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I will be a millionaire by next Friday.

Screencap this.

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RIP in piece

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>betting against the fed

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dumb as fuck.

It will drop but you're already so close from being liquidated that if it gaps up on Monday you're done for.

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Next week is green

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do you not understand that there is another trillion dollars getting ready to enter the market?

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Try to find a Spy put that expires in two months, when the fed finally exhausted

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Checked and shrekt

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You're retarded OP and you need to check yourself into gamblers anonymous. SPY won't be below 260 end of week

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I just shorted the S&P as well. We'll see what happens monday. Good luck.

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Ya that shit not dropping till at least jun, 180 might be the bottom. I bought a 185 put for October SPY. Im also long call on HAL 1$12.50 and Im already up.

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You're gonna continue to get fucked by theta and then lose all your money to expiration.

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Oh my fucking god anon. Sell those as soon as possible and cope with the fact that you lost 300k instead of 500k. We aren't hitting 200 until June at the earliest, but probably July or August.

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By Monday some big nose will own your house and kids

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Why would you do this? Seriously.

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stay poor

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Yeah I’m buyin puts too but guck man are you worth 25 million? Hope you can afford to lose all of that. Good luck

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What date on HAL

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CDC already said the case numbers have finally peaked, this flu shit is over, we are going to be green the rest of spring/summer

maybe in fall we get another mini drop

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>the fed isn't a meme for boomers

they literally have zero control over the actual currency, which is created by banks overseas with ledger swaps and collateral and they don't fall under Fed's jurisdiction

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based filename

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Those puts only cost like 5 cents right now lmao. I could reproduce your bet for less than 10k

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The VIX is on a daily sequential 9 which is a good indication for a reversal.

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The S&P 500 would need to fall 28.9% for you to break even on the 4/17 put. During the worst week in S&P history, it dropped 18.2%. You're betting the S&P will break the previous record for worst week by more than 50%.

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The real crisis is the debt bubble you blind NPC faggot

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>that filename

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>still being a bobo

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