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why is making money so easy ?

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What platform is this

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We’re gonna make it fren, similar chadfolios

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fucking based. see you at the top frens.

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Rate a 2 month in Newfag wallet.

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You didn't make a cent until you sell them.

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get out of chainlink tf are u doing?

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So is xrp fucked?

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I wouldn't sell under $4. Over $4 I'd start securing my profit.

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Its not even keeping up with bitcoin. 18 fucking cents. What a joke.

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linkers will make it

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Kinda sucks cuz all this fucking bank hype and moneygram is so unfounded.
I threw $600 at it

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I'll be on the hodl for a long time, this is money I have written off and can forget about. I have a good job. Goal is to make 300k to wipe my mortgage.
Did you know Mortgage is Latin for Death Pledge

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Lol crypto making money. Your buying and trading Monopoly money. If anyone is interested let’s make our own coin and start scamming.

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XRP notoriously pumps last from everything else. During 2018 bullrun, everything was pumping before XRP and XRP dropped to #5 on cmc briefly right before shooting up to #2

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We will make it.

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Gonna make it

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Fuck you biz

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Shill me on UBT and LIT please

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>I longed useless shit tokens during a global crisis and the clown market saved me

well done.

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But how much did YOU pay for them.

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wait a minute, those are all stablecoins! you scamp.

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Chad reporting in. Don’t mind the TRB balance now, I will have 1000 by next week

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Why are you trying to fuck someone else over, you asshole?

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Dude, chainlink is a meme here, I get that you're new but thought I'd let you know

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thanks mate
now I'll cash some of it to USD and buy low
hope you're doing great mate

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Yo fuck this guy
It's very, very painfully obvious that link is not a meme. Good job newfag wallet. You have a nice amount there for just starting. DO NOT SELL YOUR LINK UNTIL AT LEAST $500 BRO. Rsr does seem like a scam (to me) though.. haven't dyor tho

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>Dude, chainlink is a meme here
You don’t set the rules you shithead. Go write about Sergey’s betrayal or something

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