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Lol like deflation has already started

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20%.... few will be able to own. But many will be able to live

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what are general requirements for home loans in the US currently? what sort of credit do you normally need?

t. not from the US

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Mortgage industry collapsing. Rentals properties are kaput. I'm sure auto loans will flop in droves. Cable subscriptions gonna tank even harder. Bankruptcies going through the roof. Makes me wonder if the government will make credit agencies wipe bankruptcies that are considered "Covid-induced" when all this is over. And of course this will only apply to certain people, not the people who are fleeced on a daily basis in our modern system.

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>average home is 200k
>20% is 40k
>average american savings is 20k

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i thought it was lucky to be 1k. i might be thinking about the median and not average

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you can work with independent lenders that will give you the 200k loan for 1% down but the interest rate will be much much higher. many niggers do this.

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It varies depending on the study. Any number is well below the ability to afford a 20% deposit, and with the lockdowns people will blow all whatever savings they have left on essentials. It's fucking OVER.

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Its sub 1k iirc

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>average american savings is 20k
Majority have no savings or very little.>>18418895

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This sounds more accurate as "average" is easily proped up by rich people. Eg "average houshold income" is like 60 to 70k. There's two big things wrong with that.
>average (pumped by millionaires)
>household (combining multiple people while the average person gets told the average* income is 65k causing them to think they make very little [* = average household])

What I want to see is
Median individual income

Last I saw that was like 31k in the usa.

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how is that new, i thought 700 credit score + 20% down were always the requirements

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You've been able to get a mortgage with mediocre credit and 3% down for years as long as you pay into the private mortgage insurance scam and take a retarded interest rate. The only real requirement is you're not super high risk and you have the income to realistically make your payments. Hundreds of thousands of families are living week to week under a $300k mortgage which has only been paid off 3-10%.

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>at LEAST 20%
this is basically just saying, NO ONE qualifies for a mortgage anymore. Which exacerbates the 'pay Landlord, then cant afford to save for deposit' Catch 22 problem. tldr, the kikes are driving us into extinction. Enough of this shit already.

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Here comes Panictard McTrenchbrain with his own hot take.

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factual argument r us
oh and fuck landlords again
enjoy extinction

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What is it with commies and this fixation on landlords.

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'the white race is becoming extinct because it has (literally) no room left to breed'
>fucking commie
fuck off already Moshe

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Last time they did this was 2008. And then housing boomed To a whole new ATH.

>cities are the only places worthwhile to live in goyim; watch our Hollywood movies telling you so
Fuck off city kike.

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I’m sure Airbnb has contributed to this and will cause a much more rapid fall. Subletting in general has become huge since 2008, but Airbnb made it on another’s scale with people subletting Multiple to dozens Of properties many of which they had mortgages on themselves.

Around 2 years ago in the UK i started seeing shilling for it everywhere, normies always talking about doing it, and the moment i knew this shit had peaked was when crowd funding houses to sublet became a thing and i saw adverts for it everywhere. I thought this shit was gonna pip and crash within a dew years after seeing that...

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>we've Jewed the cities, next, we Jew the suburbs
your fucking day of reckoning is coming. and don't fucking 'kike' me, ever, don't you fucking dare

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I swear to fucking god if the market is green tomorrow I’m going to lose my god damned shit

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>Cable subscriptions

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starts with B and drives a Ford GT.

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FHA let’s you in with <1% down and 600 score

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So all properties in the US are going to belong to the Chinese now right?

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My area even the shittiest house is 500k. I don’t have 100k in the bank kek.

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The things you're saying frighten me but the manner in which you are saying them makes me excited for the imminent state of turmoil.

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Great commentary here too learning a lot

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In Norway you are required to have 25% down and your debt cannot exceed 5 times your annual income. 80% of Norwegians own their home.

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it's for future loans, retard. pic related

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Same here in Denmark.
Its bullshit. I wanted to buy a house and I can pay off the loan using my parents money but the banks won't give me one because I don't have income.
I hope the housing crashes anyways so these people can learn that you cannot stop a housing crash

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American here

I dropped like 50k on down payment when I bought my place

why are you all so poor

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Nice work big guy, how much do you still owe?

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>average home is 200k
I fucking wish. Also, it's pretty inaccurate to use average for home prices in a nation as expansive as the US. Where I'm at the median home price is $428,000. There's FHA loans that only require you to put down 1-5%. I don't recommend It unless it's on a house that's really below your limits otherwise you're going to have a huge nut every month when you factor in taxes, PMI, and utilities.

They already do. This country sold us out a long time ago. All manufacturing jobs went to China or other third world countries. What they couldn't send to the third world they brought the third world to via massive unchecked immigration and H1Bs. Non nativist protection laws in the housing market means any foreign entity with a Tax ID Number can own land and property of any type in the USA. The Chinese, who are known currency manipulators, used this gaping loophole to dump all their funny money into something more stable like the US real estate market. If you've tried to buy a house in the last 10 years you're aware of the all cash Chinese buyers outbidding you time and time again.
So now you've lost your job and your home to foreigners while politicians elected to serve you and your best interests are not only complacent but actively encouraging it.

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I had the same problem. Luckily my parents are willing to use their house as security for a loan. My plan was to buy last month, but i am waiting patiently to see how this Pandemic affects house prices.

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Non nativist = no nativist*

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Yeah waiting is the best idea desu. Prices might fall. Do you think it's possible to get a loan if you work full time in a grocery store for 6 months?

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the way it should be

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also worth mentioning, as a scandi i keep forgetting how naive i am and that rules can easily be broken and taken advantage of.

My Friend from Iraq worked in a grocery store, and got around the rule by asking his boss if he could post-phone his salary, so he worked three months for no pay, and got them paid out the three next months on top of his regular salary. The way the banks calculate your annual income is by looking at your last three monthly paychecks, so he essentially was allowed to loan twice as much.

Godspeed danebro!

Thats fine and dandy and all, until 1 million people immigrate to a country of 4 million driving the house prices to astronomical levels. Then it basically cucks new buyers and non home-owners.

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That's a great idea. Perhaps I'll do that.

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If you can't afford 20% down you can't afford the house.

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Loan Officer here
580 FICO 3.5% down
All day 640 FICO
3% down with 660 FICO
Zero down of military or purchasing in a USDA zone with 640
Down payment assistance programs available in all counties

Though now all above is wiped out

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>all above is wiped out
Like, totally? Are you currently not writing loans? I just sent an application in for a $78k USDA guaranteed loan, am I fucked?

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When do you think is the best time to do that stuff?
Housing might crash next year, so getting a job this incoming winter would be the best, and then delaying the income check for 3 months before getting ensure you get the best loan.

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immgrants couldnt afford the 20% down so house prices wouldnt change also if no one can afford 20% then house prices would fall as people want to move up the ladder

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it may be time we look out to other industies like DEFI related techs e.g Finnexus, much more secure investment route

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I have no clue desu. I am just sitting on the sidelines waiting. A 20-50% drop in house value wouldn't really hurt me much, as i don't ever intend to sell.

as mentioned earlier, immigrants found ways of not needing 20% down, they are also given about 30k usd yearly by the Norwegian government and on top of that house purchasing programs to help them buy.

And even if that wasn't an issue, all these new people need a place to live, so now speculators buy second and third homes to rent out. After your average boomer was able to get his second or third house, they put huge restrictions on building new living spaces. As an example, only 50 new apartments are built in Oslo each year, yet 6000 people move in each year.

So the people with the two three houses can now take out new loans because their net-worth keeps increasing along with their real-estate value, and as the housing market gets more expensive they put more restrictions on who gets a loan. Surprisingly this causes real-estate value to increase and again the old boomerinos take out more loans to purchase more of these unending cash machines. If ever the interest rate goes up, the entire real-estate market of Norway is fucked.

So no if people can't afford 20% the house prices won't fall.

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The supply is being kept artificially low in europe to help the prices stay high.
If you look at UAE and dubai you'll see that their housing prices have been crashing for the past 10 years because they keep building.
Why can't we have the same in the rest of the world?
This is some kind of conspiracy

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>buying a house right now

You deserve to be fleeced for being so blind

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In the end a lot of these Chinese speculators are going to get ass raped especially in North America. They buy these homes purely as a way of storing value and when shit starts dumping they're going to scramble to get out. in a funny way, our country is actually scamming these people and turning them into bagholders

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>A 20-50% drop in house value wouldn't really hurt me much, as i don't ever intend to sell

People who could afford the home and are living in it won't care as much of course, but a lot of Americas real estate prices and more so in Canada are propped up by speculation and not actually people living in the homes even more so in the cities. They are trying to buy rental property or trying to flip it and they are massively over leveraged. The speculators are going to blow their brains out and they deserve it

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Well, less mortgages means prices will fall. So it could be a boon for the white middle class.

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Not if the middle class all lose their jobs

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Working millennial officially will never own property. We are just here to bankroll the boomers and welfare class. Wagie get in cagie. Middle class is over.

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this is going to crash the housing market deep. the unemployment spike means a shit load of people are going to be having a hard time anyway, many of whom will probably lose their houses. add to that the generation of boomers who are retiring/dying/moving into assisted living homes and need to sell their house. So we have a lot of sellers, but no qualified buyers....gee, I wonder what happens when sell pressure is significantly greater than buying power?
if you have the liquidity, the next year or two is going to be the best time to buy a house you're ever going to get.

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I think we are about to see a massive transfer of wealth to the rich... again. You've got the greatest buying opportunity of a lifetime for houses, stocks, oil, etc etc and once money is flowing into the middle classes hands again, the window will be gone.

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In what way is wealth going to transfer to the middle class when they're all unemployed and own no assets and their savings are wiped out by inflation?

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you're right, most people won't be able to take advantage of the situation except for those that are already well off.

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it sucks big time

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Sounds less like a wealth transfer and more like more concentration of wealth in the hands of people at the top of the Ponzi scheme

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karl marx was right about everything.

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During the recession lots of toys became much cheaper. You could buy a weight set, an xbox, Playstation, a car and other stuff for less than 3/4 normal prices. So instead of investing they bought that stuff. I got a refurb PS3 during that time for $99. They were $300+ new.

>> No.18423054

Congrats dude

>> No.18423078

the difference between buying a ps3 and a house in a recession is that the house will sell for 2-3x in ten years whereas your ps3 will be sitting in a landfill...be smart

>> No.18423089

Keep in mind if I would bought JPM stock it would be worth like $600 now.

>> No.18423108

Smart is relative. Good stocks outperformed real estate.

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It sucks for you guys, you now get to experience what the side effects of diversity are like en masse. I always tell people who think Europe is some progressive haven to just wait until the diversity really hits, things will change

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>Average savings 20K
Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Only upper middle class have actual savings.

>> No.18423120

Could be really good for me how much do y’all think a 200k house (pretty nice house in my area) would drop in value?

>> No.18423125

Why is that a Problem?

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This. Private property will be abolished by capitalism. Capitalism is the engine that will convert capitalism into communism

>> No.18423202

I am saying it's transferring to the rich. Away from the middle class. Maybe I wasn't clear.
Yes. The middle class will but more gizmos to take their mind away from things.
But rent will always under perform owning a home. Though I'd argue rent is good if you are in the "I have no family I want to concentrate on career advancement" phase

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Can't wait to spark the next pandemic in 20 years by eating possums because the government wants to sell the beef and pollutry, and then we flip the roles of China and the US again.

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>Be 19yo neet
>Saved most of my money throughout my life because greedy
>Various things got me my money; birthday and Christmas money, a shitty job I worked for a year, a few YouTube compilations I made that blew up, and my grandparents giving me 8k to buy a car so I only used 4k and saved the rest
>Have about 10k total
>Even my parents don't actually have any savings, they owe me 3k despite having a salary of like 100k a year.
>Mfw I am upper middle class neet

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Still not convinced home prices drop drastically unless it’s the $1M and up homes.

Lots of investment money grab middle class Americas property. Say hello to your new Chinese landlord renting your home back to you.

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i get this impression as well.

The house prices in California and New York are insane! Norway has been rated as the most expensive country in the world multiple times, but we don't even come close to the East and West coast real-estate prices.

At least if you are american and poor, you can have access to the real-estate market in the shape of REIT's. So if you can't afford a full house, there is still a way to get a piece of the pie.

I think he was saying that people act stupid in a recession, so instead of taking advantage of all the opportunities that arise (like purchasing houses) they bought playstations instead. Causing

Its going to be interesting to see for sure. My guess is that we will become more and more like the states.

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But at least in america they give you a loan immediately.
Here it's super hard to loan money.

>> No.18423376

Uh. Uh oh.
This isn’t bullshit at all.
My V recovery.

>> No.18423462

>I just sent an application in
Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.18423478

This post brings me so much joy.
Looking forward to more urban decay as multi million dollar homes and apartments and skyscrapers become vacant.

>> No.18423511

every. single. time.
this is the part where the banks come in and sweep everything up for pennies

>> No.18423540

>massive transfer of wealth to the rich... again
We’re at wealth disparity levels like when we had nobles and peasants already. Maybe worse.
We also work more than peasants.

Need to blow the system up again soon. 100 years of peace is way too long. Parasites need to be culled with regular intervals.

>> No.18423577

Sooo what do i invest in to profit? All sqqq monday?

>> No.18423594

>>average american savings is 20k
try 0k. If you exclude the 1% basically americans have zero savings.

>> No.18423638


Welp, looks like I'm never buying a fucking house. God damn it!

>> No.18423731

Checked and based

Good ruck digits

>> No.18423762

>down payment of 20%
I paid a 35% down payment on my apartment
t. Finnish saver

>> No.18423872

Or those that got chainlink :)

>> No.18423903

>100 years of peace is way too long. Parasites need to be culled with regular intervals.

The 2 mass cullings in the 20th century were dysgenic and are why the West is so genetically and culturally cucked today.

>> No.18424089

Only once will I post this. Only once.

Those of you who have been blindly following the chainlink shills are absolute fucking retards. If you had an IQ above 90 and spent 30 minutes researching, you'd actually understand why you are making the best investment of your lives.

The problem with this board is literally most of the Chainlink shills could not explain to you why Chainlink is actually an amazing bet. The few anons that do get it and post legitimately useful information get ignored because most of this board is dense and dumb as fuck and when they can't understand something they act like it wasn't even posted.

Chainlink is next gen. It will make all current holders with 10k+ millionaires. You may have to wait 2-3 years, which most of you will be too dumb to do. You'll see a 5x a year from now and because you've been checking the price every fucking day for over 1500 days you'll think "fuck it, I'm selling, this isn't going anywhere!". When the token actually goes parabolic you'll be holding the keys to your piece of shit Corvette and those of us who weren't total brainlets will be having you park our Bentley's because you work as a fucking valet now.

This is not pasta. Do not repost this. This is simply the truth. Fucking screencap and check back in 2021

>> No.18424100

>>average home is 200k

What 19XX year was that supposed to be?

>> No.18424132

Stupid tuulitakki. You should've used that money in stocks.

>> No.18424140

Jeez, I wonder why your (((government))) would do something like that?

>> No.18424151

This is bullish

>> No.18424162


The average savings in america is less than 1,000

It was over before it began

>> No.18424210

Considering buying a 90k house in Baltimore. Think itll tank more? City seems to have already bottomed out...

>> No.18424265

Mostly, but markets are more efficient at allocating goods and services. Market socialism is Marxism 2.0

>> No.18424276

This. War culls out you warrior gene.

>> No.18424349

I have 27k€ in mutual funds
well, I had that 11 days ago
I'm not checking it for my own sanity

>> No.18424617

Hmm i have about 70k, live in Connecticut though.

How much do you guys think prices will fall?

>> No.18425078

I’m so hard thinking of the fucking chinese losing their shirts

>> No.18425726

>this is basically just saying, NO ONE qualifies for a mortgage anymore.
No it isnt. It just means you need to save up more. Thats what it use to be. They didnt use to hand out houses on massive debt to people who worked as burger flippers.

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>Thats what it use to be. They didnt use to
Home Ownership is at its lowest level, ever.
overlay with shrinking white population levels
see if you can spot a(ny) possible correlation here, and tell me where the trend is leading?

>> No.18426227

>mutual funds

Jesus, you fell for the kike scheme? The same shit that caused a great crash was renamed to mutual funds so people could fall for the scheme all over again. I forget what they called mutual funds before the crash of 1927 but they renamed the bullshit to mutual fund so they could dupe a new generation of goys with attractive yields.

>> No.18426245

>No it isnt. It just means you need to save up more. Thats what it use to be.

Look faggot, either people can't afford a home or they start saving to buy a home but an assload of people end up unemploymed because their jobs relies on frivolous spending: dog walkers, VR cafe attendants, the endless sea of restaurant staff, and so on.

>> No.18426262

China is enforcing its anti lumpen p9licies
And we all know
They are gonna eat thise lumpens up soon

>> No.18426300

you cant 'save up' when 50-70% of your income is going to kike landlords

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>>average american savings is 20k
nigga they wish they had 20k

>> No.18426369

might as well buy property in Congo

>> No.18426422


That too. I expect Joe Biden or Bernie to win the election, because even I'm voting for that shit if only because this gross monstrosity of an economy that we have isn't capitalism and it deserves to be killed and replaced. I hope a revolution occurs and all the kikes are strung from street lamps in the major cities before the rural folk starve out and kill the communists and win and replace the economy.

>> No.18426496

We didn't have infinite money in 2008

>> No.18426564


I had $30k before all this shit started and I KNOW I'm an exception

>> No.18426601

>700+ credit score
>20% down payment
This is exactly the thing that kills a housing crisis mongoloid

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hey jew

>> No.18426745

Marx calls out two groups of people really hard in Das Kapital. People who collect rent and people who collect interest. Essentially those two things are “glitches” in capitalism and if you abuse them, you can become very wealthy with little relative effort. Hoes mad.

>> No.18426843

my god

>> No.18426949

>NY real estate is in the hands of Jews
wow you really are smart huh
Stay away from the cities.

Btw this is why Trump is such a badass, he came from Queens and managed to burst into Manhattan real estate as a goy.
Unheard of.

>> No.18427064

>he came from Queens and managed to burst into Manhattan real estate as a goy.
I had no idea.
Also I don't live in the states, I live in an european capital but my company pays for my rent and expenses. Then again, my landlord is called Abraham Silver lmao

>> No.18427193

When I was young I also saw interest and rent as being "free" ways of making money and thus a glitch in some way. However, in my years I have realized that even if you restarted history and we all went back to being hunters, farmers, tribes, whatever some farmers would get luckier than others and have really good harvests just out of good luck while other farmers go bust due to bad harvests. In other words, excess capital would accumulate in certain families while other families would lack capital. This would be a fact no matter how many times we restarted the universe. So what should you do? Do you just let the rich hoard their money, or do you let them lend it to the poorer people? I think the second option makes the most sense. So interest is all good.

Rent is a bit similar. The farmer that goes bust could work for the lucky farmer and trade some of their labor for being able to live in a house built by the lucky farmer. It's an investment too. In this analogy, and in the modern world, this incentivizes people to build more houses even if there are no more individuals to buy those houses. Investors will always ask for demand, so suppliers (builders) will step up and keep building more. All good, right? But what happens when the entire world (or a smaller region like a city) is already fully developed. No more can be built. Then rent-seeking becomes completely evil. Investors will just hoard already-existing buildings and their demand will, instead of making new buildings be built, just artificially inflate prices. Should they be allowed? I'm not so sure anymore.

All I'm saying is that if the renters decide to just decapitate their landlords I'm more than willing to just look the other way. After all, no reward without taking on a little risk.

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File: 1.35 MB, 1920x1280, TopTrumped.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trump the goy badass who 'burst into' Manhattan real estate
'In October 2018, The New York Times published an exposé drawing on more than 100,000 pages of tax returns and financial records from [Donalds Father, Fred] Trump's businesses, and interviews with former advisers and employees. The Times concluded that his son Donald "was a millionaire by age 8,"[63] and that he had received $413 million (adjusted for inflation) from Fred's business empire over his lifetime.[64] According to the Times, the elder Trump loaned at least $60 million to his son, who largely failed to reimburse him.[63] The paper also described a number of purportedly fraudulent tax schemes, for example when Trump sold shares in Trump Palace condos to his son well below their purchase price, thus masking what could be considered a hidden donation, and benefiting from a tax write-off.[64] Donald Trump's lawyer denied the allegations of fraud and tax evasion.[65]'
Donald, my did it all by himself hero. His father, strangely enough, made most of his cash renting to Jews. Which is why both he and Donald would pretend, Fred was of Swedish origin instead of German

>> No.18427296

>having money means you get to waltz into Jewish-owned Manhattan


You have no fucking clue what Trump did.
He broke the Jewish landlord cartel in Manhattan.

>> No.18427395

I guess I should rephrase. The glitch isn’t interest collecting itself, it’s collecting interest on other people’s money. Leverage essentially.

>> No.18427908

>However, in my years I have realized that even if you restarted history and we all went back to being hunters, farmers, tribes, whatever some farmers would get luckier than others and have really good harvests just out of good luck while other farmers go bust due to bad harvests.

Yeah, and you can reverse that fortune by rewriting the rules and introducing interest and rent. And if you realize capitalism is pssing everyone off then you can introduce communism, lile the fucking JEWS did. They're behind shitty capitalism and shitty communism, too. They're fucki hedged and no matter the outcome they're always in the position to rise to the top.

>> No.18427973

Trump will kill this with negative interest rates

>> No.18427991


Yeah sure, broke it. Now here he is years later paying lip service and homage to the Jews. Fucking Donald "Make Israel Great Again" Trump. Zion Don.

If anything, they allowed the Trumps to rise to prominence so they could later elect Zion Don to be the leader of America and be the figure in the spotlight while they work their schemes from behind the scenes.

>> No.18428388

>trump knows what hes doing!
>hes smart and knows things
>he even reads and gains new information

What the fuck is wrong with people

>> No.18428478

This isn’t true about the crazy interest rate. I had a 650 credit score and got a mortgage for 2.5% interest with only 3% down about 3 years ago

>> No.18428712

Bernie dropped out of the race days ago you fucking retard

>> No.18428747

>Unheard of
He literally inherited it all from his father.

>> No.18428958

>he doesn't invest

>> No.18429386

Banks are not money lenders, they are money CHANGERS. If I lend you my bicycle, I cannot then lend that same bike to someone else simultaneously; the item cannot exist in some strange superposition where I can profit from two people using it at once, yet this is essentially what ((banks)) do: create non-existent "money" with their ledger entries, and charge interest on that fraudulent "money"; as long as the goyim don't realize this kikery and withdraw all their money at once, ((they)) can "balance the books", profit from usurious currency creation; currency which is then redeposited into the bank so they may continue to profit from doing LITERALLY NOTHING. This currency creation causes inflation, and it's gotten so bad that now nobody can afford a car, house, education, or fucking funeral without paying a pound of flesh to the banker-jew or the insurance-jew. Christians and Muslims saw through this scam, but a ((certain group of people)) subverted the laws of the (109) countries which housed them, spread degeneracy and decadence so they might sneak their way into power. James A. Garfield got KIKED, JFK got KIKED... What's that Saddam, what's that Gaddafi, you want freedom from dollar slavery? KIKED. KIKED. Look at the back of a $1 bill, then google the Supreme Court of Israel, THEY DON'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT

>> No.18429488

His father was a real estate man in Queens.

Trump broke through in Manhattan; as a goy in Jewish territory.
Unheard of.

>> No.18429869

>create non-existent "money" with their ledger entries

This is true but you should know that it is not so simple. If the bank were to lend you money by creating a ledger entry and you were to eventually default on your loan then the bank is legally required to mark that as a loss and that must be put against the reserve.

Yes, the money is given to you by simply changing a number but that is just for convenience internally. At the end of each day and more importantly each quarter every bank must add up all of their losses, publish updated numbers on their reserves and if it was clear that the bank was doing a shit job of managing their risk, just bleeding money with not enough reserves in hand then immediately that bank's stock would go to 0. Investors would lose everything and depositors would get back their money likely through FDIC insurance.

Is this an unfair system? Let me recap all of this for you:

>Banks are allowed to play around a little with accounting.
>Still, they are accountable to their investors
>If they fuck up then they lose their entire company, investors lose all their money, and their depositors get 100% of their money back and just go to a competitor bank

>> No.18430127


>> No.18430357

Wife and I are city education employees, we have 110k saved up and 740+ credit scores. Problem is average price of houses we like is 700+. Wat do?

>> No.18430400

>Is this an unfair system?
Yes. Whoever sits at the top of the capital stack is the ultimate benefactor of all economic activity, yet they provide nothing to society whatsoever. If productivity increases, prices should FALL; if civilization gets better at making and providing cars/houses/healthcare, the monetary value of those products should go DOWN as we engineer away the scarcity. Notice how the most overly-financialized products are the ones that inflate the most; why aren't house prices falling in the same manner as televisions or computers? Why are houses treated as a financial investment for equity rather than a familial investment for posterity? It's because the jews stuck their big usurious dick into the housing market. And don't give me that 'whatabout muh jerbs': if productivity increases then, by definition, we don't need to work as much. It's the banking-government complex that cracks the whip and keeps us slaving away while ((they)) relax and collect their ungodly gains. At the highest level, the only risk the banks manage is the risk of goys finding out how hard they're being fucked and mercing their jew ass

>> No.18430454


>> No.18430465


>> No.18430516
File: 36 KB, 434x360, 1511578896_fabio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had not seen that word before, thanks anon.

>> No.18430561

And that's not to mention taxes. If Daddy Jerome can just brrr dollars into existence, why the fuck does a huge chunk of our paycheck go to this gay ass kiked government? Because the gov. is still very much in the slave trade...

>> No.18430630

>If the bank were to lend you money by creating a ledger entry and you were to eventually default on your loan then the bank is legally required to mark that as a loss and that must be put against the reserve.
A reserve which has just been lowered to zero. Losses the Fed is willing to shore up by purchasing the worst of the worst debt.

>> No.18430632

>whistleblower tells jew run media that the jew bankers shit the bed
>housing market slump now turns into collapse
>whistle blower is found dead in his home with a dick sandwich in one hand a isis recruitment pamphlet in the other in front of a computer with child porn images open
>and seems to have died from auto erotic asphyxiation
>drugs also found in the room

thank god that guy told every one before they suicided him


>> No.18430692


I'm here to defend banks. Don't really give a shit about defending real state investors or modern monetary theory. In my opinion real state is the gayest investment and money printer go brr will probably be seen as retarded soon.

>> No.18430730

>I'm here to defend banks.

I'm not against the idea of a bank. I'm against the idea of bankers running our economy and getting bailed out and modern kikery and usury.

>> No.18430754

What you are saying is that we need to abolish income tax, and raise capital gains tax.

>> No.18430812

This is unironically bullish

>> No.18430822

Cut your dick off and eat it if you're going to buy REIT right now

>> No.18430859

>their depositors get 100% of their money back
at the expense of a government bailout and tax raises for everyone lmao.

>> No.18431160

Look at the Cape Shiller Home Price Index for your city. The St Louis Fed has the data on its website. Use that to determine what kinda market you're in: cyclical, linear, or hybrid. Should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

>> No.18431202

This is why I love crypto and am looking forward to decentralized finance. You can't bullshit in that world.

>> No.18431249

Real 'E'state its real Estate, not real state. lurk more

>> No.18431316

>I'm here to defend banks
I'd have no issue if the system was opt-in, but we are forced at gunpoint into using dollars and paying taxes, all to support these fucking leeches
Supply-side economics seemed reasonable to me. Funding this gigantic bureaucratic monstrosity that funnels the blood and sweat of the people into the pockets of the high finance banking elite, which in turn uses that capital to bribe and corrupt governments and institutions in order to maintain their grip on the world... less so

>> No.18431355

You are thinking of the median. The average net worth of an American is quite high thanks to the top 5%.

>> No.18431404

Median is all that really matters right?

>> No.18431433
File: 1.55 MB, 3600x2384, Plank 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a very obvious solution to all of this and everyone is too stupid to realize it. Instead they'll attack landlords as if the current money system is at all their fault.

>> No.18431468

>the extreme high price of assets and especially homes is the fault of landlords and not the banking system that pumps money into the real estate market to prop it up along with importing millions of shitskins every year

Socialists are fucking retarded.

>> No.18431511
File: 1.46 MB, 400x513, lvl4printer.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. They are owned by the Fed, because it's the largest owner of mortgage backed securities there is.

It's simple: print money and bid away resources from everyone else who has to labor or invest for their money.

How people can think this shit is capitalist is beyond me.

>> No.18431545
File: 21 KB, 211x220, 1515906534892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18431552


You can be an even bigger kike and face no legal repercussions.

>> No.18431575

>Instead they'll attack landlords as if the current money system is at all their fault.

There's plenty of greedy landlord kikes out there, as well.

>> No.18431585

Boomers are fucking blind

>> No.18431622

>it's just luck and landlords are responsible for my banklet account

It's amazing how much communists hate top hatted wearing monopoly men, natsocs hate Jews, but both focus their attention on people in the market dealing with the conditions created by Jewish bankers in top hats.

>> No.18431666

Reread his first sentence you illiterate inbred

>> No.18431705

I will just shoot them, fuck slant eyed commie cucks

>> No.18431731

This, our warriors have been culled

>> No.18431750

>tfw 800 credit score and $200k cash pile

>> No.18431753

Is it too late to buy in?

>> No.18431761

Enjoy the repeat of 2008. This time with names and addresses (:

>> No.18431808

>must have 700+ credit score
>and 20% downpayment
Fuck. The average house in my area STARTS at 400k and that's for a townhouse

>> No.18431821

this just became pasta bro

>> No.18431875

>90k house in Baltimore
>in Baltimore
Are you black? Are you a person with a criminal record? At that price, the house is in a neighborhood where you'll be dodging bullets as you run to the clinic to get another month's penicillin for all the gonorrhea in that place.

>> No.18431944

I’m back

Not not totally. Most conventional loans will require 700 in about 2 weeks. Down from 620
What’s your credit score?

Lenders require cash on hand to make loans. Money running out and only a handful of lenders have cash via backed- companies
No, I don’t think the housing market will tank. People will simply just not sell any time soon unless they have to. It’s that simple. Literary hodl

>> No.18432031

Just checked today and I have a 652. I've never had a personal credit card though; the only thing that showed up as contributing to my score was my small student loan that I paid off years ago. I do have about $5k in cash saved though. Am I fugged?

>> No.18432331

bug to amphibian to reptile.... after that is bird and mammal this is a deep evolutionary pic

>> No.18432372

I applied for a mortgage and they only counted 50k of my income ( 20k from other sources) and I can keep my current mortgage as a rental property and get the 200k about house.. they keep hounding me about it... I think ill wait?

>> No.18432378

leave, kike

>> No.18432425

I have a 799 with 11k. Say I wanted to get a mortgage for 200k?

>> No.18432464


>> No.18432684
File: 22 KB, 543x308, Mark_Corrigan_Peep_Show_Nazi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I "own" a place that is increasing in value due to location, but it's a tiny townhouse. HOA fees rape me up the ass. I want to move to a bigger house with lower HOAs and a yard. Went under contract with a house in January, but pulled the plug when there were some issues with repairs and wet feet with chink virus looming.

I guess I made the right choice, seeing as the market could be collapsing. Dunno. I pay a higher interest rate and a much higher HOA to live in a tiny place - the only benefit of which is location, which doesn't actually matter to me because I don't work nearby anyways. Should I refinance? Should I be looking to buy now? Or wait for a market crater?

>> No.18432729

Won’t people making money by converting their properties to Airbnb lose money because no one’s traveling now?

>> No.18432891

Nobody is going to move so no one is going to buy your condo. Stay put, chief.

>> No.18432918


Understood. I wouldn't buy without a contingency for selling. BUT my current place is in higher demand than the ares I would move to. So that is a positive

>> No.18432975

I am in your position right now, and I listed my condo 2 weeks ago. Buyers are still looking for homes now that interest rates are low. I would be concerned when interest rates start increasing, so far I do not see any indication that this is occurring. I think this starts to occur when more people are selling MBSs than they are buying, and the CARES act seems to be the backstop which has a "freezing" effect on this. JP Morgan knows this, so they created a "temporary measure" to push uncreditworthy buyers out of the market. So if your condo is in a ritzy place where everyone has above a 700 credit score and pays 20% down, now is a good time as any as "everything gets better". Prepare to take the hit on under-pricing the property and paying the seller/buyer commission fee + excise taxes.

>> No.18432988

If you have real estate outside of areas where people pay less than 20% down, I have bad news for you.

>> No.18432993

>Americans having 20k

This is your brain on Cable News.

>> No.18432994

...yes that's what he said.

>> No.18433273

makes sense

>> No.18433276

It's your brain when you know what an average is actually

>> No.18433279
File: 2.23 MB, 320x384, 1509726715308.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I expect Joe Biden or Bernie to win the election

>> No.18433317

I think I was in my 20's when I realized EVERYONE works for the banks.

>> No.18433616

>> The average savings in America is less than 1,000.

Is there any truth to this statement? How is it even possible to live when you have savings less than 1,000? Is this taking into consideration that most Americans are swamped with student loan debt and credit debt?

>> No.18433698

imagine being this out of touch

>> No.18433718

This post confirms 4 more years of trump

>> No.18433721

Bro yes, it blows my mind now.

I used to have that mentality too. Would get a paycheck and basically have find a way to make it last 2 weeks. Buy stupid shit at the beginning and then slowly spend less until Thursday night before payday I'm at $25 in my account, midnight hits and boom repeat the cycle. Majority of people I know are like this

>> No.18433748

$20,000 foreclosures?

>> No.18433761

So many great white people died in WW1 and ww2 ;(

>> No.18433772


A 20% downpayment should have been required by law since 9000 B.C.E anything less than that is a bubble

>> No.18433780

all airbnb hosts deserve this. thank god one good thing will come out of the economic collapse

>> No.18433787

Home prices will crash if people cannot afford to buy new houses due to 20% downpayment. Boomers are retiring every day and need someone to buy their overpriced houses. Nobody can now.

>> No.18433860

El stupido questionne and I apologize in advance.

I have very little (almost no) savings. High utilization atm that I can bring under control (under 30%) if I use my money, trying to take advantage of economic programs where I can to do this. I am trying to get a good job, but I honestly can't expect it.

What can someone in my position do today to take advantage of this upcoming (?) mortgage situation? I doubt I can make 20% of a condo in a major city.

>> No.18433951

what jobs

>> No.18433979

Home ownership is overrated anyways. A better metric is percentage of income going to housing experience.

>> No.18434025

Being aware that jews control everything doesn't mean you know how to become one with them

>> No.18434061


Well no shit. They won't just let you waltz in. Apply at your local synagogue and they give you a portfolio filled with the world's greatest assets if your good goy score is high enough.

>> No.18434119

this is still terrible once to add in the mortgage insurance. This lie to consumers is why I got out of real estate. Its a fucking slimey business

>> No.18435234

Yes. It is the median that tells you how well a society functions. If you have a society were the top 0.01% have a combined net worth of one quadrillion dollars and everybody else has a net worth of zero, you have a shit hole and the 0.01% likely live in fortresses loaded with armed guards.

>> No.18436220

Move somewhere much more affordable so that you only need one income because your house is payed off.

>> No.18436280

too little too late

>> No.18436324

Well, you're not going to be buying a propertry it seems unless you meet the requirements which you haven't yet. The only thing you can do at the moment is speculate on the mortgage market but I seriously would not buy anything other than calls because mortgages are next on the buying spree for the Fed after bonds.

>> No.18436573

>most of the Chainlink shills could not explain to you why Chainlink is actually an amazing bet
why is it tho? its another centralized shitcoin with 80% of the coin being owned by whales

>> No.18436578

20k savings but also 20001 in debt

>> No.18437696
File: 154 KB, 1024x1023, average gathering of jews.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no matter the outcome they're always in the position to rise to the top
Can I interest you in some oven activity and some bonding with like-minded frens over common causes in paramilitary group, my friend? We'll call this decade the gassin' 20s

>> No.18437934

Stop wasting your money on trivial bullshit. Don't try to live in a major city.

>> No.18438180

Well said! MIGA!!!! Orange pedo man reigns supreme <3

>> No.18438618
File: 33 KB, 880x460, USA cucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

USA is finished

>> No.18438685

how many chinese squatters are we talking here?

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