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1 barrel of oil is 0.158987 cubic meters. The tanker hold 8 tanks, each with 730 cubic meters of storage. So in each 730 cubic meter tank, there is 4591.56 barrels of oil. So in the total 8 tanks, there is 36,732.48 barrels of oil. According to the latest check of the price per barrel of about -20. We would be paid $734,649.90. Minus out the cost of the tanker at 375,000.00, and we are looking at a profit of 359,649.


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who’s “we”

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Im in.

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>fill up the tanker with oil
>sail to the middle of the ocean
>dump it
>sail back and refill again
I'm a fucking genius thank me later

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did this nigger just multiplied a positive number by negative number and posted as a result a positive one?

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I’m in, have the Big Milker secretary send over the papers

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Tank you fren

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ironically. or maybe sale to some west african nightmare port town and give it to the locals for free.

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Yes because in this case the negative number is the price of the barrel, which becomes profits for us.

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RIP literal whales

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>dubs and trips

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its 730 cubic meter capacity total not 730x8 cbm

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That tanker is probably valued over 25 million dollars

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Actually it's only listed at $375,000

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What happens if the tanker has a tiny leak and leaks 5 barrel per hour?

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>buy 10,000 barrels of WTI
>”thanks! Here’s your 400,000 dollars! Where should we deliver this to?”
>”uhhhhh 1-2-3...4th street. Uhhhhh Kansas City, uhhhhhh, Missouri?”

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hell, i'd happy be the one to take on all the oil futures, if some of you guys agree to be my shipmates, we can split profits.

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Unironically, would this work? I see no problems with this plan.
Unless they refuse to sell the oil to you then you should be able to pull this off.

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Then you wait for it to leak out fully and go back for more barrels, double the profit!

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I lost my job and my house so yeah I'll be your shipmate

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You need some cheap chinks to drive that thing around to some shithole country to get the oil first.

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You get richer

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Did I just invent the Perpetual motion of money?!!!

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Why even leave port?

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Sounds grand, just find the cheapest cunts you can. It doesn’t even matter if they lose the oil, just buy some more to recoup the losses.

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> what can go wrong
nobody real will ever give you money to take oil

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>We would be paid $734,649.90

thats only if you can take delivery right now. it's going to take you weeks to close a deal to buy / lease that tanker ship.

also, reselling the oil will be difficult, as you have no name or brand in the industry, no one knows who you are, no one knows the quality of your oil, etc. you have no customers to resell the oil to.

plus you need to calculate the daily costs of operating the ship. is there a crew?

unless you buy the ship, fill it with oil, and then try to sell it all as a package deal? but who's going to broker that fucking deal? you? mark cuban?

face it kid, you're a dreamer.
>ps the fed is buying the world

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Then that’s fine as well, since you should only buy the tanker after getting the oil you lose nothing by giving it a go.

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so then what happens when my contracts expire? They just tell me to fuck off?

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>implying June's oil futures arent fucked too
>implying we wont crew the ship with /biz/ posters

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Contract? What?

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The upfront capital I'm talking about is people paying me to accept the futures contract, because they can't store the oil the agreed to buy.

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I explain you how it works.
> Buy boat
> Go to Middle East oligarch
> Agree price
> Agree bribe
> Sign deal
> Get oil

No other way

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>>implying June's oil futures arent fucked too
>>implying we wont crew the ship with /biz/ posters

yes that is exactly what i'm implying, lol. are these /biz/crew coming with names of customers to sell to?

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A futures contract. When you “buy” oil, you’re actually entering a contract in which they’re obligated to give you the oil for the price you paid at the time of contract expiry.
I think that’s how it works.

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What? Who is paying you?

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you probably need to be in international waters

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That is just ridicolous, oil get sold to oil companies the following way: >>18585233

Probably whoever sold you the future will go chapter 5

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Link bros its time so sell our stacks, get a few cute traps and sail the high seas

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Better deal

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nice job retard

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Or if they get money with negative interest from ECB, they will just buy back your contract and you make a profit

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Wait for price to drop further, buy oil, use money you got paid for buing to buy tanker. Start new life on a tanker with unlimited amount of oil to power it for 100 years.

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we could be like the smokers from waterworld

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dump it in a volcano

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okay guys lets build a tanker city, we can live lawless in international waters and get rich at the same time.

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How about this one? Or does the cost outweigh any reasonable profits from the oil?

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Lads, how about we each buy a tanker with the oil money? That way, we’ll have like 10 tankers full of oil and we could create a cabal when the prices go back up.

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>painted green
That's good luck

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I’ve done the maths as well, at current price of $-15, we’d be making a profit of $350,095.

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OP makes 359,649
Why u no want make more money?

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can someone give me one reason this wouldn't work? with the 350k, I could definitely afford boat insurance, docking fees, and freight fees to get the oil from oklahoma to the boat. then all I have to do is let it sit their until oil is back to normal. worst case scanrio, I keep whatever profits are left when it's all said and done, and just live on my boat full of oil.

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Probably takes already over a month to move that think over to Oklahoma

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to haul oil from oklahoma to new jersey?

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And? With 350k left over you can definitely afford to keep that shit in storage somewhere for the couple weeks it takes to move the bote.

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AND MY $20

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Only question is which tanker to get? The smaller one:
Or the bigger one:

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And then we will use the proceeds to buy up an off-shore oil rig, invite /k/ over to form a PMC and profit further from the incoming war in the gulf.

Sounds good I'm in.

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The bigger one. It's more free money. The more we can take and pump into the ocean the more we get paid.

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Problems already solved. Just dump the oil somewhere in the middle of the ocean and come back. Umm pirates stole it

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>"Well ok anon just be careful next time. Here's your free cash and oil."

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Someone talk me out of doing this if the next set of futures are also like -20 by expiration.

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>The 8 tanks together are 730 cubic meters, not each.
>The ship is in West Africa.
>The oil is in the US.
>The ship is single hulled which makes it illegal to fill in the US.
>(And most other places, most likely why it is practically worthless).

Now fuck off back to WSB.

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You know you need a crew to run the ship and pump the oil right? We don't come cheap.

T. Marine engineer.

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Nigger, you can't even afford the price of a plane flight to go see the ship, let alone be taken seriously as a buyer.

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This ones double hulled :)

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You missed the last step:

>Get shot in head by pirates off the Somali coast

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Only on 4chan. Autists who never leave their bedrooms talking about the potential profits of buying oil fucking tankers, lol.
You couldn't even afford one day of a skipper licenced to pilot that, NEET.

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Give me 2 hours of training on boat simulator and I'll be fucking drifting that boat into port at 50kts

>> No.18587587

yeah man I don't know much about ships but I'm sure we can figure it out. I'm in.

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Guys someone's math is pretty bad here. This listing is 1378CM capacity, I found a CM to barrel of oil calculator because that's a thing and it's 8667 barrels of oil, even if we manage to get -20 you're talking almost 10 trips before we cover the cost of the boat.

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>can someone give me one reason this wouldn't work?
You have to be authorized by the fed to ship oil in and out of US ports.

Good luck with that.

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We the Jews now

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Bro we're gonna drive the boat ourselves. It probably has radar or I'll just load up google maps.

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>load the oil on to the tanker
>sail to janny's mom's house
>dump it all in her backyard
>sail back
>get paid for more oil

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Each tank holds 1378CM you spastic. There’s ten tanks.

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>Take out insurance on it, crash it into the great barrier reef
Noting personal, aussie cunts

>> No.18587986

Make sure you spray paint "regards, New Zealand" on the side and invest in arms before crashing it.

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watcha doin, rabbi?

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I wouldnt worry about it go- I mean guy

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