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Maybe everyone will become plant based as they should already be. There is a surplus of plant foods available due to mass mono-cropping to feed the life forms individuals pay to have murdered to maintain their obesity.

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this is bvllish. will get politicians excuse to ease up shutdown. when people go shopping and theres no beef, theyll lose their convictions

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>wordy bullshit

Always the same from these cunts. People don't go vegan because you a re cunt

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Don't be self-conscious on my behalf.

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I take the murder of sentient life seriously. You should too.

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More vague bullshit.

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Time to grab a bucket of popeyes before they're gone.
Nice shit posting with you

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No but they do if they can’t afford meat which is what’s about to happen

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and wallah
This is why crypto has its one foot in the grave already.

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Strawman all you want.

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no, i will just be living on an island i found while sailing. there’s fish in these waters

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Which straw man was that

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I think you are looking for the /lgbt board.

May all your cock suckies end in cummies. Peace unto you.

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when the bait is vegan

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My freezer is full of meats
No worries

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Tell me Hitlers thoughts on vegetarianism.

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Besides hoarding how can we profit?

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It hasn't happened yet, but the discussion usually goes that way. Take care.

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logistics companies will be busy

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Right so you were saying wordy bullshit like I originally said.

>Take care.
Goodbye, pussy.

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Bullish for UND

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Yes, I was "sayng wordy bullshit" like your originality said.

>Goodbye, pussy
Y-yes, sir. Sorry to offend a /pol/man. So strong!

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fuck meat eaters,

vegan here who secretly loathes anyone who puts meat in their shopping cart

itsfucking barbaric,

might as well be chiniese and eat cats dogs bats and frogs,

i also hate all them country boys who hunt squirrels off the side of the freeway and eat em

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Trump antichrist confirmed

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this gutta be bait lol

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But this wasn't >>18706817
and it's rather embarrassing for someone over 25 years.

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This can only mean you should invest in Vechain.

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Vegan/Vegetarian based

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You’re such a faggot i hope you realise that

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It doesn't offend me. Tell me why.

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I guess you're just fat and were offended.

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based and plantbasedpilled

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Fish is still meat. Anyone can invest in indoor chicken/sheep farming.

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it's okay to eat fish

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Anyone who uses a v instead of a u in bull is a 100% certified grass fed non gmo FAGGOT

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>sentient life
Literally just humans?

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humans are sapient. dogs, horses, cows etc are sentient.

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Sorry for your illiteracy

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Lol. Those guys annoy me as well.

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explain. what has this anything to do with crypto?

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Good. Fuck factory farms, fuck meat processing plants. Fuck the unnecessary torture of animals. I'm not saying we shouldn't eat meat, but the levels of consumption are unsustainable and the environment these animals are raised and kept in is abhorrent and unnecessary, it is only the product of greed.

We have plenty of land to treat our animals well, to eat more sustainably, to allow the animals to breathe clean air, eat real grass, graze and bask in the sun rather than sit in a damp, stench-filled room filled with the carcasses of decaying and diseased animals. Did you know that almost all pigs in factory farms suffer from pneumonia and countless other diseases? This is because they're kept in squalor, filth, resting in their own waste. Their entire fucking lives, short as they are, occur this way. Piglets are born from bothers kept in cages so small that they can't even move. The mother is kept like that her entire life to constantly give birth to more and more piglets which within a year are slaughtered, the entire time living in their own feces, piss and vomit.

Stop supporting an industry that contributes nothing but suffering. Buy your meat, if you can not from a big box, but from a local butcher that sources their meat from local, small farms where maybe the animals are treated with respect.

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>Meat factory claims food shortage imminent unless you open meat factory
OH boy

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Eat the bugs goy

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you're a failure. alway have been. always will be.

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Based and compassion-pilled

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Hes a goat fucking mudsline he doesnt know shit

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So wait does this mean we should start stacking spam, corned beef and dried sausage instead of PMs or failcoins? Are we in the dawn of a new age, the age of the Meat Standard?

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Long finned pilot whale>humans in brain department

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I'm not vegan but I fully understand that animal husbandry and industrial meat production is literally running the risk of making the planet uninhabitable for humans. I just think we're too retarded to do anything about it and I love meat so yolo RIP everyone.

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it should

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Yeah, the whole "constant animal holocaust" thing was kinda fucked to begin with.
Hopefully more localized farms come back in vogue.

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The plant-based meat replacements also require processing plants to stay open, difference is that they are in New York or California instead of Idaho or Michigan. Plant-based meat replacement is probably hit harder by all the shipping restrictions, given that they have a very complex, specific recipe for their products, unlike butchering which is cow in, useful stuff out.

I seriously hope no one on this board has neglected the most basic of all prepping, to have a filled pantry with non-perishable food.

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>but muh rights to eat meat. Muh hunter diet. Muh protein for muscle

The bright side of the covmeme is that it will fuck the US, a nation of retards and uneducated mutts.

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because when people are starving they gonna sell of speculative bullshit that can´t buy you shit. Starving people = civil unrest = sell off of useless shit. In a crisis do you want real money or magic internet money?

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and the drippings from my seeeeemen

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Thomas Massie tweeted about this today. A problem with regulation, not supply or demand. This one is solved easily.

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Good thing our country absolutely SMASHES when it comes to regulation haha :^)

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Eating peanut butter gets old after a month

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>In a crisis do you want real money or magic internet money?
Magic internet money, please.

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eggs are cheap as fuck, just saying.

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vegans and carnists are both retarded
A proper diet eats about 4 meat meals per week
and the serving portion should be roughly 4 oz, the human body can't actually utilize more protein than that in one sitting.

If you're eating a 12 oz steak you're stressing your body and leading yourself into an early grave, and that's fine by me

and if you're vegan you're just a B12 deficient faggot

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how about a Big Mac, Fries and a Coke?

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my fridge and freezer is stocked full of only meat and i have a good supply of tinned fish
enjoy your bugs

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You talk as if the hyper-processed fake meat onions garbage you guys eat isn't going to be the first to stop being produced. In times of crisis, people will buy nutrient dense REAL food, not vegan shit that causes starvation.

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the big mac on its own is okay

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