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Previous bread


Read here first

Perhaps I'll tag all of the best posts for discussion there

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I just clicked on a random post to paste the link obviously. You should read the thread. I'm going to post highlights

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Are you the OP of the last thread?

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Lots of these posts were informative imo

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Do you still attribute the summer you spent in Guatemala picking beans as the beginning of your spiritual renaissance?

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This latest scandal has done it for me. I’ve endured 2 years of sybil fud, toilet fud, JSON parser memes, fake google pnd, 700k dumps, literal dump to zero, fake partnerships (looking at you MOAB), the same slides over and over, stiff competition arriving (BAND, Tellor, UMAprotocol). I’ve endured it all, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. The Link dream is dead friends. We will go down in history as one of the most epic meme campaigns, but unfortunately reality has caught up with us. It was nice knowing you all, I wish you all good luck.

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What? Stay on topic or I won't reply


Nice pasta

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I will not be threatened by a Guatemalan bean picker.

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Just go over to posting edited tweets by sergay. Wait you already did that

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what are the odds sergey (who is a crypto OG and is fully familiar with market cycles) times the release of staking/other bullish news to come on the buildup/peak in 2021 and 2022?

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Can't thank you enough for the thread, brother. The information is relatively easily accessible, but rarely is it all in one place as it has been in your posts.
Thanks for that thread, and this one. For every one idiot posting fud in here, there are probably 20 or more Link holders reading, and appreciating your insight.
PLEASE keep doing what you're doing.

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Odds that Sergey strategically times the release of staking = 100%

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>release of staking
Not happening. Chainlink is a private network of KYC nodes which may or may not be the same person, Sergey himself. No NEET nodes for you, ever.

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Thanks for all the work you put into educating.... you guys have potentially set me up for life with all your help.

What is the relationship between Open Oracle Standard and Chainlink network? Are they interoperable? I dont anything about OOS

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I don't really care about NEET nodes, Uncle Schiff. Link will do what Tezos did but on steroids whenever staking is announced and functional in any capacity

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Why do linkers try to make it seem like this is bullish?

Open Oracle is literally a COMPETING standard. And Coinbase chose it instead.

The fact that Chainlink can also use this standard is irrelevant. Anyone can use the standard. The point is no one will be using Chainlink anymore, they'll be using Open Oracle, cause it's superior.

>Chainlink benefits from both.
No, Chainlink does not benefit because there's no need to use both Open Oracle and Chainlink together. You could if you wanted, but no one will. You don't need 2 oracle networks that do the same thing.
>Coinbase is literally just a signed API price feed that will be used by Chainlink
No, it is a signed API that follows the competing oracle network standard Open Oracle. They purposefully did NOT use Chainlink's standard, but a competing, better, free, tokenless, KYCless one.
>Open Oracle is an oracle standard that makes different systems compatible with each other
It's a oracle network standard that does exactly what Chainlink does (medianizing multiple oracles), but for free, and without token/KYC.

By definition, a standard can be used by anyone, so of course Sergey will lie and say "it's no big deal, we will use it". But there is no need to use 2 standards. People will simply do like Coinbase did, and adopt Open Oracle only instead of Chainlink.

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Based. Just sold. They are really going all out today, kind of spooky.

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So let me get this straight. Link isn't an oracle itself but it's a collection of other oracles that agree to use the LINK token under the LINK umbrella and then LINK consooms oracles as time goes on and gets bigger each time it consooms?

so it's like a pacman that eats oracles?

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I think the team is aware and he browses here or used to at one point in his life probably, he fits the MBTI type.

He doesn't appear to announce anything and lets the other side do that for the most part, so besides staking other integrations will be based on corporate public relations. I think Sergey is most concerned with a seamless launch/transition for all parties involved to ensure Chainlink's success. You get one try at this more or less. The price will reflect a flawless production launch so its one and the same a bit.

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Thanks, Yea the best thing you can do is generally not engage them if its an emotional argument and if its incorrect information on the tech or something, just post the correction, its what I do for the most part. Its hard for them to work around if you stay on point.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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>whenever staking is announced and functional in any capacity
It isn't going to happen. This is what you don't seem to comprehend.

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Thanks OP.
I missed a lot of this thread since last night, thanks for the highlights.

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Sure it is, probably mid May early June, before the Oracle announcement in Q3. The Coinbase oracle price feed is an excellent sign staking will come soon so Coinbase can monetize their new data stream through the Chainlink network.

Neet/Anonymous nodes will come once the system has matured a bit and the chance of a 51% attack is significantly lessened. Its a serious concern when there is a low amount of data feeds for an individual piece of data

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I missed that thread, awesome highlights, God bless, fren.

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Not to mention signed data directly from Coinbase will lessen some of that concern as well. Many nodes not run by Coinbase will use that exact same price feed to perform jobs, stake and earn LINK.

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Yes you are on the right track. Chainlink the company itself does run a few oracles/data feeds but yes the system is a collection/decentralized oracle network that any oracle can join. Basically put any oracle standing alone centrally is always less secure than being a part of decentralized aggregation of individual data feeds. Ideally you even want multiple oracle nodes of the exact same data feed from the exact same source. Sergey is truly brilliant because all the other oracle creators focused solely on the efficiency of the tech and creating the best product he created the system in which they all had to join in order to avoid the attack vectors outline in the "oracle problem". He understood bridging the gap for institutions easily was the most important aspect.

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What is the 42 pill

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Check the archives. LINK is the chosen token basically

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What happens after steaking op? Which industries will jump on board first? I've heard insurance and derivatives but nothing confirmed.
What is going to happen with Smartcon why don't they just do it virtual?

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Awesome info OP. Much appreciated.
I tried to go through the original thread as it was happening but got called in unexpected. My Drug lord client decided to beat up his wife, had to deal with his bs.

How can I take advantage of my stack early?

t.240k link wallet.

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>My Drug lord client decided to beat up his wife, had to deal with his bs.

Alright then...

>How can I take advantage of my stack early?

I would leverage some of it using AAVE, probably 40K of them. I would buy fuck ton of LP with it. Once staking drops you can just live on dividends and quit.

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Are you 1SyGWRgL

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The agenda is still going forward. Honestly, Corona is real but the impact is overblown. The traditional markets were incredibly over valued on a global level. Corporate debt speficially. They needed a reset event this is it. Smart Contracts/automation are being introduced soon and it was the perfect way to unemploy millions of people without them rioting. Many people simply won't be getting their jobs back.

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From the last thread, yes.

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Only person with a fucking brain itt. It so frustrating watching new fags rotate in and post about things they are just learning about.

Retards don’t want to face the fact Coinbase chose a different oracle. They know all about chainlink because you can trade it in their platform. They still decided to use something else. Pls don’t talk to me about muh Coinbase will supply data to the network. If that was the case they would have said so

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Stop watching chico faggot and coming up with your stupid theories.

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> Chose a different oracle option
It's literally their oracle that will connect to an oracle network. One data source is centralised and it's doubtful anyone would want to just use a single price point. They're just signing their data for others to use.
Good. I hope people are liberated from bs work that could be automated. We should be aiming for UBI and freeing people from labour hours that have existed since the industrial revolution. Technology somehow couldn't reduce the standard working week so hopefully corona chan can.
I love how standoffish everyone is. Comfy af not feeling obligated socially now.

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You are getting that from other anons who are coping. Stop repeating that shir.

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Missing high res, marine?

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No they got it from me
Seethe harder tranny

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Nothing to seeth about. You retards have been buying my bags since ico

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How did the HJ deal go today

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this was a beautiful read.

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Dude with the invisible enemy going around causing everyone to die a brutal death you should forget shitcoins like link and concentrate on your family.

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Had a quick look. Open oracle only supports price feeds? appears to just be a smart contract that aggregates multiple inputs for use by another smart contract.
How do they sell their data with this contract / how are the data providers given incentive? I'm assuming this would need to be supported by a separate agreement / system.
If you keep it all on chain and utilize a single system you reduce complexity which in turn reduces cost of implementation and operation.

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I mean UBI could happen but then people are more depedent on the gov and its a nightmare. What is more likely to happen is RFID/Smart ID will literally pay people for everyday tasks they already complete as an incentive to get the mark. That is also a nightmare as well.


World Order 2020 666

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>Link will do what Tezos did
Is this some sort of backhanded fud?

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>its bigger than Libra
For real?

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Yes it involves a digital currency blockchain based version the Yuan by the Chinese government its insane. They will be using Chainlink via Hyperledger to facilitate the data transfers via smart contracts.

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I'll pay you .1 btc if you show me proof that you ever sold more than 10k link (i.e. ICO numbers)

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I’m in Burgerland. I’m worried if I buy LP I’ll get fucked.

I was buying LP at ICO but didn’t because it was 1 eth=1LP. I wanted more. That greed cost me.

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Thats crazy. Thanks man.

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The association of Christ with CL pleases me (but not doing anything good for my bipolarism)

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Oh you think that's bad. Their heebery is off the charts now. 35 ETH for 1 LP. It's not going to get cheaper though. Only 548 hoarders and they're all in Tel Aviv.

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This is probably the best summary and counter-fud of the current state of link. They couldn't just open up staking to NEET nodes from day one.

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What evidence for hyperlerdger or any of its products? Why after all your good input you say that without evidence?

No big criticism intended, but sounds like you're just comparing the public description of BSN to what you imagine hyperledger would be whitelabled as under CCP situation.

Why u say that?

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Based tiger mummy did her shilling

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You believe in Jesus?

Also, what of the fear that ID2020 is the Mark of The Beast?

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I forget when, but I’m a later thread someone linked to these posts and said they were almost certain they were from someone on the link team. And yeah, this explanation for why the team did KYC nodes first absolutely 100% makes sense, and in retrospect is obviously the only way to start the network. Once you realize that, the ’not decentralized’ fud is completely dealt with.

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I've thought that before too, about that post and a few others. Seemed to be very well worded and provided a new idea that wasn't really talked about at that time.
Also when they had their logo rebrand in 2018, almost instantly after the announcement someone posted a high quality version of it even though none existed on the new site at the time.

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hello frens, fellow linkmarine here -- we need to do the needful and buy the dip, nothing to worry about here! the coinbase and the compound which are the most successful (successfully stupid) cefi and defi projects with the inside connections to government and stuff have no idea what they are doing. it's all just meant to discourage us from seeing the real future.

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>Open Oracle is literally a COMPETING standard
Does CL actually have a protocol which directly competes or is this statement true garbage?

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>Establish McDonald’s of Blockchain
>Synthesize Big Mac of Data Aggregation
>Consoom 4th Industrial Revolution
>Realize We’re All In This Together

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I wish McDonald's would start selling gluten free big macs so I could enjoy them too.
T. Feels bad man

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you get 6% pa on crypto.com

yes it’s not completely safe but it’s a legit Company and they won’t get hacked..
their crypto visa Card is pretty awesome as well

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I fundamentally do not understand what a sybil attack is or how an oracle works or what it does or how it will make me rich. All I know is I'm here with all my frens, and we're all going to make ti together.

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Good fren here
Just brainlettin here trying to understand what is going on

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Someone answer

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Pee pee poo poo

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kek, a lot of those links are just the same shill posts over and over by that literal schizo /x/ wannabe. Over half of them mention no chainlink at all even (i clicked the links)

linkies literally never refuted any of this guys arguments (pic). its over. all linkies can do now is spam
there isnt going to be an openlaw anymore. Open Oracle makes chainlink obsolete


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