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There are 1,000,000,000 LINK tokens, which gives it a market cap of $3.2 billion.
If you remove Tether, that would place it #6 as the most valuable "cryptocurrency". If you remove XRP, which is also not a cryptocurrency, it would place it #5. If you merge bitcoin forks, it would be #3, right under Ethereum.
Its current position is #11 according to CoinMarketcap, but that's because 650,000,000 tokens are owned by the team. Those tokens are not locked, nor legally bound by any agreement to not be sold. In fact the team has already started dumping them. They are literally circulating by any technical or legal definition, but for some reason CoinMarketcap decides to mislead investors and say they are not circulating. (https://beincrypto.com/chainlink-team-accused-of-dumping-530-million-in-link-tokens-over-six-weeks/)
The team promises in its whitepaper that half those tokens will be "rewards for nodes", but why would you trust the team? They've lied countless times. For example when they plaster in their marketing everywhere that their oracles are decentralized (they are not), Vitalik himself says so. The only "consensus algorithm" they use is to KYC each node manually.

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Could you guys come up with original fud? Thanks.

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Could you guys come up with a real response to this without using memes? Thanks.

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No amount of fudding, will make me sell my stack. You don't understand these token sales because you are a hack.

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Are you missing a third paragraph where you reach your conclusion or makr your argument why people should have doubts about Chainlink?
I'm legitimately interested in what you're saying.
I understand your logic to say it'd be number 3 by marketcap.
I understand that the devs have two thirds of the supply.
I'm just not making the same logical leap with you to "thus, you should have doubts."
Can you explain why the facts you gave lead to your conclusion that people should have doubts?

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Muh, let’s arbitrarily combine three of the highest market cap chains, let’s remove xrp completely to bolster argument. Let’s ignore circulating supply vs max supply difference for other coins. Let’s claim the team has lied countless times without referencing a single instance. Let’s falsely state that the current KyC nodes are the intended end state for a project at version 0.80 for its product when they say they are building a decentralized oracle network

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What is up with all the nulinkers lately talking about such old, worn out, mass talked about already for 3 years topics?

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scam coin thread


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They've also lied about many partnerships. For example, they've said several times that they work with Swift, which is not true. They won some Swift competition in 2016, and radio silence since then. They still claim to be working with Swift today, but they conveniently removed it from their website not long ago. (https://web.archive.org/web/20190820085402/https://chain.link/)
They also claim to be working with Google, which is also a lie. They did 1 blog post 1 year ago, which was basically a thinly veiled ad for Google Cloud services. It was provably neither a partnership nor integration. The Google employee never even ran a node on mainnet. Yet the team constantly boasts about "working with Google". (https://web.archive.org/web/20190820085402/https://chain.link/)
They did the same with Oracle Cloud. Fernando (the Oracle employee that organized the "partnership") bragged about holding LINK after it pumped, got demoted, and all the Oracle startups that were supposed to be part of the "partnership" turned out to be dead or fake companies. It was at best a PR stunt for Oracle Cloud, at worst insider trading by Oracle employees. (https://web.archive.org/web/20200114062507/https://twitter.com/fribeiro1/status/1213946909464973316)
Chainlink has dozens of other "partnerships". I don't have time to investigate all of them, but all the ones I looked into were basically fake. (And by fake I mean they are grossly exaggerated, the tweets and blogposts are real)
As of today, even though they are the highest valued non-bitcoin, non-ethereum cryptoccurency in the world, the only project using their centralized KYC oracles are Synthetix (according to someone from their team). (https://web.archive.org/web/20200416104122/https://www.reddit.com/r/Chainlink/comments/fdwaad/request_examples_of_apps_built_with_chainlink/fjkhsjv/)

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Don’t you have something better to do than fud because you’re salty you missed out? Come on bud go smoke or something cuz you need it.

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Keeeeeek you’re a Fucking retard bud

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It makes me happy you're this angry we're actually accomplishing things in this space while you swim in a sea of tears.

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Ok bud

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that's you tho for bagholding a scam this long LOL

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why are you spending so much of your own time copy and pasting the same FUD over and over for days and weeks on end?

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because he's priced out and wants to get cheap linkerino?

Personally I will never HODL chainstink because of the 650 million tokens sergey has.

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so we can purge the cancer and save newfags from you scamming pieces of shit?

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Thanks for sharing the pasta

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So the fact Maker Dao are going to use LINK as their collateral... is reason to doubt... uh huh.

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Keep calling it that bud

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When the FUD ramps up it is my number 1 sign to buy.

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just get fucked, human waste

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imagine being this clueless 3 years later

dumb money is tasty as fuck

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damn, riding through this scam while being invested in it is so exciting

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I gotta admit I'm disappointed that the response to my earlier question was additional copypasta.
I thought you wanted to have a conversation.
Clearly these aren't your original thoughts, but some pasta fud you found along the way.
I wonder what your motives for posting copypasta fud are.

Which is bullish as hell of course, so I'm not too disappointed ;)
But I was hoping to broaden my understanding.

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Respond to this. Google Cloud employee calls out your sacred project.

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Just looked this guy up on Twitter, what a fucking embarrassment

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linkies are pathetic

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Linkies to this day still have no counter to SWIFT, Google or Oracle. The person who said Oracle would use Link literally got fired and held LINK bags, and linkies just spam "Yes" to this. SWIFT was just a contest and all link does is spam some twitter clips where a member of cl said
>yeah, were totally working for SWIFT :^)

the only valid "partnership" they have is google, but i have a feeling some google dev is trying to pump his bags too like with Oracle, especially considering the diagram provided by google is not even link's purpose (pic)

linkies notoriously lie about everything. look at the first link by a shill here

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