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I've been neck deep in Craig's book, blogs and the archives for months and I'm ready to join the 210 club.

When to pull the trigger? I already sold half my link stack after finding some nuclear redpills but what's going to happen in between halvenings? Are bsv miners going to leave for btc for a month? Will this dump the price? What about the bch miners? Is it true that TAAL owns most of bch's hash? Are they going to leave and pump bsv? Trying to time the move properly before the stiffening.

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its all a larp and bsv will tank after halving

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What a fucking faggot. Bear market will come dont be an idiot this is far from over, and this shit will go to 50$+-. You do realize that it was like 80$ in December right? IT ALREADY PUMPED YOU IDIOT and A LOT. CAnt you see the fucking charts that they always do these scam pumps and than it always goes sub 100?

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I'm not investing based on charts

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>he fell for the fundamentals meme
kek maybe takje a look at bitcoinblocks some time nobody is using this shitcoin

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Halvening pump is incoming. But it could be June-August until peak & selloff happens. I'm expecting a delayed response.
Haven't heard anything about TAAL.

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Go all in BSV preferably on leverage

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>Halvening pump is incoming.
a bit too late for that i think it already happened and it's going back to $100 and below soon.

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No media hype yet. Doubt top is in.

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Every time

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It doesn’t matter what price you get in at currently. BSV is the only coin that scales and has real world utility. The price of BSV in 2025 will be thousands of times greater than what it is now.

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Those things add an advantage, but they realistically don't matter in the grand scheme of things. The only thing that matters is BSV is the only one that can massively scale. BSV's first block was mined 10-10-2018... if you catch my drift.

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>BSV's first block was mined 10-10-2018
Indeed. Thanks bros. Going for it and not looking back. See you in the citadel

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Kaiser is right.

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>BSV is the only one that can massively scale
linear scaling will never match the exponential scaling bitcoin can do with ln and sidechains.

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>bear market will come
where the fuck you been the last 2 years?

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Is 55 enough to make it?

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Yes. 21 is technically the make it stack. I'm just done with shitcoins and I don't need the fiat at the moment so it's going into BSV

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Muh Lightning.
Fucking bullshit broken system. Stick it up your ass.
BSV will eventually transact trillions of transactions a second.

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>exponential vulnerabilities

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>only months
Not long enough. It takes years of research to understand his fraud and realise btc is the KING

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>lighting network
israeli students already broke it anon
>with less than half a bitcoin, the attacker can indefinitely lock up most of the network’s channels.
>Our results show that the attacker can paralyze 650 BTC of liquidity in the Lightning Network for 3 days using less than 0.25 BTC.
>Payment Channel Networks utilize onion routing that does not allow intermediate nodes on the path to recognize where payments originate and where they are going, allowing the attacker to act with impunity.
into the trash it goes

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long BSV 50x
bulletproof plan

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is just longing without margin bulletproof?

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Are you legit getting paid to shill this shitcoin? It seems like crazy but I know Craig isn't above this kind of shenanigans. If not, what do you gains for it? It's not gonna pump from your shilling alone

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It's going to pump for reasons that most of biz refuses to research

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And you tell us out of the goodness of your heart?

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Because it's bitcoin. What has BTCore done to scale or gain transaction volume or making the protocol stable so it can be built on?

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kek look at the chart boys, it's STIFFENING!!!

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Fuck you Craig you lied to us all about the ice berg order you filthy scammer

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based and stiffpilled

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so you will have larger than 200 petabyte blocks?
in a single day that would be larger amount of data than the entire public internet.
do you realize how fucking retarded that is?

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>israeli students
hahahahah yeah sure. free forming networks route around congestions and naturally evolve to be resilient and redundant as needed easily but this is not even the final form of ln.
stressing and trying it is not a bad thing.

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he lost me at fake signatures and private signing seances. that's the biggest bullshit and most uncharacteristic of satoshi.

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in the far future, yes, as storage space will become cheaper and more easily available
as for now the immediate plans are gigabyte blocks within 1-2 years, and then terabyte blocks within 3-5 years, at which point we're talking ~50 petabytes each year, something data centers could easily handle many years ago (they often had storage capacity on the order of 500+ petabytes of data already then)

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You just fail IQ test.

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this retarded shit will never happen you can1t even sustain 2mb blocks
rofl you room temperature iq tards larping as super geniuses always crack me up

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>this retarded shit will never happen you can1t even sustain 2mb blocks
5 MB blocks are regularly being mined, and the network could easily handle blocks of several hundred megabytes already

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what utility?
>in before you post garbage wheaterapp data

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better buy CKB which will blow BSV and everything else out of the water

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Better buy big black dildo go fuck yourself

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>what utility?
there is none
literally go on bitcoinblocks and look at this shitcoin
5 tx / s just like BTC
and all they do is spam weatherdata and other usless shit

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Bsvjeets never change pls

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Dude not too long ago bsv saw 30kb blocks, 50kb blocks. Don't be retarded, 2mb blocks are already a massive accomplishment. To think a 10x every year from now is out of the question is retarded and it brings bsv tot gig blocks in under 3 years.

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first 10tb block in 2023


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