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>he bought the top

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The front page of the website screamed ponzi. If you bought into this you deserve to get rekt.

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Yup, it was just the typical pnd satsgang biz scam. We had a lot of newfags recently so I'm sure they probably got a lot of anons to fall for it

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That's the whole point retard. Using marketing tactics many scams use to onboard people who typically fall for the real scams.

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i dont think the top has been established yet

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>the typical pnd satsgang
no it wasn't. you guys still don't get it, do you? this ponzi is on a scale so much bigger than satsgang brainlets can even comprehend

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The whole point is to rob gullible idiots like you of your money and enrich the founder

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This guy is thinking 4th dimensionally.

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Can you buy this on exchange?

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I don't know about centralized exchanges, but you can buy it at https://uniswap.exchange.

Just paste the HEX contract address (which is 0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39) into the token search.

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That's like saying buying Amazon stock robs you of your money and enriches Bezos. You have to stop thinking so black and white.

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>bought the top
What do you retards not understand about pumpenomics? It literally can only pump. There is no fucking top.

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You know that amazon actually provides value right? This is just a ponzi scheme. It could probably pump a lot more than this, and you can ride the wave to the top if you want to, but don't pretend it's more than what it actually is. And be careful not to be one of the bagholder when it eventually comes crashing down

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Certificate of Deposit is a product.

Hex provides it.

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how are you supposed to profit if nobody sells?

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Who, Richard? Yes, we know. And he's gonna keep buying the top every single day for the next 7 months.

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Cereneum does everything hex does and hasn't pumped.

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Because it's shit. Didn't they just copy some old buggy HEX code when it was still being developer a year ago?

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It is stone cold SCAM.


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that video was a waste of time but I agree that it seems to be a scam

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Yeah Certificate of Deposits and making money, is a scam.

Good idea, stay away.

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these people do no understand what a ponzi scheme is. hex is obviously not a ponzi. a ponzi has to depend on new investments to make payments to old investors. eventually no new investors are there and there is an exit scam. hex doesn't promise you profits in anything other than hex which it can do via the smart contract. that's not a ponzi.

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how are you going to get profits if now new investor buys your bag? its a scam

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this "CD" is a meme boy. just dont forget to sell on the way up. not many gullible people around these days to unload on, but quite enough for a 10-100x from here

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he's staking for 10 years minimum

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That can be applied to literally every crypto, stock and business product in existence. Peoe buy shit because it gives them some sort of value. Value proposition here is you stake and collect inflation + any bonuses + any penalties incurred from other people ending stakes early. In addition, you can include hex in defi projects and build an ecosystem of products around it. It can be used as currency or as an SOV like Bitcoin but faster and with an added bonus of having decentralized CD characteristics.

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You get more Hex for Hex sake, not for fiat gains. That said, it *is* pretty much a scam since it chooses to use scam discourse. But if you know it's a scam, and they're not trying to hide that they're a scam, why the fuck not? All of crypto is but usually tries to window dress it as some respectable tech product

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Exactly, its providing a product .. a CD

Ponzi's don't do that.

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doesnt have to be a new investor. and... thats true of all crypto. if someone doesn't buy how can you sell?

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>Equating some crypto Bitconnect ponzi to Amazon stock

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Yeah Hex is more like an insured institution.

Very safe.

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More like a scam fuck off Richard

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Reminds me of a Mavrodi scheme from back in the day

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The idea is to buy things before they get big, my dear boy. Do you know how many people believed in Amazon in 1997? Not a lot. In fact most thought it was a dumb idea.

Hex is not a ponzi by the way. It's not paying out in USD. It's paying out in hex which you yourself mint via smart contract. So it will always be able to be paid out.

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A decentralized smart contract can't scam you.

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chart is starting to look bearish imo. i sold and took profits. i might buy back in if this thing can regain all time highs after the dump today. good luck boys.

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>Reminds me of a Mavrodi scheme from back in the day
This, exactly. Thanks I forgot what it was called

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amazon actually delivers something. hex is just a good greater fools theory. you cant do shit with those tokens other than sell to the next retard. just dont get caught being the last retard. endless upside is a meme. rinse repeat

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You get a smart contract akin to a C.O.D.

All these baseless arguments of ponzi, when there is a product.

Come on brainlets

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HEX delivers financial mechanisms. More will be built.

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Why can't you use hex the same way you use Bitcoin? It's actually a better store of value with the CD mechanism and you collect inflation instead of Chinese miners that dump the price. Why can't you exchange it for foods and services? Why can't you plug it into other defi projects and create interesting financial ecosystems? Oh wait you can. It's just all about getting that network effect and adoption. Which hex is in the middle of accomplishing as we speak.

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richards streaming

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Rich is streaming now. Get in here! Tell him he's a scammer.

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There's absolutely huge value in designing a new, better incentive system to do store of value. BTC was an attempt at that. Hex just does it much better.

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it does nothing retard

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the dudes made millions from this scam but he’s still an obese loser with tits who no one would swap lives with, schulmer the jewboy has conned many in his life

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btc is secured through pow you know, actual work has to be put in. this token is printed out of thin air, maybe look up what an actual CD does. its valuable as long as people think its valuable as everything in our monetary system. 0 sum game, best greater fool theory with staking mechanism i´ve seen to lure gullible people in. i bought in, made my gains and went out. easy peazy. lets see how "bullet proof" this smart contract will be to a hacker

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Its been audited multiple times

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Except for being the first blockchain CD in history u mean

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Oh god here we go with POW memery lol It proved to be so useful so far because BTC is getting constantly 51% attacked, right? Hex doesn't need to secure the network. It's built on top of ETH that already fulfills that function. What it does provide is an outlook of future supply, and a unique twist on time value of money. And it has been through 2 audits by the way.

Tell ya what. Let's just wait an see what happens a year from now. I'm tired of spoonfeeding.

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>0 sum game
what a sad pathetic existence

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It's so satisfying to know retards like you wont get in until like a 50X from now.. It's actually poetic fucking justice

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He's again, streaming

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Instead of streaming 24:7 how about he gets this on a first world exchange people use

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because it's a scam that no one wants to list

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> Imagine being a cuck for centralized exchanges

Uniswap is where it's at. No KYC/AML, you own your own tokens, fast, cheap, awesome.

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no fag , exchanges know he owns most the supply and through uniswap you’re buying direct from Schueler

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uniswap has turned my into and ETHiest

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he's staking from the origin address for 10 years. why would an exchange care if he owns the origin?

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Hey dumbfuck, it's an open source decentralized system. Anyone can be a pool provider there. Is that somehow worse than giving your identity and buying from algo bots designed to fuck you in the ass from a CEX?

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Ok Richard

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Just make sure you cash out before SEC gets back from covid19. Obvious scam.

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the cope from noHEXies is cring af

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>it's an open source decentralized system
The claim tool is closed source, faggot.

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No it's not anyone can make their own frontend. Or just buy on uniswap. Do you know how any of this works nigger?

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You're lying, I went looking for the source code. He even tries to justify keeping it closed source, retard.

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In other words, the more coins minted every day, the less valuable your coins become. It is simple math.
Richard has acknowledged that the Origin Address has the power to manipulate the value of HEX (based on existing supply and how much of that supply it owns.

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Threw 150 bucks for shits and giggles cause I met Richard and he's a pretty cool guy.

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Oh my you're more retarded than I thought. You can make your own frontend connecting to the contract API. It's not hard. Go look at it on etehrscan. What he probably meant is you cant just c&p the code to make your own copycat token.

>> No.18631926

Yeah...that's why there's a staking mechanism that collects inflation. You don't know anything about this token huh?

>> No.18631945

>What he probably meant is you cant just c&p the code to make your own copycat token.
Then that's the reason it's not fully open source, and that explains the reason he keeps it propriety.

>> No.18631965

>In other words, the more coins minted every day, the less valuable your coins become.
It's called the launch phase faggot

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The amount of Hex will radically increase right at the end of that period (351 days), maybe 2 times the entire amount, depending on staking length.
For those that do not understand the concept of inflation or dilution, please allow me to simplify it to its basic fundamentals.
>pic related
In other words, the more coins minted every day, the less valuable your coins become. It is simple math.
Richard has acknowledged that the Origin Address has the power to manipulate the value of HEX (based on existing supply and how much of that supply it owns.

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There is no Board of Directors. There is however a self proclaimed Thought Leader who has designed the first ever coin that gives 100% of the proceeds to the owner. All those scams Richard called out has only served as homework to reverse engineer the blueprints for a ‘get Richard Schueler rich quick’ scheme.

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Inflation hasn't stopped BTC or ETH from going parabolic in the last few years. And guess what? In hex, stakers collect inflation instead of miners. What else ya got?

>> No.18632175

Okay and that's bad how exactly? Do you want your coin to have a bunch of low tier copycats? And what does any of this have to do with uniswap?

>> No.18632180

>It is simple math.
It's called the Big Pay Day and it was never a secret

>> No.18632185

>And what does any of this have to do with uniswap?
This is the reason CoinMarketCap won't list it.

>> No.18632190

They are artificially pumping the AA with 9,000 etherium everyday.

If you really must get into this scam don't use the AA.

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>Inflation hasn't stopped BTC or ETH from going parabolic in the last few years.
Both have finite supplies.

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Holy shit

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You can view a chart of future supply for hex precisely because of the staking mechanism

>> No.18632329

There will be over 1 TRILLION HEX by the end of the year.

>> No.18632331

It's already on coinmarketcap. CMCs API is just shitty when it comes to dealing with DEXes

>> No.18632342

When you stake your hex you burn it.

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It is marketed as a Certificate of Deposit (CD) but in most scenarios what you deposit into a CD is something with stable value so the % increase of the CD is an objective increase in value. There is no certificate of deposit—all Ethereum deposited is forever gone with no refunds and you are left with HEX to find buyers for to recoup your investment.

“Imagine a bank CD where you get sand in exchange for dollars, and you can use the sand to get extra sand but you never get your dollars back?”

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I bet people used the same argument against Bitcoin 10 years ago. "Why are you buying this imaginary internet token with real, valuable dollars?" I don't see why hex can't become a better SOV than Bitcoin eventually if the network effect becomes big enough. And it can since it has fundamentally better game theory which attracts people.

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fake news

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>CMCs API is just shitty when it comes to dealing with DEXes
they are deliberately censoring us as is coingecko

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Richard having half the supply isn't better game theory. Stop lying.

>> No.18632525

Bitcoin is useful, and fully open source.
Hex is an ERC20 token with no uses.

>> No.18632526

>I bet people used the same argument against Bitcoin 10 years ago.
They did. This is just like BTC and ETH in the early days. Remember you are not debating these retards you are educating the audience.

>> No.18632541

>Total Supply as of 22 April 2020
Ok, Richard.

>> No.18632542

The bitcoin boomers are having a particularly hard time with this

>> No.18632583

How many times did you use Bitcoin today?

>> No.18632606

More times than any one used hex

>> No.18632651

Lol no one can rebutt this

>> No.18632756

Huh? It's literally the rambling manifesto of a schizophrenic. There's nothing to rebut

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You dumbass the total supply is already priced in

>> No.18633339

this is embarrassing
guy literally missed a 50x
he will be seething for years
he's overthinking a erc20

>> No.18633359

every erc20 is open source, you have got to be kidding me pajeet

>> No.18634117

How does anotherhex.win work then if it's closed source front end?

>> No.18634175

Not HEX the claim tool is closed source

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>eth has a finite supply

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Those fudding this project just need to accept that this clown just blew the crypto world right open, exposed it for the money-grabbing, 49er scam that it is, and played it better than any of the pretend tech company scams out there. I was adamantly against this project and finally gave in. This is truly crypto at its essence and it's fucking beautiful

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I'm seriously considering fudding this shit as hard as I can, just so people will cry even more when they miss out on mad gains. Also I want more time to accumulate. I never would have thought the real pump would start before the launch phase was over. I'm sitting pretty comfy with my meager stack starting from day one, but man, I do I wish I had bought 3x as much as I did.

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