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If you aren't longing this chainlink dip you are seriously fucking retarded. You are going to regret it so badly. If you look at the chart it's been creating a higher high and higher low consistently. It's going to break upwards soon breaking this channel. Don't miss out you niggers. Or at the very least don't sell your fucking LINK.

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In other news the sky is blue

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When do you think it will break out and where does it consolidate after next major pump?
I'm thinking we're going to see $15 in the next six months and consolidate around $11 (based on nothing but my ass)

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Everyone my village Mumbai alonging thus, sir.

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Verge pumped to a 2.3 billion dollar market cap on the last halving. Many months after the halving of course. So I can only imagine what sweet LINK will.do.

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So I've never really been into Crypto until very recently, how do I purchase chainlink and how do I get started? Sorry to be such a noobie but if there's a faq or something I'll read that if you guys can point me in the right direction

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considering the google partnership was confirmed fake and the team exposed as fraudulent liars... no

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Considering your vagina was confirmed fake and your tranny discord team exposed as mentally ill degenerates... no

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15$ in the next 6 months seems pretty reasonable desu

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Have you considered considering yet?

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I hate this image because it means $1,000 is impossible.

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this image is retarded, look at the second column, it says that the previous ATH, BTC was 36k$

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>It's going to break upwards soon breaking this channel
it's forming a rising wedge on falling volume inside the channel on LINKBTC and LINKUSD though, more pain before we break out, who knows though LINKETH looks like it's ready to chadstep

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How can you be so sure. Bitcoin halving dump pandemic depression. Fuck your OP it’s all over.

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What about them memes though? They got us this far

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Bitch, you stupid.

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also this image is retarded because i don't understand the gaps between the ranks,
you can have the first 25 ranks going from 367.17$ to 366.0$

why does it consider that mcap is multiplied by 100 between rank 1 and rank 11...
this chart makes no sense at all

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because it's happening TONIGHT

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suck my dick jeet

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based schizo

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That's right.

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Pieces of shit ITT that wont just fucking listen. For once in your life how about you profit off of a fucking trade.

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this is the future they are missing out on let them miss the rocket launch

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I agree, it's better to just fuck off and then laugh at them later. Fucking retards

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