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>donates 10 billion to WHO
>does human experimentation in Africa for his vaccines
>wants to force vaccinations on Americans

What do you think?

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nordcucks are going extinct

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Do people forget this guy controlled the tech industry like a dictactor before the DOJ stepped in?

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i know of the rumors abt human experimentation, didn't know if he actually had the balls for such a thing tho

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no he is just trying to avoid (refer to picture)

will he sterilize you and increase your mortality rate? YES but smart people already know how to avoid this so not an issue imho

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are you referring to anti-vaxxers as smart people?

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Let's not forget ((who)) funds the evil... don't let them distract you by sacrificing some exalted goy

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Bills chad bros, literally warned people about this Corona bullshit even if he was in the know about it. He could just sit on top of his hill and watch it all go to shit.

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God I really hope he sterilizes humanity.

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No. Seething faggots with no money, who ironically probably use windows, formulate retarded conspiracy theories about him because their own lives are extremely boring. He's actually done alot of good for the world. The aforementioned seething cucks just want to start fires

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this, and he invented the 2-button mouse.
we only had to listen

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no anti-vaxxers are tarded religious nut jobs
Vaccines work guys the science is real however who in their right mind would let a corporation with no legal reason not to kill them inject shit into them? you cannot sue vaccine corporations if they kill people regardless of the number its law.

me too bro I was walking outside in a suit the other day and stupid poor people kept screaming schizo shit at me. enough is enough vaccinate them all.

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that's based though, who the fuck cares if he sterilizes a billion niggers that's a billion less niggers having 8 kids each

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>Bill warns his fellow country men about virus
>gets called conspiracy and evil
I really hate Amerimutt and I hope they die on mass

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no he's the hero this world deserves

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For all reasons above lol

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well he often says with his pal warren that if society was evaluated on strength for survival with a law of the jungle he wouldn't make it so that's that

of course he's not but the kindest are the worst because one fails to see subsurvience and accepts it unvoluntarily through pathos and sheer hunger

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Based Charposter

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> computer nerd bad

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Brb pie

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Microsoft presents spirit cooking

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what are the bizraelis going to do if they make proof of vaccination mandatory to renew drivers licence, get bank accounts etc?

it's too far but there' no opposition to join

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Anyone who has a billion dollars and acts nice is in the running for the worst people on the planet. And not off of any "having a billion dollars is inherently evil" shit either.

There's zero chance absolutely anyone can maneuver through the snake pit as a nice person long enough to make a billion. There's always a Stalin in wait unless you're the Stalin.

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Buy Microsoft VR goy

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>all these good goyim itt
yes please I also would love to get chipped thus becoming an ultimate slave to the corporate regime, why the fuck not

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he's a scam artist who stole ip continuously throughout his wretched life

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hes probably a demon of some sort. muh heckin chiperinos. chippers and vaxers are disgusting people

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most certainly

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See pic of Jeffrey Epstein, Gates, and Boris Nikolic.

Boris Nicolic, who is one of the few people on Epstein's will, was the Science Advisor for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He also has ties to Inovio Pharma.

Gates gave money to Epstein to give to MIT (a puzzling funnel to everyone..like Gates knew who the mf was and that this information could become public) and I still wonder why Gates and Nicolic and folks like Stephen Hawking hung out with Epstein.

Like forget the hurr durr they sacrifice chidren or whatever shit, I'm sure they are into underage shit but like why would all these scientists be meeting with Epstein? It couldn't be just to get underage prosties. Like what type of conversations were they having? Like they must have been interesting enough to meet a lot because these folks met a lot.

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Full pic includes former Harvard chairman Larry Summers and some Wall St goon.

Epstein was bundling cash from Gates & other corrupt billionaires and inivesting in genetic and virology research projects at Harvard & MIT.
Cartoonish supervillian tier people were funding research into CRISPring viruses at the most revered schools in the world. Wrap your nog around that shit man

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the fact that they Destroyed africa, gives them motivation to move here instead of staying in their homeland.
Instead of being a fucking nigger brained yourself, you should encourage better living standards for them in their homeland.

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Seems like the most info we really have is from those MIT emails. What else is ever going to public about all of this? Like I've dug pretty deep but I feel like recent events in a way shut down the Epstein conversation in the public eye. Really hoping someone worthwhile makes a doc or some shit. Idk. I was Jeffpilled in late 00's by my aunt in Miami and have been following this shit for so long. It's just feels like a nightmare playing itself out in an honestly predictable fashion.

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Harvard and MIT are the most Evil institutions in this country.


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Jesus man Ive been following seriously since like early last year and im already exhausted by the depravity of it all. Cant imagine being jeffpilled for 2 damn decades. Whew lad.

Lots of interesting connections at Harvard too. You couldnt write a more skin crawling eugenics horror film if you tried. And its still fuckin happening

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you've got to be shitting me

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>still believe in voodoo
>they rape children and goats to no get aids
>literally china's China
As if they're able to improve their standards.

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>infographic about Jeffrey Epstein
>can't spell Jeffrey
seems legit

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it is legit nigga I found the pictures myself. they deleted that shit from his websites and I found them on an archive and had to zoom in 500% to screenshot the thumbnails. it was a pain in the ass. you want to present the info differently go ahead but I dont give enough of a fuck to spellcheck their names. the info speaks for itself

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mandatory doesn't only mean blacks though you fucking retard

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no he didn't, he stole the concept, this kike never invented anything, he's just a fucking parasite.

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So what you're saying is he's a jew

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lol what, the Mouse was invented by Bell Labs, and the 2 mouse button that we all use today was invented by apple.
Bill gates didn't even create Dos, he bought it from Kildall for $50,000 and changed its name to Dos and licenced it to IBM.

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Yeah bud that other guy is actually english

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Good job knowing your shit.

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ill give it a 5% chance that epstein was a lot more of his buddy than he lets on. google 'epstein gates executor'. gates science advisor was named to be on the will for the estate. coincidence?

who's to say these two weren't working together on the single biggest cp operation ever, with one of the most able people to launder money in the world on the team

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Am I on /pol/ ?

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Short answer: yes
Long answer: absolutely

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>was invented by apple.
they bought it in some deal with another business

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Every board is /pol/ baby.

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Bill Gates is Jewish. I mean look at his face, physiognomy gives it away.

Don't tell me you guys get fooled by a simple (((name change))), it's literally the oldest trick in the crypto-Jew playbook.

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Imagine taking something that can make you sterile for purposes of depopulation if you take the Bill Gates *cough "Thanos" Vaccine?


not able to produce children or young.
"the disease had made him sterile"

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I see now if someone is rich and not overtly Jewish you have to invent some reason why they are. Why don't all Jews do this then? Every rich Jew should just change their name by this logic.

Obama and Trump are probably Jewish too I guess, just melanin implant and a name change.


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What? I don’t get it.. someone explain.

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kys pro vaxers virgin golems. go get injected with mercury for your "health", dumb goyim

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I am for vaxes for americans

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redpill me on this

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/pol/ is now real life sweetie, 2016 was 4 years ago.

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Google spirit cooking. Her name is Marina Abramavich, or something like that. Evil witch with ties to all that is evil

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I know about spirit cooking, I just wasn't aware of the Microsoft VR thing wtf

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Microsoft used "acclaimed performance artist" famed for spirit cooking and pizzagate to advertise their VR until they received so many dislikes they pulled the clip from jewtube

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No, fuck off back to /pol/ you knuckle dragging retard

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It's like people forgot how ruthless he was back when he was in charge of MS.

But Zoomers weren't even born back then.

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I don't know why people always think that old richfags are innately nice people. Especially Buffet. He always acts like some innocent old man but if you have ever worked in a company which is mostly Buffet owned you'd know that he only cares about his money.

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Apple did not invent the mouse. It was patented back in 67 by some guy and then Xerox developed it. They showed it and a few other things to Steve Jobs so he would allow them to invest in Apple.

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actually there is studies that show as different areas in Africa become more modernized/wealthy, Africans are then motivated to move their newfound wealth out of the country. It's one of the things that Bill Gates is actively trying to deal with because authorities know that Europe cannot handle the influx

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Wozniak confirmed

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Saw some crazy stuff lately

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Picrelated 42 Rainbow?

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It would fit
Where did you get that picture of the crossword from?

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Evil? Of course not. Remember that movie Pandemic? He's the hero in it.

So he is definitely good. My TV said so.

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Yet their growth curves are still massive

If anything this faggot is boosting their numbers because they're feeding them instead of leaving them to naturally die off

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All from american psycho. Biz favourite.
But that's not the crazy part.

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Nice eye
Keep em coming if you have them.
Also it’s too bad Billy boy joined the dark side. I tried warning him that he’d be in trouble for working with the (((aliens))).
He thinks they’re gods but they’re deceivers.
2020 vision is coming billy boy
You’re in trouble for what you’ve done.

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thoughts on Alex Jones?

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42, please confirm you're the real 42.

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How would ((they)) be working with aliens while trying to remove all proofs of their existence for decades ?
It looks like they are trying to destroy the alien's legacy on earth.

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Busy with some work this morning so I’m mobile posting again.
Let’s keep up the billy boy threads though. I’m sure they get his attention.
“Wolf of all streets” on Twitter was trying to publicly rimjob billy boy saying that we’re “conspiracy theorists” and that he’s actually a really nice philanthropist.
I never understood why they prostrate themselves before humans who are flesh and blood and not gods.

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Yea here he is. Will post this only once.
Picrelated: both threads from yeasterday were pruned.
Basically we are all gonna make it.

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what is this schizo babel, elaborate pls

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Thank you for the info, don’t have time to review now.
Does anyone have that source for the Antarctica blogspot where they outline what I’m saying regarding aliens?
I can’t find it anywhere in my history or bookmarks or archives even though I know I saved it.
It has bill gates shown there as well.
Does anyone recall the website I’m talking about?

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If you know you know.

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Btw same person, but the captchas started blocking me after I started shutting on billy boy.
>Mfw captcha conveniently blocks me from posting.

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No, as far as capitalists goes he's one of the most virtuous.

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>But that's not the crazy part.
What’s the crazy part?

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Bill Hicks

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So what the endgame?
World domination?
Leaving the planet behind?
Ascending to godhood?
It's scaring me.

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Such a shame I missed that thread
The best ones get pruned.
Was playing a lot of resident evil 2 remake on my new laptop and then some
sleeping dogs on the side.
I’m usually too busy to game but every now and then I like to game a lot

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Good one, guess it's not so crazy for true og marines
t. sceptic brainlet, yet when it was experienced with my own eyes all doubts vanished.
Please consider as personal testimony

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Meh. it's probably more likely that he has a conflict of interest in vaccinations because he is invested in vaccine companies. No need for big conspiracies. That's why billie said until everybody is vaccinated... it's a big business. Drug sales are down and pharma companies want to make vaccines profitable.

Once law makers start to regulate them even more strictly and more like drugs making the profit marging very low, you see the flu fear mongering in lame stream media quickly fades like fart in windstorm

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england is nothing but a french colony since 1066

>> No.18458026

guys what is going on here?

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>Please consider as personal testimony
Most definitely. Those were great pics, are you the same person who posted the references in the movie “Pi”?

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Checked, yeah.

>> No.18458215

There was an interesting thread yesterday about numbers&charts.

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That’s a really good eye. Thank you for the great sources. Have been saving a bunch of your images and collages.

>> No.18458273

but why feed us actual information?

>> No.18458321

he is a god that will save your soul.

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>So what the endgame?
To subjugate the free will of others
Lord of the Rings is very apt

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We are all in this together.

>> No.18458345

But why? The world will be so boring.

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For the same reason I do it
I’m compelled to by a higher force
He says it himself, even if you don’t believe Jones, their complete and total disdain and censorship of him adds credence to his message.

>> No.18458371

Evil no. Sociopathic, probably. As a software engineer with a love for business I have to say he's basically the God. I don't buy his philanthropic schtick for a moment, he got bored of his company and decided to try a new form of manipulation.

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File: 683 KB, 1000x1246, 417D1D88-FFC9-4653-B2EB-3F5C431D3F74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because humans are corruptible
And power over others corrupts people.
Some people have a disposition towards lusting for more power and control no matter the means.

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Still waiting post #42 from

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File: 1.55 MB, 720x400, I AM.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>“Wolf of all streets” on Twitter was trying to publicly rimjob billy boy saying that we’re “conspiracy theorists”
shameful groveling display
"wolf" begging for scraps

>> No.18458833

Depends, is controlling the human population in hoping to sustain it inherently evil?

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I don't think people realize the scale of it
it's not a human that's driving this

>> No.18458882

all his family is CIA, he admitted to being an actor in a divorce court

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>I don't think people realize the scale of it

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>is controlling the human population in hoping to sustain it inherently evil?

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he freely said his dad was CIA on Joe Rogan
But if he's an undercover himself I don't get why he would expose so much. To me he seems legit.

>> No.18459121

To ensure the goyim don't try to go off the reservation. Hitler spooked them so much everything they did since then is advance the society towards the total imprisonment.

>> No.18459193

>not human
and just when i was starting to believe you killed all credibility

>> No.18459334

>if he's an undercover himself I don't get why he would expose so much
he literally exposed himself and it has done nothing to make him less believable to his viewer base

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>> No.18459423

I mean about the truth.
I think a lot of what he says at least touches on the truth.

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Too dark in here.

>> No.18459801
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>> No.18459928

So what can we do about all of it ? "For each evil person on this planet there is an equal good"
What is the role of good here and how can we operate ?

>> No.18460142
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Seth should close the casino.

>> No.18461518

Then why is the world such an insufferable hellhole for most people on this planet?

>> No.18461543

no. the jews pulling his strings are.

>> No.18461653
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I try not to go full retard with conspiracy theories.

This man has been among the most powerful individuals for decades. He hasn't created any legacy (unlike Jobs) and he has a god complex.

Vaccines is him living the fantasy of heroically saving the world. He wanted situation so bad that he essentially lobbied WHO into declaring it a pandemic. If you have his money, the world becomes your playground.

His need to vaccinate everyone stems from the primal instinct of enjoying penetrating another human being. He wants people to walk around with his mark inside of them. I wouldn't be surprised if they discover Gate's genetic material in the vaccines. By injecting "himself" inside other humans he will live forever.

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