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Why is everything on this board about shitcoins?

If you guys spent anytime figuring out how to build DCF's and NAV's and Comps you'd be able to back your investments some reasonable logic.

I always come back to this board hoping it will be filled with well educated IB and PE bros but it's just a bunch of n00bs that run to whatever get rich quick scheme exists in the moment.

Unified power of an anonymous image board could be making you guys so much more money if you spent time reading MD&A's instead of shitcoin youtube videos. Post LEGITIMATE investment thesis in this thread only.

Saying "I think Amazon will go up because everyone is buying from them right now" doesn't count.

The only way you make money is if you have an idea that isn't already priced in to the market.

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It's about numbers.
> “Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”

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>i keep coming to this board even though i know it's bad
Sounds like you're the retard here.

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>posting the guy that claimed there was no way to make serious money being technically proficient, it was all about insider info and being the first mover

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I dont know what the fuck these acronyms mean

OP is a faggot

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Choose any moderately obscure but still reasonably common number and it'll start showing up everywhere. 42 holds just as much significance as 43.

Sure maybe billionaires use astrology, but so do dirt poor welfare cucks.

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Hey, excuse me, sir, could you stop being such a fucking nigger

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You had two years.

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>Thinking comps is investing
>gonna let the market tell me what to do
Fucking retard

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>reddit spacing
checks out

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>thinking managements gonna give you any useful info
Literal retard

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so we have smart money in the house.

Ok here is my research. I think the only thing set to go up is Ethereum. Basically in a nut shell its because it can scale and both fortune 500 and world Government people back it in mass.

Links bellow

https://entethalliance.org/members/ (EEA is the base root of Corporate adoption )

https://identity.foundation/ (EEA member for Goverment ID on Ethereum ) scroll down to memebers.

https://digitalchamber.org/membership/ ( EEA member for commerce )

https://www.blockchainresearchinstitute.org/members/ ( Another EEA member )

https://www.hyperledger.org/members ( A major EEA member. This is for internal corporate use to hook into Ethereum )

https://id2020.org/leadership ( Best for last. This is a Biometric ID chip that will be rolled out with the COV-19 Vaccine. David Treat is on the board. He is also on the Board of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Also Project directly linked to Ethereum through https://identity.foundation/ )

Also the Guy Who helped make USDC at coinbase is now the second in command at the FED (Brian Brooks)

Extra: David Treat is on the Board of Directors at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. He is a smart guy who gets around. bellow is a list of blockchain project he is involved in.

( project director )

( team member ) ( scroll down to partners )

( program adviser ) ( look at partners on right side )

( program adviser ) ( travel international identity )

( Board of directors )

Also ID2020.org

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>The only way you make money is if you have an idea that isn't already priced in to the market
Hence shitcoins

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ITT: One useful anon & 20 Reee's that got mad because they have never heard of an investment thesis

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> Muh investment thesis
Let me know once you're no longer outperformed by a monkey throwing darts

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Why would I do this shit when I could buy 10k link right now and be rich in 5 years?

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>can’t beat SPY
>still thinks he’s smart

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because alongside becoming an intelligent investor, you could also get paid $500K a year if you used these skills in capital markets

then you could dump all of your money into shitty get rich quick memecoins

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Also Ethereum allows corporations to create their own money ergo giving them absolute financial power. why would they not want to use it? you can just tokenize oil on ethereum and it is as good as money. Directly swap it for rice or something.

This kind of system was only implemented once that i can think of. Nazi trade points. Basically brazil would dock and offload grain at a port in Germany. they would then get trade points to spend on tractors load up and go back to brazil.

we have only seen this analogy once because trade points only worked at ports because it requires a intimidate transaction to occur in order for trade to happen without an intermediate exchange of value.

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>reasonable logic.
>in this market

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immediate not intimidate

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How new is OP?

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ITT people butthurt that OP has a great point about this board being littered with the latest shitcoin garbage. You all new a guy who knew a guy who got rich off bitcoin and now you wanna ride the train all the way to your lambo dealership. It’s sad and counterproductive.

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OP should already know 4chan is only useful if you come here to trade against it.

I noticed dramatic increase in Ethereum fud recently ergo I am buying more Ethereum. normally the paid shills shy away from actual projects like Ethereum and Zcash so if they are spamming Ethereum fud it is clearly to benefit someone.

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I appreciate that you've actually put some effort into figuring out Ether's value prop

I hate to say it but I don't think C suite management could be bothered to capitalize on any of the advantages ether has to offer. I've had exposure to a few proposals that were all crypto based solutions for projects across a few different industries and all of them blew up pretty horribly about two years ago.

I think this generation of management is too reluctant to accept any form of crypto

It'll be years before Ether has the opportunity to be potentially valuable

You may be better off throwing your money into something you can capitalize on now and revisit Ether sometime in the futur

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here's my research, chainlink is the only coin to go past its 2017 ATH, let alone to 4x it. now how does an unfinished product, a team that doesnt advertise, barely post anything other than retweeting partnership announcements, and holds 65% of the total supply; accomplish this?

its either because a bunch of poor retarded neets meme'd it into being the best performing asset in the last 2 years in the world
you're about to watch something so revolutionary take off that people will call you a visionary just for buying some.

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What the fuck does this have to do with Chainlink?

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>best performing asset
or its just a scam

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Your research is supported by the idea that other people believe it is gooder because it went up gooderer than other shitcoin shitters

Acting like a bunch of poor retaded neets haven't memed every other coin into being high performing assets over the last x years

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It's a defense mechanism against newfag and moonboy. Can't spoon feed them, can't give them anything.
I myself have shilled numerous shitcoins for the sole purpose of burning them. That's how critical thinking is being trained on this board.

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Keep coping, you're doing great!

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What shitcoins are DCF, NAV, COMP, IB, PE and MDA ?
I can't find them on marketcap.

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Nobody is willing to spoonfeed anybody, OP
Here's a tip, though:

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>Why is everything on this board about shitcoins?
I don't think it is. And I also think there's a lot of people here with a surprising amount of knowledge of finance. Here on 4channel one must know how to sift through the shit, like prospecting for gold. There's really a lot to be found if you have the patience to lurk for it. Maybe you don't want to see the random "YOU MUST HATE MONEY IF YOU DONT BUY BAZINGACOIN" but I kind of like the way it is for now. Now that we've had this influx of newfags, we can expect to see more moderation. You might think that's what you want, but consequences will never be the same. In any case, thanks for trying. Maybe next time you can leave out the meta-commentary and just make the thread you want to make without being condescending

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name any other coin that has been memed past the 2017 speculation/hype bubble in value

go on faggot ill wait

>its a scam
kek, yeah oracle, google, swift, and gartner are all getting scammed. why couldnt they have some visionary like you as a CFO to protect them!

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damn... its not like google throws money at every shit tech related idea for the sake of remaining technologically diverse

weren't they trying to cure death a few years ago? how's that going

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I contribute to the github's on these projects as a hobby and i can safely say that Ethereum will grow significantly in a few months.

The main issue is the 15 transactions per second vs Mastercard at about 1,500. Fortune 500 adoption needs thousands and everyone knows it. significant progress has been made recently however.

Ethereum 2.0 is already running at https://prylabs.net/participate and it can currently put Mastercard, Visa and Paypal combined to shame in Transactions per second. all that is missing is a ecosystem of decentralized software clients. Vitalik is very worried about how the parity multi sig wallet hack happened. Basically everyone was running Ethereum from a single third party client and it had a bug.

Major emphasis has been directed to funding independent third parties to develop a ecosystem of clients to run Ethereum. This is to avoid the whole system crashing if someone finds a bug in some third party software running Ethereum.

sooooo in a nutshell everything is 100% ready and Vitalik is auditing all the third party clients to ensure that people running Ethereum have enough software programs to run it on from a larger amount of companies.

All this flies in the face of how things are normally done in crypto which is fast and loose and it is because the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has major fortune 500 backing and everyone wants a massive audit done before mass adoption.

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Sergey Nazarov Exit scammed on NXT token before chainlink. He is a shit programmer and i am not even going to waste time listing off how bullshit Chainlink is.

they own the entire market for fuck sake at 80% what more do you need to know?

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>safely say that Ethereum will grow significantly in a few months.

By that i mean the ecosystem not the price.

Fuck knows what the price will do but i still plan to buy as much as i can with my salary at any price.

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>Guys why are you all talking about shitcoins you've gained 500% while shitposting about niggers and kikes meanwhile I the intelligent investor have spent hundreds of hours making a 50% return on this complex boring shit!!1?!?!

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I don't have enough of my own money to wait for a million years, and I wouldn't be able to invest in anything truly game-changing even at the earliest stages (say, a very promising startup) without significant capital and even then it would still be gambling. I need a quick rich scheme.

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hmm avoided the question so lets rephrase it for your new response

since google throws money at every shit tech related idea NAME ANOTHER CRYPTO PRODUCT THEY HAVE ENDORCED YOU GARGANTUAN FAGGOT

Ill still wait for you bae~

>Sergey Nazarov Exit scammed on NXT token before chainlink
yeah youre an idiot, he developed smartcontracts to work on NXT, he wasnt involved directly in it

>they own the entire market for fuck sake at 80% what more do you need to know?
and they still are still the best investment you could have made in the last 2 years, you realize everyone buying in it know this right?

hows it feel to be assblasted SEETHING tranny's?

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lol ok explain how he bought his dad this lambo back in 2016 then. he has been using his family to hide the pump and dump funds for years retard

Also owning 80% of the coins lets them make money off you regardless of the price they only need volatility because 80% of the LINK is not real.

Sergey literally does not even know what his business model is

Vitalik attempted to explain how it does not work to Sergey Nazarov but he is a soft brain and just responded "makes sense" after vitalik told him in nerd speak his business model was pointless. watch until 35:19 Sergey literally has no clue what Vitalik said and just responds "makes sense"


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hit me up on twitter OP if you want some incites into Ethereum's backend.

Shit posting account in the pic.

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hard to say how he could afford a 200k car, maybe he put $100 into bitcoin back when he registered the chainlink website in 2008

despite him owning 99.5% its STILL the best performing asset, whats that say about all the other shitcoin?

>Sergey literally does not even know what his business model is
pretty good for the guy with the highest performing asset in the last 2 years id say

>Vitalik attempted to explain how it does not work to Sergey Nazarov but he is a soft brain and just responded "makes sense" after vitalik told him in nerd speak his business model was pointless. watch until 35:19 Sergey literally has no clue what Vitalik said and just responds "makes sense"

already replied to this copy pasta other day. he says "makes sense" after the chink babbled incoherently for 2 minutes, its just polite. vitalik is seething at 33:30 right when sergey says oracles he grabs the mic to defend his ignorance. claims merkel tree's can do what oracles can and then ignores the question about if it can verify data like oracles can.

if you want to invest in a pedo heroin junkie thats down 90% from its ATH be my guest

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>If you guys spent anytime figuring out how to build DCF's and NAV's and Comps you'd be able to back your investments some reasonable logic.

admit that you just spent 5 minutes browsing wallstreetoasis.com and you have literally no fucking idea what you're talking about, much like the shitcoin niggers you're deriding.

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I'm in midmarket M&A lol

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Sergey's rich. He's made lots of money. And he's making lots of money now. Was there some rule I missed where he needs to be poor in order to be legit? Commies! All of you, Commies!

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I can do a DCF and read a balance sheet, please point me to the $500K cap markets gigs that I wouldn’t get laughed out of the interview for never having held an IB job.

Here’s my current investment thesis: the fed will money printer the markets back to life up to and including buying SPY a la BOJ

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It's not, we talk about boomer rocks too. And landlords

>> No.18450745

And STONKS of course

>> No.18450899


You think fed printing money will help? lol

what about inflation and american shitenomics

their is actually an immense wageslave burden on the economy that UBI likely wont solve

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idk what most of those acronyms mean.

>the only way you make money is if you have an idea that isn't already priced in to the market
this is the only part that makes sense especially seeing how the market seems to have priced in events months in advance

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lmao no use talking to them here.. I tried opening a thread last month about applying a subschool of physics into ohlc chart of btc, and present some screenshots of my findings after years of studying. They post retarded shits like "peepeepoopoo", starts shilling their shittoken, or posting cringe opinion like "sell"/"buy".

Head on to /sci/ fren if you want real discussions. I got better inputs for my findings there too. I let some /sci/ bros get in my algo and profit as they help me understand better about my results. Hope you would get the same.

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Brokerfags literally do nothing but try to frontrun algos, and they're even failing to do that.

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you're fighting the tide, this board is 99% trash but it is entertaining watching people buying memes with debt (or worse, family members money) and losing everything.

open to suggestions on some reading material for interesting MD&As

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The problem is a significant amount of money is not being made by those who produce and provide actual goods and services.

That is what i like so much about Ethereum. Literally anyone can create their own money just by pumping oil or growing rice.

Its a system where only those who are efficient at creating actual value have the power to direct labor and goods.

Blockchain economics will win out in the end i am 100% sure because any economy that uses it will be so much more efficient at creating actual value.

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who's this guy, i like this guy

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I don't even know what the fuck those acronyms are, bet you I still make more.

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