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Anyone here on that fraud shit?

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glow away

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You're infected cunt of a mother is

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Y'all sum broke bum ass stinkin losers. I get it

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i too where a mask when i am doing fraud online, although no one can see me it makes me feel as though i am in an ocean's movie. i do it for the rush.

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Money Man taught me everything I need to know

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Only unintelligent low-iq losers do fraud

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Money Man the goat

Says the guy working a 9-5 lmao shut up kid real 1s dont do petty licks we go for the big bag

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nice try USSC

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>glowies nigger posting
ok i guess?

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You mean stuff like carding? It's near impossible to do it in 2020. You need to set everything up perfectly and have the best cards. So many things can go wrong you can get flagged for the littlest things. You are gonna burn through money quickly with all the proxies you need quality card info(those who get them usually use them themselves). This is just what I've read on some marketplace forums some years ago. I also read that before like 2014 it was wayyy easier to pull this shit. In like 2010 you could just use a vpn and card info and have no problems lmao.

I use to buy tickets for 30% of the price from a guy who most likely carded them and resell them on TicketSwap. Made like $7k total with my friend until the guy just couldn't get them anymore due to improved security measures probably. Had to find another guy. He could do it for some short period of time, but god damn was he retarded. He was some American guy living in South America in a rented penthouse fully tattooed. If he failed at getting the tickets he would get so fucking angry. Constant shitshow with that guy. The darknet markets are full of these low IQ retards. The first guy was really nice he just did the order and that was it. It was a hobby for him lmao, but he doesn't do it anymore probably because of security increases.

Good times really. Was 18 then, currently 20 and got 20k links.

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we don't do illegal stuff here friend, try Reddit I heard there are some high lever hackers on those forums

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