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>economy goes to shit
>feds just print 10 trillion (10,000,000,000,000) dollars to "save" it
How the fuck is money even real? You could renew the entire countries infrastructure. You could give everyone 30 grand. You could fund a mission to mars. You could do so much with 10 trillion, and they just stuff it into something that makes line go up? What is stopping them from printing 100 trillion or a quadrillion? Is the economy just voodoo magic?

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yes, and only time will tell the outcome

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It's not. We just use it for the equivalent for trade, goods, and services. We start wars for these pieces of paper

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>Is the economy just voodoo magic?

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>he fell for the paper having any worth meme
You're just a slave.

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>he thinks there's an """""economy"""""
It's just a made up game to enrich the elite.

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weve been a post scarcity society for quite some time now, this is just the mask slipping. they keep people poor and/or needful just to keep the economy going. the real red pill is theres no longer even any need for an economy. the capability exists for everyone on earth to live like kings n sheeeittt.

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Unironically, the jews in USA had to ruin it again

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There is incredible demand for SUD right now across the world. Especially Europe, which is failing.

They can print this much USD becase there is so much demand for it, it keeps its value.

However, after all is said and done, i don't know what that looks like with so much more floating around in the system after the demand goes back to normal.

It might stay the same, with all the new USD backing the shit tier currencies like Euro, being he only thing giving them value.
Essentially, USD becomes the reserve currencie or the WORLD currency, so the market it serves grew a shit ton, which is why even if the double the physical money supply, potential, USD will still not inflate because even double the supply wont satisfy a new global demand.

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>How the fuck is money even real?
Its debt. most fagots on here still believe its simply printed. the reality is MUCH darker.

The more they spend the more indebted they are to their masters.
Mutts don't understand that the empire that they brag about was not created for their benefit. The FED is acting as the world's central bank. The Mutt will have to pay by way of subjugation, it's the way its always been, throughout history.

The vast majority of /biz/ won't understand this post

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The mutt pays being being bred into a consumer, and a mass consumer, as it is their sole purpose and role in society.

Thats what all this "stimulus" really is. $2000 a month? they want all the niggers and consumers to and buy the latest iphone or whatever bullshti with it.
you can spend your way out of a recession.

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This is the blackest pill to swallow

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It never was. we live in the fucking matrix anon. welcome.

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>weve been a post scarcity society for quite some time now
We can’t never reach post scarcity realistically. Only deluded commies with no knowledge of human nature can believe in that scenario. Fat people disprove post scarcity.

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Money is a control mechanism. Those in power (bankers) have infinite money. Everyone else has finite money. Taxes help prevent general people from making profits and accumulating capital, forcing them to work and keep the economy going, while the bankers continually skim interest off and live extravagantly. Bankers are parasites.

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>as it is their sole purpose and role in society.
don't forget to die for Israel

The Mutt LOVES debt, ffs I can't wait for the 1st world facade to fall. They truly are the worst of the western countries. Such arrogant cunts.

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If they didn't print that money, they could have funded the mission to Mars with one dollar eventually. America won at the international economy so badly that if we don't give out free money nobody will want to play by our rules.

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Currency is trust. You need to think of money as trust. For example, why does the US dollar have the value it has? People will say "Petro-dollar", "its worthless paper", etc. The point is this you TRUST that you can trade your dollar to another person for w.e their selling. You're both TRUSTING that the system is functional and will act as a medium of exchange between both parties.

The Dollar is so strong because the US is so strong. There is very high trust that the US will be able to enforce its value in dollar terms. At the fundamental level of economics, might is right 100% of the time. If the guy with the sharpest spear says his dollars are worth x amount and your dollars are worth y amount, then good luck arguing with someone who can kill you. This is the true basis of economics. "Money" needs to be looked at for what it is, you're "buying" or "selling" trust. Trust = your nations currency.

That's also why doomers say to invest in boomer rocks(I have some silver myself so I'm not knocking it). You're not buying it for the currency value of it. You're buying for the TRUST value of it. Humans have traded with boomer rocks since the beginning, so you're trusting that boomer rocks would maintain its "trust=*value*" during an apocalypse event where the nation cant back up its currency price.

Tldr; if strongest man tell you his paper worth x amount, paper is worth x amount. If stronger man kills strongest man and says HIS paper is worth x amount, his paper is now worth x amount.

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anon, we're able to produce food (real FOOD, not just rice with curry) for 20 billion people now

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Explain this to a brainlet plz

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No one is printing 10 trillion.

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The fucking irony of this post lmao

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Kings require servants so no, we can't all live like that until AI is good enough. But we can definitely be far better off than we are now. Milk cartels would rather dump millions of gallon of milk to ensure the price stays high. Its disgusting how much price fixing and shit like that goes on.

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welcome to the discussion faggot

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You obviously don't understand economics, you can't print unlimited liquidity into the market without inflation and consequences - there are measured responses, interest goes up and down based upon liquidity in the market, there are equalizing factors for capital and markets.

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Taking the world reserve currency off of a precious metals standard was an experiment and it worked for a while. OPEC didn't create an oil backed dollar as most like to think of it, but it ensured the dollar stayed the world's carrot while living in America was the world's dream. At the same time the American Navy decided if you got attacked by pirates by defending your trade routes or not. I could write a book long poker analogy, but it ends with America having a ton of chips and giving up the position of dealer.

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This. Rats ruin everything they lay their filthy subhuman hands on. DOTR soon.

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Because $10,000,000,000 of actual “investment” into infrastructure would immediately imbalance the system. previously low paid laborers would be getting $100/hr. Literal who “Contracting companies” would make more money than Apple and Microsoft while delivering shoddy bridges. The whole system is an illiquid debt-ridden shell game. Guess what the exit point is? There’s only a few right answers.

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They didn’t stimulate the economy with the currency printing. They just kept the financial plumbing working, they kept the credit markets from seizing.

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Learn to farm food or own a ton of gold.

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>Is the economy just voodoo magic?
It seems that way but that's not really the case. Substitute the worlds strongest military and the second harshest conviction rate and the most people in prison in any country. You can see why nobody wants to question the US, We live in an oligarchy controlled by corporations along with the central bankers who have the full power of the US military. US citizens can't do an effective rebellion. The millions who have ar15's can't function and do patrols when their water supply, food supply is cut off.

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Dude just print monopoly paper money and we blast it out to Mars LMAO

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Congrats, you're starting to learn the difference between money and currency. Invest in tangible, liquid assets that can retain value for long periods of time and you won't have to worry about the funbux being over-printed.

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Money of course, is just digits, it doesn't do anything directly, only through manipulating people who think it has value.

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>You could renew the entire countries infrastructure. You could give everyone 30 grand. You could fund a mission to mars. You could do so much with 10 trillion, and they just stuff it into something that makes line go up?
Definitely this.

>What is stopping them from printing 100 trillion or a quadrillion? Is the economy just voodoo magic?
pic related. TL;DR: "inflation".

BTW, yes: they could print money for space exploration, mars colonization, infrastructure renovation. And THEY FUCKING DONT, because those are not the "top 0.0001%" priorities.

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forgot pic

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Nothing, the usd is fucking done. It may take 1 year it may take 5 but buy assets like PMs and crypto

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>The vast majority of /biz/ won't understand this post
You’re really, really, really and truly, gay anon. And worthless. So incredibly worthless and gay that merely typing out this short reply to remind you of how gay and cringe-inducing and worthless you are makes my blood literally boil with rage. If I knew you irl I would unironically hunt you down and curb stomp you with the white hot rage of a thousand fucking suns

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>when did you realize USD inflation won't happen
April 11, 2020

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>The fucking irony of this post lmao

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No we don't.
We start wars over the idea that those pieces of paper have worth.
Not just that, but resources both physical but social resources that can be gained in trade.
But ultimately, it's all meaningless if people realize that those pieces of paper are ultimately worthless and we have nothing backing it.
The problem, no, the reality is....it's not going to take much for people to see that paper as worthless.
The curent form of capitalism depends on a form of slash and burn over production of essentially useless fragile goods in a way that is unbelievably inefficent to ensla...employ as many people as possible.
To make them think that their wasted life = the pieces of paper they make and that they deserve to have the most resources and that the resources wasted for their essentially trash goods is the way to go.
Control of society.

Pure and simple.
The worst WORST thing for the stupidly shortsighted corporate america and this big bank controlled government is for people to become both selfsufficient and conservative.

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>BTW, yes: they could print money for space exploration, mars colonization, infrastructure renovation

No, they couldn't. Society only has a certain capacity for producing goods and services. Increased government spending just increases the portion of that capacity that is directed by the government. And its a logarithmic curve. As government spending increases to infinity its production approaches 100% of our society's capabilities. But it will never exceed it. Certain things are just impossible no matter how many people are working to achieve it.

The printing of money right now is literally just to placate people. Yeah, they could give the money on the condition that you work for the government to build a highway or something, but then you aren't going to go back to your mcjob to serve people or make widgets or w/e the fuck you did before.

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We give millions to literal who? weapons and logistics contractors daily. We pay off despots and sell arms to proxies. Try again faggot

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>Kings require servants so no
We are both kings and servants anon.
You are not a king.
You are a slave who wants others to bow their heads for their master because the kings and queens spun tails of the honor of slavery and that they too will one day have slaves and be a ruler.

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>hurr yurp is failing

Every dipshit American and Brit has been saying this for decades. Just fuck off.

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$5 Billion taxpayer money annually to Israel

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If have to work for a living you are a servant. You have tax and debt obligations you must pay with dollars. And not just income tax, real estate tax, which is passed on through your rent. So unless you're homeless, you have to pay tax directly or through rent. But you have to pay this tax / debt in amounts denominated in USD. The only source of USD is from the government which arbitrarily prints it at 0 cost to them. You are a servant to the government and the government is a entity controlled by the donor class who are the kings. The government prints money to spend it on w/e the donor class king's lobbyist want. And you have to get those dollars or your house is taken from you and you locked in a cage.

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or, if the strongest man says it's worth x, and a consortium of men tired of the strongest man say fuck off we're not using it anymore, and the strongest man doesn't start WW3 in earnest, then it's not worth x

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Anon. The chinks russkies and sandnegris snd most of Africa are conspiring to bury the us during this contrived crisis/attempt to enslave the world by the banks.
And it's worked.
America is officially fucked beyond every measure.calling this the great depression would be doing us a kindmess.
We have no choice but to embrace a post scarcity society buy from small business and create american factory jobs now.

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1) Money is a printed illusion
2) We all just pretend it has value, and we agree upon a certain measurement of value
3) The ones in power only pretend to care about the "value" of fiat, but truthfully they couldn't give a shit about the market or the average joe, they own the government, the land, the right to tax, the banks and the military.

Get back to work wagey

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Listen here you ignorant little shit. Take your meds and let the fed do what they do. Keep your head down stupid goyim. Wealth doesn't belong to your kind. You get a minimum wage job and forget about your dreams because there not happening, ever.

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this is what I'm concerned about, enough people saying theyre tired of our game and pulling the rug out from under the whole thing

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I dont Accept that view. And most amerimutts dont either.
When people start asking questions this whole thing is going to collapse and there's going to be a civil war.

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They can't print too much or there will be runaway inflation, and the fed will bring the rates up to 10% or more to stop it.

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Anon. The game is over.
We lost.
America is not just bankrupt, it's in levels of debt that we will never escape from ever. Or country is stratified, our schools empty, churches, synagogues, mosques all closed down. Even our right to gather has been rkuted.
Even the little murrican dream of small businesses getting rich etc etc is crushed.
Confidence in our economy and fucks given about our country on any level is over.

This is rock bottom.

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They'll just say inflation isn't real and force businesses not to increase or lower prices too much.
We dont have a capitalist society going.
We have a managed economy with a gambling component and lottery tacked on.

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I dont think so, Trump isnt that stupid to put price controls on products. They can't say it's not real, if everyone is seeing it like in the 80s with Reagan and Volcker.

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The Earth couldn't sustain removing the fake economy illusion. You'd have 25 billion poojets and 10 billion chinks

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Poorfags have debt. Chads have leverage.

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yeah that's pretty much where i'm at, most of my savings are in gold except for a down payment for an affordable house that I'm going to try and get in the next month or two, with the idea that inflation will wipe out the mortgage anyway.

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Here is a video with a write up in the description that will give you a good understanding https://www.bitchute.com/video/lSaKoijh6YDd/

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>How the fuck is money even real?
It isn't, and hasn't been for decades.
>You could renew the entire countries infrastructure.
That would be phenomenal, but that would mean that you're paying new workers and not permitting there to be a constant flow of inane talking points and "issues" that need to be constantly fixed due to neglect.
>You could give everyone 30 grand.
Giving the entire country buying power would permit an entirely new wave of potential investors and strengthen their ability to climb out of poverty, and no elites want that or anything like that. That would be almost the worst case scenario imaginable.
>You could fund a mission to mars.
While that would be a potent display of economic superiority, it wouldn't yield profitable returns. You can't sell Mars Rocks, you can't sell your scientific finds to other countries or you risk competitors, etc.
>You could do so much with 10 trillion, and they just stuff it into something that makes line go up?
>What is stopping them from printing 100 trillion or a quadrillion?
Not a single thing beyond convincing everybody that hyperinflation is a possibility, but since it factually is not happening anytime soon, it's just a buzzword to scare poors, but the lie is becoming more and more evident.
>Is the economy just voodoo magic?
No. It is a series of extremely well-calculated infrastructural, monetary, and financial constructs that are ultimately held together by the concept of whether or not they are valuable. The reality is that the "Economy" only refers to a vague whole rather than any actual combination of components. It's like saying whether or not Fred Flintstone's Car works on horseshit or not. We see it drive, so we need to accept it's real and it's working, but we also question why it's running and get no answers, because there are no answers. Just make sure you take your piece of the bullshit pie before it all falls apart, and if things stabilize, just remember your lessons.

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Not a good idea to own property, the west is sliding to hardcore left wing totalitarianism to pay for the boomer welfare and millennial retards want their free shit too

All property will be confiscated by the government, all investment income will be taxed at 100%, once China reforms their legal system to be less corrupt and people have more confidence in it, the capital will flow in from the collapsing west

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Take your meds

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The fuck are you talking about?
Look, oil is NEGATIVE 40 bucks a fucking barrel yet gas prices are basically the same.
Gas should be less the 50 cents a gallon right now.

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The mass majority of your country are poorfags, they might drive a BMW but, they are poorfags. Never seen a country so addicted to debt & being good consumers.
>Chads have leverage.
Yep Euros have access to much more leverage, hence why mutts use options

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Our world cant sustain the modern capitalist control dogma and maintain humankind.
Either we go or it goes

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superaids nigger tongue my anus. most of biz wont understand this post.

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while I don't disagree with the general sentiment, I'm not ready for that redpill. I live in the middle of nowhere so hopefully will avoid most of the civil unrest. Property market here isn't nearly as inflated as some areas. I also feel like homes are one of the bags that the government would keep propped up to avoid complete societal collapse. Also, need a house to raise white children in, so it's sort of a hedge if things don't go 200% tits up.

>> No.18684965

Iening property rather then paying for the illusion of owning property for a while is a good investment.
If shit hits the fan you have land and a way of living that can be maintained with minimal effort and capital.

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>Fully reasonable analysis of the failures that come with fiat currency
>Devolves gradually into "Jewish Bankers are destroying the world and will plunge all of Christendom to chaos and warfare forever"

I swear you retards literally cannot help yourselves. It doesn't matter how much you are aware or educated that wealthy investors and bankers are fucking you, you are obsessed with the fact that it's the Jews doing it, and completely blind and silent whenever it's a white American or European doing it. You guys could have such a clear cut message if only you weren't so obsessed with Israel.

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This dollars are in the financial markets and are not redeemable for goods and services. As long as they remain in the financial markets alone the price inflation will remain there and not in the economy at large.
This is the same thing that has been happening since 08, just the numbers are larger because of the law of diminishing returns.

>> No.18684980

kek, its all true.
You don't know how bad it is.
Probably never left your state.

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i just drop the jew part when discussing it outside of 4chan

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>You could do so much with 10 trillion, and they just stuff it into something that makes line go up?
It isn't just money comming out of now where, its commming out of future earnings, devalueing our currency, harming price discovery, and fucking over lower and middle classes

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The point isn't to save the economy or rebuild anything, it's to further enslave the working man.

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>inflate economy
>deflate economy by recalling debt
>crash it

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The planet would be fine if you removed all the Africans and 90% of poojets and Asians.

We're going to have a runaway greenhouse effect when the population gets over 15 billion

>> No.18685424

Nah. Muh eugenics saving the world from ebul overpopulation bullshit.

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A unit of currency claims an amount of value that you or I produce. All printing does is dilute that claim. There is no increase in productivity to back it.

>> No.18685500

Modern monetary theory.

>> No.18685522

Productivity hasnt been connected to currency in a direct way for fucking generations.
This isn't a capitalist economy

>> No.18685538

based and truth pilled. fuck the economy

>> No.18685558

Stop questioning things goy! Aren't you feeling sleepy? Ah so sleepy...

>> No.18685576

>How the fuck is money even real?

Your still using it as a medium of exchange right?

>> No.18685604

Fred flinstone's car is running cuz he moves his feet on the ground

>> No.18685659


So you're saying only the evil white people are causing climate change?

>> No.18685663

Well he wasn't expecting coronavirus to shut down the economy, but Trump wouldn't put on price controls.

>> No.18685672

that's what negative interest rates are for. take dollars out of circulation

>> No.18685689

and what is your purpose in society then? I assume you are posting on chan because your incredibly important and life improving work has been put on hold for the day?

>> No.18685720

its not pretend, I can take my illusion money and buy gold, food or even pay your ugly sister to blow me.

>> No.18685733

that actually sounds like a good solution. Why don't we shoot all the landfill garbage and pollution in to the sun? oil is -$40 a barrel. Solve like 4 problems.

>> No.18685736

imagine posting here and knowing less about economics than a 4th grader. holy fuck kid go back to pol

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Wrong. The U.S will go through a long bear market, lose a lot of it's hegemony throughout the world and will have to learn to become self sufficient. A weaker dollar means American exports become more cost effective. There is always a duality to what is happening but if you think the Chinks are going to dominate the world when literally everyone hates them and their reliant on importing everything you're mistaken.


No we're just a service sector society living on credit to sustain a diminishing and once prosperous standard of living. Emerging markets are doing great. Why? Because they produce and export goods which grows their economy and lifts their standard of living. The U.S needs to go back to fundamentals. Post scarcity is a meme and there will always be work that needs to be done.

>> No.18685897

The market will never recover in a real way.
And yeah, this iui s what will kick off american fundamentals and self sufficiency again.

Also post scarcity isn't a meme or fantasy. Its here. The work to be done is for our own good and to uplift and rebuild society.

>> No.18685949


It can but it means we need to grow the population and produce things and live within our means and not over leverage ourselves. It will be a long road but I think If their is any country that can do it, it's the U.S.

>> No.18685963

Now he's getting it.

>> No.18686000

ironically spending does stimulate productivity

italy and greece wanted to cut spending to pay off debts but that only triggered an inescapable cycle of deflation and dwindling investor interest

that being said a lot of 'productivity' is just junk and scams

there is no easy answer, almost every route has a catch which is why crashes are an inherent part of the system, like yin and yang

>> No.18686011

It's only bleak if nothing changes, we could be the united federation of planets minus the space travel.

Why and what is considered "work"? If post scarcity is a meme is postmodernism too? Very few believe the work they are doing is needs to be done. We need to refocus on what matters to us in an ideological sense, if we can ever agree on what that is

>> No.18686200

Anon. Dont try to sideways push importing a new slave class to uphold the current broken pseudocapitalist system.
We have enough people tech land and know how
All.we need is direction and belief.

>> No.18686235

Trump has no control.
Secondly the economy is managed and controled.
Well never have inflation because no one buying goods = loss of confidence and loss of fucks given about consumption.

>> No.18686304

Why would no one buy goods, amazon stock is going up right now, the economy still has a basic level of productivity to work from and build on. And there is massive stimulus to build inflation from infrastructure spending.

>> No.18686539

its not an analysis of the failures of fiat currency. there is nothing about christendom. its all the exact opposite

>> No.18687032

Why can't you people get over that you have to work for a living and that labor has x amount of value?

>> No.18687753

Anon, you're forgetting one thing.
This a capitalist economy.
This is a big ponzi scheme combined with a lottery

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>This is a big ponzi scheme combined with a lottery

>> No.18687770

Stock market is a fucking joke anon.

>> No.18687933

>The U.S needs to go back to fundamentals. Post scarcity is a meme and there will always be work that needs to be done.

You are delusional if you believe we can support our current way of life on manufacturing based economy.

Sure, America needs to bring manufacturing based jobs back home - but manufacturing has lower profit margins and lower barriers to entry.

Look at this way, for every hour a software engineer works he makes 30 minutes in "profit time" - 30 minutes that are to himself. Those 30 minutes create a demand for utility that creates other economies.

Someone working manufacturing may only create 5 minutes of "profit time" for every hour worked, which depressed aforementioned economies.

>> No.18687976

Congratulations, you have just figured out economics.

>> No.18687993

I'm laughing all the way to the bank.

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Tfw mutt with no debt

>> No.18688228

>support our current way of life
Anon, everyone, basically fucking everone lives off of debt in this country.
Multiple fucking industries in this country DEPEND on people going into debt to keep going!
We can't support our way of life right fucking now.

What we are doing right now, at this very moment, proves how stupid and pointless and ultimately bullshit our economy is now.
We are all post scarcity and people are starting to seriously think about over priced easily broken goods that they will depend on and are looking for things that will last for long years and give them little trouble.
This miscalculation of a fake pandemic only reveals this to everyone that the old "Made in america" thing is going to be a big deal.
That we don't need as much shit as the "people" in media and online says we do.
It exposes a lot of bullshit to everyone and the genie is not going back into the bottle.

>> No.18688274

Anon, the only ones laughing are the banks.

>> No.18688529

I make money off the stock market so I laugh with them.

>> No.18688547

This is why taxation is theft.

>> No.18688637

right after nixon took us off gold

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>> No.18689008
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>> No.18689062

Money should be tied to labour. I think there was a country last century that tried to do this but the banks didn’t like it so much.

>> No.18689086

We do care when others do it but Jews are 99% of the problem so that’s why they get the most attention

>> No.18689112

yeah once they got rid of the gold standard it's not backed by anything but every dollar the fed prints is technically debt that's why the national debt is so ridiculously high right now and keeps getting higher.

will any of this matter? who knows. probably not. if they print 10 trillion dollars out of nothing and it doesn't cause hyperinflation or seriously weaken the dollar then i think people are gonna want UBI sooner rather than later though.

>> No.18689139

no, people still need to work in service jobs and shit. we haven't reached the point where we have total automation or robots capable of doing all that shit. if everybody "lived like kings" and got free money you think anybody would want to work at fucking mcdonald's or drive a truck?

>> No.18689144

we already know the outcome bud. hyperinflation has happened to every currency ever created. they are following the pattern to the T.

>> No.18689872

>everyone hates them and their reliant on importing everything.
So literally a new USA.
Fuck this shit I’m out the S&p and into SHANGAI before it gets crowded you have fun holding dollar denominated assets.

>> No.18689970

it's time for money 2.0 - and im not talking crypto.

>> No.18689971

Perfect answer to this mess

>> No.18690306

How do I get on the green side of this?

>> No.18690344

Checked. Everyone stop bitching and do something anything about it like this guy

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