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Indeed, a /pol/-tard is visiting this glorious board of pink and red wojaks.

Suggest me a business idea on how a private company could generate revenue through anti-immigration and far-right ideologies.

- What product/service would it be?
- How'd you present it without getting blocked immediately by centrists or left wing?
- National ban on begging in public?
- Fake pangolin scales for sterile ching chongs? (They did caught 2 tons of scales from poachers, imagine that)

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Go back.

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produce gas chambers

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Just do what all minorities do, write books, organize meet ups, sell merch and scream for gibs.

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could not even put the swastika right way

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>- What product/service would it be?
Your cum.
>- How'd you present it without getting blocked immediately by centrists or left wing?
On the tip of your tongue.
>- National ban on begging in public?
And yet you are begging for business ideas.
>- Fake pangolin scales for sterile ching chongs?
Whats a pangolin, we speak english here.

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make ovens.. test on family for free

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My my, time to add in another freak of nature to your memory. Behold, the silly pangolin. Soon consumed by the yellow ape.

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Racist bumper stickers

> now fuck off back to pol

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You'll never make big money by being stuck under some "ideology". That's why you have to go back.

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Anyone who doesn't tell you to buy chainlink is retarded, a boomer, or a newfag such as yourself.

Usually a combination of these, which is why /smg/ is actually lively again for the first time in years

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provide honorary aryan certificates for jewish bankers

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Blasphemy! And break the glorious cycles of conflict on who's chosen?

We proclaimed japs as honorary aryans and they ended up triggering USA through Pearl Harbor. Didn't even have a plan for an actual retaliation, those yellows.

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You can spend money on your ideologies but you should separate from them in search of a profit. Then spend your money on whatever retard bullshit you believe in.

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are you ok?
do you need someone to take you back to the retard clinic

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You have to go back.

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How about a Third Reich line of lingerie for sex dolls?

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Not true, ideology makes good marketing. It's contemptible, but not unprofitable.

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How about VR for /pol/ posters that lets them pretend to have a fulfilling life and purposeful work. Huge demand with no other devs on the landscape.

back to your containment board, brainet

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Biz idea for you :

Instead of right wing shieit build up a delivery food service where you deliver pizza and stuff and make some money and gather experience.
Especially in these times this business should run pretty well everywhere.
And again: FUCK OFF NAZI

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>Suggest me a business idea on how a private company could generate revenue through anti-immigration and far-right ideologies.
look towards your favourite jewtuber, take your pick, and build a bullshit brand around it

but seriously don't do this, just invest in kneepads instead and become a discord tranny

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Using memes in some way probably. Depends if you have any talents. If you have any artistic talents you can probably make money making meme artwork or figurines, or even short videos. Some of those wojack youtube videos, the better made ones, get hundreds of thousands of views.

You could pick a topic and write a book about it if you feel like you're knowledgeable enough.

Start a youtube channel if you're well spoken and have good topics to discuss with new insights and seem to be knowledgeable more than your average /pol/ user.

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>Suggest me a business idea on how a private company could generate revenue through anti-immigration and far-right ideologies.
Trying to market an ideology only works when the masses are interested in following it. Not your lobotomite echo chamber. You'd do better asking for this from them.

>- What product/service would it be?
Ideally some form of propaganda support. You could make t-shirts and posters about your epic MAGA/MIGA/Buildthewall memery and sell it to other /pol/sters.
>- How'd you present it without getting blocked immediately by centrists or left wing?
You market it through your own website and channels, don't try to sell through mainstream sources like Amazon or ebay.
>- National ban on begging in public?
Why? Beggars don't change anything in a day-to-day setting beyond ask for scraps. If you have a full wallet, you can spare a dollar. The only people who feel antagonized by beggars are thin-skinned teenagers who get choked up asking for their order in a restaurant.
>- Fake pangolin scales for sterile ching chongs? (They did caught 2 tons of scales from poachers, imagine that)
Synthetic pangolin scales would be a good way to make accessories, but it'd be a very, very far stretch to associate this with right-wing ideologies.

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Oh Ill also add that in the end you'll probably look over some of the possibilities out there, decide that they are too much effort, and that it was a stupid idea in the first place, and go back to wasting your life doing nothing of importance. Don't feel bad though, it's the path for 95% of people.

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>Suggest me

How about you fuck off and die, you useless faggot?

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I am a /biz/ tard and I 100% approve this message.
Let's make the world a better place

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This is so fuckin true. I am writing for an industry journal just to push ideas that are pro free speech, independence and national centric economies.

Almost all publications and blogs have no cash for writers. If you are somewhat OK in writing ideas without going natsoc autist, it is super easy to become a columnist. After all it is (((them))) who are writing the articles you hate so much.

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ideology and business don't mix, anon. You ever hear the phrase "Get woke go broke?" It's a true saying, and it would go both ways. You need to create a product and sell it for profit. If you want to be Volkish about it, you should create a successful business selling or servicing as many customers as you can, and then use your revenue to prop up and promote other white business owners. If you try to put your ideology in front of your business you will soon find yourself out of business. Your ideology has to be behind it.

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Fuck you for being pol material, but I will play cause I am generous.

Fashion. Thor Steinar was big with German nazis. Lonsdale for US ones (I believe). Pringle, Donkey jackets and pea coats for all skins everywhere.
So you make a new clothes line
pretend that antifa are upset about it

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Nigger, I already bought linkies. Honestly the only 2 boards I find bearable are the glory of /pol/ and wojaks on /biz/. Went on /bant/ and /r9k/ and wanted to kill myself.

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Home securty systems that scan peoples temperature

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That sounds terrifyingly effective. The mere notion I didn't even think about it beforehand is the sign that our brains are fucking shrinking.

We have to go back.

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>Nigger, I already bought linkies
Fantastic, you're already rich then. Now just hold like the rest of us.

Most of these people in the thread are so obviously new it boggles the mind they they are giving advice. Well, giving advice is free after all and I'm sure they came here to pretend to be big brains claiming the end of the western world from a fucking virus while the actual smart money behind the scenes takes their asses for a ride. Normally I don't mind newfags but these corona virus tourists are bottom of the barrel

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The chainlink hooker story is the best example how small the reach of biz or pol is. Apparently there is nobody around who even contributes to a fuckin crypto blog or whatnot. Gainin influence, no matter how small, is the real power.

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fuck you and fuck white people

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you can get around payment channel freezes by using an anon currency like xmr. I've heard of some right wing twitter guys doing this.

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Wondered when you'd show up. Welcome to the party, nigger.

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Amazing, I've always had the image of /pol/ at the very least having some influence outside of 4Chan, mostly during 2016. And you're telling me even /biz/ is lacking reach in the one thing they're shitposting about, crypto.

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Are you retarded? The biggest crypto related youtube epic maymay videos were from a /biz/ shitposter bizonacci. All of the hidden gems in crypto are always found here, just like how /pol/ is always first in political shitposting (IE HWNDU)

Obviously nobody famous with very few exceptions will have the names of 4chan boars associated with them, because normies fear the power level of users here. 4chan is for finding gems, ideologies, and memes before the rest of the population catches on.

Because frankly this is one of the few places on the internet people can actually post content outside of the norm without their friends and family looking at them like some sort of freak. Although this should be obvious to anyone who's been here more than a few weeks

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>All of the hidden gems in crypto are always found here, just like how /pol/ is always first in political shitposting
Actually believing this. The eternal summer never ended

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The Joe Rogan / Eric Weinstein podcast was really enlightening. They had that topic how people on YouTube can screech all day long and even be 100% right.

But as long as they are not able to reach over into traditional media they are just in their little I-am-right bubble. That only makes it into normie reality when it boils over or the story is so big nobody can ignore it anymore.

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Introducing AryanCoin. A crypto for which you have to provide a proof of whiteness (DNA test). The idea being that because white people are inherently good there will be no exit scam and the coin will gain value because white people good everyone else bad.

What could go wrong? If your ideology is correct you will make crazy bank, if it's wrong, well then you were screwed anyway.

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Second this. If it weren't for the 2016 meme war, I'd never even consider exploring 4Chan to begin with, let alone buying LINK.

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certain threads on 4chan sometimes gets lucky to be ahead of the curve in certain niches, but in its entirety, it is mostly shit covered gems surrounded by 100 times the amount in shit covered glass shards in a giant pile of feces. 4chan is just the most lowest platform on the internet, like a shady bar; yes sometimes somebody interesting passes through, but most of the time it is just the same 12 retards screaming at the void and trying to bait each other

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>If it weren't for the 2016 meme war, I'd never even consider exploring 4Chan to begin with
This is a big fucking YIKES for me you are actually a fuckng newfag you are fucking disgusting you piece of shit how fucking old are you?

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>Social Credit System
>DNA integration
>Link SCS to actions unfolding regarding whites and events towards whites
>Immediate Bull run

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>Amazing, I've always had the image of /pol/ at the very least having some influence outside of 4Chan, mostly during 2016.
Election tourists on /pol/ are only here because /r/_MAGA or whatever shithole the majority of the crowd came from congregated on /pol/ because they could be openly racist while also supporting Zion Don on a channel that wouldn't punish them for their discussions. There is almost zero influence that can be drawn as "from" /pol/ beyond /pol/ cockroaches leaving their comfort zone and recycling their exact same 4-5 """arguments""" whenever anybody calls them out. If you want to convince people that your alt-right safe space on the internet is worth anything more than being an extremely easy target of mockery, you need to take effort to actually inspire the public. Masturbating in a hugbox only serves to "enlighten" others who are already masturbating in that hugbox.

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>tfw browsing 4 chan since 08
>tfw 26
Oh, so that's why I'm a degenerate loner.

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The shitposting were very limited and local where I'm from. Not to mention a very cringe-concentrated society (will not share geographically). I'd go as early as 2010-2011 during my visits. The real shitposting got activated once internet became available to the household, around the Mayan calendar drama.

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It's in your picture. Sell coffee mugs with logos and mottos

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Just start a normal business and use the proceeds to fund future right wing causes.

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Actually not that bad idea.
But quality and not just some shitty chink ship biz

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buy 4chan

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To savour the memes was like rationing for the winter through friend circles. Today, it's fucking everywhere. Increased in numbers but diluted.

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you’re just as bad as OP dumbass

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Business idea, go back to your shit board, get some rope and charge 50 bucks for /pol/tards to kill themselves with it.

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"Get woke up broke" is a literal meme spouted by that retard Tim Poole. Mortal Kombat did that, last of us did that, and tons more and it's clear that voting with your wallet is the only myth.

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For the sake of revenue, I'll hold that thought. But you'll need a bigger boot to kick /pol/ back into our Reich hole.

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