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BSV is going to teabag BTC when this all comes out. You get what you fucking deserve.

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do have hindi translation for indian brothers sir?

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didnt and wont read

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Great. More of your money for me :)

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tldr: it's the "courier"

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>bsv shitskin coping about how he fell for craigs (a literal faggots) 2nd scam.
You want to know why he doesn't prove he's Satoshi? Because he can't you fucking idiot and it's already been proven in court lmao KILL YOURSELF dumbass

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Seethe corecuck

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just for the lulz, can someone recap it?

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how is this guy not in prison? do yourself a favor and watch richard heart BTFO this retard on youtube

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I own 28.3k Chainlink and bought at 26c, fuck your worthless scam I literally have more money than you and always will because im not a retarded shitskin who fell for a literal faggots 2nd scam.

Reminder he could prove he's Satoshi at any time but he can't because he's not Satoshi and it's been proven in court he isn't (he also cried like a little faggot in court).

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of course little timmy now take your meds! they are good for you!

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it's COURIER rakesh
stop dreaming about curry, it's disgusting and gives you a permanent repulsive aura to any non pajeet coming within 5 yards of you.

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it's the bondage courier isn't it?

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nope its jimmy. jimmy was severed in early march and in late march claimed he/his family would be put at risk for getting involved in this case.

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i can believe that if he doesn't want to perjure himself he can't lie and if he doesn't lie calvin will hunt him down kids and all.

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what if...jimmy was the courier?

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>BSV is going to teabag BTC when this all comes out. You get what you fucking deserve.

Same old bullshit narrative.. but no action.

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What's jimmy's last name? What was the last name of one of the trustees?

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lmao now Craig is crying "IT'S CONFIDENTIAL" to his "public immutable evidence trail" as he himself calls it
what a fucking joke

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can somebody give cliff notes?
I stopped reading the court docs months ago, its all pages of legalese when nothing ever happens. i wish tehy would just write in plain english

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what is one of the most used last names in vietnam?

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Do the needful sirs

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Nope. It's the third party who hahaha! has no interest in the outcome of the case. What could that mean?

Amazing coincidence.

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A 'mystery' witness was requested to testify by Kleiman, but claimed he couldn't due to:
>privacy and personal safety issues [..] including the risk of extortion, theft, kidnapping, and even murder
All sides have now agreed, Muh Sekrit witness testimony can be taken and marked as Confidential.
Who muh sekrit witness is remains, of course, a mystery. He is however male, heavily involved somehow with the fat fraud and associated shenanigans, currently resides in California, prone to hysteria (moidah!) and appears to have been actively attempting to avoid providing testimony for the last few months. Having definitely not read any other posts in this thread, can't guess at all who this mystery gentleman might be. Not least as naming him probably land you before a Judge as well.
tldr, mostly a procedural nothingburger, but Mr Mysterys actual testimony could have proved interesting. But now sekrit. Also, pic related

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actually it could be uyen being deposed
>Other British corporate records show that Uyen Nguyen is a now-25-year-old Vietnamese woman who appears to be connected to an address in El Monte, California, a Los Angeles suburb. She was listed as a director of a UK-based company called CO1N, which was founded in October 2012 and dissolved in July 2017. Both Kleiman and Wright are also listed as officers there. (Ars has sent a letter to the El Monte address in an attempt to reach Ms. Nguyen.)

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but jimmy also lived and worked in cali for a long time as early as 1993 according to his linkedin

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Very likely. They are probably not related, but I would love it if Jimmy was her brother.

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<- Pic Related.
I am equally sure many would wish to speak to Ms Nguyen; however you'd need to prove she's alive (or ever existed) and find her first. And if you can do that, I'll give you the money myself.

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you're so boring tim

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It's Joseph Vaughn Perling

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Some person testifying in the case under the behalf of the defendant (the deponent) is placed under protective order.

Meaning information about the person and the matters related to him will be considered secret and only people involved in the court case will be able to see it.

btw I am not a lawyer, but that is my reading of it. It very well could be related to the identity of the bonded courier or one of the Tulip trustees.

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JVP got subpoenaed back in August tho, the one being argued was served March 12th, which would suggest otherwise

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JVP got subpoenaed back in August tho, the one being argued was served March 12th, which would suggest otherwise

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It's probably Jimmy. They didn't redact "his" in the most recent filing, and the subpoena was nChain related.

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BSV soon to be listed on deadcoins.com

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Either way. The person is a larping faggot.

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yes, the mysterious Ms Nguyen has the same collection of shitty wall 'certifications' as the fat fraud. This proves that she exists, beyond all reasonable doubt

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North Korea

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Well, it's a pretty good indication that she does indeed exist.

Since her name appears as a trustee, and she was probably a minor at the time, there is a good chance that she is in fact in a protective program.

Perhaps to protect a girl essentially worth billions of USD from prying psychopath serpents like you, Greg.

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craig, fucking seething loser, you're a nobody and got humiliated in all courts.

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>Well, it's a pretty good indication that she does indeed exist.
nigga. we have been though all this bullshit before. Theres about 5 different Uyen Nguyens in that shitty cert mill site already. If anything, the fact that both that she and the fat fraud share the same wall deco, would make me less inclined to believe she ever existed. Not least as she'd probably been 16 or some shit when they were 'awarded'. tldr, shes the fat frauds 'Trustee' (and multiple Company Director) - I'm sure he could PROVE she existed, if needed. Couldn't he

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>resident of california
choose one

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Which step do you think Creggy boy's at?

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yes, and just where is Jimmy, ex-nChain CEO and former long-time resident of California, at these days? No-one seems to know.

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You are actually retarded if you think I'm Craig you fucking sperg.

I could only wish my IQ was 183 and I was the inventor of Bitcoin.

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yeah she totally doesn't exist and neither does JVP and this is a photoshop

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well JVP can confirm her existence then
It looks like he didn't want to do exactly that before a court of Law ether tho. Odd, that, Isn't it

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We have indeed been over this before, and I conclusively proved to you that no, there is not 5 different Uyen Nguyens with those certifications.

There are only 2 sharing the name, and only ONE of them have a meaningful amount of certs.

So yes it is in fact the person referred to in the FB convo.

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yes, she was a quick learner, I'm sure
I'm sure creg also recognized her genius from an early age and decided to use her, an underage Asain minor, as both Company Director AND Multi-billion Tulip trust Trustee, because, eh, well, just because.

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Read this very carefully and you know why he cried in court.

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And let's not forget that George Gilder "accidentally" mentions at the coingeek conference that he meet Uyen.

Oops, judging by the muted reactions I think he wasn't supposed to talk about that...

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Your terrible arguments are not in the least convincing. You rhetoric reeks of paid opinion Greg, shape up, you are getting very sloppy.

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She looks like a man posing as a woman and Joseph Perling looks like a woman posing as a man. Weird gang of misfits they've got going on.

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>Complains about rhetoric
Hope you fucks lose already so I can stop seeing these lame Greg and 'Gym Friend' memes shitting up the board.

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That makes no sense on so many level. First how does that make more money for you? Are you a mentally challenged middle aged woman by chance?

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>yes it just so happens that in 2008 fat fug met a random gook whose last name is equiv of smith and has same list of shitty diploma mill certs as he...and that random person just so happen to be the trustee of the 2009 trust which was formed in 2014.
creg, you're a bad liar...

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Your coins will all go to near zero and the cash will flow into BSV, inflating the price. Your money becomes my money :)

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Also what's the news on the Coinbase listing? I assume it is imminent.

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bsv can never be listed on any regulated exchange.
its primarily funded by calvins money laundering online gambling sites....its why he lives on a boat in the islands....he will be arrested if he tried to set foot in us.

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George Gilder is on record saying he met her personally at one of his conferences in San Francisco, so you are wrong Greg :)


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Did George mention whether or not she is a lady boy? Is Geurge a faggot like the rest of the bsv clowns?

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How does that have anything to do with the fact of her existence? Just admit you got BTFO

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Of course he's a retarded faggot. He hangs around gay ads craig

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Is uyen your boyfriend?

>> No.18788232

isnt that dougie from twin peaks

omg i love dougie
he be like
>can u teach me how to dougie
y man
>so all the bitches love meme

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we've been over this greg
trust 1, formed in 2009 was consolidated into trust 2 in 2012

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My friend did you mean curry? I love curry I put many on my food

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I'm just asking why that whole lot looks like a gay freakshow.

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Fuck off hex shill nobody likes you losers

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Wrong, faggot

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Disgusting tranny lovers. Fuck that's gross

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so are you going to disprove it or what

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Craig is a lying queer. Nothing to prove retard. He has lost all of his court proceedings so far.

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Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It's like one big faggy ass freak show. The shit is just bizarre. Craig looks like he's had like three strokes already. I doubt he's going to be around much longer.

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well don't fucking waste my time idiot, go back to plebbit or mcormacks video blog where you belong

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Source? This never happened

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Listen to the youtube link faggot.
The writing's on the wall. It's just a matter of time.

Everyone who doubts creg must post a photo of a sharpie up their ass with the words "I'm sorry satoj" scrawled on their buttcheeks when BSV flips BTC.

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I literally fucking posted the timestamped clip here nigger >>18788017

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Kek! I get that there are bad actors trying to defend their income and prevent bitcoin being adopted globally, but is the average bizness man really so stupid as to buy the fud? The next couple of years are going to be glorious.

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Wholly shit! How much did they pay that senile old turd to promote this clown?

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He was shot in the face retard

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wtf is this picture?? not only craig is not drinking or holding a drink but he doesn't even have a drink in front of him...

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Give it a rest already you fucking shills nobody wants this garbage

>> No.18789569

Was he attempting suicide?

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Nothing. He simply tells the truth that anyone who looks with honest eyes can see.

How much do they pay you to spread disinfo on the internet is the better question.

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That senile old shit doesn't understand any of the shit he's spouting.

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It's photoshopped, also done by buttblasted disinfo clowns.

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craig aged horribly in the past 2 years.
my guess is he did not at all delivered on his promises to the capo.

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Maybe he should just lay off the drugs

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Yeah right faggot. He looks like absolute shit

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Jews are obsessed with photoshopping charismatic or powerful white leaders, so they look disfigured, hideous, repulsive, dopey or weak to diminish their appeal. They do the exact same thing with Trump.

It's an obvious subversion and demoralization tactic.

In reality, it only reveals who you truly fear.

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Shut up queer. Craig is literally making out with a gay jew in this pic

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nah look up his untampered pics he aged 10 years in 2.

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