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Sold all my link. Did I do good /biz/

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Boss move

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You know the devil is lord?

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Do you know what the last asshole that sold link ended up doing?

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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Okay that retarded nigger literally sold at $1.80 which was pretty much the bottom

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It's going to $2.35 so yes

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Ok lads, I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m trading options because I am a peice of shit, and I’m up 700% in the past 3 months.

My only regret is not taking more capital and putting it into LINK. LINK is the next Tesla, LINK is Microsoft in 1985, when people were like, pffft “Who uses software anyways.”

If you buy and hold for 10 years+ you will have a better return than 95% of all traders.

Just because these Retards here bought early, and spam PeeeePeeee PoooPooo. Doesn’t negate from the fact that this is the biggest investment opportunity of our lifetime.

People will commit suicide over link.

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You are an idiot. You anger me. Tell me why or will only get angrier, which will be nasty

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The ns stands for NEVER SELLING IDIOT

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You're buying it back right ?

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