i think he's too old to care that much about making big victories in the market anyway.

>> No.18819801

>inflation bad

>> No.18819806

Everyone else assumes this poster means crypto. That may be the case, and as others pointed out crypto tracks the market pretty well at this point(which I theorize just shows the algos/jews are already in complete control of crypto defeating its purpose entirely but that's just me) but assuming this post isn't referring to crypto, it is correct. What doesn't track the stock market, and in fact by nature has an inverse movement to the market, are bonds. When bonds crash, money rushes to equities and drives the markets up, when the markets crash money flocks to the safe havens of bonds.

>> No.18820241

it's just inflation until it's not

>> No.18820330

Virus is causing a domino effect to happen

1) Consumer Spending down
2) Massive unemployment, which drives spending down further
3) The biggest consumers: Woman & Boomers, are not spending money
4) People are not paying rent or using a forbearance on their mortgage
5) People have too much debt even before this crisis

There will likely be a correction between now and June, but expect a full on crash come October when the virus WILL mutate and possibly become deadlier.

>> No.18820364

you tell me this shit now after markets FKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ME
got 5k in calls well that's gone for sure

>> No.18820518

Nigga, we're in it.

>> No.18820638

/biz/ word is never gospel, you could make bank on those calls

>> No.18820649


This is the most retarded meme in all of 4chan history, please stop responding to that.

>> No.18820656

>i do not believe crypto will follow like it did in march. it will be more resilient
Then Believe!

Crypto lost all credibility as an alternative currency the moment it went down in March 16th

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I really want to suck those toes from the fat one in purple.

>> No.18821407

Still a bear, but things like Suterusu should 20x before we get out near the top again, and that's all that matters mid term.

>> No.18821545

This is some truth anon

>> No.18821771

hi what u use to buy Crypto? wow money, who prints money wow the gov.
big brain

>> No.18821824

This is why you will never make it
>hurrrr nobody wants your play money cos everything is shit now so it will be like that forever.
How retarded/new are you that you still don’t know that is when we/(((they))) buy? The next cycle WILL come and that is when the normies buy.

>> No.18821968

based GPT-2

>> No.18822029

Is this photoshopped

>> No.18822561

Lay off the antisemitism

>> No.18822608

> it's just an electronic form of fiat. It's worthless.

you have no qlue what crypto is huh?

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>> No.18823067


gtp-2 was tay all along

>> No.18823182

25-30 percent retracement likely

>> No.18823215

musk tweetet my tesla shares into stop-loss this week, sold at 79% profit.
All my other investments have a SL at at least +10%, brent is @+30%. This has been a really good month.

Pretty sure that shit is going to hit the fan this month, I'll re-buy everything in june and sell before the second wave in autumn hits.

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>tfw dec 2018 was the closest to a stock crash

>> No.18823624



You're in the middle of a market crash. They always move in waves. This is just the "return to normal" phase where normies put up their money so the big guys can dump more.

>> No.18823673


Shell just reduced its dividends by 70% and stopped all stock buyback programs. It's going down hard. Europe's market is shut down until tuesday.

>> No.18823850

can someone post the chart with the 1900s crash and 2008 crash next to this crash, or an updated one if possible

>> No.18823987

I remember reading simething about that. Funny how the moment their manipulation stops reality sets in. I'm hoping for a hard crash like in early March. Their attempt to soften the blow won't have an effect if everyone attempts rushing the exit...again. In fact because they attempted softening the blow there's a possibilty we might actually go lower than if they didn't intervene at all.

>> No.18824009

Pls tell how to do this >>18817357

>> No.18824053

nice, i bought MTDR at 2.00 and sold at 7.25 for a nice profit

>> No.18824090

Then why did bonds and equities crash together this time bojo? You fucking retard know nothing.

>> No.18824177

This except the virus is almost literally just a flu, bro, but that doesn't matter because everyone still panicked and shut down the economy anyway, and that's what matters. We're fucked

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It's not a flu, it's a cold.
There are no vaccine or cure for the cold

>> No.18824300

HOLY FUCK HOW?!?!?!?!?!

>> No.18824367

hey anon, why is land a good place to put hard earned cash into. I'm diversifying with some stocks and crypto but I've seen land come up a few times as well. I live in a big city and some of the top developers are buying up land in the midwest for the cheap. just wanted to get your thoughts

>> No.18824370

it's impossible !

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i don't see it. even if true it would make more sense to put your savings in stocks if they are printing money since where is that money going? into stocks, causing them to increase while devaluing money itself.

important to remember that the 1930s depression happened before the USD decoupled from the gold standard. plus we have a digital economy with few physical money + infinite production in digital goods that can just be copied infinite times. this depression, if we enter one, can be very different.

>> No.18825329

If it were any other time, yes....but this is different.

Federal Reserve has slowed down their QE steadily and particularly this last week. Market correction is inevitable, maybe this week, maybe next week...

Big Daddy Reserve is walking away :(

>> No.18825419

this, I think we need a few more happenings for the panic to set in again

>> No.18825462

i don't think it will flash crash again, the market has passed on several opportunities for big selloffs since late feb, my best guess is spx 2500 but we could grind down to that

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add me to the screenshot

>> No.18825631
File: 135 KB, 615x255, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's just because it's time to resume business as usual.
artificial shutdown of the economy, artificial depression. it'll pick up again.

>> No.18826121

Sell it bro

>> No.18826458

if we do enough date testing, we can see it coming. We need either to get lucky and come across their predictive propaganda and decode it before the event... or just have the man power so there is no need to luckily come across the key MSM reports which say when its coming, in Gematria code

>> No.18826696
File: 743 KB, 254x190, 6C464D03-2A2F-4F4E-A26A-50E54E76E2AF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's your reply.

>> No.18826886

May I ask why you don't take advantage of trailing stop limit orders?

>> No.18827265

Brainlet question: why are bonds a safe haven when the companies issuing them are about to fold?

>> No.18827650

reopening is already in motion. Now all the good news will be priced out, not that there will be a ton
>bad news never stopped

>> No.18827951

I hope so, I could use more share count.

>> No.18828167
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The federal reserve says what they are planning to do. Just go to their website. They indicated that they would pump a little over 2 trillion, and if you look at their balance sheet, they have already done that. So, they won't pump anymore until they make another announcement.

You can see that curve is leveling off.


>> No.18828617

DAL is a very small % of his portfolio. Everyone acts like its some huge investment for him, but it really isn't. Buffet dosnt really like airlines all that much. He has said this in the past. He sold to be under a 10% ownership threshold for legal reasons. Now he dosnt need to report what he is doing with the stock until berkshires earnings report.

>> No.18828643

Black Monday incoming?

>> No.18829100

The World is burning anon.


>> No.18829795

In the shareholder meeting happening right now, he just reported that they sold all their stake in all the airlines. He's never really liked airlines. This is the second time in his career where he has lost money on airlines.

>> No.18829876


Nah, the Fed pump was in response to mass capital flight out of EU and EM into the save haven of the dollar, which created the twin joys of a liquidity crunch and massive dollar appreciation. Powell wasn't having a deflationary spiral wreck the world, so he made the money printer go brr to keep the USD stable

That's why the Fed just dumped 2 trillion out the window, but gold isn't $4000/oz

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Trump is arguably the niggerest nigger who ever occupied the white house.

>> No.18830391

True but didn’t Buffett just reveal he was a net seller of stock not a buyer, so...

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>> No.18830784

I hope so, im thinking about increasing my stack again

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WTFF How does he do that?

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one whip for every time wrong step and it'll learn soon enough

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>deleting quads

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