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how much tether will they print to get out of this one ?

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isn't this a giant bear flag

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yea and a rising wedge, on falling volume, no bearish divergence though, it looks very very bearish but like OP said, could get short squeezed with tether or we just moon out of it

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It is.

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the current formation will probably finish consolidating by 4/11, we need to hit like 9500 within the next 3-5 days to break out of the wedge

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With a target of $2500...

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its going to break up I have resigned myself to that fate.

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yeah by TA logic it should crash, but tether is a thing so ....

>no bearish divergence thoug
there's a hidden bear div actually, but those usually don't have much strength

yeah I'm pretty resigned too, gona be pretty ridiculous to see

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>hidden bear div
oh true im retarded, well throw another one in the bear bucket

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>well throw another one in the bear bucket
yeah but there's 6.5B usdt in the bull bucket, you gonna nee more than TA to dump at this point

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They just printed 120 million.

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>we need to hit like 9500
why so high? Breaking 8000 would do it don't you think?

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they printed about 2 billion m8 i think it will be more than enough.

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the wicks will keep defining new rising wedges until 9500 based on the trendline the bottom wicks are making, that is, 9500 or thereabouts needs to be broken to break out of the parallel channel, anything below the channel is a rising wedge

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It's a bump and run reversal bottom, it's actually bullish
>It will go down forever
Stay poor

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that seems like a very confused post

anyway this shit is probably going to get smashed to pieces today by the looks of it
might as well let this thread die

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We'll see, TA looks bearish and many fractals predict a new dip in the long term.

Anyways, as said before, Tether is a thing, and right now its pumping.

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i dont know how anyone can buy BTC at these prices when all it takes is a major exchange to decide they want to dump on everyone and boom it's back under 3k

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Shuld I switch to other stable coin than Tether?

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what a stupid question

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Actually none needed... buyers control

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and unironically most of biz just bought in
this is gonna be fun to watch

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what if I tell you USDT is the only way for Chinks to buy Bitcoin?

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