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>americans ACTUALLY, FACTUALLY, UNIRONICALLY tip their landlord

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Only poor people in third world countries don't tip their landlords.

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Imagine being so poor that you can't tip the guy who's literally housing you

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>tip their landlord

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now i understand why they support Israel

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>Yuros unironically think shotposts are real

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Why? Are you poor?

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Still not sure if it's just good bait.. but I'm also European and not nervous about my financial stability just because I need to go to hospital

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w-wait, what?

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Umm yeah and?
Landlord is doing a service, and services are where the tips should be given. I don't see any problem with this at all.
Reminder to all Europ*ans: There are two kind of people on this planet, ones who have walked on the moon, and the other who refused to tip the rocket engineer.

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I give an extra 10% for good measure

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kek what a bunch of cucks

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This is amazing satire bros I fucking love you /biz/

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> being mind-washed into thinking tipping is normal

Fucking yanks are so dumb. You're trained to hand your money over since birth, and honestly think you're a free country. Dumb as a bag of sand.

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What country are you from? And what's your skin color?
I'm gonna make 2 guesses
Brown skin
You will NEVER work for anything in your life, the white man has to carry the country you drag your shit colored feet through

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>tipping the landlord
>supporting the illegitimate state of israel
>supporting a nigger fucking your wife
Land of the Cuckholdry

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You don't? I usually tip 15% - 20% depending on how much I've made that month. If I have trouble feeding my family, I'll only tip 15%. Seems like the right thing to do.

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first off its not like every landlord is tipped all the time...its just to reward exceptional service. typically having to do with bill presentation...
get a life.

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In the EUSSR it's illegal to have money unless you're jewish.

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Hello mr landlord, i would like to tip you for your exceptional service, i very appreciated that the house i'm renting has doors and windows.
I'm in trouble right now with your tip, can i offer my daughter viriginity in exchange, since i blow your cock already for the weekly tip and this could sound too few? Thank you mr landlord.

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I'm not Jewish and my family is absolutely fucking loaded

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That's a man.

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>not unironically clapping when landlord comes by to collect what is rightfully his


they are doing us a great, a tremendous service. and I think I am not alone when I say - and I know I'm not, I know great people, alot of great people who would agree with me here. all I am saying is you should respect them for all they are doing. next question.

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well 20% is a little bit high but I guess this is a US thing. I live in Germany and I tip my landlord 10% (holiday bonus not included)

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Imagine tipping

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Tremendous people, very good people. Some would say, the best people. Would you say that? I would say that

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See, just like i was a delivery boy who expected tips and now gives tips when ordering, I tip my landlord because I expect to get tipped as a landlord one day. It's the circle of life. Subhumans wouldn't understand

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I wouldn't say that

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Same, and since landlords are basically a charity I can do a tax writeoff on it too!

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holy shit america is already retardet enough. Every day there is a new level of autism reached

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As a former landlord, if you can't afford to tip, DO NOT rent. Banks negotiate mortgages under the assumption of tenant tipping. It isn't fair to the banks or the mortgage owners if you stiff your rent bill. Again, if you can't afford to tip, and that is completely understandable, please find other living arrangements. There are plenty of housing options that don't require tipping: hostels, executive suites, motels (usually).

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>Here you go landlord, good job at renting me this appartment an extra 20% for you
>I'm glad paying almost 2 and half rents more per year, for no service at all

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sure don't tip your property management company and the chauffeur will scratch your car, the greeter won't acknowledge you, the elevator lady will press the wrong button a few times making your 40 second elevator ride take 2 minutes, and the building receptionist working evening after her uni classes won't flirt with you because your a cheapskate

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lads i'm actually confused is this a meme or do americans actually tip their landlords?

i'm genuinely confused

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because, you know, all those backround checks i have to run so you wont run away with my rents and trashing the space. 10 % is fine. Internal organs are allowed when fucking is not an option and i am not into torture porn area of discomfort when you retard wont pay rent.

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>I live in Germany and I tip my landlord 10%
I am in Germany and this guy is a liar.

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I seriously hope it's a joke how retarded can you be

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Yeah there is two kind of ppl on this thread, the lauging stock america and the rest of the world

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Im in favor of this. The sheer hassle of dealing with retards and retardom demands this.

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You know in every other country you would fuck them heavily over for even trying such a thing

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no he's serious lmao

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No see
I legitimately tip because it's divided among all the service workers except the maids since they're through a different company but you still tip them by leaving cash and a note while you're at work. It's convenient that way too so you don't have "to tip" everytime you enter your apartment building

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>living in a literal rent mob scheme
>land of the free

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tits or GTFO. In fact, post pick

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Tits or GTFO. In fact, post pics of you sucking off your landlord

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sides gones ty

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fuck off dude

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Man this is completely feudal
"milord , my wife , the wench, mas made some extra spadooodles from sucking off members of your infantry ey? Please accept these extra pennies as a tip for your extraordinary work as my Lord and liege.

Best of wishes to the misses gov'nor

Kisses and always yours,

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This isn't true, is it? Yanks don't actually tip their landlords... do they?

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Why you should start tipping your landlord
>Do you ever feel like you’re nothing but a discarded bag of dog faeces left to steam in someone else’s recycling bin?
>Then chances are you rent a house from somebody who makes a profit out of your hard work as misery.
>And that’s after you navigate your way through the door, past the book-licking Tarocash Gestapo that moonlight as leasing agents.
>Past the background checks, the income tests. Call to your boss, friends and family. It might seem over to top to you as someone who lost the birth lottery. But landlords have to make sure their investment is protected.
>Now, if you’ve ever thought this current system is broken, then I’ve got a solution for you.
>Start tipping your landlord. That’s right. Start tipping your landlord 20% more than what’s on your lease agreement
>Are you crazy? No.
>Look, I’ll break it down for you. One day you’d like to own a house, yeah? Well fake it till you make it. Landlords will start taking notice of your absolute Boss Mode move. You need to be in your landlords good books if you ever want to be a landlord.
>When you start tipping your landlord, doors will start to open for you. LITERALLY. The front door you could barely get you key into, let alone turn? Magically fixed with one call to the real estate agent. That hole in the roof directly above your bed? No more sleeping while you spoon a stockpot to catch the leaks, Mister! That bad boy in the roof will get fixed in a jiffy
>Picking up what I’m putting down?
>If you want to live in a house that feels like it’s yours, tip your land lord.
>Trust me

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I’m an American and I tip my landlord 15% every month because if I don’t I don’t get to sleep in the big bed

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How many good boy points can one earn for % tipped?

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well that goes for any service, if you leave money there you will be remembered and be treated better next time you use that service. it's just common sense, Though in a normal, sane society, there would be no need to tip cash/currency, only goods/.services

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Your landlord doesn't give a shit if you tip or not, he will be lazy regardless

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dunno, not a rentcuck, I wouldn't tip a landlord

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>Dumb as a bag of sand.
stop you're making me spill my coffee

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I don't understand the confusion.
I live in a rented unit. I have my own key.
There's no valet.

Who else am I supposed to tip?

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I paid cash for my house

Imagine cucking to another man for a house

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Why imagine?

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Yes the white man is carrying the country because they’re such faggots they hand over their money

>> No.18455155

>Be a retard
>Start believing in meme shitposts because you're a gullible idiot who thinks everything he reads on 4chinz is true
OP, i hate to say it, but your parents will die tonight unless you give away all your money to Sergey.

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Man a that's!

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Is this evidence of the europoor's inability to grasp sarcasm or mine?

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Thanks for tips yankees, it`s fucking awesome
t. remote dollar job

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Once my landlord in college gave me an entire months rent off because the shower broke and he had to fix it, even though we were just heading off on summer break. When we got back the entire bathroom had been totally redone and upgraded.

Didn't give him a tip but went round to give him a bottle of champagne as a thanks when i moved out.

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obviously bait, anon and you took it.

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In germany we say "dumb like 100m dirtroad"

>> No.18455496

>I am in Germany and this guy is a liar.
Go home, Shlomo

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this thread is also a bait and you took it

>> No.18455560

do americans also tip their employer?

>> No.18455787

actually it is 10m dirtroad

>> No.18455850

Are you Eur*peans really this dumb, or am I being trolled to the ground here?
It isn't that complicated, really. Of course you don't tip your employer, how retarded are you? If, and only if, the pay check is handled by outsourced accounting company, specialized in handling your salary, then I'm OK with there being 5% tip cut to the accountant. That is the standard procedure in my state.

What you Eur*peans don't seem to grasp is that we, the American consumers, are the APEX consumers on this planet. When you speak of "global economy" or "world economy" what you're basically talking about is MY preferences. What I want to consume and how much is that defines what is being produced in this world and what is not. The worth of your house in bum fuck nowhere Sweden is defined by how much -I as an American- am willing to spend on new products. I am like walking piggy bank to you, where ever I go I trickle down money that will circulate through millions of pockets to finally give some scraps of my goodwill to your plate, to feed your Eur*pean family with baguettes or whatever the fuck you eat lmao. Tipping 5%, fuck even 10% or 20% means nothing to me. I am the engine that keeps this economy going. Unlike you who are desperately trying to scrape the pennies off the floor to make a living, I am the only lavishly trickling them down, throwing wealth around as I please. Now let us all play our roles in this world and accept them.

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am german and you are lying

>> No.18456359

germany here, we tip our government 26.25% on every penny we make which is not part of a corp.

>> No.18456395

>dont tip your landlord
>expect them to come fix things

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wait what? I thought this was a joke... you actually do tip your fucking landlords??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAHA ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

>> No.18457206

>tipping your landlord

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>he doesn't tip his landlord
I'll bet you don't tip the taxman either, fucking uncivilized animals

>> No.18457510

They are the type of animals you see in airports. You know the ones, they don't even tip the TSA people who are protecting their freedom. Truly degenerate

>> No.18457521

you want door fix, man of spiders?

>> No.18457583

based americans

>> No.18457635

What're you confused about anon? Any American who's not poor or pathetic tips their landlord. I'm more shocked that Yuropoors don't

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you don't tip your landlord? lmaooooo how poor are you??

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Maybe it is a cultural thing. As an American I don't feel so bad tipping a few dollars to a fellow countryman for good service.
Maybe Europeans don't understand tipping because they're not as united and homogenous as we are. I mean imagine living in London, where your landlord is most likely speaking Scottish, the cleaning lady Irish and the gardener is Welsh. I wouldn't probably tip either, feeling like giving money to other people.

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TIPPING THE LANDLORD? AHAHAHAHHA... Mind you I'm a landlord. Land of the Cucked indeed. Who the fuck tips their landlord? Only a mutt that has sucked kike dick for centuries would think this practice is normal

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Kek they aren't catching on

>> No.18458771

That's a man.

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Doesnt everyone tip their landlord?

>> No.18459054

Thats a mans philtrum

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Wait, are there retards in this thread that thought those anons were being serious?

Nobody tips their landlords, you newfags need to get the fuck out

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>he is several years behind on his tips
anon I........

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I mean if it stops you becoming homeless why wouldnt i want to grease the hand that spanks me

>> No.18459622


In other countries, rent is fixed at a set amount as per the rent contract and existing law.

>> No.18459660

Guys I've been trying to tip my landlord every month for the past five years but now they say I have a $2378.67 overpayment and that they'd like to send that to me in the form of a check how can I get them to keep the tip money?

>> No.18459690

tipping your landlord is basic fucking decency. he depends on the income.

>> No.18460188

I wish this was true, but not even amerilards are that dumb

>> No.18460295

If there's no way they let you keep it, you should just give it all as a tip next month.

>> No.18462096

That’s the kicker. Landlord tipping is 15x good boy points per percent. You would be a fool not to

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80% of people ITT are playing along with OP's joke but feels sad knowing 20% think this is real. This same 20% probably is anti vaccine, flat earther, etc.

>> No.18462274

why wouldn't you want to help your landlord????

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