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Is it to late for a 10x?

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its going to $1000 in 3 years

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The 1000x or more over the next few years has just begun.

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Is 500x too little?

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It’s already 3.5 I remember threads of people asking if chainlink would ever be $3 I thought it was a joke. I want to kms is this the top for real or not do not fuck with me for one god damn time

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How patient are you is the question. After this economic crash and inflation all crypto will moon. And adoption will slowly happen. If you can hold for years you'll make money.

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my entry was 2k sats. I have multiple wallets and rank 154 with 240k LINKIES.
You can track my wallets , never sold 1 yet.
No plans to Began slowly selling till $50 each.
I’ll sell my node returns to usd . Live comfy with a big dick stack.

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ur thinking too short term. who knows where the price will go in the next few weeks. it could crab from $2-$4, it doesnt matter.
$1000 is guaranteed in 5 years

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lmao the fucking hopium... sergey himself said at least 5.

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congrats bro. can you buy a lambo for me when you cash out for $50 million in 5 years? i only have 600 link right now but am making $200 a day delivering food and am accumulating. just trying to mix it up between stocks, crypto, and precious metals though so i don't have all my eggs in one basket.

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Yeah until everything is up and running better to be in before

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How are you so sure of this

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>trying to mix it up between stocks, crypto and precious metals though so i dont have all my eggs in one basket

not gonna make it famalam desu

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what would you recommend? i'm putting 75% of my earnings in crypto but if bitcoin fails and everything plummets i'd probably kill myself if i lost everything. at least this way i have other assets but still am positioned to make out very well in the next bull run.

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I just bought a bustdown Royal Oak with the Chase Sapphire
CPN trap card, this a new Pathfinder
Feeling like Jehovah, nigga, I should write a fraud bible
I'm just tryna find a bitch who working at the DMV
So I can get real quality fake IDs
Talking on the Huawei phone to a mei-ling
May have an M alone, nigga, just from one scheme
Woke up drippin' like a nigga had a wet dream
Woke up drippin' like a nigga peed in the bed
Ridin' with a country bad bitch, she an airhead
PLR-16, nigga, this a Kel-Tec
Aim it at a nigga ear just like a headset
They kicked me out of church 'cause I pulled up in a Hellcat
Went in and out to Cali and I had to bring a bale back
You say it look short, lil' nigga, where the scale at?
Took a couple losses, man, a nigga had to jump back
Hit her one time, now she beggin' me to come back
Got hands, nigga, you don't really want combat
Livin' that code, but the nigga drop hot tracks
Playing with the Circle, you gon' get your ass popped at
Sticks play at Stoegers, only place to shop at
Dirt cheap plugs the only place to shop at
Feelin' like Farmer Dan, nigga, where the crops at?
Facilitate with the pack, quarterback, drop back
Bad bitch with me, she gon' fuck me 'cause I got fame
All my cards black, so I'm feelin' like no name
CPN, Mastercard, I just swiped four chains
Did somethin' with Street Execs, I just seen 2 Chainz
All my diamonds real deal, I just bought two rings
Everything up to date, nigga, this a new Range
I be on some different shit, nigga, this a new lane
I be with the China plug eatin' on lo mein

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you should do a bit of research bud, if you can't come to the conclusion yourself that's YOUR loss

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i'd recommend you go all in on CHAINLINK if you don't want to desire to kys when it's 1000$ and you could have bought it around tree fiddy

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Ah yes just as I thought. Zero substance

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100% LINK

Keep what you need to feel safe in boomer stocks or rocks, but everything else should be going into LINK.

Best performing asset of any asset class of the past 2 years for a reason.

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again that's my main investment and i'm trying to get to a 10k stack before i start relaxing a bit. if it fails though and i put everything into it i would undoubtedly kill myself.

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ive always believed this the best predictor
look up klaus schwab - founder of the world economic forum. 10% global gdp = 8trillion mcap which puts btc at around 250k
he wrote this in his book, he also mentioned smart contracts as well

link pumped from 30cents to $5 during a bear market (btc dumping from ath). after the halving if the entire stock market recovers in mid 2021, everything will go up
imagine the link pump during a full bull market, when btc goes to a new ath

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Bro it will be $80.000 in 2026. Trust me, 42 got a quantic message from the future

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Were gonna make it Anon.
You just need enough capital to get through this pre singularity phase.

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250k btc in 2025 is a conservative estimate
tim draper, the guy who predicted 10k btc by 2017, predicts 250k in mid to late 2022 which is possible depending on the stock market

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Thanks for actual information and not

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heres the endgame in 30-40 years

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You sound like a nice lady. A real go getter.

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Do you think we could fall back to $2.50 guys?

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i'm a man

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That's what you tell all the boys.

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this the final redpill. get in or forever live in regret
trust in sergey

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Serious: no

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I can’t even fathom link reaching those prices

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100K LINK. £250K in muh etfs. 20k in gold. 31 yo. Comfy doesnt say it..

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It is too late even for 2x lmao

this is the top

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theres a reason why it has 18 decimal places
this is new technology, the 4th industrial revolution.
this tech will be here long after we're dead

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Wow, this is really a modern art

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When my friend first told me about Bitcoin he said "It's $1.50 and some people think it could go to $10 or even $100".

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back in the day I used to fantasize about cope posts like these

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I’ve got a tiny 546 link stack, I’m gonna keep buying

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I'm going to write something I hope becomes a copypasta for the intelligent among us.

95% of people here are memers and another 95% have no fucking clue and there is a huge overlapping Venn Diagram for those were almost no one here is excluded. Those who know anything truly are rare, and even when someone who had good knowledge posts, how is it not to get lost in the rest of the mayhem? The truth? Is it gonna 10x again? Who the fuck knows? Don't take advise from these shitposters. Weed through the garbage as much as you can. Occasionally you will see someone worth their salt, someone demonstrably successful, or someone that writes a post that is so apparently well thought out and intelligent that stands out so loudly that it might as well have been highlighted, that will either downplay or hype up a potential crypto investment, or otherwise. And then, can you trust that? My friend, let me tell you something... all crypto is fucking speculative. Chainlink has some cool stuff going for it. Oracles, smart contracts, it's nothing to snub your nose at, but it doesn't mean they're going to be the only ones that can do it? Even if they do and even if they are, is Crypto ever really going to make it? Is the crypto boom over? Motherfucker, NO ONE KNOWS. The best you can do is buy stuff that YOU believe in based on YOUR best research and intuition. DYOR, never invest anything you can't afford to lose, acknowledge that you may lose it, don't give in to FUD, and cross your fingers.

We're all gambling, nigger. The lucky ones brag. We all want to be them. We can all try. But don't believe that anyone trading crypto every knew anything FOR SURE.

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I passed on link for years. and the few times i did buy were for the memes and i inevitably sold because of the fud and I never belebed anyway.

So imagine me, (im black, go to a black church) sitting in church and we have guests preaching segments and this woman comes in and starts talking about fucking having visions of smart contracts (didn't say this phrase exactly) taking over the world within 2-5yrs and she talked about how everything would link together. She said the word link/s multiple times. Surreal. I've been buying ever since, either biz turned me schizo or this shitcoin is the Illuminati confirmed.

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In a normie bullrun it could but it'll dump right back down. The value of link right now is where it actually belongs regardless of what the delusional Marines would say

>> No.18532243

speak for yourself faggot

>> No.18532254

I feel like that's mostly, not entirely, but mostly what I did. Gave advice on my own perspective. Up to him to take it or leave it. Thanks for your contribution, insightful as it was.

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Post hand or I’m gonna disregard this story

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nobody cares

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Either she was purposely shilling link or she really had visions of it. I didn’t even bother explaining how detailed she was but I wanted to be able to say I at least shared the story on biz once

>> No.18532307

I know, and that's exactly why you're in both sides of that overlapping Venn.

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Nigger its going to 23000x still from here

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Damn u are built for BBC

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Very reasonable.

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Amen, give to this anon a medal
Actually all people here want the sucess of the couple eth + link but u forgot too much Tezos and Algorand, they can make their own chainlink and put it deep in your ass

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Based nigger, you will make it bru

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Yes, unless the entire market goes 5x.
LINK will no longer outperform other coins, at least not significantly.
You're unironically better off gambling with RSR.

>> No.18533687

what formula do you faggots use for this? elighten me anon

>> No.18533708

Based as hell if true. But probably a larp

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How do you make $200/day delivering food?? How does one do this in the Coronacrisis

>> No.18533880

because this fucking token is the second coming of jesus

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I hate myself everyday because I only have 3000 LINK
I could have had 20,000 LINK easily if I bought at 20 cents, but I was scared and didn't understand shit back then. This will haunt me for the rest of my fucking life and I will live in never ending regret.
A laughable 3000 LINK stack
Absolute poorfag levels. The only thing I can do is clean the toilets on the fucking Yacht party :(
It hurts so bad. I will never make it

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Nigga I only have 1500 link how do you think I feel

>> No.18534364

I believe. Trust the signs blackanon.

>> No.18534391

yeah well, it's clearly a fake cope post by a link holder, bro

>> No.18534397

>how do you think I feel
I can only imagine how shit your life must be. No but seriously: I would be okay if I came here yesterday and found out about LINK just now and then bought in.
But I saw the Assblaster posts, and everything and still didn't buy in for ages, because I got scammed in 2017 and was afraid.

>> No.18534412

Holy shit I would have kms yesterday.

>> No.18534426


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>But I saw the Assblaster posts, and everything and still didn't buy in for ages, because I got scammed in 2017 and was afraid.
Lol I came here a couple months ago and have more than u.

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Yeah good on you newfag. Now fuck off

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Imagine browsing this shithole board for years and still not having a reasonable stack. 3000 LINk for being here during Assblaster. What a retarded fucking monkey you are. You don't deserve to make it lololololol.

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kill yourself you son of a whore
You were only able to buy at all, because your mum sucks dicks on the side of the road, you worthless nigger

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Keep seething for me you jealous little faggot. I'm barely 20 and I'm close to having a 10k stack, all from DCAing into LINK the past few months. Sucks being a poor, retarded dumb nigger faggot like you.

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So like I said. Your whore mother bought it for you. You will never be happy you piece of shit

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Keep coping you waste of space. Every single penny put into LINK was my money made from internet marketing. Maybe you could achieve such greatness like me if you weren't such a brain dead stupid nigger monkey.

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10k or 100k stack it doesn't matter, it won't get me my highschool crush that rejected me and that I still have feelings for even with 31 :'(

>> No.18534574

>clean the toilets on the fucking Yacht party :( It hurts so bad
Nah bro you're one of us. You'll for sure be welcome on the yacht party. Just keep accoomulating while you can even if it's just bit by bit.

>> No.18534580

>made from internet marketing.
Did you sell your whore mother online as well?

>> No.18534582

Bro we live in peak clown world anything is possible. Truth is stranger than fiction. Trust your gut.

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Don't worry anon, after you clean the toilets I'll let you have seconds with the 10/10 Korean whore. The yacht party will be lit.

>> No.18534601

You need to move on bro. She's not coming back and it wouldn't have worked out anyway.

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Hello based department?

Very nice anon. Envious of your stack. I'm just a 34k linklet but still buy more every month

>> No.18534632

Thanks bro, you're the good soul in this thread

>> No.18534646

On a serious note though just do whatever you can to stack more LINK. I've been getting into "riskier" hustles to increase my LINK stack. I don't advise you to do the same but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm not letting it slip. Trolling aside, we all gonna make it bro. Much love and god bless.

>> No.18534712

>Much love and god bless.
Same to you anon. Godspeed and God bless you

>> No.18534714

Stfu you faggot. Besides, it's not set in stone that LINK's gonna to $1000. It might just get around the $100 mark even. So be a little humble and fuck off.

>> No.18534748

It's great that "you have to wait two more years than you thought to be a millionaire" is what fudders are saying now.

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>tfw I've been bagholding since the march crash
Am I the only one that paid 4 bucks and is in the red?

>> No.18534786

>cash out for 50 million
>a 240k stack

Wew lad, even at that price he'll want to neck himself in a decade.

>> No.18534791

Calculating my stack with that numbers.
Looks like a fair amount of wealth of me.

>> No.18534903

Just don't sell. The price will rebound.

>> No.18534977

Nice, I have 600 links as well. But I'm converting all of them to PNK once they reach 4$. There's no future with a stack like that.

>> No.18535288

>if it fails
oh anon how new are you

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It will go to $1000 and beyond in the next 5 years. I have no doubts about it.

>> No.18535304

I've been picking up overtime shifts on covid units to increase my link stack. I'm literally risking my life for this.

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>> No.18535350

I worked construction two years straight in south Florida for minimum wage saving every dollar for Link.

Was able to get 50k, so essentially I made about $100k each year doing manual labor.

My body hurts daily now, but in retrospect, I’m glad I did it.

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>30 to 40 years

>> No.18535369

There are many anons who have risked their time, physical health, mental health, and General well being to get on this moonship out of wage slavery.

That is how iron hands are forged.

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>check the ID
>may 4

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File: 332 KB, 552x413, EDA808B5-F877-4820-B1AC-1C988075D358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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