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Why is this bad again?
Shouldn't those who assume responsibility for something and make a mistake (even an honest one) take responsibility for that?

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and that's why bitcoin will never win,
if they wanted crypto they will:
>make their own blockchain
>make bitcoin illegal
>watch bitcoin fall 90%
the only raison bitcoin is allowed to exist is because it's an easier way to make money of normies who's too poor for stocks
everyone want adoption, but bitcoin true use case lie in being dark market currencies

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If Bitcoin ever gets over 20k and stays there, the governments will simply stomp it down.

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Bitcoin was no mistake. Bitcoin was the only way to circumvent everything else that is government regulated.
It was clear that i will gain in value.
It was never foreseeable how much though!
And now we have this problem... cryptos are about to go mainstream, become really important... and BTC
Will be the gold crypto. like the gold in the real world.

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How will Bitcoin win when it's still tied to fiat gateways, without which Bitcoin would be utterly useless?

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Or maybe cause the most dangerous people on the planet (economists) are having another experiment with gold and bitcoin.

I mean, can they?
Who knows, dude.

>BTC Will be the gold crypto. like the gold in the real world
Well, the implications of bitcoin tho, in a way make it really similar and VERY different to gold tho.
In this insanity, it'll be fun to watch this shit.
But hey, maybe i'm just a crazy asshole.
But dunno, i personally think that the economic Rules are there, and the implications fascinating.

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>How will Bitcoin win when it's still tied to fiat gateways
Well, what happen when a dude from his basement have 100 bitcoin and one bitcoin is worth 50k dollar?
Will said dude go and buy out the USA's national debt?
And what happens if he does?
I think a scenario when a neet have the entire might of the world's eagemon war machine in his hands to be quite funny to witness.

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That would be a very bad idea. It's not just drug dealers who have funds in bitcoin, institutions do as well, and countries. They would not just sit and take it.

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Even better, you should ask yourself what would that mean for the debt on the world, and what are the Economic implications of that.

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You know, no matter what other crypto comes along, Chainlink, or the next NSA/US project, it matters not.. once we all have to follow it it will be worth lots. AND BTC will still exist, which is the planned wonder of BTC. You can not control it

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I agree.
Well, i hope.
I've been saying this shit for a while, BTC is legit like art, the more you look at it, the better you understand the nature of money (in all it's chilling/funny implications) and what it can do (if you follow said economic implications) is really amazing.
But yo, at the end of the day, what's really great is the game.

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Listen, sorry, but you are crazy or at least not connecting the dots in your mind. It doesn't even matter. You see?
Economic rules you say... tell me than who made them and why did BTC start its existence?
You are full of shit!
Probably another lil know nothing gambler.
You know what people do in the real world before they invest? They don't read /biz/
They get informed

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>You are full of shit!
Meh. Could be!
Dude, why do you care?
At the end of the day, what matters is the effort, the emotions that this shit gives me (and should give you).
I think that the fact that you are mad about the fact that someone could come to /biz/ before getting informed is just silly, all things sonsidered.
But hey, you do your thing, man!

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You are excused.

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You do understand the place that i'm coming from to say that, right?

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>if email becomes successful the USPS will stomp it
>if mp3 becomes successful the RIAA will stomp it
>if avi becomes successful the MPAA will stomp it
>if cryptography becomes successful the CIA will stomp it
>if amazon becomes successful the malls will stomp it
— you nigras are here —
>if bitcoin is successful the government will stomp it
How does it feel not to be right, even once, in over 40 years? And not to have learned from that

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No, I do not! Show me faggot

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Sorry, was looking shit up.
Well, i'm talking from the point of view of the nature of money.
Look it up, and make up your mind!

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will no longer be rewritten by the jews

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I would say no, you you are full of shit like all the other gamblers here. No worries, we will teach you to fight your gambling addiction.Who gambles if they always lose right?

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>we will teach you to fight your gambling addiction
I'm not addicted to gambling.
I'm addicted to eating meat tho.
Salami made with pork neck is just too good man.
Whoever invented it should get a statue to his/her memory.

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Those are 100% false equivalencies and you are a brainlet.

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the future history books will be stored on the BitCoin blockchain, just one of many potential uses
btc is a shitcoin for recording tx between exchanges

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I agree. Salami is wonderful. Now back to subject

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>Salami is wonderful
Yea, maybe i should go vegetarian, but i'm not quite there yet.
But i'm talking specifically from the part in the neck.
It's different to the normal one, you should check it out!
Anyway, back to what subject, man?
You are working yourself up for something that imo you shouldn't.
Just have fun, man!
And try what i just told you, dude, you ll send thanks to me, i swear it to you!

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I am working myself up to be mean and ruthless as always to whoever asks for it. This is is 4chan. Should I rather throw flowers at them?
And yeah, lets see about whether I throw thanks at you or fuck u up faggot

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>Should I rather throw flowers at them?
Why don't you do what you want at the moment?

>And yeah, lets see about whether I throw thanks at you or fuck u up faggot
Why should you fuck me up tho?

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Yes, why should I?

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Well, you heard him. So fuck you faggot!

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Idk man, not getting you.
Maybe i am crazy.
Hell, everyone here must be a little bit to be in this board.
Anyway, imma go to sleep.
Take care my dude.
But not if you are a glownigger. I don't like people who work for stolen money (let it be by inflation or otherwise).
Goodnight tho.

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Bitcoin is not a business, nor a technology, nor a format, nor an algorithm. It's an software and hardware implementation of a technology using specific formats and algorithms.

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>What would happen if some basement dwelling NEET tries to extort the US government?

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You definitely are not what I am used to. You were not a definite glow after all.
And yes, I am a bit crazy... but you knew that.
And yes, I own half of BTC, you knew that too...
And trust me me, it will 1ox again, like programmed

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Fuck, i feel bad.
I'm sorry man, even if you are a glow.
I mean, i don't like you for your profession, but i get that people like you get a lot of shit.
Just try not be an asshole, okay?

>And yes, I am a bit crazy... but you knew that.
>And yes, I own half of BTC, you knew that too..
Lmao, you Gregoring too much.
Just take a breath, and return to enjoying the game.

> I own half of BTC
Damn, dude!
Just fucking have fun with it then if that's true (once it really go up, but for a while hodl, kay?) lmao.

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Before or after he can buy a platoon of marines?
That guy couldn't.
Anyway, goodnight.


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These negroes think I'm kidding ^^

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Now is that a nice way to start a conversation?

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Who do you think own things in South Africa? The Negroes? You dumb fukker

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you might wanna apologize

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Should I go on? Ikea... all the wood, comes from south africa. All the gold comes from south africa, and all the old school ultimate rich retards like me are me .... but >>18343808
calling me a nigger that will not be tolerated

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Some American retard bastard child calling ME the descendant of European ROYALTY a nigger? That's a bit rich

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>ok now tell me which one of those can loose 50% of it's value in a day.

trump write a tweet
>"bitcoin will be banned, your money should go into the Dow"
>btc -70% instantly

5 words from 1 man and btc is toast

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Imagine being such a narcissistic faggot that you think the US is the only country that invests in crypto

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Who thinks that?

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