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what is wrong with wh*te men?

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Larp. No lawyer would assist with that, not even the biggest most hook nosed kike, too much risk.
>t. Lawfag

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They aren't retarded and are fine with accountability.
That's what's wrong sweety.

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I agree, this sounds fake af

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Most of these paypig posters are larp and 12th wave feminism disorder

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frens, these findom thots lie all the time about what they make, same with onlyfans. they make it seem like they make tens of thousands a month from simps in order to attract legit simps. it makes them look higher quality. ignore these jezebels, invest in your relationship with Jesus

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Calling larp

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>Fantastic, it's a win-win for all!
wtf am i reading

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The guy wanted to have a debt contract so he feels dominated by a female, what is there to not understand?

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True but also fuck off christfag, Christianity is a plague

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Do you even know how lawyers work

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It could be real, but not enforceable

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You all pay money to get cucked by crypto, why is it bad for this guy to pay money to get cucked by a female. He's closer to getting laid than you are.

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The Bible has scientific, historical, medical, and architectural foreknowledge. Remember when atheists thought they disproved Jesus because there was no evidence of a house existing where He lived in His time period? And then they got BTFOed in 2009 when they found a house from that time period?

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Christcuckoldry is literally a religion for simps.

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I like to crossdress and get fucked by a guy while a smoking hot female watches me and calls me names.

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Anyone here see the recent InvaderVie drama?


She lost like 90,000 Twitch subscribers from this. I found this kind of hot honestly. I really hope she resorts to doing porn. She’s hot as fuck.

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There was nothing comfier than the atheist debates on YouTube around 2006-2008.

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thats based

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I don't trust the devil. When I was a wee lad I sucked at spelling, I've sent countless of Christmas lists to SATAN instead of SANTA. Where are my fucking presents satan?

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What is there to explain
Just look at history

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why are you taking this stupid roasties word at face value, like literally she could be lying so that her other retards feel threatened and try to top that fake story, or at least pay her more.

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retard atheist newfag didn't even reply correctly. What aspects of history? Christianity puts women in their place.

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>He's closer to getting laid than you are.
No he isn't, kikestress.

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execute them both

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Yeah that’s why christcuck countries like USA are so gynocentric right

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“Christcuck” absolutely. Cucked by the master of the universe, of course. You all will be Christ cucks one day. Better learn who your master is now before he throws you in the fires of Gehenna. Χριστός Ανέστη αδελφοί

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I bet the IRS is very interested in this, be a shame if someone reported her for tax fraud

Contract sounds legally binding, sounds like income

Uncle Same is the ultimate mack pimp - pay up bitch

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The US is hardly a Christian country anymore, after roe v wade was passed it all went downhill from there. Places in the south are still gynocentric retard. What aspects of history makes it a simp religion? Try to figure out how to reply to my post this time.

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* anti - gynocentric

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I'm not angry, I'm just sad.

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Why do christcucks allow secular “laws” to trump the divine law?

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Why would anyone with even the vaguest understanding with history assume there were no houses in the middle east during the peak of it's occupation by the Roman Empire?
I think you made that whole thing up.

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They also think that it makes others more accepting of their decision to be a whore since it is so “lucrative.” It’s way harder justifying being a whore when you’re making below minimum wage.

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>Christcuckoldry is literally a religion for simps.
yeah read your nietzsche if you want a more detailed even exhausting explanation why.

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It’s the same thing as every nig and every rapper. Everyone has “traphouses booming” and are “bout that paper” to justify the actions that they know are shitty and immoral. Stop believing what you see on social media. It’s all a lie.

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Why do whites allow themselves to be cucked and murdered on the cobbles their great grandfathers laid? subversion and lies. The church is no different, subverted and used as a tool to destroy and enslave.

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There's a lawyer who will write anything.
No judge will enforce it.

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We don't.
Pic related wrote an entire book about it and how Jesus couldn't be real because of it

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Stop being retarded, Jesus Christ. You retards consume idiotic media nonstop and think it is a portrayal of reality. You are literally the retards who watch “reality TV” and think it is real.

Social media is reality TV 2.0. It’s all lies. It’s all poison. Stop consuming it and allowing it to occupy space in your head. Live your own life.

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atheist newfag rubbed off on me, i made a boomer move. here's pic related

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this is stupid and i am mad that it made me aroused

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>government prints $2 trillion, hands 99% of it to millionaire/corporate donors, gives scraps to you as "stimulus"
>this is fine

>some random thot on the internet claims someone paid her 100k

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man you got me excited i thought the first hashtag said #smartcontract in the catalog thumbnail. Ive been here too long.

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Why does reading this make me erect? I dont want to be a cuck

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Those companies are public and some of us have shares, faggot

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Burn in hell sodomites.

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>wall of text
I know but just read it. 100% worth it, these people actually walk among us.

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Oh yes, I'm sure a couple cents will trickle down for your shares of 1/100,000,000,000th of a widget factory. Meanwhile, the CEO probably got a fat multi-million dollar bonus.

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The first 88% of your comment (by word count) made sense.
Lost me at the last 12%

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How did TheAmazingAtheist go from putting a banana up his asshole on video to unboxing random tech things on YouTube?

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Sounds like most other relationships. Sad but true.

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Kek someone post the YouTube link for this please I want a good laugh

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>i am mad that it made me aroused
stop masturbating, stop watching porn

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Remember when the based atheists removed kebab and jews from europe dozens of times? Yeah, me neither.

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100k for a 3 year debt contract? I’m just imagining marriage as lifelong debt contract for potentially millions or billions in divorce because her (feelings) just aren’t the same anymore :(

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> findom
> after highschool

this kid doesn't have fin how can he be findom

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>Yeah that’s why christcuck countries like USA are so gynocentric right
And atheist Sweden is the stronghold of the patriarchy right? How fucking stupid are you bro?

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The world would be objectively 1000% better if all white men were eliminated.

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swedes are christcucks, they have a literal king and a cross on the flag

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not really an argument
atheists are just lazy christcucks

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This is the future for linkers. What a sad bunch

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That's not what you said when you were fucking my ass last night Daddy.

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Interesting read, never thought i would empathize with these simps.

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Reminder that having blind faith in anything makes you a sheep and therefore subhuman.

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Fuck yeah, the Earth existed 2000 years ago. Atheists BTFO

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of course it is. she's trying to sucker other simps out there into giving her money. she's hoping some idiot sees this and goes "oh somebody is giving her 33K a year i'll have to do better!"

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Fake shit

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>t. r*dditor

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I just BTFO'd you. So where is the atheist stronghold of patriarchy and morality?

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Atheists don't need a stronghold of patriarchy and/or morality. Unlike Christcucks, their worldview isn't formed from a centralized patriarchal power structure that claims to define objectively what is right or wrong and has a mission to subvert all humanity under its control.

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