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Someone explain to me why all the most powerful politicians and tech people are unironically tranny and or kid fuckers... and how do I profit from this?

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>billions of dollars
>marry that
more proof that money won't het you laid

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unironically buy Ethereum

Microsoft is Ethereum's largest backer.

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I'll buy it at the bottom lol

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Sure thing Q

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wtf I love bill gates now

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why does she look more masculine than him

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i'm sure he has enough eyes wide shut-type orgies to tide him over

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You wont love how he is planning to use Ethereum lol Pro tip Follow David Treat. He is a Enterprise Ethereum Board member and a Microsoft lackey.

David Treat's projects ( EEA Board of Member )







I do not understand this logic? I have been buying for years and yes i hit peaks but mostly valleys. Anytime is a good time to buy something that has this much fortune 500 backing. my portfolio is way up using the only buy never sell strategy. We have not even seen the tip of the ice berg yet.

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We're here for the party.

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Fags like you will never be anything but a wage drone, kys or shut up like your lot in life command.

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>I do not understand this logic
that's because you're a bulltard and have never seen a proper correction in your life

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its been common knowledge since job's death

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/pol/ is always right.

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it was /g/


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considering i do not buy projects like "Chainlink" I can claim to be a better then thou Bull My portfolio will be ever bullish.

My portfolio is literally

80% ETH
20% Zcash

I did however swap all my BTC into Ethereum a many years ago. BTC is dead china killed it.

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cya at the bottom
I'll be buying eth for a dollar

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Satanists love inverting God's creation. It's ritualistic. Probably also a requirement so the cabal has blackmail to keep its members in line, which is the other reason for the child fucking as well, beyond the aforementioned Satanism.

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He thinks its going to a dollar

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>he thinks it's not going to a dollar

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Well now I don't know what to think. Two intellectual titans in deadlock

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An English man. Maybe

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kek what the other anon doesn't understand is the cascading liquidations that will unwind all the defi positions when ethereum drops hard

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they have qt underage female sex slaves in their dungeons at home, they just marry some dudebro to say they are boring married people.

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>Melinda Gates is a MAN.

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just look at the top of his head

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Pictures of powerful rich men and their women always manage to piss me off.

Here you have one of the greatest minds of the later 20th century, a Rockefeller of the computer industry that changed the world and is richer than 99% of others... and his wife.

She shares his wealth, her name is on his charities, she appears next to him in conferences. And why? Cause women are equal, except they’ve got no problem reaping the benefits of others

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that's a man

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How about you care about your own wealth

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>Low iq, the post

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Meant for >>18694809

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Low net worth the post

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wow gates really is a tech/internet-culture trailblazer, first man to get attracted to trannies with the help of a computer

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That unironically looks like a man.

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Inject bleach

My net worth will end up being much higher than yours by the sound of you simping for women. Good luck anon

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>That unironically looks like a man.
kek how has no one ever seen """her""" before

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Maybe you should hit up Bill and tell him your opinion

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Based Billie will cull the herd, long live the Corona. Hail!

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This goes to show that the problem really is men isn’t? It was men who gave women rights, so shouldn’t it be men who take back women’s rights? I don’t know how these so called powerful men can be so cucked that they don’t use all their money and power to create a system where men rule again.

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Because I’m in the top 1% of wealth holders and I still think the current system is cucked

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That smirk!!!! Reeeeeeeeeeee!

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They’re onto us biz

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>I don’t know how these so called powerful men can be so chucked and not create a system for men to rule again

Why would they? They’re at the top of the food chain and can fuck 20 yr olds forever. They have no reason to care about others.

Men historically don’t identify with other men as a group like women and minorities do, they’re individuals first.

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S(he) looks Jewish. I think the real conspiracy is that Jewish Women rule the world. Behind every man in power there is a Jewish women, and Jewish women are very dominate compared to most women which are submissive.

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I don’t see how feminism works to their benefit and even Jeff Bezos got cucked by divorce. So much for being top of the food chain amiright?

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>the real conspiracy is that Jewish Women
the real conspiracy is that there are no jewish women, jews reproduce by stroking eachother off on a 100 kg altar made of solid gold. The egg hatches 4-6 weeks later and requires nourishment from the buttocks of a rabbi

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There are 2 species of humanity living together. The older shall serve the younger.

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I think you have it backwards m8

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Explain anon I can listen to logic and wisdom

why do numbers go down?

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hey Bill

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“The LORD said to her, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger." - Genesis 25:23

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I don’t ever remember Bill Gates looking like a FTM transgender. WTF is this clown world? Did aliens replace our leaders? Is the simulation breaking down?

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Bill getting pounded in the ass by his fake wife is probably what sent him mad
but why us he trying to kills us bros?

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I'm cautiously open to the concept of Melinda gates being a man - but, check pic related and I think the image OP posted looks like a totally different person. Maybe Bill gave "old Melinda" the switcharoo with a similar looking tranny to give this "new Melinda."

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Homosexuals are fucked up in the head. They wanna run the world. And they’re ideas of running the world are so backwards from a normal heterosexual person. They are easily blackmailed. And they don’t have kids so they can work 24/7 to our demise. All so that they can have gay sex. I use to homosexuality was just about gay sex. But it’s much more destructive to society than that.

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To serve his master

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thats what menopause gets you

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They record themselves doing pedo stuff so they all protect eachother. To make it you have to do vile disgusting shit on camera so they can control you

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Probably the truth - I need to spend less time at /pol/

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It's just a thing the elites do, you wouldn't understand anon

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>Maybe Bill gave "old Melinda" the switcharoo with a similar looking tranny to give this "new Melinda."
holy shit
he killed her so he didn't have to give her half his stuff, now a literal man in a wig poses as her and they go into the back room and charlie sheen it up
fucking billionaires man

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Somerset Belenoff rules the world this is common knowledge for anyone who has done their research

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