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Nig nog finna get han beezy

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Is it time to sell yet? The FED said it would pump 2 trillion, and it has done that. Now that they are done printing, is the market going to start going down?

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me gonna stop trading SPY and leveraged etfs all together and just start trading the minis and micro minis

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>USA: no we can't let people trade leveraged etfs. they are too risky. even 3x is too risky. lets make it all banned except for options trading but only if you can have credit
>meanwhile, EU: lets let literally anyone sign up an account and immediately trade 50x+ leveraged instruments
>yeah also i have another great idea, call the instrument "turbos" that's a great name.

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$63 buy limit on RTX? Higher or lower?

also, go use the previous thread faggots it's still fine, sagietti spaghetti

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Fuck the weekends are now boring as shit.
I started after getting dismissed from my job.

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Are things ever returning to normal? Are we unironically going to war with Chyna?

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We get plenty of leverage lol

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Was this thread made by your bot OP?

If true you need to set it to make a new thread closer 500 or 450 replies during the weekend instead of the normal 300.

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>Are things ever returning to normal?
Yes and faster than you think.

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get outta here newfag

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What does badger market look like?

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What are some good short term investments right now?

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Turbos is a good name.

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>his portfolio isn’t >50% usd

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We Europeeans like our freedoms.

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I don't know, however may I interest you in some JCP?


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I don't know but it looks fucking pissed

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Always KO.

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You keep posting this folio

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I'm a little tipsy and get be fucked to read this. Can you give me a tl;dr, and should I go all in on JCP?

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because he's a faggot, anon.
He's using a name on 4channel, and is just baiting for (you)'s.

Learn how to identify these faggots for yourself and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.

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You dumb?

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>Scam business that literally admitted to making up 2/3 of its sales


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Whoa calm down bro youre coming off as pretty tryhard

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God that video is so hot. I’ve blown multiple loads to it over the years

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She needs my bwc.

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Tips on what to add to this portfolio, have 900$ left.

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>super turbos
>hyper turbos
>heads up hyper turbos
>hyper turbo spinners

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not joking there are "unlimited turbos" too. like they really made sure these names fit. they move quicker than even options and are retarded

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so you can feel the pain of a rooined boomer

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>missing the best two weeks for stocks in 90 years
>about to miss the best month in history
Must suck watching it go up every day

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what's his name?

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>he fell for the repo crisis, trade war, inverted yield curve, overleveraging, world war 3 wuhan virus nothing burger...

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Get fucked with this dumb bullshit

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Based KObro

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>done printing
a-anon I...

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instead of doing that, why not just do what I did put a bunch of money in on the way down and way back up. not i'm back to my usual deployments and if it dips again, i;m putting money aside form that again

time in > timing

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what videogames do you guys play other than robinhood?

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my joystick aka my penis

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City Building games

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Zachtronic's many autism simulators

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She doesn't need shit lul

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Why does keep being posted?

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anyone excited for Aurora 4X2?

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osu for cursor aim, gotta by stacks when they hit bottom quickly af
csgo for reaction time

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For me, it’s TMDX.

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For me, it’s GEO.

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OSRS. Getting maxxed combat stats by clicking a few times an hour, perfect game for traders

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my boomer boss (good guy and wealthy but doesn't follow the market at all) just set me up with his broker and I don't know anything. apart from offering to help me set up a mutual fund etc, this broker offered to sell me shares in our national airliner for around $2 lower than their current market price and gave me until Wednesday to decide if I want to buy. am I being sold options contracts? he said he has $50,000 of stocks. can anybody explain what this is or why he's doing it?

as an aside, I think the airliner is selling off stock because they need to pay their operating costs but the planes are on the ground, I don't think I'll buy any but I'm not sure.

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For me, it’s MCD. Nothing I like better than making money off of Amerilards slowly killing themselves.

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Which airliner? Whether you should invest in Air Canada is not the same question as whether to invest in Air India.

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if hes actually saying the truth buy those shares and just sell them back

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>Fed indirectly buying stocks
If they see any red lines next week they will drop the middleman.

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Air New Zealand

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For me, it's the McChicken. Nothing I like better than eating a delicious, healthy, well-priced American chicken sandwich.

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yeah, it just seems too good to be true and I'm wondering how or why he can do that. I'm trying to do research about it and the only explanation is that maybe it's an option contract, the price I'm paying is the strike price, hence the time limit. I'm just looking for clarification.

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sorry im retarded and very new to stonks, when you buy a stock you buy it at it's current price and not it's price once the transaction finally goes through?

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Boku no Pico

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I'll look into whatever they are, thanks

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>when you buy a stock you buy it at it's current price and not it's price once the transaction finally goes through?
You can put a market order and you buy at the current lowest SELLING PRICE.
The STOCK PRICE is an average between the highest sell price and the lowest buy price.

You can also place a limit order and you decide what price you want to pay. If anyone want to sell at your price, you got it.

Orders, look into what ORDERS are.

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you put up an order immediately and somebody sells it to you if they want or can. if there exists enough sell orders then it goes through instantly
also this post: we're at peak #2, lol

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I'm so fucking bored, brahs.

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I want to really discuss something I dont understand about the feds decisions. Since 2008 why have they always over reacted with too much and too soon? Why not let equities at least fall to within reasonable valuations (PE 12 or w.e) before stepping in? And when there is clearly excess they should be giving the middle finger to banks and raise rates to bring things back to reality more smoothly instead of creating bubbles and whiplash. This seems like the more reasonable function of the fed: limit both upside euphoria and downside panic beyond historical norms.

Im sure they arent blind enough to not recognize the entire economy hangs on their every word and has become reliant on the low rates. So why dont they just recognize the long term issue and bite the bullet, raise rates and let zombie shit fail? Is it by choice, ignorance or force that they are giving in to the tantrums of the entrenched rich and big business?

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Political stability

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tfw my boomerfolio outperforms all your memes

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>peak #2
Oh please, stocks will never go down again

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While you're answering dumb noobie questions - can you queue up buy/sells over the weekend to kick in first thing when the market opens?

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I called this in a SMG thread 4 days ago wishing I could short this POS company.

Everyone is pissed for them continuing to charge. Lawsuits inbound. Debt through the roof and current bonds going for 30 cents on the dollar.

I predict people cancelling in droves. No chance they survive this.

>everything will be the same

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I'll make sure to research this source. Do you think my grandfather would be interested in learning? He is a war veteran.

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Weekdays are the only happy days now

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good news for PLNT

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No one wants to be the responsible person who kills the zombies because some (ever growing) employment is tied in the zombies.
Could you imagine if Uber went bankrupt? What kind of ripple effects that would have?

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Because they have to protect their crony ass boomer banker boys. A dump like your talking about would be fucking devastating. Businesses are so overleveraged right now, itd be blood in the streets.

They cant stop it, they're just delaying the inevitable.

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don't do this. there can be a gap and you will be fucked either way.

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mondays gonna be so fucking green bros

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>Trump ramping up anti-Chynese rhetoric

It's fucking habbening.

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Honestly bros I'm just ready to fuggen coomb hard when people stop being gay about the birus and my KO calls blast off into the horsecock nebula.

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BX and not BAM? It's like you don't wanna make it

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In 2008 they just sat around for months, while banks were going out of business for lack of cash. If they had acted sooner during that time, the recession wouldn't have been so bad.

I'm talking about the economy here, not the market. There were a huge amount of foreclosures/bankruptcies/layoffs that happened in 2008-2010 that could have been prevented with a hundred billion or so in targeted loans and purchase actions very early on in the recession, but the fed did nothing until the whole thing was already fully unwinding, and then they had to take much much larger actions to try and get the banking system back together.
This time they're doing a better job: they might be overshooting the amount of lending/purchasing that they need to do by a couple hundred billion or so, but the point is to keep the system functioning. You can't save everyone: there will always be unemployment and bankruptcies and that sort of thing. The point is to "flatten the curve" a bit and not have a huge cataclysm occur all at one time.

There is a price to pay for it: once we get through this, probably sometime next year, you will see the Fed start to raise rates incredibly slowly and also sell back assets. This isn't a permanent get-out-of-jail free card for these businesses that are in debt: if they can't find a way to start paying back their debt at non-zero interest rates, they will go bankrupt. But the important thing is that it will be stretched over the next decade or so, and not all at once in the span of a few months.

Hope it makes sense ;)

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>Everyone is pissed for them continuing to charge
where did you even hear about this?

>why since 2008
is this a real question?
No one wants another mortgage crisis. After Lehman, no one wants to see a repeat of that either.

That shit left scars.

>peak #2
the shoeshine boy thing doesn't mean we're at peak... but it does mean we might be getting there.

HOWEVER anon's model said green until wednesday, so obviously green until wednesday.

Proud of you little chup. Wish I'd stuck with my "KO calls" strategy. But KO shares doing alright by me.

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We are now getting close when the 1 month old calls are about to expire. Will the big boys let everyone cash out of both calls and stocks at ATH?

>> No.18545390

If weekend wall street has 57% shorters, you bet your ass it will. It's been 4 weeks and never once has it been majority long. The site is a pure noob trap so if it says short we'll gap up.

>> No.18545397

>No one wants another mortgage crisis. After Lehman, no one wants to see a repeat of that either.
>That shit left scars.
It didn't scar wall street. If it did Mortgage REITs would not exist.

>> No.18545406

BX is the better asset manager and pays a 300bp higher dividend to boot

>> No.18545415

I kinda keith urban...

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>Companies start implementing Work From Home (WFH) permanently see how successful it was
>Everyone gets a corporate Occulus Rift™ by FaceBook™
>Now you can WFH but still be in the office working in your open-concept cubicle, mingle with your co-workers and attend meetings!
>Firm-wide announcements are made when someone removes their headset for more than 5 minutes except during lunch hours, some companies may mandate eating together in the pantry.

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Yeah you kinda do some days bagman.

>> No.18545454

damn corporate VR chat?

>> No.18545455

What do you mean? I'm a member of 24 hour. I've been charged twice for monthly dues and they've been closed for 5 weeks. I'm cancelling as soon as they reopen.

And the first finance book I ever read was peter lynch's beat the street. Listen to your cues. If I'm pissed, other people are pissed. They're going to get a monstrous amount of cancels.

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Are you actually Jewish, baggie? I'm sorry to hear. Read it in the last thread.

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What sort of assets does BX manage? Did I miss the bottom?

>> No.18545523

they basically own everything including one of the largest portfolios of warehouses in the US, and industrial is probably one of the better positioned asset classes in real estate coming out of all of this. All these firms are going to need to re-org their supply chains to be less reliant on China which will mean increased redundancies and more demand for space. Plus this quarantine is just accelerating the adoption of e-commerce which is a secular tailwind for industrial.

They're also just the smartest dudes in the room and this crisis will present plenty of opportunities in distressed assets for well-capitalized mangers to pounce on. They're huge in everything and will own the world in 10 years.

>> No.18545538

yeah hes a jew yorker who thirsts after gooks

>> No.18545562

thread theme
>thread theme
thread theme
>thread theme

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Very based.

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We're going into a recession, anon. The next two quarters are going to be ugly, with slow improvements after that. You didn't miss the bottom.

>> No.18545615

i've fasted enough... yom kippours are tough... seder supper by my self letting spirits into my house for no one but my own enjouyment during passover... I just uhh think maybe i can create live... i want to knock up a girl and have kids... but this is one of my favorite songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDvxVXvbkZI

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lol you said the same thing to me in the last thread

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Thanks for your answer, anon. I was considering picking up some asset manager stocks, with my options narrowed down to BAM and BX. But now I am leaning toward BX, especially because it's an American company, whereas BAM is Canadian. When should I buy into BX? And what is the projected valuation ceiling? Thinking of liquidating my Boeing stocks to go all in.

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But if the fed is that easily influenced by non economic factors, then the entire premise is fucked and a central bank shouldn't exist. After all this I'm really starting to understand the quotes like "give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws".

but if it's the responsibility of the fed to trim excess at both extremes, then they aren't fulfilling that purpose anymore. Any company that can't turn a profit in a few years should probably be bankrupt anyway. Efficiency and priced to perfection are vulnerabilities and easily topple, companies and people should always be a little defensive.

That's my point though, we shouldn't have even gotten to the over leveraged part if the fed was doing it's job. Obviously if the fed let us get here in the first place they won't just let it fall--even if that would lead to a faster recovery--but the question still remains that if the fed is being manipulated by the market crying wolf they aren't able to fulfill their function to improve economic stability.

Some good thoughts, but how they handled 2008 wasn't entirely bad--they let the situation handle itself until it was clear who was no longer solvent. I think that's the problem with the fed's response this time around: it's that firms are already getting stimulus when they're going to be going bankrupt down the line no matter what. Worst case is they actually do manage to reinflate the bubble and the next time is going to be fall of Rome level cataclysmic. In the face of all this risk I would think the fed would be doing the opposite and disincentivizing loans via raising rates and weed out the bads faster. "fail fast" and all that bullshit they tell you about lean economies.

That's the point of my comment: if you don't want another Lehman then prevent the excess and shitty loans in their infancy. Don't let them accelerate for a decade into something unmanageable.

>> No.18545652

soprano voice.... is so blessed.... i love it..

>> No.18545657

>It didn't scar Wall St.
That's why they are levered up just like 2008?

>> No.18545681

>I've been charged twice for monthly dues
>effective April 15


>> No.18545682

I haven't actually done any sort of valuation on them I've just been buying broad market indices aggressive on this dip. With BX it's more just a conviction that they will continue to perform well into the future and have a business with staying power. Don't plan on selling anything I own for quite some time.

>> No.18545685

thanks.... you all anonymous posters influenced me, and i've influenced you back... I just want to say thank you for changing me, and making me a better person.

>> No.18545688

>but if it's the responsibility of the fed to trim excess at both extremes, then they aren't fulfilling that purpose anymore. Any company that can't turn a profit in a few years should probably be bankrupt anyway. Efficiency and priced to perfection are vulnerabilities and easily topple, companies and people should always be a little defensive.
The Fed has been ramping this up since the 90s. Made possible once it switched from a gold to petrodollar standard.
If you want to see the future of the US economy look at Japan.

>> No.18545695

>check my nasdaq/bluechip folio i forgot about
>it's already returned to positive

>> No.18545699

ok loser.... you spent two months before cutting bets.... maybe you worked there.. you're just a loser.

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please kill yourself, kike

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Can you r8 my portfolio, fren? Also, what does your portfolio look like?

>> No.18545716 [DELETED] 

I'm doing a live party on twitch guys, pls join. No talk just good music.

>> No.18545732

can it be monday already bros i just want some fucking portfolio GAINS

>> No.18545736

I’m glad you use a tripcode. It’ll be like you never existed after I add you to my filter.

>> No.18545758

maybe you should ignore the kike thing, but just be happy with what you have, and understand what you're chasing... instead of making a mistake and understanding you're perfect, but allow mistakes to be made and understand why mistakes were made... how can you become a better person? you're probably unable to work with people. and honestly im easy to work with but you're an asshole and you tell people to kill them self? for fucks sake get over your self asshole, and look at people that can actually help you... oh and go fuck your self.

>> No.18545759

Don’t lump him in with us baggie is not allowed in jewclub

>> No.18545768

we’re already back to where we were last year, no recession bobo

>> No.18545775

i hope you have your health, and you have everything.... i look forward to helping you again..

>> No.18545776

imagine unironically listening to /biz/
what's even your plan with rtx? take it out with a 10% gain in a few years?

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expect more good news from Gilead in two weeks. get ready to load up on calls. an anti-viral is going to be found for this virus by end of the summer.

>> No.18545782

So why wouldnt they just freeze my accounts when they closed the doors? How does it make ANY sense to keep charging without giving me my services? I'm curious why you're even defending them? What stake do you have in them?

Fuck them. They are still charging and where is that money going because they're not paying their employees still.

>> No.18545785


pretty please kill yourself, kike

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im gonna coom

>> No.18545802

you're fucking full of shit.... you don't see how bad shit is...

>> No.18545811

why are the pants perfectly skintight onto the sac

>> No.18545812

FDA approval by May

>> No.18545813

Posted earlier, mainly large-cap US via SPY but I've tried to choose what I think is a great long-term asset allocation. Still 20% cash so I'm fine if we re-test the lows or even like 2500-2600

Boeing I have no idea what's going to become of them, but they got massively haircut so depending on entry price might be a decent hold. Can't see there being much demand for their products in the near-term and they had the 787Max issues even before COVID hit

MFA i'm not too knowledgeable on mortgage REITs but they look like a resi name which means there's no credit risk but huge curve risk since their portfolios are highly levered and long duration. If you think you can predict the shape of the yield curve go for it. They all got massively puked so again, entry could make it worth it

MRO I can't see any positive case for oil in the near-medium term so good luck there. Guess its hard to see things getting worse but I thought that in 2017 and things got 10x worse since then.

NET i dunno how cloudflare derives revenue but its a tech meme so probably does okay

RTX i'd worry about the defense spending environment if Trump doesn't win. Defense budget seems like an easy place for an incumbent Democrat to pilfer some funds for gibs programs. Too much binary presidential risk

>> No.18545815

>what's even your plan with rtx?

I'm just trying to make it, brah. I want to make enough money so I can start day trading and no longer have to wagecuck at my shitty job.

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This is bait. And not even good bait at that. Want to try again?

>> No.18545830

my lord jesus christ died so you can be forgiven.... i hate the people who tell me to kill my self... but im too confident in my decisions... thanks for the reminder from dark times in my life... I will send this to you

>> No.18545835

Approved what? There is no treatment to approve.

>> No.18545839

that's not a plan man what was your expected profit going into the trade like specific price points and when are you going to exit

>> No.18545844

In addition, what nigger instantly pulls up this letter?

Also ask yourself, why would they add the days on the END of my membership? I'll literally never be able to use it...1. Its ending for a reason. 2. Am I supposed to cancel and then re sign up paying the sign up and annual fee again?

Fuckin shitty company trying to take money and run. They're done.

>> No.18545855

Monday pump or dump

>> No.18545860

cope more about missing the bottom

>> No.18545868
File: 42 KB, 512x421, unnamed (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beeg pahmp

>> No.18545887

Has it ever been red in the last three weeks?

>> No.18545890

pump on economies reopening slowly. a bunch of european countries are opening up again and the market will watch. if there is any reports of infections breaking out again expect a big dump.

>> No.18545898
File: 22 KB, 480x480, 1587257140607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks again for you answer, anon. You seem pretty knowledgable. Right now I'm going to sit on everything except Boeing. I'm just waiting for BA to moon a little higher before liquidating it to go all in on another stock--BX.

>> No.18545901
File: 285 KB, 580x282, 123516134615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's a sign to sell....

>> No.18545913

It's only been red on Mondays but reaches new post-outbreak highs

>> No.18545915

Test comment

>> No.18545925

if all the plebs have their stimmy checks in the market what do you think is finna bout to happen?

>> No.18545931

knowledgeable enough to know I can't outperform the equity market so I'm just indexing it. Trying to add alpha via asset allocation and the 15% crypto allocation which is a market I like to think I have more of an edge in.

Bonds now pay virtually no interest and governments are actively printing trillions more which will devalue the fiat those bonds are payable in. So why own them? Feels like a lot of money in bonds will rotate out with shitty return prospects on the horizon, and where else for them to go but equities? This is what bears don't get, too much capital out there and it needs to find a home. Crypto gold and R/E should help as inflation hedges and outperform in this environment. Dalio is right when he says cash is trash.

>> No.18545935
File: 27 KB, 666x543, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah yes, i'm sure it will return to 150 any moment now. literally triple your investment in just one month!
buy now!!!

>> No.18545941 [DELETED] 

damn.... i forgot coolio, and niggers... why are niggers so stupid... like seriously the truth is i met an african american with blue eyes, and he was a prodegy in studying... he was called gay... but he was a student like me... i kinda liked him because he really got it as far as teachings and projects... dude did his home work.... but damn... he's probably helping this world be a better place... damn blue eye'd nigger.... i miss you.

>> No.18545946

Should I buy Moderna stock? 30% boost today

>> No.18545950


>> No.18545951

>What is a merger
Raytheon dropped only by like 10% during the height of the crash

>> No.18545960

fuck off with your ellipsis faggot gook lover

>> No.18545961

RTX will not return to Raytheon price points post merger. It has nothing to do with COVID. Mid 60’s is the peak with new lows likely with Dem president.

>> No.18545964 [DELETED] 

he could actually be gay and dead for all i know... but he was the smartest black man i ever met... i never met neil de grasse tyson but... damn this nigga had blue eyes.... and he had a selfless demener... i wish i could help him.

>> No.18545983 [DELETED] 

im not even gay... i just love some men. sometimes you can love men, it doesn't make you gay. i bet you didn't even make any money today. incel.

>> No.18545987

Are you schizophrenic?

>> No.18546001

>likely dem president

After Trump secured the vote of all of black america with Trumpbux? Unlikely.

>> No.18546003

Yes there is, approval for a new indication, COVID-19.

But it’s not likely to happen. A nonrandomized study with no control? There’s a reason hospitals are trying hydroxy and not remdisivir.

My money is on Kevzara and Regeneron (literally).

>> No.18546010 [DELETED] 

no im just drunk... wait... i might be... i smoked pot but don't do that anymore... im actually bombarded with more and more contacts and opportunities every day.... i reach out and talk to people help them feel good about them self... my thalamus is fine. and you're honestly barking up the wrong tree dog.

>> No.18546014
File: 55 KB, 467x437, 1586018347966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so I'm just indexing it

Can you expound on what you mean by that, fren?

>This is what bears don't get, too much capital out there and it needs to find a home.

Agreed. Beartards think the stock market is supposed to reflect the economy, but it's actually quite the opposite. With near zero interest rates, there is no money to be made in savings accounts nor bond markets. The only way for people to generate profit is buy throwing their money into the stock market. There's literally no other profit generating place to park money. Beartards also don't understand that most people are investing in the stock market with the long term sentiment in mind, not short term sentiment.

>> No.18546017

>based black man meme
republicans will never learn. sad!

>> No.18546026
File: 3.18 MB, 480x360, 9C4B2398-8EDE-4999-9AB0-85846DAD522E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weird al did it better, unironically.

>KO will never be under $40 a share again

>> No.18546066

I think that ten million people paying rent and fifty million buying tvs isn't going to change spy at all

>> No.18546070

Means I'm just gonna play my exposure to equities mainly through diversified index funds and not individual names.

>> No.18546079




>> No.18546083

fuck you... i can enjoy jokes, but you get https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=7Cz_nOpxgCU&feature=emb_logo

>> No.18546092

Most of them haven’t even gotten their checks yet. And 90% of them aren’t sticking that in the market.

>> No.18546109

>There's literally no other profit generating place to park money
the aforementioned only lose to inflation or default. stocks... well.......

>most people are investing in the stock market with the long term sentiment in mind
if they were thinking long term, they would look back to 2008 and 2018 and realize that this shit is bad and shaky. money printer goes brr might literally be the only sound defense. our economy will need to willfully ignore the fiscal irresponsibility, financial unworthiness, and the coming bankruptcies. Margins are far too thin. The vanguard strategy does not have a strong argument either, past performance is no indication of the future. Bears can be wrong about the price action, but bulls have been absolutely fucktarded since at least 2018.

>> No.18546112
File: 180 KB, 1280x720, cheapies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm so excited for monday boys. I got those cola options for a goddamn steal.

>> No.18546127

It should be a warning sign to you when people actively choose to be in bonds and cash as opposed to equities, then. In the type of economic downturn we're talking about, the average investor is not likely thinking about generating historic market returns as opposed to simply protecting their wealth. We have more (in cash and bonds) on the sidelines now than at any prior point because the economy simply does not support the markets as they are, so those retail and institutional investors would rather wait for more economic certainty and a reversal in the negative economic data before buying into the markets.

Long-term sentiment doesn't negate the fact that short-term data is terrible, and individuals, particularly those near retirement, are going to acutely notice losses of 30%, 40%, 50% or more. This is an impact to their long-term returns. Depending on the severity of the downturn, it's quite feasible that recovery for someone buying in near ATH will take half a decade. That's a huge opportunity cost. Compared to the upside return, the downside risk is too great. It's simply less risky to wait for more economic clarity and buy in at a point where you feel the economy can support the markets. The markets will recovery, but waiting a few months to another quarter or so means nothing to the long term investor if they can feel safer at their buy in. I think it's the exact opposite of your thesis, and the amount of money on the sidelines tends to support that.

>> No.18546129
File: 96 KB, 500x750, mayan capitalismo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$18 spy put
jesus christ

>> No.18546147
File: 1.79 MB, 320x193, 1586567951360.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liquidated everything and put all my cash into TVIX last week. It's going to be a bloodbath next week, cap this.

>> No.18546149

You don't even know about the merger lmao

>> No.18546165
File: 48 KB, 952x670, gull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No thats gay. We fucking buy. Buy it all fuckkkkkkk

>> No.18546175

Can't wait to hitchhike tommorow and never come back home.

>> No.18546197

>We have more (in cash and bonds) on the sidelines now than at any prior point because the economy simply does not support the markets as they are

Which is why it's going to keep moving higher. Maximum pain trade. Everyone got out and now they're going to have to chase it higher once we break 3k.

Bought it the day we opened up 3% and reversed the whole move intraday. Felt smart but then we just kept moving higher. Will probably expire worthless but I feel it's worth it to have some kind of downside protection over the coming months because who the fuck knows what could happen. I am quite baffled that markets have shrugged off all the terrible news but it is what it is

>> No.18546204

get some pharma

>> No.18546213

you realize every day will be green going forwards, right?

>> No.18546215
File: 156 KB, 302x712, 1586623014049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit look like a deeldo

>chase it higher once we break 3k
>have even greater downside potential
i don't get it.

>> No.18546216
File: 157 KB, 746x629, 1568857023118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so you bought a long option at literally 60 vix?
can they do a tiger king type show about you?

>> No.18546221

Learn English you NIGGA!

>> No.18546227

what we really need to get this bull market rolling is a limited nuke exchange

>> No.18546245

Why limited?

>> No.18546250

This guy gets it. Up $250 on my investment already. CCP and Tencent both have stake in it. and Chinas about to make EVs mandatory. Its basically like investing in the official China auto company. Like free money.

>> No.18546252

Go on an adventure. Come back home when you're ready. Share what you learn. Give em hell, buddy.

>> No.18546259
File: 73 KB, 1121x839, 08 vix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's almost like I'm hedging my bets or something

Was hoping it'd be similar to 2008 where VIX spiked, retraced a decent amount and then spiked again on a second leg down.

>> No.18546264

Extensive nuke exchange will be better in the long term.

>> No.18546274

What is the scale for the vix? I'm too new for these numbers to have any context

>> No.18546277

point me to the howto for trading while vaporized

>> No.18546279
File: 173 KB, 716x1111, these amazing shadows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10 minutes to movie night! Tonight's feature is Claws of the Red Dragon (2019)!

>> No.18546282

No fuck off. Ate my balls on both Chesapeake Energy and Aurora. Im done risking money on charity case companies.

>> No.18546293
File: 54 KB, 482x516, 88f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mom made lasagna bros

>> No.18546303

no, i understand, but to pretend that they'll be chasing any kind of prices is absurd. it's completely about protection for anyone with an appreciable amount of money. if it truly happens to be that stocks are a defensive bet after shooting through 3k, lets say in a month, then so be it. But i would doubt that anyone in the collective that matters would be "chasing." that's just absurd.

>> No.18546314

he is the biggest schitzo on /biz just wait till he gets his alternate tripfag ego's and start talking to himself.

>> No.18546318


>> No.18546325
File: 265 KB, 687x417, 1508504547249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

happy for you fren

>> No.18546329

The market haven't priced in Trump going herd immunity strategy and killing all boomers to pass down inheritance for millennials to fuel economy by buying avocado toasts on maxed out credit cards. Green cirucit breaker Monday.

>> No.18546332
File: 209 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200418-195502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made my first trade on March 6 how am I doing

>> No.18546336

Hmm if that game plays like I think it does youll love Into The Breach.

>> No.18546337

Proverbs 3:5-6 English Standard Version (ESV)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

>> No.18546344

>no food, not even consumer staples
People gotta eat
>Mortgage REITs would not exist.
nigga... what? Like what a rediculous thing to say.
> Fuckin shitty company trying to take money and run. They're done.
Anon... people hating a business doesn’t mean there aren’t enough people who pay less attention or are just more retarded who won’t keep them in business.

I mean, it’s like my Disney winnings. Sooo many people told me fuck Disney, blah blah, they ruined muh capeshit, they ruined muh Star works. None of that matters.

And if the company secured some funding—it looks like trump wants to keep gyms in business— and do something to engender good will, who the fuck knows.

Maybe they just paint everything pink and handout pizza and bon bons with every airsquat?

>> No.18546353

Oil? Yes, no?

>> No.18546361

based since most people are in the red for this year

>> No.18546374

You're literally putting money on Trump tweets, oil is a shitcoin, especially WTI

>> No.18546376

Probably even more than 2008

>> No.18546377



>> No.18546385

No short term, yes very long term

>> No.18546392

> Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon will release a new film this fall titled "Claws of the Red Dragon," which will go after Chinese telecom giant Huawei, a company which President Trump has deemed "a national security threat."
What the fuck is this movie?

>> No.18546394

>maximum pain trade
To some extent, I agree with you. That pain will be exclusively on the retail investor end, though. The resulting downturn from their chasing is probably going to be excruciating. Greed will turn into profit taking and a realization that the economic damage has been done. It's a long way up to get out of the hole that we're in, and that will result in even more downside. Institutionals are likely just unwinding their remaining positions at this point and waiting in cash for the fall.

Nigga, please.

>> No.18546407

Movie night where?

>> No.18546408

sounds absolutely based desu

>> No.18546420
File: 3 KB, 709x33, cytube room.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Movie night movie night! Get in here!
It's a litoral counter intelligence op, I haven't seen it so I don't know what it's deal really is

>> No.18546433

States are literally opening this week and you're still doomposting a greater depression?? Delusional.

Also, how would institutions unwind their positions while it's going up? It's getting BOUGHT OUT.

>> No.18546434

Dude your boss likes you enough to hook you up with his broker. Hes trying to help. Schmooze the relationship, offer to take broker guy to a tit bar, your treat. Money guys are all nerds at heart, two things we love are tits and finance. Put a few drinks in him and pick his brain. Bet youll learn shit about the market you never dreamed of.

Test him like this. Pull up a fine bitch on instagram or tender. Pass the phone to him, "Hey check this one out." Gauge his reaction. Then casually mention the smoking hot thotties at the local tit bar.

>> No.18546447

>Somewhere in the North Atlantic a nuclear submarine with NNYSE stenciled on the side is clamped to an undersea fiber cable
>DOW is trading at 120k
If you think option fees and the $25k account threshold for day trading is bullshit, just wait to see what it costs to send a ULF teletrade.

>> No.18546454

I'll watch this later tonight after I've injected some cabbanis

>> No.18546460

Every bear market starts with record level recoveries

>> No.18546461

>Here I will sell you these shares for $2 under the market price! Great deal eh?
If y our broker is trying to sell stuff to you, RUN THE FUCK AWAY! They know those shares are worth far less .

>> No.18546464
File: 579 KB, 267x200, 1517595637217.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18546465


>> No.18546473

>Somewhere in the North Atlantic a nuclear submarine with NYSE stenciled on the side is clamped to an undersea fiber cable.
>DOW is trading at 120k
This is a future I can get behind. How do we meme it into reality? Can we still trade from our wasteland bunkers in the safe zones? Will the fallout interfere?

Low energy. Got anything else?

>> No.18546478

OKE and RDS.B gang check in.

>> No.18546483

>This better have an AAAAAA option
Not disappointed.

>> No.18546495

I'll poll again Sunday night and just include "AAAAAAAAAAAA", "OOOOOOOOO" and "snib"

>> No.18546504

What, am I wrong? is that weird? You do realize how often the big money guys go to tit bars, right? whats the point of making a million dollars in a day if you cant shove 20k of it down some dirty whore's g string?

>> No.18546507

Probably needs more options, otherwise it'd be all snib.

>> No.18546516

their stock is at $1.33 right now?

>> No.18546521

3 minutes

>> No.18546522

Institutions joined retail in the dump for the first time in 7 years. That should tell you something. Combined with the CEO resignations. Just saying max pain doesn't make it true, 500 spy is max pain but that's not happening. The fed buying equities would mean an admission that the market cannot grow organically anymore.

>> No.18546534

Got out of oil just before the red wedding. Is it safe to get back in. I keep hearing the worst of it is over.

>> No.18546535

What do you think about TIPS?

>> No.18546537

>$2 lower than current market price
>aiz trades at $1.30

>> No.18546543

I made 30% returns on both in the past two weeks
offsetting the -200% gains I have made by listening to /biz/ in the past

>> No.18546544

We're already way past the moral hazard debate. This is American Communism. People who buy stonks get rich and it's fair considering the accessibility to stocks never have been easier.

>> No.18546581

>Probably needs more options
It'd be interesting to do just that: Options. Choices being Call, put, straddle, butterfly.

>> No.18546583

Just buy inverse etf

>> No.18546586
File: 857 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2020-04-18-23-13-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mission accomplished. The invisible enemy is defeated and we're over the curve.


>> No.18546612

>Institutionals joined the retail dump for the first time in 7 years.
That's what had/has me worried. The CEO resignations bit is just bizarre. I still don't really know what to think about that, desu.
>The Fed buying equities would mean an admission that the market cannot grow organically anymore.
Agreed. I don't think they're that brazen or foolhardy. I think there's a difference in expectations between a country like Japan and the US. Despite their unprecedented effort to support at-risk markets and prevent a true depression, I think the Fed buying equities would shock a lot of people.

>We're already way past the moral hazard debate.
Agreed, but we haven't gone past the point of no return. As retarded as that fucking is to say. Strange times.

kek, make it so.

>> No.18546628

When do the foreign markets open up tomorrow?

>> No.18546634

Honestly if reopening plans were restricted to rural parts of a state it'd be ok/manageable. Just don't reopen your cities right away and hospitals won't get overwhelmed. Just gotta make sure that lockdown cases aren't already overwhelming the system like in NYC.

>> No.18546649
File: 716 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_2020-04-18-23-23-30-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No one:
>Literally no one:
>Not one soul:
>Three upstate legislators: "we cannot support labeling businesses as 'non-essential' — much less ordering them to close."


>> No.18546675

not as many bulls as I expected
I guess you guys are waking up

>> No.18546694

I'm fairly certain this "nobody" meme is some astroturf bullshit.

Explain to me your thesis, and do it without screaming about how your should "print" and/or going back.

>> No.18546696

When is oil getting red as fuck.

>> No.18546705
File: 49 KB, 600x450, 1585270111348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nobody actually believes in the squirt shaped recovery, that's retarded
I'm bullish but think this is a W scenario, the only two questions I have are how high this rally will take us and whether we retest the bottom

>> No.18546717

this image couldn't be uploaded to /biz/, guess it's banned, so i put it on /aco/

>> No.18546721

>make $20,000 this week on TSLA and AMZN calls
>lose nearly all of it on Wednesday calls during the drop

Still seething.

>> No.18546725

They’re decent but it uses the CPI for pricing inflation which is an index of typically non inflationary assets. Also the government might just default on them in the case of extreme inflation. About 20% of my portfolio is in them I own some value stocks as well but mainly just cash.

>> No.18546736

It's not at all limited to rural areas. I don't have a particularly strong opinion against re-opening additional businesses (as long as I retain the luxury to continue working from home), but I think that we might be rendering what sacrifices have been made so far pointless. Anyway, I posted because SC is one of the first states to start prematurely easing lockdown policies, which may be the start of a growing trend.

>> No.18546737
File: 1.88 MB, 500x370, 1587223677888.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Depending on the severity of the downturn, it's quite feasible that recovery for someone buying in near ATH will take half a decade. That's a huge opportunity cost. Compared to the upside return, the downside risk is too great. It's simply less risky to wait for more economic clarity and buy in at a point where you feel the economy can support the markets.

There is inherent risk in investing in the stock market; it is a zero-sum game. The people who invested around ATHs knew full well a correction could happen at any moment. And now with such a major correction behind us, along with the peak of the Chynese virus, we are on an upward trajectory as we recover. The longer anyone waits to invest in the stock market is losing on historic gains. Keeping cash on the sidelines is idle monies which could be better allocated. There isn't atrophy in the US banking system nor the US housing system; the recession was entirely caused by the Chynese virus. Once a treatment or a vaccine becomes widely available, there will be a sudden V-shaped recovery.

>> No.18546745

>Only 20k
It gets worse the more you have.

>> No.18546761

>I'm fairly certain this "nobody" meme is some astroturf bullshit.

It's necessary to post some ironic and inflammatory comment whenever posting a news articles.

>> No.18546765

What's your portfolio friend?

>> No.18546769

Yeah it's stupid because it's not restricted to rural places, but maybe SC has some huge hospital surge capacity. I know for a majority of high population/high density reopening would be a disaster though.

>> No.18546786
File: 383 KB, 1075x1062, 1557151883216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

long term yes short term fuck no a better short term investment would be shit coins

>> No.18546791

I guess it's a good thing to learn these trading lessons with smaller amounts. I hope I don't repeat the same retardation with six or even seven figure positions.

>> No.18546794
File: 101 KB, 790x559, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're retarded.
you could buy a pretty good sex slave off a poor family for 20k.
strippers aren't worth it.

>> No.18546799
File: 15 KB, 225x227, 1581215819121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6 million million

>> No.18546802
File: 322 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200418-203529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently pic related + 484 cash + 700 TFSA but I've been trading a bunch of different stocks in my personal account including SDOW/SQQQ

TFSA is long holds on KTOS, CARR, NET, and more RTX

>> No.18546812

>another idiot fell for the RTX meme being shilled by one autist

>> No.18546827

>20k for sex
Shit investment. You can get several onaholes for $200 and they take much less maintenance. 3dpd is for money wasting retards.

>> No.18546833

RTX isn't a meme and I've made a bunch of money off it, Wealthsimple is just retarded and processed the merger poorly. My real cost average is $58.

>> No.18546853

>i made money
you could say that about everything at the bottom of the crash, RTX isn't worth holding at this point

>> No.18546856
File: 2.53 MB, 1800x2818, __mary_pokemon_and_2_more_drawn_by_s2riridoll__1f7ab5f73e4eb72a906c1c4fc033f19c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woaaaaa are you the founder of the based department?

resale value of onaholes is ~0

Well I've never hear of this "Kirk Brown" of Greenville News Online.

How bad has coronachan fucked with the carolinas? Kind of doubt they'd be hotspots.

stoooooop the meme gets not funny if you shoehorn it into everything. stop trying to turn keks into cringe.

jesus I want to stick my dick right into the mouth of redflags like this...

>> No.18546870

Why? You're going to have to have really strong argument for why a bluechip defense contractor that owns Pratt and Whitney should be below 10 P/E and at a 5% divvie. And more importantly, why you shouldn't buy at those numbers.

>> No.18546872

They're not wrong. If our healthcare system was setup to handle the influx of patients that we had expected from COVID-19 as well as the normal patient load right now, without having to triage, I imagine the herd immunity case would have been manageable. But it wasn't, we took a lesser of two evils?, and here we are. Only history will tell. One thing's for certain, though, the bubble that we were/are in had/has to pop, and we were already on route for that to happen within the next year or two.

>> No.18546886

Just manage peak caseload through rolling lockdowns. Ventilators are being mass produced and the Army is building more field hospitals than are actually being used.

>> No.18546901

yeah man
that's why I sold EVERYTHING

>> No.18546911

Any vaccine prospects would require at minimum a year, likely two years, and that doesn't go into the specifics regarding the fact that no safe vaccine currently exists for SARS/MERS (other CVs) despite years of effort. Treatments are definitely the better route in terms of shorter ROI and bringing back the economy to a better state. Those are still closer towards half a year, and they alone will not ensure a V-shaped recovery.

Simply put, the economic damage is already done. This is not a correction. We will continue to be in a recession. It does not end simply because we have a three-phased pathway to "opening back up," or even successful treatments. Certain sectors will take years to recover from the fallout of COVID-19. Other sectors may see permanent changes as a result. Real unemployment is going to be massive, and nobody knows the extent to which it will affect other markets until we start seeing more quantitative data. Right now, we've all heard of "30% of people missed rent" or "35% record unemployment claims," but we still have to see what the sum total is as we do get back to work. I think current projections are around the 15 million mark. Many businesses will not exist after this. Some of them will not have the ability to wait out the market changes, some of them won't qualify for loans, some of them have already gone under. There will be a substantial loss of productivity due to changes in the way that we work while waiting for COVID-19 treatments (see, for example, the changes Chinese factories have implemented), income, discretionary spending, as well as psychological after effects of being under quarantine (less travel). This will go on for quarters, not months.

The world didn't end, it won't end, it will keep on spinning, but this will not be a V-shaped recovery. It's going to be a grind down, and a grind up, though I think the grind up will be noticeably quicker than in the past. We have not reached a market bottom.

>> No.18546939
File: 92 KB, 963x1280, 1557504495034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

crazy women are the best women to fuck my gf is a varbie that is a nut case but man when she makes this face i just dont care also go long in oil anons XOM boy here

>> No.18546941
File: 180 KB, 1272x1168, surrounded by incel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are just one moth after the low and we already think it's over... I don't understand this.

You think the correction will last 6-9 month at least....

>> No.18546948

>go long in oil anons XOM boy here
Nice. You think $1,500 is enough?

>> No.18546958

the resale value of bailey jay's onaholes is >0

>> No.18546960

>tfw I don't have a buddy who writes about biotech tip me about his article so I could do calls on GILD.

>> No.18546961

Well I've almost made back what I lost with my ONTX blunder, just $800 left and I'll be back in the green. I'm done with penny stocks, I got damn lucky with TRNX. I don't care to try my luck again and end up losing more. The good bit is that I've got 3800 in cash sitting in my account. Plenty of ammo to make back my 800 with. So now the question becomes, what cheap stocks can I use to make back that lost money quickly yet not fuck me over?

>> No.18546977

It's a Fortune 1000 Blue Chip company, and has been for nearly a century.
The only meme is when people treat this literal boomer stock like it's some hot new flavor of the month get rich quick scheme.

>> No.18546986
File: 1.25 MB, 1104x1616, 1559871820579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah anon at this precises its a great investment im a dividend boy so when oil just got dumpster i bought as much as i could xom,bp and shell B are great buys maybe HAL if you want to play it more risky

>> No.18546989

>i dont understand mergers
okay kiddo

>> No.18546993

Why don't people shill GD? Same idea as rtx except they're the most fundamental defense stock there is, and have a much higher return

>> No.18546995

The official (SCDHEC) projections were that hospital needs wouldn't come anywhere close to capacity. I do note that the estimated peak usage was changed to April 15 from April 30, which is what it was when I last looked at this page yesterday. We will see (1) how accurate these projections were in the first place, and (2) whether these projections hold with the relaxing of the existing policies (the projections are noted to be "assuming full social distancing").

>How bad has coronachan fucked with the carolinas? Kind of doubt they'd be hotspots.

No, SC is not a hotspot relatively speaking, and cases are concentrated around cities, as you would expect.

Look, I don't care what happens as long as I can keep working from home and I get cheap stocks (and that second point is not so important).

>> No.18546997

hey isn't it funny how I challenged you here (>>18546870) to actually give any support for your retarded position and you refused?

it's almost like you've got nothing

>> No.18547002

it's mystifying, more than half of the people in these threads and on the strawpolls think it's over and we're hitting ATHs. almost maddening. if we hit ATHs we're worse than China

>> No.18547007
File: 687 KB, 1076x1074, GoodFrens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


post picks or obvious LARP

there's no time requirement on bear markets and crashes.

Honestly I don't think we'll ever see KO, JNJ, MSFT, LMT that low ever again. Maybe the indices will retest, but not the good companies. People only sold those because they absolutely had to.

the merger couldn't have been at a worse time. They could've gotten UTX at a much better price, and now those commercial airliner businesses are fucked for who knows hot long. For me, it's LMT.

>> No.18547013

because GD will drop like a stone when Biden wins in november

>> No.18547026

>the reeeeeeeaytheon bad guy thinks biden will win
>he also thinks biden isn't a massive hawk
oh no he's retarded

>> No.18547030
File: 92 KB, 798x800, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't responds to this nonsense.

>> No.18547031

>The CEO resignations bit is just bizarre
yeah very weird considering there were way less resign in 2008, but with the kind of info these guys have acess to who knows, i mean there is that guy who posted on /pol/ about how bad corona gonna be in january(he worked at a hedge fund and had WHO info)

>> No.18547041
File: 52 KB, 474x424, 04c5dc32e22edcac57b49832dba0d355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

desu we main actually go back to 3000+ range for the sp500 before the next leg down.
the people I follow on market cycle predict it's the most likely outcome for now.

I only buy etf so it doesn't affect me too much.

>> No.18547048

KO is losing big time in emerging markets after this crisis nukes their currencies into bolivian
plus the upcoming CO2 shortage that nobody's talking about

>> No.18547049
File: 68 KB, 500x500, 1587081936034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when Biden wins in november

>> No.18547051

>implying any of that
But also if gd does, rtx will go to 3$

>> No.18547058

>and had WHO info
The WHO was spreading bad info well into February. The real big brains were combing over Chink social media and /pol/ for videos from inside China.

>> No.18547064

>when Biden wins in november
>a dementia patient whose only claim to fame is being Obama's plus-1 is going to beat a guy who's approval rating is higher than what Obama's was before his own re-election.

Oh no no no. Lookit the top of his head.

>> No.18547073

>more than half of the people in these threads and on the strawpolls think it's over
tat's it i'm buying calls on monday

>> No.18547094
File: 2.63 MB, 512x323, orb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>72% of the weekend wallstreet retards are short
Monday is going to be a massive short squeeze, 10%+ upwards

>> No.18547096

Fuck off. Had them before the split. Post what you have.

>> No.18547101

>Had them before the split

>> No.18547103

>We may actually go back to 3000+ range for the S&P 500 before the next leg down.
There's a lot of hopium out there right now. It's definitely possible, but the closer we get back to ATH, the more riskier it will be for people buying back in, and hence there will be more resistance. The volume and momentum prior to Friday was already on the downturn, indicating a potential reversal.

My guess is that it's partly coincidence. We were already seeing forecasts for a recession in H2 2020 or early 2021. There were already reports of a slow down in growth. The CEOs were likely getting out while the getting was good, and once they saw Corona-chan come to town, it would only have been more incentive to GTFO.

>> No.18547105

my portfolio is 90% airlines and 20% RTX at avg price of $61

how long until i reach the moon? Im think September?

>> No.18547108


kek nice try
also I posted about the CO2 shortage this morning, try to keep up

There's also the fact that the CEO's are almost all boomers, and they're getting too old for this shit. Dimon just had a heart attack, is anyone gonna be shocked if he steps down?

This is their chance to exit on top, the next top might not come for a while

>> No.18547112

>every day green for four weeks
When does the short squeeze turn into a long squeeze

>> No.18547116

Never when a bunch of them bankrupt and it takes 10 years to regain a footing

>> No.18547121

oh yeah, also
probably a lot of them wanted to escape to their private islands

>> No.18547122


80% and 20%

>> No.18547132

no he had insider info about the virus, how much infected italy was, and howhedge fund flying for safety

>> No.18547133

What the fuck you on about? The split gave me $52 a share.

>> No.18547134

>long squeeze
you can't get margin called if you're buying long positions and the market goes up, a "long squeeze" would be if a bunch of people were buying on margin and the price went down, ala 1929

but who the fuck is buying this market on margin

>> No.18547159

>What the fuck you on about?
I've asked him a bunch of times and he refuses to give literally any reason or position. I think he's trying to FUD, but FUDing a multibillion dollar defense contractor on a cantonese frog fucking board is pretty fucking retarded.

>> No.18547168

lol its time to buy puts stupid. play the game

>> No.18547257
File: 38 KB, 750x942, 1585162247001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KO moved >400k units in the last minute on friday. That's like 18 million bucks in 60 seconds. I'm so comfy bros, I just cant stop thinking about all my eggs hatching

>> No.18547281

>calling the top

>> No.18547440

>it's the responsibility of the fed to trim excess at both extremes, then they aren't fulfilling that purpose anymore
What the fuck makes you think that's their job?
They literally tell you what their purpose is in the dual mandate.

Also, again, this is not a crisis TRIGGERED by over-leveraging, so it is not a crisis PERCEIVED as being caused by over-leveraging. The stock market crash was possibly caused by unrolling over-levered positions. The economic full stop was not.

>> No.18547462
File: 130 KB, 450x400, 982367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't need to translate into the stock going up though and they don't give bonus dividends

>i own 5k KO stocks

>> No.18547470

Imagine Biden negotiating with Putin.
Imagine Biden having access to nukes.

>> No.18547483

democrats say the same things about trump, very little changes between the two parties taking power

>> No.18547487

*5k USD worth of KO stocks, i mean.
i fucking wish i had 5000 KO shares.

>> No.18547513

the difference is trump has a working brain and can form complete sentences. Biden is so far gone news have to translate things he tries to mumble.
it's more sad than funny, they should let Biden rest and find someone else.

>> No.18547523
File: 153 KB, 700x700, 1465578961798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trump has a working brain and can form complete sentences

>> No.18547531

this is painfully true
people say "ah blah transgenders and clownworld" or "but muh body muh choice" but when it comes down two it, we're choosing between two demented boomers with a slight change of flavor.

look at any actual transcript of trump, and it's word salad if it's not scripted

>> No.18547537

how is biden srsly in the position he is in right now.
america is so fucking retarded lmao. guy fiddles children and has multiple strokes during speeches.
your country is beyond fucked

>> No.18547548

you know it's true if you've watched biden. they should let Biden rest.

but trump's word salad can be understood.

>> No.18547619

>resale value of onaholes is ~0
Buy Bad Dragon shit then. When they discontinue products and colors the secondary market value goes up slowly and can exceed the initial price. Never doubt what furfags will pay for niche fetish products.

>> No.18547620

US president is like a celebrity, they don't have any real power that matters and in times of crisis they are superceded by our Council of Elders. They are put in front of the screen to keep people inflamed.

>> No.18547643
File: 75 KB, 1024x683, 995442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ignore the annoying background music but here's a short compilation for those that genuinely doesn't know

he even forgot Obama's name

>> No.18547717


scroll down to the video and jump to 35:50. he wanders off screen and just blathers on. again, more sad than funny.

>> No.18547988
File: 11 KB, 645x773, 1587000354770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine wanting to be president so much you forget where you are when someone calls you mr. president

>> No.18548062

starting to get cold feet about the options orders i put in for monday: 292 call for friday and 279 put for 3 weeks out. am I retarded?

>> No.18548159
File: 305 KB, 1386x1047, F5024E5D-388B-4C0A-85FE-A80D5C0C1B02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OP is such a massive faggot he doesn’t link his own thread
What an asshole
What a fucking retard...

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