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still want to know his reasoning, assuming its not bait

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Im gonna be the owner of BAC at this rate

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>that feel when 9/11 was retroactively a nothingburger

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ive made a list of companies i want to buy at bottom:
Bank of America
im betting all will fall hard, but not hit outright bankruptcy

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Do people actually think we already hit the bottom? Be real with me

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we haven't. "buy the dip" is still a popular idea. you know its bottom when people arent even thinking to buy the dip

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I think this can be the bottom if "they" really want it to be, but that would be pushing this recession out even further, strengthening it again.

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might be the worst fucking song I heard this year.

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buy the dip = panic sell at a significant loss a month later

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that's because you are a faggot with no taste

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ask around, do friends and newfags start getting into investing because of the current drop?
hint: many brokers are experiencing new inflow of users

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I just hope it fucking crashes before my puts expire worthless. Spy200 by august.

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at least I don't idolize people who can't even cut their fingernails nigger, and my taste in music is patrician in comparison with yours. stop smoking so much weed all the time and listen to this shit sober, you are in for a shock.

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I don't know. However i do think there is more upside incoming before a potential return to a double bottom situation or fresh lows.

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post some of your shit then
inb4 anime soundtracks

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Why did you pick such a low strike price?

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thats gonna take diamond hands. if i were u, id probably just sell the next time the price of the put bumps slightly. i cannot imagine the adrenaline fatigue of holding till august

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Agree except Boeing, my confidence in Boeing has been seriously rocked.

Why do you think this? What is going to come out that will bring about fresh lows? The tone of the country has shifted, at least in my view, more downward since Monday. People are now beginning to understand the severity of the situations and that hospital systems WILL becomes overrun, not maybe, not if. So in my view, which is retarded, it's going to continue to crumble (the market), or it's going to start returning to normal due to daddy Jerome and others. We should know here in the next week or two if this thing (the market) is going to be able to float or not.

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>Agree except Boeing, my confidence in Boeing has been seriously rocked.
Boeing might fumble planes, but it's got more than a handful of Senators. I sense lucrative government contracts will keep it afloat through the catastrophe, and it'll eventually resurge.

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Oil market behind the scenes

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i hate you privileged spoiled man children more and more everyday

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Thoughts on PINGAN?

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you know whats the best part about crushing someones skull in with a rock? its free

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Now I have heard every conspiracy theory here.

Russia and SA against the USA
USA and Russia against SA
SA and USA against Russia
SA against USA and Russia

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Nobody will understand the joke here

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Your assessment if the market is too concerned with your feel on the situation and not concerned enough with market balance at this juncture. If you have concluded things will continue to be bad with corona therefore market will continue to be bad, you don't understamd how the market moves. There is also a lot more to bullish pressure than the Fed's QE.

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Great. Leave.

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i might stay and ruin another general with schizo guro posting

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>concluded things will continue to be bad with corona therefore market will continue to be bad
You're probably right however that's not what I concluded. What I concluded was the coronavirus will get worse, and the market has realized this. That's probably where you disagree with me, but what I was saying is only now that the severity of the situation has come to light (or is coming to light), can we see how the market reacts based off that realization. So I haven't concluded which way the market will go, how the fuck would I know, but what I've concluded is that we should know pretty soon which way the trend is going to be going in since now the scenario has been, in my view, properly realized.

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I own UTX (United Technologies Corporation) and turns out they did a merger two days ago. UTX no longer exists and is now RTX (NYSE).

When I log into my bank I still see UTX... I don't live in USA.

What happens now? I assume I will get RTX next week and that my bank is just slow?

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this girl likes being choked to the point of passing out during sex

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>whiteoid roastie
Yellow girls are much cuter.

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But bro they eat bugs

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mfw this looks like a female version of you

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they just use more filters

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Probably. I'd call them in case you accidentally wind up with CARR or OTIS stock instead.

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Plan for next week:
Short DOW and Oil
Long VIX

How retarded am i?

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I know I don't. Also this is pretty vulgar, doesn't seem to fit for a conservative stock discussion forum such as 4channel.

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Ford motors can't die right?

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Alrighty then green id plus dem trips
Imma take a couple spoons of F

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What do you plan to do if OPEC talks result in bullish oil?

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Might as well roll my decisions
What about rig can we get some digits for rig in here?

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Fuck rig
What about lyft

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Post how he's financially ROOINED I hope.

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what conditions must be met in order for us to enter a crab market?

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Real estate begins crashing. Oil moons

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Alright what do you guys think is going to happen next week, will oil moon or dump ? I believe that it's going to the moon, or at the worst it will stay at around current price.

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>it's going to the moon
What realistic market forces could possibly have a positive impact on oil? Fuck's sake, look around.

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I'm not atalking about market forces, was Trumps tweet about market forces ? no, it was simply hype, and I think that they will make the meeting look good because they need oil prices higher, i.e the hype will cause the oil price to moon just like it did on friday.

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There is no meeting on Monday any more

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It has been delayed, it will still happen, maybe on wednesday or thursday.

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The bank you mean? I had forgotten I even had UTX to be honest.
Also saw a crazy high final dividend on UTX using one site that tracks dividends, though I haven't seen that money as of yet and can't find it registered on all sites that track dividends. Many sites just say that UTX doesn't exist now.

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Based weekend dow is flat-green. This is going to be a flat market with VIX falling to less than 20 and S&P slowly bleeding. Beer flu panic has been mostly priced in, but there is literally no room for growth since there is no good news and there won't be for a while. Essentially it's going to be a bear market but it will seem like a crab market compared to the crashes we had in March.

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I'm young. Am I retarded for wanting cash flow? Should I just ride SPY and swap into higher yield when in retirement?

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VIX dropping is good for options B-) IV has been fucking me over
while i think this is true, oil is gonna tank again, and thinking longterm on oil is a good idea
theres no way in the next year that oil cant be what runs the US, even if le reddit meme deal was passed today

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This will be as prolonged as possible. I can't foresee Saudi Arabia and Russia sitting down when oil demand is at an all-time low.

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Some of you bears are alright. Don't go to the market tomorrow.

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Edgy bitches like that are just begging to get raped to death.

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Я пoнял)

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will it moon?

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>he thinks anything will go up tomorrow
>no positive news
>b-b-but Italy is reporting 5 deaths less than yesterday!

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I changed my mind. Tomorrow is bear party. Don't come late. All of you

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Have 3 days for gains. Thursday will be a gigadump

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>Tomorrow is bear party.
Damn right it is.

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1 hour, 40 minutes

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Please tell me what's going to happen, I can't bear this tension.

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the retard probably think it's monday

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Futures open in 9 hours?

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isnt it 4pm central?

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6 ny time

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thx fren

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still a roastie

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given that its so up and down atm, is it worth buying straddles or will the premiums fuck me over?

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Stop being mean.

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Depends on how far out you will buy your puts and what you think IV will do. I hink VIX fell too much lately so I bought some.

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bro you should call me

this girl looks like an Asian version of the shapiros

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where do I find one of these

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That's a man

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in 2008 the mass suicides were the sign of the bottom

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Sorry for doublepost I made this a thread but didn't get any replies fortified with TA or serious fundamental discussion.

If you compare the GDP trend versus the Equities market (I'm Australian so am using Australian GDP and ASX 200) you will notice a considerably strong linear trend. This trend would suggest we are at the bottom of a rubberband of an exploded bubble comparable to .com & 08, but not necessarily at the bottom of the factors of Coronavirus. I was very bearish until now but now I'm not so sure. The wobbly black line accompanied with a trend line is the GDP, I just made the bottom equal whatever the ASX was somewhere not-so-deep into the dot com bubble and seen if there was any correlation.

Where do you think the bottom is / was in your country anon?

Nevermind the positions, this is a demo account...

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what, are you talking about one of THESE?

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Monday will be down -20%.

>> No.18296822

TA doesn't really apply when the economy is shut down by mandate
just IMO
if we aren't allowed to go back to work until May, parts of the economy will start to unravel in a way that is permanent.

So we don't know where the bottom is based on the chart, or even based on NCov infection/death numbers. Rather, it is up to the government to decide when the economy gets switched on or off, and it's up to the oilbois to figure out the oil price war.

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sorry buddy, birds of a feather flock together

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What do goth-girl braps smell like?

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Like a dead rat in your walls somewhere.

>> No.18296860

cute tummy/10
would do things to her

>> No.18296867

What app do you guys use on Android to keep an eye on your portfolio?

>> No.18296869

I'm buying tvix. Just had a dream that things were gonna get volatile.

>> No.18296874

Burn down the world I want to be king of the ashes

>> No.18296877

I dare you to call tvix and lose everything

>> No.18296891

Srsly don't tho, options on vix is incredibly dangerous

>> No.18296894

She got fat and shaved her head or something. Some anons found her recent stuff and its not nice by any means.

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The bottom was 3/24 you dumb fucking reddet bearfag

>> No.18296914

Just buying shares

>> No.18296916

I believe raytheon and UTX both had dividends. Probably a good chance RTX will have it as well. The new data isnt out fully yet for the merged company, always takes a bit for them to set up.

>> No.18296922

Look at the chart, 200 is conservative considering we haves a ~50% retracement last time.

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God I can’t wait for oil to go negative and make millions of people seethe because literally everyone else is benefitting

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an extra big last dividend that sometimes happens when a company merges with another would be very welcome in times like these. hope there's good news next week.

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don't blame me, blame the world. i truly honestly wish that the world worked in a way where i didn't have to do this trading stuff, where i could get a legitimate well respected job where i could work hard everyday, going above and beyond, where i could be loyal to the company i work for, and that i would be rewarded equal to my merit. the ones who do the best work and help out the most get paid the most, the ones who slack off or who are misers make less money or get fired. that's how the world SHOULD work.

but it doesn't. in reality you have people who absolutely kill themselves doing menial labor for pennies while fat cats live lives of luxury and it's easy for them. fortune 500 corporations are run not by honest hardworking moral people, but by sociopaths who are rewarded by how the system works. you have dumbass government leaders who couldn't govern their way out of a paper bag, which is very obvious now with the pandemic.

so you'll have to excuse me if im getting mine from the stock market because im smart enough to do so. im basically robin hood. i steal from the rich and give to myself, though.

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Imagine wearing a costume every day. Why won't my boner go away?

>> No.18297083

Hedge one is good, the child support here isn’t good. You forgot which site you’re on.

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I feel so retarded for not hedging my puts by buying tvix puts, it makes so much sense in hindsight.

Someone hold me.

>> No.18297109

what people think about putting some into big fitness chains ? will people be scared going ?

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what the fuck is happening?

>> No.18297122

LMT already bottomed. The rest of those are dogs.

>> No.18297131

UTX holders get 1 RTX 1 CARR 1 OTIS. RTN holders get 2.3 RTX.

>> No.18297135

Nah, once everyone is tested they'll be happier than pigs in shit. Once the vacca gets the green light everything will be back.

>> No.18297139

I meant normal Index ETF Long puts. Tvix is shit

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>8.5 hrs until oil opening



>> No.18297149

you're gonna get slaughtered

>> No.18297153

That site is garbage, wait for nikkei to shit itself again and then look at futures.

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new yorkers are getting what they deserve

>> No.18297163

i might buy some, the price really tanked in that sector, the only thing that worries me is people not having enough money to pay or considerate it as luxury after this

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Extinction level event is still >price in desu. Anything less will slowly burn the VIX down as we march to a miraculous pre-election ATH.

>> No.18297177

VIX should go up soon, at least for a little bit.

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>> No.18297217


I think the stimulus might help, and I'd like to figure out the number of people furloughed vs actually unemployed in the services area.

We'd need to figure out realistically what % can we return back to "normal" and how smooth it will actually be with the money / stimulus given.

There will be a lot of issues with debt forbearance / payment plans because how will someone make up 3 months of nothing paid if they're not getting paid still?

Some companies might have their valuations go off a little but they'll be doing business as usual. Your Walmarts, McDonalds, etc.

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My ass

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hey guys, how is everyone's sunday going? comfy i hope.

what is your favorite high probability trading setup? why don't we help each other out more with how to actually find ways to make money from the markets with a high chance of success and relatively low risk?

>> No.18297236

What market? (Please don't hate me, I'm new and little retarded.)

>> No.18297254

What is the best FUCK NIGGERS stock?

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I'm not buying Kellogg's over 55 so just FUCK OFF already

>what is your favorite high probability trading setup?
buy food stocks

>why don't we help each other out more with how to actually find ways to make money from the markets with a high chance of success and relatively low risk?
buy food stocks

>> No.18297260

Anon, there's plenty of failed middle aged men on chins.

>> No.18297261


>> No.18297262

all drone manufacturers

>> No.18297267

Companies that provide police equipment.

>> No.18297270

tell me the AMD of food stocks and i'll check it/them out.

>> No.18297273


>> No.18297304


>> No.18297320

Norway's Corona death rate just shot up from 66 to 745 literally OVERNIGHT, as their state owned oil company Equinor (formerly Statoil) is laying off 90% of their staff due oil price issues.

>> No.18297330

>less competition means less oil means higher prices means bull run
Holy shit GUSHbros you are going to GUSH so much cum out of your cocks.

>> No.18297331

>writing puts

If executed, I get cheapies.
If not executed, I get premiums.

What's the downside?

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>> No.18297357

Just wait until see you monday bobo, if I feel like it I'll donate some rope to you.

>> No.18297369

wow you're right, there is literally no downside

>> No.18297370

Plz. How2write puts? Plz.


>> No.18297380

you don't get the cheapies as cheap as they would be.

in a bad case:
imagine paying $40000 for $20000 worth of stock, just to make a $200 premium

then you say "well, I love this stock, it's a $50 stock anyway, I'll just hold it". Well sure, but you would have been better off buying twice as much of it without the put....

I'll have to get back to you on that one. There are many great food companies, but none of them stand out as a direct comparison to AMD

>> No.18297388

>laying off 90% of their staff
>norwegian state owned company
pretty sure that means they just send them home under full compensation.

>> No.18297390
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that sounds too good to be true but i hope you're right

>> No.18297412

this makes me wonder
straddles are used for stocks going sideways
spreads are used to limit exposure (limiting IV, so to speak)
is there a way to have two vertical spreads in a straddle? essentially, a straddle that has both legs being a spread, one a vertical call and the other a vertical put spread
what is this called, im too retarded to make something like this up

>> No.18297421


>> No.18297448

works until it doesnt
also a lot of things are gonna be going down eventually

>> No.18297467

stonk goes down far below your strike and your cheapies aint so cheap

>> No.18297476

OPEC talks were delayed next week and the russians and saudis both started to increase this week oil production as well so.

>> No.18297486

Suadi's delaying their release of May's oil price until the 9th

My prediction: $10

>> No.18297491

wait a sec
isnt this technically just getting paid for a limit order
is this genius or absolutely retarded

>> No.18297493

fucking based my nigger zro

>> No.18297498

I bought a bunch of used fitness stuffs for the lock-in and realised how much I can actually do at home without the hassle of driving to the gym... might cancel my membership

>> No.18297506
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soibois must be eating this shit up, huh?

>> No.18297532

yes, that's basically it, assuming you want a hundo shares of whatever it is. the only other part is that it could expire worthless even if it at some point hit the strike price but then went back up before expiry, whereas a limit order would execute

>> No.18297551

Literally nothing. It's a great beginner strategy if you've never written options before. Just set a price and a date you're comfortable buying a stock at and wait and see if it comes true.

>> No.18297562

I wish that I had room for a rack and bench, I'd probably never go back to the gym
honestly I really doubt anyone who went to the gym before the shutdowns would stop going unless they bought a bunch of equipment, germophobes wouldn't have gone in the first place

>> No.18297582

I should add that you must be able to actually afford 100 shares of the company at the strike price or you're in trouble, so don't go balls-deep on SPY puts.

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I was just thinking it looks REALLY nice outside

>> No.18297632

> What is going to come out that will bring about fresh lows?
In every other big recession the real lows are found months or even years later, I don't think this one is any different. It may not be a dramatic fall in one day, but it will be lower in the coming months.

>> No.18297645

ok i've done some calculations on this
ultimately, no, there's no easy way to make this happen, as the limitation of one spread ends up ruining potential gain
it is possible if one spread is larger than the other
so, in reality, if the spread is wider, it could be possible, and if one spread is wider than the other, it can work

>> No.18297646

Do you think long term calls will still be really cheap in 4-5 months? I wanna go balls deep and ride the recovery.

>> No.18297662

>I wanna go balls deep and ride the recovery.
like every single else one? like, literally?

>> No.18297675

Marilyn Transon

>> No.18297678


>> No.18297691

everything about this is wrong. Are you just trolling, mate?

>> No.18297701

good one

>> No.18297745
File: 67 KB, 278x243, 1448569279722.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes! Difference is I'm patient!

>> No.18297789

It will be like this for at least another 3 to 4 weeks. Get whatever dry powder ready

>> No.18297858
File: 162 KB, 510x216, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bailed on all my inverse 3x etfs on Friday when they got me a little bit of profit. I was sick of worrying about them all the time. now its sunday afternoon and i'm worried that i worried too much and shouldve kept them.
fun times.

>> No.18297876

profit is profit

>> No.18297905

youre right. Just have to remember to think that way. thanks

>> No.18297954

We did

>> No.18297973

I bought calls friday

>> No.18297977

What do y'alls taxes look like for day trading? Is every trade taxed?

Yes, I am retarded thank you

>> No.18297987

depends on youre cunt.

>> No.18298006
File: 705 KB, 941x2527, 2020-04-04-state-chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What state are you in and how fucked are you?

CA is looking pretty fucked, they rank among lowest per-capita testing despite having one of the largest outbreaks. LA has already officially said they'll only test people with severe symptoms

>> No.18298008
File: 204 KB, 1280x1600, 1585881199954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder a prophet came and showed us everything

>> No.18298018

return to "normal" was even the bears attempt to double bottom us

>> No.18298112

this just looks like cope to me

>> No.18298131
File: 190 KB, 613x1280, F3.large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

predicting the future pisses people off

>> No.18298147
File: 32 KB, 633x758, 1445875083215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw all indicators still point to being in a bear market
Maybe next week we can enter bull run territory, it all depends on that oil deal really.

>> No.18298149

predict outbreak when everyone stopped = everyone pissed
predict peak ahead of models = everyone pissed

no one likes being told the future or the reality of what it means someone else knows

>> No.18298165
File: 157 KB, 767x647, Bobo zone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try next year, bub.

>> No.18298166

next week are earning and they are all literally shit

>> No.18298169
File: 46 KB, 589x429, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monday will be bullish
I was posting to buy calls Friday

seasonality is leading to earlier than expected flattening/lowering of curves especially in Southern Europe

>> No.18298187

new york is fucked

>> No.18298197

funniest shit in all this is new york

>you will all be us in two weeks

>everyone else already on decline and peaked


>> No.18298202
File: 93 KB, 250x282, Shinji mug see-through.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monday will be bearish
I was posting put calls Friday

seasonality is leading to little variation in flattening/lowering of curves
especially in Southern Asia

>> No.18298210

are they testing all the non-coronavirus cases before entrance?

You have to assume every patient has it, it's NY

sub 90 IQ minds

>> No.18298214

Kek that’s fucking hilarious

>> No.18298217

Probably unironically priced in though, everyone expects earnings to be awful, the real unknown variable is whether the OPEC meeting goes well or not.

>> No.18298222


SEA has lots of seasonality. The spread is because of packed religious events (thai fights too) that featured travelers from highly infected regions. Not regular community spread.

It's like new orleans and marti gras

>> No.18298223

Wow great stats new reporter.
How are you so unique when all the other reports state the contrary to your beliefs.

Please share your wisdom

>> No.18298224

The guidance will be what tanks the big boys in SPY. I can’t wait. :3

>> No.18298230

lower curve does not help the market, only the healthcare system. lockdowns must remain in place until a vaccine, cure or cheap relief of symptoms is found, otherwise the curve goes exponential again.

>> No.18298233
File: 12 KB, 276x183, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't want to know

>> No.18298234

>NYC public officials all demanding the public attends Ching Chong New Year festival during a pandemic
Actually hilarious.

>> No.18298236

Why is it upside down
That’s an old wago

>> No.18298241

>cheap relief of symptoms
you're missing number 4. a large portion of the country has already gotten it and is now immune

>> No.18298244
File: 97 KB, 960x768, 51287955187541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It matches the bottom chart that way.

>> No.18298245

the NY/NYC officials are the worst people in the world. Actually screaming bullshit just to distract their people from how bad a job they did.

>flyover states are next
>everyone will be just as bad
>WE NEED 50000000000 ventilators NOW

>> No.18298247

In all seriousness though, are you saying beside some of the major cities, these counties are seeing a decline of cases now? >>18298233

>> No.18298249

citation needed

>> No.18298250

You fucking idiots. You can't buy options on TVIX

>> No.18298251
File: 52 KB, 444x735, tumblr_mj97czs7Do1s525k5o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18298263

That wretched city needs a purge or 5

>> No.18298267

Mumu after writing SPY puts that expire in the money.

>> No.18298269

for those that dont know, at least as of weeks ago

50% of critical die
80-90% of intubated die

Ventilators hardly alter fatality rate and the survivors face long-lasting lung and organ damage.

Those figures may improve with better treatments coming online so vents may matter more in the future, but even curing someone on vents does little, it's all the damage from cytokine at that point and not the virus.

>> No.18298278

Is that a Yang Ganger who got his bag?

>> No.18298302

uh, you can see the trends.

"Cuomo at briefing says that over the last few days “the number of deaths has been dropping for the first time.” Cautions it’s too soon to know what that means. Also says new hospitalizations are down."

>> No.18298308

>not knowing the world peaked in coronavirus already


imagine thinking the peak was in 2 weeks
imagine thinking trump didnt know this too

>> No.18298315
File: 68 KB, 716x750, 1579412608897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cuomo at briefing says that over the last few days “the number of deaths has been dropping for the first time.” Cautions it’s too soon to know what that means. Also says new hospitalizations are down.

Cuomo at briefing says that over the last few days “the number of deaths has been dropping for the first time.” Cautions it’s too soon to know what that means. Also says new hospitalizations are down.

Cuomo at briefing says that over the last few days “the number of deaths has been dropping for the first time.” Cautions it’s too soon to know what that means. Also says new hospitalizations are down.

Just as predicted

>> No.18298316

SMG, is it feasible in this market, to sell puts, but also have a short, that only triggers a little below your strike price, so you don't get btfo in the event of a huge drop?

>> No.18298317

Might get some bullish movement. Q1 reports are going to be running in and looking like shit. Discretionary spending is going to have been adversely effected. Q1 and Q2 are going to be massively distorted across exposed sectors, they'll all show poor performance. Q3 and Q4 might show recovery but I don't foresee enough upheaval to recover the year, meaning the following will be impacted up to Q3/Q4. I think that's probably the optimistic trajectory. It's hard to say how many people will ultimately be displaced from their jobs, and what kind of long term impact this will have on debt serviceability generally, we might be talking something kin to the 08 crisis where people are defaulting on home/vehicle loans. Meanwhile there are a lot of over-leveraged and over-valued companies that won't be able to service their debt out of pocket with the disruption, so a lot of that will be displaced. SBA is looking like it's bottlenecked to pieces. Credit downgrades. Dollar fluctuation. Consumer sentiment. Election year.

I don't think anybody knows what the fuck is happening.

This is wrong. Testing shortage/neglect and processing chain is bottlenecked. Where I live, as an example, will have you call if exhibiting symptoms, but will not confirm through testing unless you're in the target demographic.

Expect numbers published from here on to be falsity if not from neglect, then to control fear.

>> No.18298324
File: 1.62 MB, 1275x1214, bogdanoff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this priced in?

>> No.18298327

covered puts, or vertical bull spreads

>> No.18298334

dude the # of people with it is probably 50x higher than tested cases in America, and I know this.

>> No.18298338

Where are new daily/weekly hospitalization for virus reported?

>> No.18298347

what do you niggers think of DIS if it dips into the upper $80 range?

>> No.18298350

Because most of the people being intubated are extremely old and will never survive anyway. Put a relatively healthy person, maybe in their 40s or 50s, on a ventilator and they'll perform much better than an 80 year old cancer patient being given the best care possible.

At some point we just need to cut our losses and accept that if you're over 60 years old and you get a bad case of this thing, you're not worth trying to save, the ventilator won't even be enough to help, it's just a waste of resources trying to help them.

>> No.18298355

if dis goes to sub 90, people will riot

>> No.18298356

that's one possibility, but herd immunity may take longer than any other solution given the lockdown.

>> No.18298359

So why are you indicating that anybody is aware of the direction of the trend? It's guaranteed to be going up right now.

>> No.18298361

they are tho



>> No.18298362



>> No.18298363

Crypto/Blockchain is my pick ahead of Stock or forex markets, theres much innovation going onthere, DEFI recently crossed 1b on ethereum, theres several works to bring DEFI to other ublic chain such as Finnexus

>> No.18298364



>> No.18298369

I'm not touching DIS, I see no positive movement from them in the short or long term. If they get a new Avengers-tier franchise going I'll change my mind.

>> No.18298373

>flyovers are next
Nah, the population density is too low. Cities may have some issues but the majority of the Plainslands will just have a little chuckle about the (well deserved) misfortunes of New York and California and go on with their lives.

>> No.18298376

the shit that seems crazy to me is the resuscitation protocols

seems like just a way to give the hospital staff ptsd, at least in the very old gonna die in a month no matter what cases

>> No.18298380

did once already when it bottomed. it's getting close

>> No.18298394

can you stop larping as a doctor please. viral pneumonia causes the lung damage for the most part, just because you read the words cytokine storm somewhere doesn't make it the important symptom in most people
once hospital capacity has been established (and levels brought below capacity), a slow reopening that doesn't cause us to exceed that capacity by much is probably what will happen

>> No.18298395

Cousin who is a nurse saying that yes, old people are the most effected. But anyone with any lung shit gets rekt basically. Asthma, heavy smokers, etc etc. This thing fucks you up. If you are a boomer with COPD, you are basically dead within the next 2 years, because you can't avoid the flu forever. He is also saying there's some parameter we don't understand yet. Seemingly at random, a young person with no preexisting issues will just straight up die from it. Some theorize it's blood type or genetics. But as a healthy person there's like a .5% chance cornochan rolls a crit and fucks your shit, and your lungs fill up and you go into cardiac arrest.

I am trying to figure out the plays for next flue season. Imagine next winter, people are going to be jumpy as fuck. Even as a non-panicky person, when I see or hear someone coughing, there is a distinct desire to gtfo now.

>> No.18298407


>> No.18298416

I said I was buying TVIX. I may be an idiot for buying tho

>> No.18298419

could be viral load

nah I want to bait that doc who told me this was nothing 2 months ago to correct me

>> No.18298438

masks, canning, bulk buying. If we hit hyperinflation after august, try going for a huge late may, early june restock. stock for two years if you can. Cuban recommends this (even before the current environment). Watch for sales and eat them up.

>> No.18298471

6:47 a.m. ET, March 30, 2020
First coronavirus treatment test results due at end of week, says French minister
From Ya Chun Wang and Benjamin Berteau in Paris

The first test results for various coronavirus treatments will be made available later this week, the French Minister of Research Frédérique Vidal said Monday.

The clinical trials of four possible treatments began a week ago, and involve more than 3,000 volunteers across Europe.

According to France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), the trials are analyzing the efficacy and tolerance of therapeutic options for patients within a controlled timeframe.

The four treatments being tested are:
Remdesivir, which was used to treat Ebola
Lopinavir-Ritonavir, known as an anti-HIV treatment
Hydroxychloroquine, known for treating malaria.
and interferon-beta.

>whatever happened to this
>everyone bogging everyone

>> No.18298481

>Some theorize it's blood type or genetics. But as a healthy person there's like a .5% chance cornochan rolls a crit and fucks your shit, and your lungs fill up and you go into cardiac arrest.
That's pretty much any disease ever, you can just get a bad case of it at random and die, this isn't unique to corona at all.

>> No.18298483
File: 203 KB, 1125x1337, 1558756482197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still here, kek. I admit that I was wrong and my faith in the the overall healthcare system in this country has been completely shattered. Btw I got the covid nearly 2 weeks ago and I felt better after a week but I am a 30 y/o boomer in good shape.

Buy TMDX btw.


>> No.18298504

Not how it works at all. Two people to a truck in industry-x and 1/2 gets it, the second will get it. They both have families, 1/2 gets it, goes to school etc... Pandemic isn't necessarily a function of density, but it is a factor in "numeric velocity". They may not see the millions and millions, but percentage wise they'll see similar curves. Having said that the cultural disparities are liable to have an effect, for example, population density is inversely correlated with personal space, so the smaller the population the further people will generally stand from one another in a public forum. But that doesn't mitigate surface borne transmission and similar shit, just direct P2P.

>> No.18298509

The svengalis don't want the state of emergency to end yet

>> No.18298519

Why are we even testing Hydroxycholoroquine when it has been used for over a century already and the side effects are extremely well documented? Just start administering it, fuck testing, if it doesn't work then who even cares?

>> No.18298520

Early Treatments:

Avigan (japan)
Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc
Plasma (rarest)

Later on
Actemra / IL6 blockers

I believe il6 blockers are used in most places now towards critical stage, anti-virals are used all over the place in spotty ways with some beginning widespread use of hydroxychloroquine like in Italy/Spain now.

>> No.18298536

This is too logical.

The best is the high IQ medical community that in some cases only gives it to the critical patients (anti virals only work early, and if this even works it's a weak effect which would necessitate early administration)

>> No.18298543

Are you retarded? How do you know if it works if you don't do a study?

>> No.18298555
File: 98 KB, 605x630, 1586101276294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how the fuck do i make money in the stock market, but at the same time avoid losing money? consistently? you can say "lmao well obviously if we knew that and it was that easy, everyone would do it!" but obviously there ARE people out there making bank consistently in the market, right? so it's not impossible. there's gotta be some trick to it.

>> No.18298559

is every patient being used in a RCT?

>> No.18298573

what happened to the narrative that HCQ (im gonna just write that now because i don't want to try to remember how to spell hydroxychloroquine over and over) was fish tank cleaner and people were killing themselves with it (a.k.a. it's dangerous and orange man bad)?

>> No.18298575

double lol

>> No.18298576

Who cares if it works or not? Give it to them anyway, literally everyone testing positive should be given it, it's an extremely well-documented drug.

>> No.18298578

If you do a study it doesn't have to be RCT

>> No.18298582
File: 1.83 MB, 245x245, tumblr_o2eokpvOaz1rbw50xo4_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, just stack with ventilators and Hydroxychloroquine and other anti virals. Hydroxychloroquine is not suitable for coronary
artery disease patients i think but for others it can be helpful. Also, many doctors are saying their hospitals are totally EMPTY, they never been this quiet. No sign of pandemic and normal people avoid hospitals too.

nao, important that money printer goes full force, direct helicopter to citizens and unemployed who as it looks will receive minimum of 4000 usd per month, companies and buybacks should be encouraged with cheap loans. sub prime it took too long especailly in europe, now we learned and quicker inflationary response is important :p

>> No.18298584

>create systems that let rule following idiots advance
>wonder why the second anything out of the normal happens the system breaks down
>majority in a higher position are clueless and worse than retarded in such situations, just cling to their manuals

>> No.18298586

It has a bunch of side effects. If it does nothing and you give it to someone who was going to recover anyways and they go blind, you're retarded

>> No.18298593

Could be that this thing's spread is so good that it's just doing that in higher volume. Asymptomatic spreaders are this thing's biggest strength imo.

>Viral load
Yea, he said that another weird thing is that it hitting people exposed to it hard. You want to see something scary, look at how many job postings for medical people there are right now. Medical staff are quiting left and right or straight up dieing. Many hospitals are treating them like shit. They only just this week started letting staff wear a mask throughout their shift.

>> No.18298597

So then you are just wasting money. Unless you document the effectiveness of the drug, but then you are essentially doing a study.

>> No.18298599

It's the most used and highest by doctor rated treatment in world kek.

Australia/Italy/Spain are using it and Italy began giving at first symptom finally.

All cause mortality cratered in New York

>> No.18298600


>> No.18298615

i think in this situation most people are avoiding hospitals as much as possible because hospitals are known for being disease-ridden and honestly you probably have a high chance of catching coronavirus if you go there for something completely unrelated. there was a Scrubs episode on this: https://www.thewrap.com/scrubs-clip-infection-social-distancing-dr-kelso-explainer-coronavirus-video/

it's really not surprising people avoid the hospital at all costs right now.

>> No.18298626

I wonder if non-violent all-cause mortality went down too. kek, imagine if more hospital visits led to higher mortality independent of car crashes / violence

>> No.18298634

>wasting money
The govt just printed trillions of dollars, I think we can afford to mass produce an extremely cheap drug.

We know what dose to give people to keep them from experiencing extreme side effects, and we have a well established list of people who should not be given the drug, that should be enough. The vast majority of people can take it safely.

>> No.18298641

You mean 2-3 weeks ago? Maybe.

>> No.18298652

I am also thinking of investing in dental tech. I was supposed to get a cavity filled, but then my dentist closed their doors. Now my tooth is rotting in my head and there must be plenty of people like me who will go from cavity to something worse like root canal/extraction after this. But then I don't know how many will run to the dentist with now healthcare from being unemployed.

>> No.18298654

putting the early detected cases / symptoms into sauna would work too

but thats an idea no one likes.

same with turning up temperature or using humidity to stop spread in public places incl hospital

>> No.18298664

think about it. all of the seriously sick people are in the hospital. it's just common sense that you're more likely to get infected with any given disease out there if you're in the building with the highest density of sick people in it.

>> No.18298669

You don't really believe that there's just a single dose that prevents all side effects, right?

I can't believe people with no background in biology feel like they're qualified to diagnose and treat people with drugs but I'm glad we have prescription regulations in this country or we'd be screwed

>> No.18298677

one of the first things i did when this whole mess "got real" is brushing my teeth twice a day instead of once and beginning to floss for the first time in my life. i doubt i'll be getting another dental cleaning for at least a year or two, so i've gotta take extra special care of myself now imho.

>> No.18298681

>putting the early detected cases / symptoms into sauna would work too
what core temperature of the patients do you think would be sufficient?

>> No.18298685

When did I say a single dose? You give them a prescription with a suitable dosage to take for like 2 weeks.

>> No.18298691

Also factor in that recently it was discovered that wife who survived is a complete media poster child: lifelong DNC and Clinton Donner, hated her husband and assaulted him twice trying to get a divorce, and was a general cunt.

Honestly I dont get how people still believe these jag offs man.

>> No.18298706

There's extensive studies on the subject. Heat/Cold Therapy is well proven to boost the immune system. Using it at an early stage of progression would vastly help patients.

It's one of those things that is not considered "medical" though. If it was in a pill-form it would be our miracle cure.

>> No.18298709

Just extract it yourself with plyers. Its not so bad, you might need a friend to do it though.

>> No.18298710

im pretty sure the anon you're responding to expects it to be prescribed by a qualified professional, anon. obviously the people who just buy a bunch off of the internet and take it are retarded and deserve to go blind, but you don't think a real doctor could safely administer the drug to patients?

>> No.18298713

Nice meme. Link studies

>> No.18298734

Not that anon but

>> No.18298742


>> No.18298744

I am a notoriously bad tooth brusher but I should start. I tend to only brush them in the shower, which I only do once a night. I hate brushing them in the morning and having my coffee taste like mint, but my job was actually helping me brush more as I would bring a toothbrush to work and brush after lunch.

>> No.18298755

Two different chemicals sounding the same. Some dumb boomers thought they had the cure and took it. Pretty sure nobody has the drugs in their house.

Don't confuse the two

>> No.18298758

Your argument supposes that insurance companies would rather pay tens of thousands for drugs than a hundred bucks for a sauna membership when someone gets a disease

>> No.18298760

i brush my teeth, use tooth picks and what not. yet my dentist still complains my mouth is shit

>> No.18298761


It supposes humanity is fucking dumb as rocks.

>> No.18298772

Boomer in the back displaying a healthy contempt for goblin americans

>> No.18298783
File: 148 KB, 958x957, our patience has its rimits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Honestly I dont get how people still believe these jag offs man.

it's rough when the privately own the main sources of information that the masses use a.k.a. the mainstream media. it's why "fake news" has taken off with popularity thankfully: if the only places you can get information about the world are corrupt and trying to push a certain narrative or propaganda, how would you ever know about it? look at a place like north korea for example, the people there are brainwashed into believing that they live in a communist paradise and the rest of the world is this corrupt, evil, terrible place where everyone is fighting and starving and diseased all the time. i guess right now to a certain extent they're right lol, but they control all flows of information so all they ever hear is how lucky they should feel to be in best korea instead of the supposed hellscape they tell them the rest of the world is.

lucky for us we have the internet so people can still get the Truth if they look hard enough and have critical thinking skills, but what percentage of the population do you think does that? all we've got is that since the "fake news" meme and all of the crazy shit the dems have been doing these past 4 years, the answer seems to be "a lot more than normal" which is a positive at least.

>> No.18298784

That would be a solid conclusion if we extrapolated from your posts

>> No.18298786
File: 11 KB, 408x408, 1464152445715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not buying sauna equipment and turning your bedroom into your own personal sauna
Not gonna survive.

>> No.18298796

what was the other drug called?

>> No.18298811
File: 56 KB, 283x288, Selection_437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18298817
File: 134 KB, 815x892, 2020endestimates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remind me again how economics is a science?

>> No.18298818

ask yourself

I've said this 2 1/2 months ago

If this is SEASONAL

and we have climate controlled capabilities as humans

Why are we not changing the climate in such controlled environments to something that severely reduces transmission?

IMAGINE humanity is faced with virus Z, that is 100x worse than this one, but 100000x more climate sensitive

Would we keep the AC settings the same or change them?

Why or why not?

>> No.18298822

Last time I had a wisdom tooth out a big Swedish dental surgeon guy with popeye thick forearms had to basically put me in a headlock and pull till his arm was shaking. The tooth also broke apart in my mouth before he was done and then he had to get it piece by piece and I could feel the thing dangling from the "cord" that he had to cut. He also had to stitch my gums. Yea, fuck having my friends try that. He said I have very small teeth, but big roots and a deep jaw. My asain dentist guessed my ancestry correctly by my skull. He said "you must by Irish, big head, big mouth, big jaw. So easy to work with, like changing the oil in a truck. But very hard to remove deep teeth. Buried deep like a potato. You Irish?" Funniest shit I ever heard from a dentist.

>> No.18298827

That's russia/eastern yurop.

>> No.18298839
File: 50 KB, 1280x719, 2e1d8bbfsauna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not making closet-sauna

>> No.18298842

Can you link your study showing that it's seasonal and if so, it's temperature based and not behavioral

>> No.18298859


why do you need a study?

nothing I posited needs a study

If we are faced with Virus Z that is highly climate sensitive, would we alter the temperature indoors?

>> No.18298875

All those studies suggest what you said when they tested healthy (and sometimes even trained) people, but don't prove it

Can you link me one study that actually tested sick people?

>> No.18298879

the answer is no

If humanity was facing a literal society/human ending virus that was climate sensitive

people would still be shopping in 70f degree walmarts.

Once you understand this, you can understand EVERYTHING

>> No.18298895

Finn here.

Generally sauna + cold does boost the immune system and it helps with various heart diseases, well researched topic. But going to sauna while you are already ill does not help, it's the opposite.

Generally, it's considered ok to even drink pure vodka and get drunk as fuck in the sauna, have sex at 100c or whatever. But you don't go to sauna if you are even a little bit ill.

>> No.18298897


>> No.18298901

Nobody on /biz/ truly believes economics is a science, we barely even use indicators. It's more about human psychology and general financial intuition.

>> No.18298907

It has to be done early in the progression, basically at the first sign of any symptoms or earlier.

For this disease specifically. Yes, you have to be very careful about timing. You want the immune boost before pneumonia

>> No.18298913
File: 50 KB, 564x399, disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18298926

That's what I am trying to tell him, seems he doesn't understand

>> No.18298934

There is an even higher level to this disease... but even mentioning that would be lol here.

Did you know the disease is about discomfort?

Like the point of this disease, it's meaning in life, is to cause discomfort in humanity. It's very odd, but that's why the "Cures" are removing comfort.

In a meta way. That's why turning up the heat and off the AC works. It's why extreme heat therapy early works.

But these are not for rest of us.
Instead call it crazy because you can't see.

>> No.18298939

how do we bring back social darwinism? how do we have a society but also have the weak die off while the strong and smart survive and reproduce?

>> No.18298943

Ooo boy. Fauci, gottlieb, and fucking fed pres Bullard on cbs face the nation.

>36 posts by this user
Wew boring morning?

You’ve been saying this for ages now, and there’s still no information suggesting any significant influence on the spread by changes in temperature. If no one in your home is sick, shouldn’t make a lick of difference what you do with your thermostat.

>> No.18298952

Is buying Herbalife a good step? There are and will be more and more retarded bossbabes and even more after the virus crisis, where those stupid retards will try to make money.

>> No.18298958

can you


r*ddit posting


paragraphs usually have

5-6 sentences in them

before you start a new one


>> No.18298965

You are trying to apply 3rd grade ideas with MD complex problems, seriously they knew more about medicine a hundred years ago than shit you are suggesting

>> No.18298968
File: 10 KB, 250x246, 1521863228982s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18298974

That's not reddit posting you fucking newfag.

>> No.18298976
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Got lucky. Went to dentist for annual checkup right before this virus went ape shit. Passed with clean bill btw. So far I'm been very lucky with my teeth. Just one cavity (required root canal + filling) and one tooth is gone (cracked, no saving it). I'm 37.

>> No.18298991

>Like the point of this disease, it's meaning in life, is to cause discomfort in humanity
That's complete nonsense, the virus isn't even alive, it's basically a set of instructions that hijacks living cells to create more of itself, it has no meaning or purpose aside from spreading. Logic states that the less we try to fight it the better it spreads, so COVID-19 is doing a particularly poor job right now actually. If it were less deadly it would be much more successful, like influenza.

>> No.18299002

dude the reason you are here is because you think it's nonsense. If you believed what I was saying this wouldn't be the game.

>> No.18299011

Increasing core temperature itself does not boost the immune system. Aa far as I've understood, the benefit of sauna has more to do with training the mechanism that your body uses to *prevent* your core temperature from rising and coping with the acute stress rapid heat causes.
Generally, fever is a side symptom of your immune system activating. Manually decreasing or increasing body temperature during fever does not make a significant difference to the progression of the disease.

Tldr if you are ill, don't go to a sauna.

>> No.18299046
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you have to go back.

>> No.18299049
File: 498 KB, 1110x1252, meaningless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Increasing core temperature itself does not boost the immune system.

>> No.18299060

Viruses are interesting to me. Like, killing people makes it spread less, so you'd think it would genetically tend away from killing. How many viruses does the human populace have that are too under the radar to cure? Stealing maybe 1% of your energy and brain function? Just quietly freeloading inside you, the ultimate welfare queen. Scary.

>> No.18299063

Isn't that the whole point of a fever?

>> No.18299069

Firstly, I think "immune system is boosted" in long term due to continuous exposure to extreme temperatures. Going to sauna once is probably not going to make a difference even though some indicators are marginally elevated after sauna.

Secondly, one big thing making corona so deadly is that your immune system does not recognize it, thus the disease has time to progress far before you start to see symptoms. At this point you could be already having some level of lung damage.

Tlrd: again, don't go to sauna if you get corona.

>> No.18299077

The point of boosting is to get it to activate on the virus

>> No.18299084

Kek the CEO of KTOS is iranian, conflict of interest?

>> No.18299086

>Just quietly freeloading inside you, the ultimate welfare queen. Scary.

Look up Toxoplasmosis some time. Don't look it up if you like cats tho.

>> No.18299092

yes and why fever reducing drugs/treatments are stupid

>> No.18299121

It's interesting, any idea what the mechanism of action is? I'd postulate it's probably just a common stress response, meaning you're just as well off getting road rage or taking a reprimand from your superior. What's more is in introducing excess stressors you can trigger autoimmune effects, this is also documented.

>> No.18299124

War used to be the answer, but with wmd's all you can do is pocket battles and fighting rebels/insurgents/etc. You're no longer putting the full might of one nation against another.

>> No.18299129

make a new thread you cvcks

>> No.18299136

Are dentist ruined?

>> No.18299153

Ideal treatment

all at 85f+ degree temperature environment, sleeping included

Early (first sign/suspected)
Extreme Heat/Cold treatment

After progression:

Warmth/Heat should be encouraged as much as possible, 98f+ body temp at all times.

I think the biggest mistake is the ambient temperature in hospitals being anti-bacterial chosen during this pandemic.

>> No.18299155

rotting teeth can become life threatening. get that thing pulled asap

>> No.18299156

I mentioned this earlier, single exposure does show some marginally improved indicators but that does not imply any long term effects. To have meaningful effects you need continuous exposure. Also your data is from healthy patients. Those changes are meaningless compared to levels that are detected when you have a serious infection ongoing.

No, it's not. Fever is a side symtom, not a direct measure to fight diseases.

>> No.18299167

Except there's endothermic hysteresis which can actually fucking kill you or do permanent damage to critical systems like your CNS? That's why we use those. There's also inflammatory concerns, which you wouldn't want to treat with steroids due to immunosuppressant effects.

>> No.18299169

The strong and smart will always find ways to succeed. The thing is, most people think strong means lots of muscles and smart means 200IQ, when in reality strong is just strong enough to get by without wasting energy unnecessarily, and smart is just choosing whatever tactic produces the most positive results in a given situation.

I know it's ridiculous but NEETs are actually the ubermensch.

>> No.18299188

The intelligent never fight in wars, wars are where idiots get culled fighting for deluded ideals while the intelligent sit and watch.

>> No.18299191

people take fever reducers all the time.. I'm not talking about someone about to die from a fever.

I'm talking about the widespread use of fever reducers to feel better (and this leads to higher spread flu / whatever you have)

>> No.18299206

? It speeds up the response.

>> No.18299221

This. I have no idea about half the shit you sweaty math nerds even talk about.

>> No.18299222

Fever improves immune system vs both infections and viruses lol

>> No.18299248

math will be outdated within 5 years

>> No.18299251

Nice edge there. But defending your country wasnt a deluded idea until recently.

>> No.18299274

When was the last war the US fought to "defend itself"? The fucking Mexican-American war?

>> No.18299288


cummo was right
everywhere else is looking just like new york just days behind

>> No.18299297
File: 457 KB, 1200x1090, 9ffdffc6af1a7355e23a54a2bb238043.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if everything is "priced in" why do the markets move at all?

>> No.18299301

Probably 1812, or the Civil War, Mexican american war was a fucking rout.

>> No.18299305

Iraq war you retard
Saddam was gonna nuke California until we went in

>> No.18299307

AT&T has shit businesses like WarnerTime and DirecTV, also huge debt but not as huge compared to even Verizon. These are the reasons the stock sucked dick recently and has a huge dividend yield which is usually a red flag.
However, they are going to finish their 5G rollout this year which should lower their capex and increase FCF a bit. They also gonna do cloud business with Microsoft and Google, which, as we know, is fucken huge and a driver of growth for tech stocks, namely bald rich guy partnering with Verizon.
I honestly think this makes AT&T a bit undervalued long term? Their dividend is pretty secure too. Thoughts?

>> No.18299319


>> No.18299320

Cause new stuff comes out and has to become known to people

>> No.18299333

LMAO 5G is fucking dead now that it was proven that it facilitates coronavirus spread

>> No.18299343

but those new events are already priced in

>> No.18299349

WW2, Japan literally attacked a us base at peace.

>> No.18299352

economics is easy math. and if you try to apply extremely complicated models/formulas, you are doing it wrong, in my opinion

>> No.18299359


>> No.18299378

You should read up on the oil embargoes that the US placed on Japan to interfere with their conquest of China, actually, since that's what precipitated Japans actions against us, they didn't just attack us unprovoked.

>> No.18299379

Okay Colin Powell

>> No.18299384

spain and italy dropping fast

both moved to hydroxychloroquine early treatment

It's not a silver bullet but probably inhibits the virus to some degree in a portion of patients.

>> No.18299401

until they all go blind. literally.

>> No.18299402

>Japan to interfere with their conquest of China
There were plenty of mistakes made in that war in hindsight but doesnt mean we werent defending ourselves. Japan bombing us wasnt going to somehow get us to give them oil was it?

>> No.18299407

hopefully she mutates and punishes us for trying to fight her

>> No.18299410

the economy would crash even if the virus were to disappear tomorrow.

>> No.18299411

I mean it's an immune suppressant and the most significant damage is done when the immune system overreacts to the virus and inflames the lungs to the point of permanent damage. If HCQ can stop that from happening it is a surefire solution to the fatality rate.

>> No.18299413


here is source on Italy switching to early hydroxychloroquine treatment very recently

>> No.18299424

Actemra and kevzara work best for that right now.

>> No.18299431

The Japanese thought they could knock out the bulk of the US Navy during Pearl Harbor and render America unable to interfere in the Pacific. Pearl Harbor was actually a colossal failure and the vast majority of ships damaged were up and running again within weeks.

>> No.18299437

Even before that I think they were gonna attack anyway, they knew america was gonna want to dominate the pacific, and this would cut them off from the resources in the indies, making them dependent on america. So they wanted to try to knock out america before it got too powerful. >>18299349
The mainland was never at threat. They dropped 3 bombs or so in oregon. What are they gonna do? An amphibious invasion? Even during WW2 america was safe, you don't understand just how secure america's position is.

>> No.18299441

We didn't have any business interfering with JP's war with CN, regardless.

>> No.18299462

I thought france was using it already and they're worse than either now

>> No.18299468

France uses it on critical patients

>> No.18299472

Yup, not to mention they didn't get the carriers, the same carriers that handed their ass on a platter at midway. One the US grouped up after pearl harbor, the phillipines and coral sea the pacific theater was a matter of when, not if, that's why the US focused on the germans.

>> No.18299483
File: 328 KB, 720x960, sketch-1586106026404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18299493

Questioned on Saturday April 4 on the issue by the online media Brut , the Minister of Health Olivier Véran said he asked French medical teams "to set up very operational protocols to determine if these drugs were effective when they are taken from the start of the disease . " He was referring to chloroquine but also to "other promising drugs like certain antibiotics (...) and antiviral molecules". "We will have the answers in a few days," he said, assuring that "no one wants to waste time" .

They are waiting on results. Right now it's not allowed to be prescribed early

>> No.18299495
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>> No.18299512

>Pearl Harbor and render America unable to interfere in the Pacific
I get that argument but not to be armchair generals here i dont see how the US at almost double the population would not be able to assemble a massive fleet in wartime demand. The US is a massive landmass even without pearl harbor it has dozens of massive ports in 1940.
This is true and in 2020 its clear we should have supported the japanese against china.
>you don't understand just how secure america's position is.
Yes i do in 2020, most didnt in 1940. Out of nowhere the US was just attacked by a foreign power involved in a world war. Most didnt know what the japanese could do to the US.

>> No.18299528
File: 19 KB, 1037x701, EUkVAmSWkAA6rzW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh also france is now counting additional cases that went uncounted, they didn't count nursing home deaths earlier, so the past days they have been adding the backlog to their daily count

Death reporting is not the day of death. It's the day of reporting in general

all the data we get is not the actual "daily" of anything.

>> No.18299547
File: 109 KB, 765x504, EUnDTFnXsAUBekJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The data itself will always peak harder than ground truth.

>> No.18299549

lmao the article is all about RUSSIA vs USA

this fiasco is about SA crippling USA

>> No.18299562

so we gonna make a new thread or... do we just live here now?

>> No.18299579

make one yourself.

>> No.18299588

>I get that argument but not to be armchair generals here i dont see how the US at almost double the population would not be able to assemble a massive fleet in wartime demand. The US is a massive landmass even without pearl harbor it has dozens of massive ports in 1940.
The Japs had a retardedly inflated ego at the time. They thought they could destroy the US Fleet and that America would just keel over and surrender the Pacific to them. A few Japanese generals were against the attack but in the end they were overruled.

>> No.18299615

No exciting data yet. I still hope for a broad rna vaccine.
In the meantime if things were to go south I’d participate on stem cell therapy (ATHX) or plasmapheresis (Mount Sinai) trials (and hope to advance science beyond this crisis).

>> No.18299631

I heard somewhere forsynthia also works - why not just give that?!

>> No.18299664

Actually got HCQ at home and also the PFE Zithromax - so the full regimen.
Just dont want to take HCQ for its side-effects unless absolutely necessary.

>> No.18299674

Think plasma will work post peak for re-opening? Would have a huge supply of immune survivors.

>> No.18299694

Kek. I've seen contagion too

>> No.18299697

Yep, make serological test mandatory for immune passport and ask all immune to donate plasma and fill up the banks and slowly steadily open up to non immune until you see cases spiking again - tighten a bit back, rinse and repeat

>> No.18299703

We exist in dreams now

>> No.18299713

Ctrl f for forsynthia


Cant make this shit up

>> No.18299719
File: 789 KB, 679x892, 1586101594538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

extremely bullish

>> No.18299724

I'll make a new thread. Give me a few seconds anons.

>> No.18299728

its so trucking racist

>> No.18299740

imagine all the democrats/leftists worldwide hoping hydroxychloroquine doesnt work.

>> No.18299741

we got boomer remover, what do we call it for getting rid of niggers?

>> No.18299744

I don't think that's his point. African people are more susceptible to heart disease. He might also be inferring cultural differences are causing the evident disparity.

>> No.18299746

The reason blacks are adversely affected is because they are morbidly obese and have hypertension and diabetes. They will say it's somehow associated with poverty but in reality it's just unhealthy lifestyle.

>> No.18299757

If this thing just annihilates poor people and the retired, we’re going into a golden age of America.

>> No.18299758





>> No.18299767

What the fuck is going on here? I knew forsynthia was a real plant but this is unreal. Is there something else going on here? It's like being I'm a game of DND and the GM is playing us like fools

>> No.18299773

Why are investors so divided on Tesla stock? It seems like if you are "a super schooled and fundamentals investor" then it's "not cool" to tell your peers you have Tesla, even though Tesla BTFO shorters on a regular basis. They seem to shout "muh numbers, muh sales figures", but Tesla is a future based company. The way I see it is, I don't give two shit about late delivries, sales figures, or almost any balence sheet. The fact is they are like Amazon. Basically a long snake taking a long route around an entire future industry and sure, they maybe will barely break even during that time, but Amazon is basically in control on online retail now. If anything I think the covid delays are great for Tesla. It's a free pass to say "we are going to be late delivering the new model" which people would've already been fine with. Not that I even care about what model currently roles out. Tesla stock is about hitting 1k within the next 5 years. I get that it's overvalued at the moment, but it is priced forward. You don't invest in Tesla because you like it's sales numbers today. Am I retarded?

>> No.18299784

We will are gonna have such a bullrun when this is over.

>> No.18299785

Holy crap, what a misleading article that has no new information since the Friday close.

>> No.18299792

Here you go


>> No.18299822

China requested the WHO to recognize TCM and consider taking forsythia it into their treatment guidelines. There actually are studies examining its effects.

I assume the contagion folks knew about its usage in TCM in infectious diseases and put it in as something that might be possible in the future? Same with the ID tags after receiving the vaccination...

>> No.18299827

Tesla stock is a proxy for Elon Musk himself.

>> No.18299887

so many people are bear which usually leads to bull

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