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this makes me highly stressed and uncomfortable

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I fear for an enormous correction

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correction back to 1k

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I've my longs ready, liq at 167.
My body is ready.

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i fear for an enormous erection

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It has already corrected

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it already corrected you dumb piece of shit.
check lookintobitcoin.com and be less of a faggot

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I have been holding since $42 and dont care about anything price related.

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$200 eth soon

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So sell then pussy.

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why ? because it's a massive bear flag / rising wedge with a 4h rsi divergence
look bullish to me

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If you really think we'll just magically 5x from here, you need the reality check of $2K that's coming.

Do not knife buy. If you wanna go EXPERT LEVEL, then get some CKB under a penny and walk away for 2 years. Should go XRP on everyone ad hit $4. Imagine how different your life will be.

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My long is opened at 160

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arthur actually said he thinks it will go back to 3k

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He said that so degenerate gamblers short the local bottom on his exchange

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Poo poo poo poo
In the loo

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>arthur said

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He's talking about eth

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>he thought i was implying anything with that post
pic related, its you
pic related, its also you

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Personally I fear a huge crash when the global economy recession hits us. We've seen that crypto follows stocks like they did with the latest crash for corona.

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It should, we gone up too far too fast.
A correction is in but it won‘t be a big one

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You had to long at 140 like the rest of us.

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Doctors Were Baffled When They Saw This!

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I said multiple times I'm not shorting you idiot
>shills his favourite flavor of the month
get the rope we are talking real crypto here
I was watching since 160 to get in but I wanted to be sure of the trend reversal
>We've seen that crypto follows stocks
Did you get into crypto yesterday?

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>Did you get into crypto yesterday?

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I literally didn't have any money to play.
I waited my paycheck and bought 2eth the same day to get into futures. And it gives me some relief because I know I coulnd't have got in earlier than this

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