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Why is there so much chainlink fud? This shit is getting really annoying.

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It’s bullish for link

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You Fud it when it goes down and shill it extra hard when it goes up. this is how you extract the most money out of normies. usually mass of hell razor memes is a sign of the bottom

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Useless scamcoin

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why is a fud when it is a proven scam?

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what's up with these low effort low IQ low testosterone reverse psychology shill attempts lately?

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>he thinks a json parser will make him rich

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Shouldn’t you be making another fud thread?

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Take a break from /biz/. This board really is the place to buy high and sell low. Taking advice from teenagers and 20 something year olds is un-ironically a bad idea.

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Don't underestimate Jason Parser bearbro

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Is Gemini trading coming up today?

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Am I the only juan who wants link to go down so all the normies fuck off? I'd sell and swing a bigger stack right now if I wasnt already sitting on a makeit stack

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>I want link to die just to stick it to the normies

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Link is 3.5 USD, normans are long priced out.

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because chainlink a chimaera of the fiat and the crypto system. it uses the same old methods (inserting a point into the flow of money where transactions can be "taxated") with a new method, namely by using them on blockchains. it is nothing but a scam, the company is located on a fucking off-shore paradise ffs, dyor fagget

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Also normies aren’t even buying chainlink you dipshit. You fell for the fud

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Give it a rest dude. No one cares in this thread

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>You fell for the fud
I havent sold any significant amount of link but clearly its struggling right now so I dont see a reason for linklets not to try and increase their stack right now

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you think those advising you to sell have your best interest at heart? especially here of all places

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I know they don’t. That’s why it’s annoying as shit

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you wish
it's only the news
who am I gonna trust to provide accurate data to my smart contract? coinbase or chainlink?

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>who am I gonna trust to provide accurate data to my smart contract? coinbase or chainlink?
Coinbase says Chainlink.

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you think those advising you to buy have your best interest at heart? especially here of all places

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Seeing as there are more fud threads than shill threads, pic related

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>being this new

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Literally no one is shilling Link here anymore you deluded fud marine

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I dunno. I see people do it so I just jump in for fun. Plus if it drops I can get a good buy in when my other bags start moving.

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