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Imagine actually buying a course from a guru. Surely nobody is that stupid

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I was thinking of buying a course on how to manage cam girls. bad idea?

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haha nope, note haha

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Why buy a course when you literally have the internet. You want to pay someone to think for you and you THINK that's a good idea..... we can explain these things to you but we cannot understand it for you anon...

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Why are half the courses on the internet about selling more courses on the internet? Is this just one giant Pyramid scheme?

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CEO of my company (which was valued at $20MM before they left) drank some koolaid and left the company to go work for this guru for free, basically slavery. People do weird shit.

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You don't need higher education anymore, just become a big fucking forum leech

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What did he mean by this

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You bought one, didn’t you.

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I admit I paid for a signal service, I lost it all because I couldn't keep up with the losses when the good plays would happen I'd make maybe 40% of my account down 50%.

I guess I just had this fantasy that someone really amazing at trading stocks would for a great salary allow people to follow his trades to become rich en masse. Won't ever do it again.

For the record, the most legit one I saw was DekmarTrades you got trading advice for your monthly fee no added packages and some decent day trades, TradeGenius is too slow and boring for most people only averaging 300% gains a year but they gave me a great GLD play, WarriorTrading does one thing and does it really well but upsells you insanely aggressively with 1000 dollar packages and its almost impossible to hit his timings so you lose out on a lot of money.

Then you have TradingFraternity on youtube, I made money on his TLT play so in lieu of a donation I just bought his signal service and holy shit he actually sucks, his entire strategy is throwing shit at a wall in case something sticks. If it sticks a magical carnival barker gives you 1000% gains mostly you lose money also he fucking doesn't believe in a bull market and barely ever buys calls on normal stocks.

So anyway none of it is really worth it but I guess you could try Dekmar if you just want a straight up dude who gives you some decent plays and trade advice before you go out on your own and do it independently.

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Yes,we like taking advice from /biz/.
but honestly fuck gurus and their fake advice

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Don't need any course I have weaponized my psyche

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