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is it true exchanges are running out of chainlink?

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Where’d you hear this?

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He's a tranny whos long on link right now so he comes out of his shithole discord to make positive larps about LINK

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found it guys, OP is a faggot

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thats every single link post tho

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yes. for a year, an average of 4 million link per month has been taken from exchanges

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if that thing came by my house I would kill it

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Legend has it Gemini is sharing a wallet with Coinbase.

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Even if they're running out of link, you can just buy ogn brother, it's same but better

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>Legend has it Gemini is sharing a wallet with Coinbase.
Gemini has a custodial LINK vault service though.
I wonder whether that enables lending or staking or other uses, or if they're really just locking it in a wallet for you.

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Link scam

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Doesn't matter.
The exchange will just print more out of thin air.
Most exchanges hold fractional reserves of all coins.
Most linkies are too stupid to hold them off exchange in a wallet artificially depressing the price of link.

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