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I know why you faggots do it. Gatekeeping and keeping normies out etc.

However why the fuck are you not doing it on Twitter instead now?
Normies don't come here for Link information anymore. nothing good is even shilled her anymore for LINK.
Nobody will sell here due to FUD anymore, we passed that point on Biz.

ALL the normies buying Link are doing it from twitter now, and it is uncontested with no FUD. Your efforts will actually be rewarded for fudding on twitter, where smoothbrain normies will sell or question shit on mass.
your effort to reward ratio will be huge on Twitter. why the fuk Fud link here where it doesnt do anything anymore?

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Kind sir, we do it because we can eat food and popo.

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Because twitter talking about it is fud itself. They all have like max 100 link """stacks""" while the average stack here is atleast ten times higher.
They need to maintain the scam outlook on all fronts and try to make people who have actual stacks sell.

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Genuine question to Linkers

Why do you keep lying about partnerships and the tech? Why does Sergey keep lying about partnerships and the tech?

We all know it's KYC centralized oracles with pathetic adoption for 3 years and $4bil marketcap (proven fact)

Why do you and Sergey keep lying to try to scam normans into buying your bags? Are you really this evil?

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i live the colfiness of anonimity, i xan larp as multiple people and make linkers seethe, it feels so fkin good! i get dopamine rushes at each fud post i make this is too good!

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Ok makes sense. I also realise normies have lunch money stacks.
anything with thousands of Link here wont react to FUD anymore.
Sure you can maintain the FUD on all fronts which has value, but i see pretty much 0 FUD on twitter.

It would also rustle way more jimmies to spam the FUD there

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This for example, would be actually decent FUD on twitter to normies who would probably mass reply or argue with it.

On here all it does to 99% of Anons is make them ignore it, or reply to it and call them a pajeet. nobody takes it seriously or would come close to selling due to it.

It's very low effort to post this on Twitter too, with much more results. why are trannies not doing that?

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Twitter fags are just too insufferable. They're even cringier than redditors. "Were all gonna make it!", ">he doesn't know", "it's ok if he just has 50 LINKs, no need to be mean about that dude!", "We're the linkmarines!"

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>Be the Pajeet you want to see on the street.

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Normie shit token

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His argument doesn't make sense at all. In what way would a neckbeard posting copy pasted fud make a person with 200k usd worth of link sell? Goes to show how bitter they are missing the boat when they stopped referring it to vapourware and now refer to it as normie shit

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>im an og linker with 1000 link and im going to get etherdelta chads to sell cos of my awesome fud
Seriously fucking kill yourself
Those of us who did all the digging have 100k or more and will never sell to parasite faggots like you

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Ok I’ll bite.
Let’s say , _________(famous CT with 100k follower) begins fudding, the only to see the singularity swallow him whole. Now he loses all previous earned (or bought) followers for leading them to lies.

Here I can fud and no matter what happens I won’t be doxxed. No effects.
I bought early because I’m smart. I fud here in the beginning because I needed a bigger bag. Ive got it, now it’s just too much fun.

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>trying to FUD the top 5 highest volume crypto asset
>trying to FUD an asset listed on literally every American exchange
>trying to FUD an asset every last nigger on facebook knows about

It's literally doing nothing. Why don't you start FUDing bitcoin while you are at it?

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Don’t be that guy that wants to be buried with his cash when he dies. Most of us have accumulated. Like the saying goes “You had three years”.

Lots of miserable people out there. Don’t worry your enthusiasm as a nobody with 50 twitter followers isn’t going to make the masses flood in. Let’s get rich my frens!

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We are the largest holders of LINK and the most concentrated source in one place. Sure the FUD is more effective on twitter, but the people actually viewing just won't buy, they don't have any holdings. I would bet everyone on twitter has less than 500,000 LINK combined minus the few people like Chainlink God or something. Meanwhile people here are buying 1,000 or less, don't understand the problem and see endless pajeet spam and might get a bit scared. Overall though yes their efforts are sad and wildly ineffective, which is why I assume they get paid per post.

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I still can’t believe how effective you guys have been at getting all of reddit to ignore link. It is truly a psyop for the ages.

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Reported for racism AKA homophobia. Want to be next? Try me.

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>implying anyone who has a respectable stack will sell because of some low-quality shitposts

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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maybe because link is not worth fudding? have you ever thought that it's not the one?

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chian link is unethical at its very core
bitcoin was a promise
that the jewish middleman (bank) between you and your money would disappear
eth was the friendly evolution where you could program your money (smart contracts)
chian link is the geedy middleman, between you and real world data, all over over again. get lost and die already

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