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Holding anything other than LINK is a major opportunity cost and low IQ. If you want to stack as much BTC or ETH, you should be holding 100% LINK.

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Chainlink is yesterday's shitcoin.

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>ETH hits $6
>"ETH is yesterday's shitcoin"

The next 2 years are going to be hilarious.

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>Does NOTHING for 12 months

>Opportunity cost

Lmao, you could have doubled your money just buying Boomer stocks in March and selling now.

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Its always calmest before the storm.

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Extremely based and redpilled. 99% of the space needs Chainlink to succeed.

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>not using ungoogled chrome or iridium browser


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>the sky is blue
>this is bullish for chainlink

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>Does NOTHING for 12 months

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>Buy in June 2019

>Same value as June 2020

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I'm all in the energy sector now waiting on the reopen. You guys still playing in the sandbox. Smdh

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It'll be $10 by June

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Except we’re still in april you giga retard.

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Give us some picks, bro

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The singularity is near.
I can feel it.

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considering Sergey admitted to bending the knee to a superior oracle network standard... no

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fuck that chinese made scam spyware token.
some guy went to their business and it was some korean gook massage parlor for homo men.
bunch of meth heads smoking/using needles.
shitting everywhere.

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Prove it. Pust your earnings for this week. Eth and xtz blew link out of the water. Also fuck hodling 100% of your portfolio. I was lied to you by you niggers.

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Wow. Its sad.

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Learn how to reply all at once reddit fag

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You really think any crypro will moon during greatdepression 2.0?

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I would suggest a 90/10 LINK/LinkPool split otherwise yes you are correct though. Its by far the safest bet in crypto. Its not a matter of "if" anymore, just "when".

I like how the Oracle presentation with Ian Kleane about IoT, the Singularity, and blockchian etc featuring Chainlink is literally the day after the BTC halving event.

May through August is going to be wild it would seem.

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Go back to plebbit, faggot

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Oh course. This "depression" will be nothing but huge wealth transfer to the few that know where it's going to go

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Lmao u guys r niggers

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Paid by chainlink

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I really hope the SEC gets u paid shills for fraud. That or whatever is in Mubai.

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Go back to plebbit, cocksucker

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I hope so fren. Interesting times ahead

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>During a massive bear market


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dude just stfu and let the noobs get convinced to sell

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Its projection FUD. Lol I'm an investor in LINK and a quite happy one at that. Of course I'm going to tell people about it. What is strange is how much you care about something you don't hold and must tell everyone how bad it is. Why are you so concerned?

I like how the shills themselves use "nigger", "checked", and "based" in fucking everything now "faggot" too. They try so hard to look like the average user its pathetic.

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Gotta get your simps buying desu.

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True. This will be my last public service announcement thread. From now on, I will only FUD or remain silent while accumulating. Fuck them. They don't deserve to win, honestly. I'm done trying to spoon-feed retards.

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considering Coinbase refused to work with Chainlink and chose to adopt an oracle network standard (Open Oracle) from a direct competitor (that makes Chainlink obsolete)... you will not be "making it"

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why wouldnt it? everything is making the move to digital and so is money

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Nah, Sergey will be "consuming" Coinbase.

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This is probably the worse FUD I've seen yet. Anyone with even a modicum of understanding about Chainlink and oracles in general realize this is retarded. Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles and data feeds. Coinbase just made their own oracle. It will be consumed by the Chainlink network allowing Coinbased to begin making profit from their own API. They will probably the first. Its some of the most exciting news about oracles and smart contracts technology since the beginning. Its literally a business/institution getting into the space. It could be more bullish.

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Borrow stablecoins against your chainlink for other coins on aave

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>Does NOTHING for 12 months
>Shows 9 month chart
What did he mean by ignoring the $0.40 link from actually 12 months ago?

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Why hold BTC and ETH when LINK exists?

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>Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles and data feeds.
No it isn't.

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Bc I’m scared.

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No you

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Go to fucking hell you shills

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Fair enough.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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Learn to code brainlets.

Open Oracle is literally a COMPETING standard. And Coinbase chose it instead.

The fact that Chainlink can also use this standard is irrelevant. Anyone can use the standard. The point is no one will be using Chainlink anymore, they'll be using Open Oracle, cause it's superior.

It's a proven fact that it is not. The only person who claims it is is Sergey himself, and he's a known liar.

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Damn, you're still retarded.

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Love this pic, anon. Very based

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It absolutely is...I don't know what else to say?

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Hey thanks, I wrote it! I have a bunch of random shit that basically fuses x/pol/biz/ together. It just puts the pieces of the current puzzle we live in together.

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This was true at 20 cents, but there's much better opportunities now, like Suterusu. Don't be so delusional. Once something enters the top 20, the true big boy gains are over.

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how much are you getting paid or do you honestly enjoy spouting bullshit to fill your emptiness with the idea of making others online feel a certain way? Open Oracle is fucking crypto price data, please explain how open Oracle plans on connecting smart contracts with banking infrastructure, data sensors, cross chain interoperability.. etc. kys

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if only you knew
>augmented reality
>oracle backed data points
>digital avatar
LINK will easily be worth $1000+

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IPX is the best HODL...
Do you know for each session on the Tachyon network you are rewarded?
For every transaction that the node provides traffic to the user is rewarded depending on the price of the session, total IPX price, and the total amount of traffic used.
So get rewarded today.

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this meme is so over. pathetic

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this, but inironically

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Missed LINK, still missing it, pink ID... Checks out

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>Satanic trips

Oh fug.

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