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Started with $600 turned it into 60k in 12 hours. Tell me again oil is king. Fuck crypto. Oil market so volatile right now. Stop chasing make belief moon mission and go back to traditional commodities.

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>Started with $600 turned it into 60k in 12 hours.
Please elaborate.

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Larp. How’d you do it then?

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Opened a CFD short on oil. It was obvious the price was going to crash. See the market use about oil going into negatives. The beautiful thing is that the funds you are earning on the way down are immediately available for reinvestment on the way down so I just kept opening shorts all the way down.

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This is my profit now. Up to 125k I’ve withdrawn 20k already. Sucks cos this years tax bill is gonna be massive

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150k now this shit is falling again

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Please spoon feed

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If not LARP, take your win and get the fuck out now - legit

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I can be your sugar daddy

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This op
Bank it

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unironically take your winnings and GTFO before some dumb shit happens and you lose it all

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Yeet 40k drop in like a minute

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I’ve already won. I’ve withdrawn 20k profit so I’m up 20k no matter what.

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Pls mentor me

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Shorting is the only way to make money in commodities now.

Shorting literally is the new paradigm of commodities.

I’m going to spread this on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube everything everywhere.

Everywhere and everyone, Short short short short short short!!!!! Short to -$0 !!!

Until not even 1 penny is left and then the USO ceo will owe me money :)

Did you not hear that everyone is shorting now?

Omg like shorting is brilliant! Oil will ofc go down forever.

You didn’t think that it would stop going down did you? Didn’t you hear?

Shorting is the best way to success!! I’m writing a book on shorting.

Shorters and bears foreverrrrrr and everrrrre!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxox

hey guys do you like shorting? Because I like LOVE shorting!

Omg I love shorting so much! I love talking about shorting the market and how much of a genius I am for posting brilliant ideas about being a silly bear and shorting hehe!

I love it how shorting is backed by technology too. Shorting is a new paradigm!

I’ll short forever and everrrr ;) Ive been shorting Oil this whole time.

I’ve been teaching others and I’ve gotten my neighbors and coworkers into shorting the market and we are all making a lot of money together shorting Oil and JCP.

I’m really popular now among my friends because I’m making so much money from shorting the market, a lot of them are making accounts on robinhood now because of me.

I can’t wait for this bear market to continue for the next 5 years until I have enough money from shorting to buy a house and hopefully a nice car.

Shorting is the best guaranteed way to make money in the longterm

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>Shorting is the best guaranteed way to make money in the longterm
Imagine if people actually fell for this line.

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what's that broker anon? , it looks clean

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So basically trading penny stocks

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What app are you using?

I'm fucking missing out on all of this because brainlet

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did you use leverage?

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I will literally pay you to trail your calls

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Plus500 would recommend it for any noice/new trader simply because it’s so easy to use and setup.

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>not available in the United States
time to use a VPN

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Literally the best way to make bank if you're balls to the wall chad.

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It got shit reviews from what i've seen.
How long have you been using it?

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Can someone explain to a newbie? Is he selling shorts or buying puts? What's going on

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how you're going get a ssn or an us bank account than?

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Damn you're right. What's a good broker for us sharters?

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3 years. Only ever had an issue once when it crashed for like an hour because of to much traffic.
Usually have my withdrawal within 3 working days.
Advanced traders may give it a bit of a bad rep because it lacks some more advanced features but overall I think it’s good for a newbie

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how much leverage are you using?
also don't be too greedy, keep withrowing more as you profit

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Based kiwi. Dont blow up your account tho

>> No.18613179

unironically robinhood, you can even get fund before sending money

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I’ll post a full breakdown of all my positions once I’ve taken profit.

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Does anyone care to explain?

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it's shorting, probably using leverage

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Make a discord and help out some bizbros

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It’s a daffodil larp

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I thought you couldn't short sell on Robinhood?

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>daffodil larp
If I make my goal of 500k I’ll give away some money to 4chan users.

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yeah you're right, i suggested a newbie broker and forget about lack of future market
the problem is the rest of them take a while to verify and transfer fund

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join @ChadLounge on telegram

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im to stupid to understand how to do this

even after watching videos on youtube

destined to be a wagie forever


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Don't give anything you have to anyone.
Life ain't a charity brother, you're the only person you should care about.
Grats, if it ain't a larp i'm proud of you man.

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how much leverage/ also be carefull if you loose it you will regret like you never regretted anything before(i know because i was it similar position, but with only 100k)

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are you using plus500?

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NZ Dollars? Are those actually worth anything?

I thought they were like the game tickets at the penny arcade, where you have to roll up with a wheelbarrow full just to get the plush toy.

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My take profit is set at $5 a barrel

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This mindset of “once I make X I’ll take profit” is why most shorts get liquidated.

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The NZD is actually one of the strongest currencies in the world. Heavily used by speculators

>> No.18613365

Lol no. Every position has a tp point and stop loss. The mindset of not having one is how you loss money. I’ve done my research and believe oil could easily spike down to this range. Before going back up.

>> No.18613381

Good luck.

>> No.18613405

Looks like NZD is 59c on the dollar today. Keep saving up those nickels kiddo, and you might be playing with real money someday.

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>just gamble and you'll get rich like me!

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I bought 40,000 USO at $2.40 and sold at $3 in the same night,. KEK. Put the gains into UND.

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Whats with this platinum meme, dont you know the only thing that makes platinum platinum is a stamp? Its not a rare metal, its a 100% controlled market.

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So what are the odds my account gets banned and my money gets stolen by Israel if I open an account via VPN? I swing trade crypto futures already and do pretty well so I'm interested.

Also I just noticed the CEO of Plus500 literally stepped down yesterday out of nowhere, why? That makes me a tad nervous.

Finally, even if I got an account set up wouldn't I likely get flagged sending money from a US bank account, what are the ways around this? Basically are there any better options for US traders to do this and capitalize on oils volitility. I feel I'll be too late to the game once I get actual funds in an account but then again perhaps not

Thanks for answers in advance.

Also good job OP if real

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Almost half way lads

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lol op you and i are literally doing the same thing right now. my winnings are " humble" compared to yours just 300% but damn that feels good im not the only one

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>even after watching videos

Read a fucking book, anon. Jesus Christ, the internet isnt everything. Buy a book on investing then sit your ass down and read it until it clicks.

>> No.18613515

this isn't investing nigger, this is trading. anyone who tells you to read a book to learn how to trade is either poor or a scammer

trading of any kind can only be properly learned by doing it yourself and getting BTFO many times. those who make it are the ones who refuse to give up and finally learn the importance of risk management

>> No.18613518

Honestly I wouldn’t now. Because I’ve never had to deal with that.

It’s been awhile since I setup my account but I believe you have to also be address verified. It was as simple as taking a photo of a utility bill with my details on it.

You can withdraw and deposit via PayPal so they can’t see where the money is coming from.

>> No.18613552

Will send some eth to someone who step by step shows how to do this for fellow biztards

>> No.18613592


Hmm well CFDs are illegal in the US which is fucking lame because otherwise I need much more margin available to get started, closer to 4,000-5,000 to get a position rolling without getting BTFO in one random swing. I'd prefer to risk more like $1,000. I'll look into the website but if my address is required I'm basically shit out of luck it would seem. Thanks OP I hope you hit that 500,000 mark, you're gonna make it

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Show what? How to daytrade?
Fucking hell, just go to any broker and start risking your money. I bet you hold 4 types of crypto with dreams of moon pumps.

>> No.18613606

>read a book to trade future
nigga you can learn this shit in 10 minute

>> No.18613613

*gambling with better odd

>> No.18613644

stay poor hodlet, maybe if you wait 5 years you will be able to breakeven

>> No.18613653

Tbh if you can learn to buy and sell crypto you can learn this.

>> No.18613681

this is complete shit advice. you wont learn everything in a book but there are things about the market you'll never know unless you sit and read exactly how it works.

>> No.18613685

What website are you using to short with? The only stock broker place I know of is robinhood.

>> No.18613706

US traders are SOL here unfortunately Plus500 requires enough account verification to fuck us. Residency proofs basically. Its still tempting to start a futures account though

>> No.18613718

anything you won't find in investopedia if you ever needed to konw it?

>> No.18613720

Any notable Plus500 alternatives?

>> No.18613737

he's using plus500, and trading cfd not futures contract

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cheers m8 make a discord

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you can short in any other brokers, in fact us broker are better since you trade contract not cfd

>> No.18613761

books are what you (can) use to refine after you have already learned the more fundamental and important things about trading, which is how to manage risk and how to model your trading strategy to best complement your own personality. the overflow of information is one of the single most detrimental things for a new trader to deal with. loading them with a book full of shit they have no practical understanding of will just confuse them and demotivate them more when they inevitably fail

you don't need to know jack shit about orderflow or fundamentals to succeed trading, especailly in crypto. the market is so speculative that there are piss easy psychological patterns you can print money longing and shorting over and over. all one needs to learn is how to spot a fucking support and resistance. all the rest comes easily with trial and error

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>piss easy psychological patterns you can print money longing and shorting over and over.
so you must be a millionaire by now

>> No.18613787

>Its not a rare metal
Nigger you dumb

>> No.18613790

Exactly which product did you choose within Plus500? Was it "sell oil"? What leverage and did you u really start with $600? Unironically just opened an account. Can we follow ur trades?

>> No.18613800

I'm doing research now on it, I'd prefer CFDs as the barrier to entry is much lower. I suspect any website out of the US that lets me get the ball rolling will likely be sketchy as fuck though

He started with 600, for a futures contract I'd need to start with closer to 4000 from what I'm seeing to safely start without one pump liquidating me. I don't know the oil market although shorting seems like a no brainer, but relief pumps do happen and I don't want to get caught with my pants down. I can lose 500-1000 I don't care to lose 4000. Again, I'm looking into starting a futures account anyway though its tempting.

>> No.18613836

the problem with cfd it's you're dealing with you're broker, he has an iterect in fcking you over and can change the term at any time, in fact etoro fucked thousand of traders today with he made the maxium profit of oil 100% and than stopped oil cfd completely.
but if you trust your broker it's fine

>> No.18613843

What book should I read anon?

>> No.18613875

you don't have a time to learn, do you think all these people making banks now because they read a book?, it's just the market so volatile now that's it an opportunity in a life time because of corona

usually the best traders make 7% a year on their investement thus why crypto was so popular

by the time you learned from the books the opportunities would be long gone

>> No.18613902

>shorting seems like a no brainer
not for long, trump actually moving to stabilize oil, he already banned chevron from importing oil from venezuela

>> No.18613908

Congrats anon! A years wages in a day

>> No.18613952

OP when did you open your positions exactly?

>> No.18613966

>believing this shit

>> No.18613986

This was the first position I opened yesterday

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Rip didn’t attach

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Found him.
Liquidate his positions.

>> No.18614079

Congrats man, that's huge. Don't wait too long to take a profit

>> No.18614080

Are you nervous? Is your heart racing?

>> No.18614084

Also for anyone interested plus500 offer a free demon account that you can trade real time in with fake money. If people want to have a play.

>> No.18614116

pretty cool just made $12k and counting in the demo account. almost got completely JUST'd

>> No.18614121

so it was fake money?

>> No.18614135

Lol no the demo account says demo all over it I believe

>> No.18614165

You can't be this stupid. Come on.

>> No.18614194

Can I do this if I'm a dumbass?

>> No.18614210

Yes. I am a dumbass.

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based mosque patroller, i'm jelly

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>believing this shit
nO oNe EvEr mAkEs MoNey iF I dOnT

>> No.18614254

Literally all storage facilities are full and production is still WAY to high for the current demand.

They where literally paying people to take it because they had no room to store it and you can’t just dump millions of barrels of oil.

This still has room to fall imo

>> No.18614275

jannies would blow this thread rather quick

>> No.18614301

hah GAY!
I started by opening a Binance account, and clicking a random value in the middle of the Buy chart.
Over time, I learned how to swing, and not be a retard.
I can now apply my trading principles on any broker.
>>18613308 learn like a baby... trial & error is the best way to learn.

>> No.18614306

Setup a discord or something idk. I’d find away to make it happen. It’d take a few days to post to my account anyway.

>> No.18614364

You crazy based motherfucker

>> No.18614421

kay why not, let's see how many browsing this thread at least

>> No.18614542

TACHYON is for everyone and also desires that all should join to benefit from it and in regards to this Tachyon makes their staking payout to be two times better than the former.

>> No.18614555

teach me ur ways
disco gg/ebF2u8

>> No.18614644

is this thread a Plus500 shill thread?

anyway, if true: you have the advantage of being at the other side of the world. that's how you can bet with this much with some degree of security, I guess.

>> No.18614695


>> No.18614816

So where is the Discord link?

>> No.18614825

discord gg/yRCo8tIe

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File: 11 KB, 186x230, images[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

אוי שיט!
Is Plus500.com not loading for anyone else?

>> No.18614888

I'm not American

>> No.18614900

Said I wasn't available for me either. I'm American though. Didn't see the app on the google store either.

>> No.18614910

>research on +-100.000% swings over the course of a few hours
Good luck OP

>> No.18614914

It's Australian

>> No.18614918

just level up and get on prime-xbt.io

>> No.18614950
File: 59 KB, 1024x628, dcsq1io-5c5501ed-d350-4636-bd21-0cf9590d15a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which ticker to place a put on TD ameritrade tomorrow, and for what length?

>> No.18614969

Great, any other apps that allow me to do what OP did?

>> No.18615003

You are a legend OP

>> No.18615011

It will work but op got in at over 21$ its now near 10$.

>> No.18615025

be careful it could easily swing back and liquidate you.

>> No.18615027

Based , did similar on Plus500 with BTC a few years ago and turnt 2k into 70k within 6 hours , fucking mental .

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best thread in the last few months

>> No.18615075

Based. Could use some cash

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This is fake right? Seems like a potential LARP

>> No.18615124


Oy vey! Anuda shoa!

But seriously, Plus500 is meant for non-Americans so you should have no problem unless its blocked in your country.

eToro is international and noob freindly

Please share your knowledge as well.

>> No.18615141

How can I do this from the USA?

>> No.18615155

oh wait are you OP on a different IP? I was shitposting, the discord link is here

>> No.18615200

Do you get taxed on capital gains in NZ?
Or just on the withdrawal amount ?

Also Plus500 looks shady as fug
>founded by jews, headquartered in Israel, but HQ in london...
>fined by FCA for cheating
>negative revenue for years
>so many complaints about stolen money from user accounts.
If I'm you I cash out as I go.

>> No.18615215


Would love to learn from you OP. I’m tryna pay off god damn student loans

>> No.18615221

You can trade commodities/futures on any american based broker like tdameritrade.

>> No.18615238 [DELETED] 

What platform is OP trading on?

>> No.18615249

Plus500, not available for Americans like everything good in life.

>> No.18615262

why are Americans so cucked?

>> No.18615270

based two year old pasta

>> No.18615296

damn, I'm so poor I dont even have 10$ usd right now, If I ever make only 10k I'd consider "make it" already, god please god I just need so little to happy, is life unfair?

>> No.18615311

Cause you gotta be a (((credited investor))) if you want to even get involved with higher level finance and it costs like 100k to do that.

>> No.18615326

At last someone on /biz/ made cash. You shouldn't get too greedy though, you can easily lose it all.

>> No.18615331

just use prime-xbt.io

im a burger and i use it every day without a vpn no problem.

>> No.18615334

stop begging

>> No.18615337

I think I will, thanks fren.

>> No.18615349

I already noticed your crap, no I am not OP..

>> No.18615362

dont give shit away

you dont know what degenrate scum filth youd end up supporting

give it to your parents or siblings
or anyone you consider blood

>> No.18615376
File: 483 KB, 1125x2436, DABCFEA2-419F-462A-ABBE-B2EB4CC8AE36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry went to make some dinner and watch Netflix for a bit. Opened a new position also.

>> No.18615380

Good larp OP you can do this with demo account. Post funds tab

>> No.18615391

Someone else with a brain.

Get your win and leave, OP

>> No.18615396

>new zealand dollars
kek, what is all that worth, like 50 bucks?

>> No.18615405
File: 405 KB, 1125x2436, 44B2CB75-01E0-40AC-B995-1500F42EE357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18615412

I got Plus 500, how do you make a position like you are doing? Do I need a gold account?

>> No.18615445

>discord gg/yRCo8tIe
repost invite plz

>> No.18615446

how can we follow ur calls

>> No.18615452

post invite link please <3

>> No.18615454

mother fucker is legit.

>> No.18615457

Ouch that gotta hurt

>> No.18615467
File: 13 KB, 276x268, FarAwayFug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cucked again by being in the US.

>> No.18615475

Do you really think the commodity that the reserve currency is tied to being volatile is a good thing?

>> No.18615491

I'm using degiro but it's not so dumb-friendly or I'm beyond retarded. What should I be looking for to make some gains similar to you OP?

>> No.18615507

if you cant figure that out from the thread you better just leave it before loosing everything

>> No.18615521

What do you do when you signup, like what would be the country of residence you would use

>> No.18615525
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Oi you kiwi cunt charge your phone and send me $5,000 AUD pls ;_;

>> No.18615526

Withdraw another 50k or something mate.

>> No.18615530

damn man I wish I could have some money to start doing what op is doing, do you think any average joe can do it without any knowledge by just shorting levarege or better stay off?

>> No.18615532

why would you want to follow his calls he has no idea what he's doing. this shit can work if you have really lucky timing. happened to me once when i was a noob and i made 700k in a week. the problem is that you'll end up losing most of it again since you have no clue how to manage that kind of money

>> No.18615545

its a very unique situation with oil being so volatile, else you wouldnt make that much profit even with a 20x leverage or more

>> No.18615547


>> No.18615552

that being said, op probably lost like >50k from this little pump already again

>> No.18615564

lol probably more by now oil is PUMPING

>> No.18615565

What trading platform is that anon
T. Fellow kiwifag

>> No.18615572

how do CFDs work?
Is Plus500 taking the other end of your trades or is it just an intermediate?

>> No.18615576

read the damn thread kiwi

>> No.18615583

His stops probably all triggered. If he was watching then he'd surely have went back in at resistance a few seconds ago.

>> No.18615587
File: 12 KB, 504x450, 2020-04-22 17_24_36-Plus500 WebTrader _ Leading CFD Platform _ Online Trading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope everyone had a chance to put their money in.

>> No.18615592

op added short again and again on the way down. The very first little pump like this one is going to cost him a LOT.
Well be safe with your money OP, please don't go full retard.

>> No.18615625
File: 14 KB, 1212x75, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18615645

Not really I still have the equity in my account to cover it and it’s still back down.

>> No.18615651

how fucked are you right now?

>> No.18615652

Pretty based anon but keep your cash and seriously pull out before the end of the week. Market is too volatile you'll lose it all.

>> No.18615654
File: 46 KB, 300x416, brazilpng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is so much money that I could life retire from it, 10k is enough for me right now. why god does that?
I'm in this life and death situation right now because of third world country problems and if I had only 10k I'd guarantee my survival.
Someone help me please, help me ahhhh god why why why
I hate this all so damn much
is this real? someone tell me it's not real
why man, can I learn how to trade like op and be lucky like him someday? I bet he don't even need that money
Im tied of it.

>> No.18615661

CFDs are issued by the broker you use, there is no underlying asset or something, its just orients itself at the price of the a targeted asset, atleast in my country you can get margin called but not get into negative balance through it

>> No.18615662

Nope I held and it’s already recovers

>> No.18615676

Don’t trade what you can’t afford. Also don’t trade on advice from 4chan

>> No.18615681
File: 39 KB, 1226x240, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah it's just a demo account too

rate pic related

>> No.18615683

Legendary hands plus a deep equity pool in an obvious market. You're going to be a millionaire.

>> No.18615685
File: 522 KB, 500x737, ▄█ █▄█ ▄█▀ ▀█▀.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>margin call

>> No.18615686

stop begging

>> No.18615687

Just got out of bed man, no need to get too confrontational already. I was asking for some pointers as I only know how to buy/sell stocks. I was hoping /biz/bors could help a brother out. Gonna take a shower and eat some breakfast now and brb

>> No.18615690

stop browsing /biz/, come back when you have atleast 21 btc

>> No.18615694

Should i open a short position now? is oil going down further?

>> No.18615704

nop, OP's run is over, i'm long here

>> No.18615708

b4 I go I was asking about degiro bc I can't seem to find any CFDs on oil ana the UI is not as noob-friendly as plus500 looks like

>> No.18615718


>> No.18615731


>> No.18615740

This is just getting fun. Dollar movements either way. Something big is gonna happen soon.

>> No.18615759

Yeah this is the most fun I've ever had trading. what a time to be alive

>> No.18615760

I'm rooting for you NZ bro you have inspired me to convert and give it a try.

>> No.18615769

The problem is you blame the wrong things

It’s your fault. You spend too much on useless shit. If you were truly in a shithole, you wouldn’t know English, and you wouldn’t have a smart phone. It’s your fault b

>> No.18615785

Use prime-xbt.io

Way more user friendly with 100x on CRUDE and BRENT

>> No.18615793

What did you set the sell of oil at and what did you set to buy it?

>> No.18615800

> snorting

>> No.18615807

I did a google search and found out degiro doesn't do CFD's. I also keep getting these ads for plus500 for months now. Should I pull the trigger?

>> No.18615833

why not just use an actual broker? it's much harder to make money on plus500, i would even call it noob trap scam

>> No.18615836

This oil market is so fucking wild. Using OP's Plus500 demon accnt to play with oil stock. jumped from 10k profit to red -15k in a matter of half a minute.

>> No.18615849

Probably playing with the full fake 50k. Put in how much you would actually use

>> No.18615852

because, like most people itt I'm retarded and poor (oxymoron, i know). I'm trying to make profit on a volatile market outside crypto with very little money to throw.
Nice dubs btw

>> No.18615854

hell no i want to LARP for a bit longer.

>> No.18615861

>my cfd broker turned off leverages on oil

So that's what getting cucked feels like

>> No.18615867

You could imagine the $50k is $5k

>> No.18615872

dude what the fuck...are you serious?

you're fucking serious dude?

you know how many years of pain i've been enduring trying to make it to 200 grand.

I wasted over 150k of my hard earned money for 5 fucking years and i;ve got less than 30k left.

then you come over here and turn 600 dollars to 200k in less than a day?

how is this fair?

you are a NUT! now go buy a fucking house with those winnings...DONT GO BACK AT IT AGAIN AND LOSE IT ALL!

>> No.18615885

Nah man you know it ain't happening.
We're all addicted here.

>> No.18615888

You could’ve invested intelligently all those years and made it to 200k

>> No.18615898

New Zealand bux? How much is that in real money?

>> No.18615901

lol i mean its free money at this moment, (((they))) will stop that immediately

>> No.18615905

>spent 150k trying to make 200k

>> No.18615906

How long have we been daffodil larping? 4, 5 days?

>> No.18615914

are you trading futures commodities? what exchange is this on

>> No.18615916

you know, it's already not easy to be profitable as a professional trader. you need an edge in your trading and a lot of data to sustain that edge. by using something like plus500 you're putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even started. it might be intriguin seeing the profits OP made but he's already losing everything as we speak since he added shorts on the way down which is an absolute noob mistake. i wouldn't try it using plus500 just my honest advice

>> No.18615919

pretty decent amount plus if he is actually from NZ then 120k NZ bux is plenty of course he will be TAXED to china and back

>> No.18615920

Congrats OP you've got strong hands

>> No.18615927

how is it possible that you saw that picture but didnt read the answers to your questions already

>> No.18615934

Extremely based kiwi. Once link moons I’m getting out of burgerworld and heading to the promised land to chill on the beaches with the kiwis

>> No.18615938

any crypto platforms where i can short onions beans and other commodities?

>> No.18615940

I kept putting money into the market everytime id get burned.

i've wasted about 150k in the last 5 years..

i've had over 30 btc at once. bought 240k links once as well...

hell, before that i owned 2 million shares of a penny stock and then sold at .05 to watch it go to .30

i'm a fucking retard dumb ass swinger who thinks he can time the market to accumulate more but end up getting raped.

i've shorted and longed oil, silver, gold, natural gas and all kinds of other commodities on tdameritrade well before crypto.

left with about 60k. then got raped buying btc on futures exchange...
kept putting more and more in, and i'm down to 30k now...

oh well. just goes to show some people really do not have the personality to trade

>> No.18615950

you buying this on margin though?

>> No.18615954

Good work. Well done

>> No.18615958

kek dude it's not that hard you just weren't thinking of losses and maybe you were drinking the koolaid here too much. maybe consider a mutual fund, i use one and it's been a consistent gain for me over last 5 years in addition to the other trades i make on my own time.

>> No.18615969

whole point of cfds is to buy on margin, you only buy with 5-20% of the actual value, depends on what asset

>> No.18615976

WIsh it was me, but well done OP

>> No.18615977

im not familiar with his platform and all i see is foreign currency designation of NZD so i have no idea what exchange he is trading on, can you tell me from his pic?

>> No.18615981

Ever used IG Is this better?

>> No.18615989

read the thread

>> No.18616001

thanks. i dont see this on my schwab account and i sure bet robinhood doesnt support them

>> No.18616017

poorfag here could use some money

>> No.18616018

they're actually illegal in burgerland lol

>> No.18616021

it's not allowed in many countries

>> No.18616022

CFDs arent allowed in USA

My condolences

>> No.18616037


The should be honestly, they are absolutely degenerate gambling

>> No.18616042

and options arent? atleast you cant get negative with your margin call, atleast in my country

>> No.18616045

But what if I lie on PrimeXBT and say you’re Haitian. What happens?

>> No.18616049

are you guy serious? why? why would it be illegal

>> No.18616053

Honestly surprised
Thought they lapped up this kike shit

>> No.18616063

what website you using to place these shorts?

>> No.18616085

lol whats going on, my sweet oil cert just made a 400% leap but i dont see anything on the charts

>> No.18616086
File: 103 KB, 1024x716, 0948560845094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying investing isn't just stratified gambling
come on mate it's all the same at the end of the day, only difference is commiejannies don't want us to get to the moon. of course it's easier to burn out this way but fuck em if they can't keep up. we're wolves anon not pack mules like most retards we gotta sink our TEETH into those CFDs make em bleed a little, cash out and drink champagne in aruba pent house suites ting tinging glasses and yelling fuck jannies down to the plebs on the "shared beach resort". and remember - NO TIPPING!

>> No.18616102

because with CFDs they cant take everything you own

>> No.18616112

Well done mate, who dares wins. Can I ask you which platform you're using?

>> No.18616114

and with options they cant? (serious question i have no idea about options)
seeing them negative RH balances after shorts gone wrong

>> No.18616120

yeah i'm enjoying losing money too, I mean winning life changing money, I mean losing everything

>> No.18616123

Thats the kind of content I still come in this shithole for

>> No.18616128

I'm no expert but I think with CFDs you cant lose more than your account balance, but with options you can go negative and owe the broker money.

>> No.18616131

Bros just doing demo mode as I'm newfag practicing. every trade I Do, does each one get taxed??

>> No.18616141

yeah obv idk capital gains tax outside of US though. did you read the shit in the sticky here?

>> No.18616142

Read the thread mate

>> No.18616153

>Thats right goy, it's all gambling and random luck. Do not even try to get ahead

>> No.18616156

Ig has a nice interface and better spreads but their limited liability acc means you cannot hedge your own positions and you need to use guaranteed stops which have shitty premiums attached so I just watch my trades instead

>> No.18616163

what the fuck this is so unfair. everything in trading in the USA is done to keep the poor people out of the game. thats what ive learned. every time i learn something new its always tied to keeping the financial game a playground for the elites this is fucking bullshit. congrats OP on making literally free money. this oil crash is a once in a lifetime opportunity. fucking bullshit us americans cant join in on a sure bet

>> No.18616175

How much margin are you using?

>> No.18616192

Don't worry burgeranon we could always use toilet cleaners here in Poland

>> No.18616197
File: 616 KB, 680x819, 1380031369509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is hilarious

The image of someone turning big profits is like light for moths, luring in people who cant even read the thread but think they will turn big bucks

>> No.18616200

>once in a lifetime opportunitys

you will have many "once in a lifetime opportunitys".
i read that sentence at least once a month

>> No.18616214

The only thing that can go wrong with options is if you sell to open.

>> No.18616251
File: 470 KB, 1125x2436, 3F712C3A-F382-4434-9778-F19144E187B8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Survived the mini pump.

>> No.18616260

It’s literally my birthday today and I’m poor AF :,(

>> No.18616261
File: 111 KB, 680x636, RAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when was the last time the entire world economy shut down and all demand for oil vanished overnight?

>> No.18616268

if i got money from anon i would buy a Weta Workshop statue

>> No.18616273

short selling is a bit too much for me, I simply lack the confidence right now in my own trading ability to be able to play that. but i'm always impressed by ppl who can, just seems like you gotta watch the clock too much

>> No.18616279
File: 28 KB, 400x400, 1584745827720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bro charge your phone right now before it dies in the middle of a pump the wrong way and you get shafted out of thousands of bucks

>> No.18616283

dont forget for every 1 success story you see posted theres probably 5 who failed and committed suicide or rage threw their trading computer out a window

>> No.18616287
File: 21 KB, 919x314, 9083405349534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18616289
File: 110 KB, 1200x727, odhdrmabucr31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

donate me link

>> No.18616298

OP kileld himself dude do yo usee that fucking DIP LOL HE LOST EVERYTHING

>> No.18616303

Amazing stuff. I put 3% of my account on puts for USO, I should have just got a VPN and done this.

>> No.18616308
File: 21 KB, 844x311, 34098503948593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP hung himself around the time of pic related.

>> No.18616309

What are you talking about tard

>> No.18616320

Ahh OK - thanks for that.
So you pay a premium there for setting mandatory stops? Is that right?

>> No.18616323

t. has no idea what they’re talking about

>> No.18616334


>> No.18616335

Good move sir, but it won't always be like this.

Investing in alts such as ICX, BAT, ENJ, FLETA will bring your 100x gains in the next bullrun, mark my words

>> No.18616337
File: 59 KB, 910x752, bruh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18616344
File: 132 KB, 960x808, 44031737_2201695246782587_6733297878652944384_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18616361 [DELETED] 

Name 5 bill runs in that aren’t bitcoin go.

>> No.18616368

whats this oil ticker anyway? WTI is at 11.16

>> No.18616393

I hope you get a cool million USD man. I'm fucking rooting for you. Show the niggers at WSB who's boss.

>> No.18616396

The goal is for it to go down...

>> No.18616413

What are you feeling anon? Do I go in with 300 barrels?

>> No.18616416

Dude how much margin where you using when you started with $600?

>> No.18616417
File: 125 KB, 277x561, kikus500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice advertising for your platform moshe

>> No.18616444

mossad shell company used to data harvest. they even take ur money too lol watch you have 1 Jew meme on your PC "assets seized for anti-semitism" you watch then you get DOXED and they destroy your life.

>> No.18616448

/pol/tard you can use whichever platform you want. it's a deflation cycle in commodities right now and a simultaneous strengthening of the USD.
margin long USD and short other commodities if you want to make money. choose your own platform.

>> No.18616502

you can't use this program in USA cfd is illegal

>> No.18616582

you dont post in a certain australian crypto goybook group do you? this all looks horribly familiar

>> No.18616587

holy shit its a publicly traded company, always thought it was some dodgy trading platform located in a country with lax laws surrounding this kind of shit

>> No.18616589

Elaborate for us mate

>> No.18616609


>> No.18616664


>> No.18616687

u bring down the iq of this board by ur very presence. wat a sad faggot

>> No.18616697
File: 183 KB, 1600x827, 1586410029291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey OP - ever used these guys?


>> No.18616722


>> No.18616785

You're the reason for the crashes!
That makes sense now.

>> No.18616828

It’s 20x margin default

>> No.18616906

Can't believe so money mutts didn't know what cfds are

>> No.18616911

no, for a start this is a CFD, for seconds anyone selling means someone is buying as a market maker. Its just moving, not actually going anywhere

>> No.18616924

Epic, OP is a mad lad but this is what biz is all about. We have nothing to lose except our pathetic lives.

Good luck, OP. You're probably going to lose everything, but good luck.

>> No.18616941

Well it hit 7 and its now 12 theres a reversal or a correction coming at some point when the saudis/ruskis/chinskis/yankskis/jewskis hammer out a secret deal to restart oil inflation but it could still go down, the production ration was mega fucked

>> No.18616985


You're gambling. Stop gambling.

>> No.18616990

OP got liquidated. He was still shorting on 10 but it was the bottom. Still made good cash but got too greedy.

>> No.18617012

I’m still up 180k but thanks for the input

>> No.18617023

I see you've not been here that long.

>> No.18617127

Post position or its fake. 600 to 500k in 12h is not possible. You need to time every little bounce with a extreme high leverage

>> No.18617157

cant fight trends OP, good job.

You seem to know what youre doing aside from being a bit risky traditionally speaking (more than 10% in one non-diverse pot)

If you can hit the long too when it turns you'll be a god.

>> No.18617170

With this logic you’ll be broke in no time, congrats, but seriously you’ve had a good run now know when to call it and cool off, or you’ll lose everything that’s left on there and regret it.

>> No.18617228

Sounds Boomer tier. But just follow the short term trend + luck haha

>> No.18617235

Plus500 is 20x leverage default

>> No.18617247

are you retarded there are proof all over the thread
You come here and reply without eve taking a minute to read what you are replying to.

Kill yourself, you're useless to this world.

>> No.18617450

Waiting for the orders captain!

>> No.18617470 [DELETED] 

Hey OP - I am watching the ASX200 on Plus500 - The AU markets are closed - where are these moving values for the index coming from? Other brokers / players elsewhere?

>> No.18617632

Greed will be your downfall.

>> No.18617872

is op okay?

>> No.18617965

You are correct for the most part. /biz/ is the only place I have nowadays for news/socializing etc and poordom breeds desperation. With many happenings rn chasing quick profits like OP did becomes very alluring. I'll stick to demo to get a grasp of it while studying the game along my certs.

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