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>credit card bad

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>credit card good

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Yes it is
Use only debit and cash and stop feeding (((them)))

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thanks dave u just made me a millionare

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>using a debit card for everyday transactions

Found the brianlet

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I use my CC like my debit with cash in hand to pay it off. This allows me to build cashback and pay off the CC before APR is tacked on. CC become problematic with excess spending or prolonged float

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credit is a tool. balance transfers, cash back w/o fees, low interest. not bad as long as you remember that 30% credit utilization is the real credit limit

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I’m not a burger so idk about all the jewtricks but the world is full of niggers that can never pay their CC because they can’t manage their 200 nignog bux properly

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Go home Dave. Your drunk

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Good luck getting approved for a home loan

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What country do you live in where you dont have CC with cashback? Basically you earn a return % everytime u charge the card. Mine is 1.5%, alot get %2. So for every $100 I charge, I receive $1.50 back. APR is the interest rate to the balance on your CC, but it doesn't get tacked on immediately, generally 20 something days after. If you constantly pay off your balance, you don't pay interest, so your CC is essentially a debit card that earns you cashback. Make sense?

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This. I don't understand why people have this thing against credit. Unless you're absolutely loaded you're not going to be able to get one without a loan. Banks want confidence that you'll pay back your loan. Your credit score is your best indicator of that.

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This. I use my credit card to buy regular stuff like I would with cash or debit card. The only difference is I get 3% paid back to me for every dollar spent. Literally free money.

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I was looking to do this but I calculated that with my monthly expenses the cashback I'd get wouldn't even match the yearly fee. Do your cashback benefits beat your fee?

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>not paying for your house in cash

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There are tons of cash back credit cards without fees if you live in USA. Citi Double Cash is 2% back with 0 fees.

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Fuck me in the ass. Americans are living life on easy mode.

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Ive had 2 credit cards for 3 years.

Lost 0 dollars
Made about 900 dollars on rewards

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Exactly Bro. It almost makes no sense not to have one. Just be goddamn responsible with it.

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I dont have any fees or startup charges. Only fees I incur are convenience checks or cash withdrawal, which also incur interest as well

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If you just PRETEND it's a debit card and pay the monthly balance immediately, then there is no reason NOT to have a credit card.

I get like $300 a year in free money due to the cash back thing.

The idiots who don't pay the monthly balance are mentally disabled.

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>dude, I really need that new Warhammer 40k figure set. I'll just charge it and pay 18% interest. You know how badly i NEED it right now!

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>credit card necessary

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Yup, love Citi Double Cash.

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Maybe for literal retards
Imagine passing up on
>2-5% cash back
>fraud protection
>travel benefits
>line of credit for emergency needs
Is it really that much of a challenge for some people to pay off their bills on time?

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I live on $1650 a month I get from the VA. So far I've maintained my discipline with my CC and like you said it's nice to have an emergency safety net

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my crypto debit card does that plus gives me free spotify, netflix, and amazon prime.

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>balance transfers
>cash back w/o fees
>low interest

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Which coins are linked to a debit card?

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I always wanted to try onions, unironically.

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Don't believe the negatives. It's good stuff.

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>Hello I would like to buy one (1) house with cash.

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man receives $100 wage in the only option: a bank account
the bank, uses the $100, to lend $1000 to the man.
the man uses the $1000 to buy a car, to get a better job.
the man gets a $200 job
the man pays the bank back $2000
the mans car is designed to fail or need expensive repairs after 3 years, because the car manufacturer needs more revenue to pay the interest on the loan it took out to build the car plant.
the man buys a new car, with another loan from the bank.

>a banking license
now that's something i'd like to own.

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>Paying for a house in cash with the current interest rates instead of buying 4 houses with mortgages

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sweet negative equity tips bro

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Wait do people on this website actually pay interest on credit cards?

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>Use only debit
debit cards still say "Visa" or "Mastercard" on them

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Nice projection

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No brainlet you pay the balance before interest is charged

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>not using travel credit cards for free flights paid for by idiots that don’t understand interest

Never gonna make it

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>the world is full of niggers that can never pay their CC because they can’t manage their 200 nignog bux properly
Actually it full of ghetto rich "upper middle class" people who are in permanent debt.

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That's what I was implying you smooth brained mongoloid

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Ah I see now

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yay good goy points!

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Post bank account bus rider

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>tfw cashlets and retailers pay for my 5% off every purchase and free rewards
feels good to not be retarded with money

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i used to think that until i got a credit card. now i have good credit, and will go on buy some nice clothes with my rewards points. thanks jews!

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4chan used to have people make actual arguments. Now it's just strawman your opponent with wojak edit #3,476

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Is intrest charged monthly?

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What are some based credit cards?

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If you carry a balance. I dont make payments I just pay off the balance every week or so

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Stupid people that don’t know about sign up bonuses. I can literally use the points to take an all inclusive vacation to a 5 star resort anytime I want. Yeah credit cards suck!

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>wanting to go to a boomer hell pit with overpriced watered down alcohol and shitty food

Jews love him.

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You subconsciously spend more because of the cash back. Even people who only use it for gas drive and idle their cars more for no reason. You are dumb if you think you’re beating the system lmao. People like you really are cucked in every way. “Oh its free monerinos”

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Doesn’t have to be a resort. Could use the points towards plane tickets, hotels... all free bro.

I always try to get my friends to sign up, but they don’t believe how easy it is to get all this free shit they throw at you. The credit card sign up bonus industry has become extremely competitive

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based on what?

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>not one person has pointed out why credit cards are bad itt
sad, this is one of the ultimate jewish usury tricks. you should all be aware

>credit card companies charge retailers to be able to accept their cards from customers
>retailers build this cost into their products
>customer buys product, gets their measly cashback reward that gets completely nullified by the added cost of the product
>more customers are pressured into using the cashback cards or they lose even more
>more customers using the cards means more pressure on the retailers to bow to the jew credit card companies
>cycle repeats

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>You subconsciously spend more because of the cash back
No nigger you might because you're a piece of shit that can't budget.

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We had to fight off the straw man hordes with straw man arguments bc it’s the only language they know. You just have to be able to decipher idiots from irony

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Thx for telling me how I subconsciously spend my money you decisional idiot

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Wholly fucking cope. You are a number, you aren't unique, you follow the same statistical data as everyone else.

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This. Jews stay winning because >>18704996
jamal and sanchez want their 1% cash back. Fucking kniggers

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I refuse to use a credit card because there is the inconvenience of paying the credit card bill and having to carry around multiple cards. I like simple systems so if I can I will cut out the middleman wherever I can. I also despise the financial system and how it is needlessly complex so that retards can skim money off the surface as it moves through their system that does something which the original system should do. If I did own a credit card it would be because I was poor and needed the additional security / cash / flexibility but I am not so I do not.

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I've made between 5-10 K in credit card cash back/ sign up bonuses in the past decade. I've never paid an annual for or a cent in interest because I autopay my balance every month. I've had several credit cards stolen over the years (I used to drink a lot) and it's never been ore than a 10 minute phone call to get a new one sent and the fraudulent charges removed. If I used cash or debit that money would be gone. I've saved a few hundred bucks in the past month by doing chargebacks on vendors who cancelled services but refused to give me a refund. My good boy score is around 780 without ever giving a single thought towards improving it. I live a frugal lifestyle and have never spent a penny "becuz i get cash back derp", if your IQ is triple digits that won't be an issue for you either. If your IQ is triple digits credit cards are literally free money. Of course their entire business model is predicated on the fact that the majority of Americans are idiots, those idiots fund my free money. Thank you, idiots.

If you recognize that you won't be able to control yourself with a credit card then you're actually pretty intelligent because it can absolutely be a trap. But if you have self control and can work the system it's a pretty sweet set up.

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imagine admitting that you are a brainlet simpleton like everyone else.

It only takes a marginal level of self-discipline to not be sucked into those spending habits.

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